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  Iron Man  
Tony Stark (Scenesys ID: 48)
Name: Anthony Edward Stark
Superalias: Iron Man
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: CEO of Stark Industries
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City, New York
Education: MIT (M.Eng, SM, PhD)
Theme: Marvel (MFC)
Groups: Avengers, SHIELD
Apparent Age: 39 Actual Age: 39
Date of Birth 29 May 1980 Played By Robert Downey, Jr.
Height: 6'1" Weight: 225 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @IAmIronMan (V)
Theme Song: 'Icarus' - Bastille

'Iron Man' - Black Sabbath 'Problem Child' - AC/DC 'Good Times Bad Times' - Led Zeppelin 'The Pretender' - Foo Fighters

Character Info


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Genius, Playboy, Billionaire, Philanthropist. There are few people on Earth who do not know who Tony Stark is - CEO of one of the world's leading technological conglomerates as well as a founding Avenger and Iron Man! His is the face staring back at you from the cover of that magazine.


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1980 - Anthony Edward Stark is born to Howard and Maria Stark in New York City, New York.

1984 - Throughout his youth, Howard will talk at length about Captain America in an effort to encourage his son but only serves to irritate the boy.

1987 - Howard sends Tony to boarding school in an effort to toughen him up. Tony would become extremely self-reliant and begin to shape his young mind by reading advanced texts.

1993 - Tony discovers Thomas Mallory's "Morte d'Arthur" and becomes enamored with the ideas of armored heroes.

1995 - Having proved himself a brilliant mind, Tony is admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology undergraduate program at the age of fifteen.

1997 - Tony graduates early and is named valedictorian before moving to England to attend the prestigious Cambridge University.

1998 - Tony begins to date Cassandra Gillespie, a daughter of one of Howard Stark's rivals. Howard demands Tony stop seeing her, believing it an act of industrial espionage. Gillespie later admits as much and the relationship ends.

1999 - Tony becomes a student of world-renowned physicist Doctor Ted Slaght after attending a symposium on the search for knowledge with an ethical compass and open mind.

2000 - Howard and Maria Stark are killed in a car accident, forcing Tony to step into his father's shoes as CEO of Stark Industries.

2001 - After a lengthy inquest, the cause of the Stark's deaths is attributed to faulty breaks in their car which Tony spends days fixing in an effort to prevent a repeat occurrence.

2002 - Tony goes on to spend the next several years developing advanced weapons technology for the United States government, with Stark Industries becoming the chief contractor to Department of Defense.

2013 - Attending a demonstration of his weapons in Siancong, Tony is wounded by an explosive and captured by rebels. He escapes in suit of powered armor dubbed 'Iron Man' but is forced to wear a chest plate to prevent shrapnel from piercing his heart and killing him.

2014 - Returning to the U.S., Tony ceases all weapons production at Stark Industries and instead focuses on peaceful technologies such as renewable energy. The same year, Iron Man debuts preventing thieves from stealing and duplicating Stark weaponry.

2015 - Following repeated questioning, Tony creates the fictional story that Iron Man is a bodyguard in an experimental Stark suit. He continues to develop new versions of the Iron Man armor.

2018 - The Avengers are formed with Iron Man as a member. In the wake of Loki's attack and realizing he is the only Avenger with a "secret identity", Tony hosts a press conference to publicly reveal he is Iron Man.

IC Journal

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Many people assumed that Tony doing away with the most profitable portion of Stark Industries in the form of its weapons development department was a sign that he'd given up the capitalist way. Rather, Tony is still a businessman but believes that the business world should be responsible for the shepherding of humanity towards a brighter future. Tony happily owns the means of production and has no issues at all about making them move to produce a healthy profit. He isn't miserly - he pays his workers well, gives good birthday gifts, and donates to charity - but he has no problem at all with making money. He's quick to patent his newest inventions to make sure the profits come to him, and while he might make them affordable if he feels they're the sort of thing the whole world needs he'll still make sure that the small amount of money coming in is coming to him.

Love it, hate it, admire it, envy it - Tony Stark is self-assured. When faced with problems he is not the sort of man to wonder if he's able to solve them. He knows he's able to solve them, and it's more a matter of time than capability. He doesn't worry about defeat at the hands of the Avengers enemies (or his own personal ones) - he's come out on top before and he will again. It is this absolute confidence in his own intellect and capability that pushes him to strive ever higher, constantly pushing the envelope of technological innovation. Even outside of his incredible suit of armor, Tony considers himself just as capable and worthy of standing amongst the mightiest heroes of the age.

Tony faces many problems both in his career as the CEO of a major company and as the man in the Iron Man suit. While some of these problems - such as villains both in and outside the boardroom - are easily dealt with, there are others than leave more insidious scars. Tony Stark has seen some awful things both before and since becoming Iron Man, and he's not the sort of man to talk to others and exorcise his demons that way. He buries them, usually keeping his personal problems so personal that even his close friends often have no idea that they're happening. If there is a problem that only impacts Tony, he will face it on his own - often to his own detriment, given that beneath the armor he's a normal man.

Upon witnessing the destructive potential of Stark Industries' weapon technology, Tony Stark came to understand the havoc his devices could wreak on humanity. He ceased to create weapons for the world, but that didn't mean he stopped being a weaponsmith altogether. Tony is guarded about who he shares his technology with, and though sharing it with the world may ultimately be beneficial he has seen what can happen when he leaves his potential unchecked. Tony believes he is responsible for whatever his creations may do under the control of others and thus believes the only way to ensure they aren't misused is to keep them to himself. Being Iron Man is dangerous, but it is nothing compared to the latent danger of someone in the suit who doesn't know what they're doing.

When he first created the Iron Man suit, it was gunmetal grey and metallic out of sheer necessity. When he finally had the time and resources to make it to his exacting specifications, it was burnished gold. Tony Stark is a showman by nature, often choosing to do things extravagantly just for the sake of it. Calling a press conference? Why not arrive in one of his suits and land with fanfare? Need to get from point A to point B? Why not take the most expensive sports car currently on the market? If Tony can do something big and loud, that's how he chooses to do it. Some people shy away from their celebrity status, but Tony leans into it heavily.

Some people put their faith in religion, a higher power, or simply the triumph of the human spirit. Tony Stark puts his in technology. Since he was a child he has been tinkering, from circuit boards to complex artificial intelligences - Tony solves his problems with technological innovation. When faced with problems, Tony's first instinct is to design devices - be they electronic, mechanical, or software - to do what he desires. He tends to overlook potential human frailties or flaws - machines, after all, are much easier to debug than the human brain.

Three Steps Ahead:
Tony frequently deals with his frustrations by making jokes or acting comically indifferent, when things become truly stressful these defense mechanisms tend to wear away. It is in these moments that he becomes incredibly frustrated and often snaps at those around him, his own genius often moving his thought process at a much quicker pace than others. He loathes having to stop to allow others to catch up and will often simply leave others behind and deal with a problem himself rather than take the extra time needed to work together. This impatience has been mitigated somewhat by his experiences with the Avengers, but he is still prone to it when those around him aren't operating on the same 'level'.

Character Sheet


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Da Vinci of Our Time:
Tony is not simply a gifted mechanic and engineer. He is a genius of the sort that only comes along very, very rarely. His personal interests tend to revolve around engineering and programming, so this is where he focuses his efforts, but the truth is he is capable of mastering most any academic discipline he's confronted with. He has the sort of mind capable of achieving something more sophisticated than a doctorate level degree purely with personal study and enough experimentation. His skillset is only really limited by what interests him, but if there's a need to learn about a field he has no problem buckling down and muscling through the boredom. The only difference between him and the original Da Vinci is he doesn't paint.


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Armor Pilot:
The Iron Man armor might look like the sort of thing one puts on and moves around as though they were a super-powered badass, but there's decidedly more to it than that. One has to know how to operate in three dimensions rather than two given the armor's flight capabilities, and many of the weapons systems are coded to specific gestures and motions that require a lot of understanding and experience to work out. Tony has been doing the Iron Man thing longer than anyone, and his suits are more or less an extension of his own body at this point. If they offered a degree in being Iron Man, there'd likely be no one better than Tony Stark to teach it.

For almost twenty years Tony Stark has been at the helm of one of the largest technology conglomerates on Earth. Though he's not beyond delegating even the most important tasks to others, he still knows the ins and outs of a boardroom better than most anyone. He understands the complexities of finance, the legalities of going into business, and how to ensure that the profits keep coming in. He is well at home in the business world, and even if he were to be reduced to the ranks of the impoverished it is unlikely that he would remain there for long.

Tony's armor may have incredible strength, speed, and offensive capabilities but none of that matters much without knowing how to use it. Tony has taken it upon himself to learn a smattering of boxing, karate, and various other martial arts to make sure he's effective when he's going toe to toe with enemies in the suit. Likewise, he's become a skilled marksman, able to land difficult shots even without the sophisticated targeting array built into his suit's helmet. Outside of the armor, Tony is a competent fighter and is able to use both firearms and unarmed combat effectively enough to even be a match for trained killers. On the other hand, with the armor? That makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Since childhood, Tony has been tinkering, building, dismantling, and reconstructing. Although he never needed a group of academics to tell him he was smart, Tony received postgraduate degrees in both electrical and mechanical engineering and along with a lifetime of study and innovation has become one of the foremost engineers on the planet. He is capable of creating devices, namely the Iron Man armor and its variants, that are simply decades beyond what even the greatest scientific minds of the age are capable of. His knowledge of almost all fields of engineering is absolute, and not only is he capable of understanding complex schematics and theories but he constantly innovates - creating new ways of doing things and achieving hitherto unreached heights. Advanced weapons and flight systems, advanced clean sources of energy, and even the fabrication of new ultra-strong materials - If he sets his mind to it, there is likely very little that Tony could not accomplish.

Tony's brain has a knack for perceiving and processing data, which also makes learning languages very easy for him. He speaks his own native English, but also French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian - all of which he has studied and learned to a level of fluency. Not only can he simply speak these languages, but he understands the fundamental building blocks of language which make it much easier to translate and decipher them.

Tony Stark's genius extends well beyond mere mechanical and electrical engineering and into the realms of software and computer hardware design and implementation. On his own, Tony has designed artificial intelligences that dwarf what is even considered 'bleeding edge' technology in the modern age. These artificial intelligences are capable of learning and self-improvement and can operate as anything from a very advanced home assistant to a co-designer on his armor. In addition to this, Tony has miniaturized computer technology to the point where his suits are essentially a wearable super-computer capable of making millions of calculations per second and even interfacing with his A.I. creations.

Tony has explored everything the sciences have to offer, possessing an advanced understanding of everything from biology to mycology, astronomy to physics. Though he would hardly be considered the foremost expert in all these fields, the fact that he is able to take a comprehensive knowledge of all of them and meld it together makes him one of the most capable scientific minds on Earth. There is very little in terms of the scientific disciplines that Tony isn't able to innovate on or at least understand, though it is the physical sciences where he truly shines.

Sure, Tony didn't fight in the War like some Avengers but he has a exceptional mind for tactical thinking. He is able to view the bigger picture, often accurately predicting how someone will act several moves ahead of time. It could be a business deal or sending multiple members of the Avengers to different fronts to combat a larger threat - Tony knows how to read the flow of the battle and respond appropriately. He's the sort who picks up chess as a casual pastime and then goes on to defeat dyed-in-the-wool grandmasters before they even know they're beaten.


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Armor - An Overview:
Tony is an innovator. While he will use a new suit design for some time, it will inevitably get damaged or simply become outmoded by the speed at which he thinks up new technology. When it's time to replace a suit, he always makes a concerted effort to replace it with something different and better. As such, these "armor" traits instead detail the general capabilities of Tony's armor as they may apply to any existing suit as well as any new suit he may build over time. If these general capabilities shift away from what these traits represent, they will need to be discussed and approved by +staff.

Flight - Though not the most complex system built into any of Tony's suits, the ability to fly is certainly one of the flashiest. Through the use of repulsors built into the feet and hands, Tony is able to hover as well as fly at any speed he wishes. At maximum output, the suit is capable of breaking orbit and can make lengthy trips - even across the globe - given enough power and a valid flight plan. On top of that, the repulsors themselves are powerful enough to support the weight of cars, tanks, planes, and even colossal chunks of masonry while still flying.

Mounting System - Gone are the days of requiring complex machinery in order to wear the Iron Man armor. Now, all Tony needs to do is step inside. The armors themselves function as free-standing shells, capable of moving and acting under the control of a remote pilot. When Tony wants to step inside, the suit will respond to him by opening the rear half of the suit and allowing him to simply step inside before it closes behind him. While the suits are coded to him, Tony can authorize them to allow others entry if he chooses.

Remote Piloting - Through the use of specially-designed glasses and sub-dermal implants in his hands and arms, Tony is able to remotely control his suits without needing to be inside. If someone else is in the suit and he does not relinquish control from his remote command point, they function largely as expensive, flying prison cells for whoever is inside. The problem with remote piloting is that there is always a degree of lag and the risk of system bugs, which is why Tony still prefers to control a suit manually if he can.

Sensors - The suit itself has built-in scanners that allow it to easily monitor the condition of the pilot as well as anyone outside the suit that is within range. These include medical sensors that tap into any accessible databases and can build a complex biological profile based on facial recognition along with voice and gait analysis. The suit can quickly adopt low-light vision mode as necessary, and also possesses built in radar and lidar sensors. On top of all of this, the suit itself is connected to Tony Stark's own database, allowing the wearer to bring up any information they may need with a simple request.

Armor - Defense:
The Iron Man suit was not developed wholly as a weapon. Rather, it was a device to allow Tony to contend with a scale of problem that even some militaries are not equipped to face. While it is still bristling with all manner of weapons, it is the defensive systems built into his armor that truly make it shine.

Durability - Tony's current material of choice is a "highly complex matrix of molecularly-aligned fully crystalized ultra high carbon iron/steel hybrid alloy enhanced y magnetic fields over layers of other ultra hyper alloys like titanium alloy and tungsten/vanadium alloys reinforced with carbon nano-tubes" - that's a mouthful way of saying it is extremely tough and difficult to damage. Even the highest caliber firepower is not going to break through it, and while high-powered explosives may toss it about the suit will remain functional and keep the occupant in one piece.

Life Support - Every suit Tony builds is designed to keep the wearer alive and even comfortable. Sub-systems within the suit allow it to go deep beneath the ocean or even into the vacuum of space and still keep Tony alive, though unless he is doing it in a suit designed specifically for those extreme environments it may not last indefinitely and he may feel discomfort. Generally, the Sahara and the Antarctic would both feel as comfortable to him as his living room in Stark Tower.

Strength - While the actual limit of a suit's strength varies depending on the design, materials, and power source they all average out at around the same plateau. The suit has a level of strength that makes it capable of fighting toe to toe with even the strongest of superhuman beings such as a non-enraged Hulk. While Tony is able to push the suit to do more, it will begin to suffer structural failure the more strain he puts on it and he runs the risk of it literally falling apart around him. Heaving tanks and even momentarily supporting buildings are all within the capabilities of a suit's inherent strength, though more impressive feats may be beyond him.

Armor - Offense:
Though the actual weapons system layout for any of Tony's suits can vary, they more or less always include the following or some variation on them. For that reason, they are listed below as the general offensive capabilities of any suit Tony might bring out into the field.

Lasers - The laser is not primarily used in offense, as Tony prefers to rely on the more specialized equipment he has designed for that. But in a pinch, the cutting laser makes a useful enough weapon. It can melt through steel and other toughened substances easily, and can even be used for welding.

Micromissiles - Typically used when Tony needs to strike multiple targets at once, these micromissiles are typically housed in a built-in launcher and possess complicated circuitry that allows them to home in on a target. They are typically only an inch or so long and half as wide, but packing enough destructive potential to level buildings if enough of them are used.

Pulse Beam - A low-powered blast that works effectively from long range, though it packs about as much damage potential as a punch from one of the suit's fist. The unique form of hard-light projection enables the beams to be ricocheted off other surfaces, allowing the wielder to fire around corners and other obstacles.

Repulsors - An invention of Tony Stark and something of a trademark for him at this point, the repulsor is a high-density muon beam that is projected as a concussive blast from the palms or feet of almost any suit in Tony's armory. The blast itself can be switched from a narrow beam to a wide arc at will and is powerful enough to punch a whole in tempered steel as though it were paper. The strength of the beam can be diminished to any level the wielder sees fit, allowing Tony to effectively pull his punches if he wishes to.

Unibeam - Mounted in the chest, the unibeam is the most versatile element of the suit. Capable of projecting beams in almost every spectrum, it is also a powerful offensive weapon with a highly destructive output. The beam itself is capable of tearing through the most durable of man-made materials, though supernaturally tough or otherworldly substances may give it trouble.

Stark Industries was already a multi-billion-dollar company before Tony Stark took over the mantle, and under his guidance it has grown to carve an even bigger slice out of the tech market. Tony has billions of dollars at his disposal. It is the sort of money that one could live each day in absolute luxury and still struggle to make a dent in his fortune. Though the actual figure of his wealth may vary with the times and the market, the fact remains that money is not an option for him in any sense of the word.

The Heuristically Operative Matrix Emulation Rostrum (or "H.O.M.E.R." - Tony swears the acronym is just a coincidence) is a sentient artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark to serve as a personal assistant. H.O.M.E.R. is extremely advanced, designed to learn over time and as such has become a key partner in the development and testing phases of any new suit Tony develops. Where Tony focuses on the bigger picture, H.O.M.E.R. has been designed to reliably examine the more detailed intricacies and ensure that every system is operating efficiently. As well as being able to ride shotgun in Tony's armor, H.O.M.E.R. has been integrated into most of Tony's personal residences and vehicles - allowing the artificial intelligence to function as a butler, too (and he complains very little about it, given his qualifications).

Stark Industries:
Stark Industries is a private conglomerate owned and overseen by Tony Stark. They have holdings around the world, both offices and manufacturing plants that keep the well-oiled gears of Tony's business empire in motion. As the man at the top, Tony can theoretically make use of any and all of these resources for whatever purposes he sees fit. Generally, his personal fortune is sufficient enough that he doesn't need to dip into the company coffers to make his personal projects go ahead but as the business' owner he has that option if he ever needs it.

The Armory:
While Tony may tend to favor a single suit of armor at a time, generally a suit that contains the best balance of all his latest innovations, he also likes to tinker. In his downtime, Tony can often be found fabricating new suits designed for specific purposes. While he numbers them all numerically, he also enjoys giving them nicknames - often the sort of nicknames that appeal to his own quirky sense of humor. Below is an inexhaustive list of the various suits contained within Tony's Armory, most of which possess roughly the same capabilities as his primary armor unless stated otherwise.

Mark II"Goldie" - Based largely on the design and capabilities of the armor Tony constructed in Siancong with Ho Yinsen, Goldie is instead burnished gold and with more efficient systems. The suit must be manually fitted by a gantry but is capable of being operated by anyone who was wearing it, given that it does not possess the same complex neural interface as the later models. Nevertheless, if Tony ever wants to get back to his roots? Goldie is good for that.

Mark XV "Sneaky" - Though not as durable or strong as his standard suit, the "Sneaky" armor was designed for covert missions where stealth is paramount. The external shell is designed thwart radar, with low-power force fields that render the suit electronically invisible. As well as this, it possesses an adaptive exterior that can change colors and pattern to match the surrounding environment. While it lacks the strength of the standard armor, it is far speedier and more agile.

Mark XVII "Heartbreaker" - Where "Sneaky" sneaks in through the back door, "Heartbreaker" blasts a hole in the living room wall. The Mark XVII sacrifices the amount of time it can spend active in exchange for much more powerful repulsor technology. The primary repulsor beam, fired from the chest, could be adjusted in terms of strength, breadth, and range.

Mark XXXIII "Silver Centurion" - The "Silver Centurion" is Tony's adventure into making a suit that is truly innovative and cutting edge in its design. To signify this departure, Tony even decided to venture away from his usual color scheme and instead adopted a silver-and-red paintjob. The suit was designed to function at maximum efficiency even when taking damage using high-energy power supplies and redundant circuitry. In addition to all this, the Silver Centurion was built to create a "chameleon effect" by using holographic emitters on the surface to blend in with the surrounding environment.

Mark XXXV "Red Snapper" - "Red Snapper" was built to be less about fighting powered opponents or vehicles and more about responding to certain kinds of crises. For one, while all of Tony's suits can work underwater, they lose some of their efficiency of mobility and even occasionally leak. "Red Snapper" is designed to avoid that completely, built to function at extreme depths without any loss of capability. The suit is less mobile and not nearly as fast as a normal suit but is slightly stronger and more durable.

There are many more suits in the Armory and Tony is constantly adding to them, but the above number as some of the most unusual and impressive members of the collection. All, with the exception of the Mark I and II, have been built or retrofitted to allow them to be piloted remotely or by H.O.M.E.R.

The Avengers:
Tony is the primary financier of the Avengers and their mansion headquarters was once his childhood home. He was amongst their founding members and has been a stalwart (in as much of a sense that Tony Stark can be stalwart about anything) member since the very beginning. He has access to their resources and can call upon the other members for aid in times of need, though ultimately it is up to them on whether they want to help him.


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Big Name:
People know who Tony Stark is. They see him on television and on the covers of magazines. He's the sort of guy who people see out on the street and instantly recognize. This is great for Tony's ego, but not so great when it comes to keeping the peace. For all the people who admire Tony Stark and want his autograph or a selfie, there are others who loathe him and only want to see him dead or utterly defeated. As long as Tony persists to be a public figure on the scale that he is, he will always have to deal with all the weirdness that comes with it - from stalkers to super-villains!

Tony likes to party. Though he tries to party a bit less than he used to now that part of his job is saving the world alongside the Avengers, the man he was didn't just go away when he decided to start fighting evil. While he stays away from harder drugs, Tony enjoys alcohol perhaps a bit too much. In times of stress, his first response is to drink. Feeling anxious? A drink will cure that! Is it after 11 am? Well, sir, that's drinking time. He isn't always drunk but he's certainly cresting towards the territory of alcoholism and given that he has no interest in talking to others about his problems it is likely he will reach that point before long with the continued stressors of his job. On top of it all, he has a love for throwing parties and those parties tend to be an ideal place to start drinking ...

Major Depressive:
Tony has undiagnosed Major Depressive Disorder. This is the sort of depression that can set in and last for weeks, leaving him listless and down, unable to enjoy even the simplest pleasures, and often feeling aches and pains for no reason. When suffering these depressive episodes, Tony tends to seclude himself and work alone with only the occasional company of his closest friends. It is this depression that prompts Tony to drink and sometimes do reckless or destructive things, and it is only exacerbated by the knowledge that there is effectively a ticking time bomb in his chest. Tony has learned to muscle through these episodes and do what needs to be done but dealing with him in the midst of one can be extremely difficult given his already grating (to some!) demeanor.

The accident that led Tony Stark to become Iron Man also left him with a permanent reminder of the human cost the weapons he made can have. Thanks to an explosive device of his own make, there are several shards of shrapnel working their way through his body towards his heart. Unable to be effectively removed with surgery, Tony has instead implanted a Repulsor Tech (or R.T.) node in his chest which draws the shrapnel away from his heart. The node must always be powered, or the shrapnel will reach his heart, causing severe injury and (most likely) death. The repulsor is housed in a cavity in his chest, and he continues to tinker with it in order to make it more efficient.



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Tony Stark has 245 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Building a better hog July 12th, 2024 Xio is invited back to Stark tower and Tony has bigger plans than she imagined.
A Conversation With Mr. Stark Concerning A Spacehog June 24th, 2024 Crush heads to Stark Tower to get an appointment with Tony Stark. It takes her a little convincing (and alien technology) to get his attention, but in the end she gets to build her own Spacehog with Mr. Stark, and now has a job helping to build the Stark Interstellar Spacestation
Two minds are better than one June 23rd, 2024 Reed swings by Stark tower so Tony can pick his brain on FTL drives. Pear bread may become involved.
RoT: Sword of Heaven Terrorist Base June 1st, 2024 A collection of heroes is forced to deal with a late-breaking mission against some eco-terrorists. The stakes are high and another team is waiting on critical intel that they might be able to gather...
SI-CMS joint press conference May 18th, 2024 Cranston Interplanetary and Stark Interstellar have announced the construction plans for the Virginia Potts Commercial Space Station.
What if we paint it gold May 14th, 2024 Tony designs space stations in the living room, Pepper gives him some ideas. They're not sure where to get zero-g construction workers.
Conversations in a Penthouse May 10th, 2024 The launch facility is discussed. Tony can't have a helicarrier or a pet T-Rex, but he does get his own island. Pepper continues to work too much, the woman needs to learn to delegate.
Met Gala 2024 May 6th, 2024 See and be seen at the Met Gala. Check the internet entertainment pages to see your favorite stars!
The meeting of corporations... May 4th, 2024 'Stark Aeronautics' and 'Cranston Interplanetary' are christened in a meeting where the beginnings of a space port are discussed.
Just another normal night. In Stark Tower. April 26th, 2024 This is how business is conducted. Tony and Pepper talk it out, Tony runs with it, and Pepper fills in everything else. Teamwork!
Pepper's R&R April 20th, 2024 Pepper is distracted from worrying about her new Node by a promotion and dinner.
Turn on Your Heartlight April 15th, 2024 Pepper wakes up in the hospital and Tony gives her some surprising news.
Proof that Tony Stark has a heart. April 8th, 2024 And now so does Pepper. Things should get interesting.
Hydra vs UN: Outside attack April 6th, 2024 Hydra launches a mechanized assault on the UN during a meeting of world leaders. Numerous heroes including Superman, Thor, Iron Man and others arrive to halt the attack.
AVENGERS: Hold onto the Dark February 24th, 2024 After hitting SHIELD, the magical burglary crew takes on Avenger's Mansion. They bring a Genie to a Hulk Fight, Tony blows up a spellcaster's brain in a jar, and the Avengers discover Wanda may have been keeping some dangerous things in her sock drawer. Good news: most of the badguys caught. Bad news: Chthon's agent lose in the world? Also Clea wishes for a boyfriend.
A Very Tony Valentine February 15th, 2024 Pepper comes home to a surprise - Tony in the kitchen. Turns out he can cook. And that he actually can share his feelings with her.
Who owns the Cosmos February 11th, 2024 Plans form for the Cosmos, beginning with the merger of magic and science.
Something for Sara February 6th, 2024 Tony takes care of Sara's clothing problems.
A cold evening at Astra Lumina January 18th, 2024 A straightforward trip to a garden exhibit turns out to have a small version of Avengers Assemble. Of course. But, a worker from the Botanical Gardens has a story to tell his friends and family!
Looking out for The Man January 14th, 2024 Tony and Pepper find that Justin Hammer has resurfaced, after a fashion, and is throwing his hat into the ring of energy contracts with the federal government. That has to be watched...
Shi'ar Consultation January 7th, 2024 Basic Shi'ar tech is shared along with some data. Tony considers a vacation in space.
SHIELD - Weaponry of War January 6th, 2024 For months, Hydra has bedeviled SHIELD with alien technology used to enhance aircraft. A group of heroes and SHIELD agents find where it is, smash it, and by destroying everything help fulfill diplomatic obligations.
It's a Bird, It's a Plane... It's... FALLING!!! December 25th, 2023 A small alien starship crash-lands in Westchester County near New York City. Iron Man, Richard Stadler, and Ratchet arrrived on the scene and decided to help the strange alien android - eventually transporting her and her starship to a spaceport to diagnose the damage.
Brainstorming November 17th, 2023 Tony gets some ideas from Pepper. She actually gets him to leave the workshop and eat.
Later that night November 5th, 2023 Tony and Pepper talk after movie night. Pepper needs to find a hobby.
Avengers Movie Night Interrupted November 4th, 2023 Avengers gather for movie night to watch Young Frankenstein. Concern is shown about Bruce's state after his recent Hulk-out.
Every child a winner October 31st, 2023 The last Halloween party of the night is suggested by Janet. Jen is all for it, Pepper is dubious until Tony finds a costume that goes with hers. Then, it's off to the party, and the entire Manchester United football club.
Seeing Red: Hulks Gone Wild October 29th, 2023 The Avengers are called to investigate a town that suffered a catastrophe. They find evidence it was caused by the Hulk, and find Bruce Banner nearby, just waking back up.
Seeing Red: Booms For Banner October 27th, 2023 A bomb goes off on the East Side of New York. A call into J. Jonah Jameson's radio editorial claims five more devices have been planted. The Avengers and Reed Richards track down the bombs. Only they proved a diversion for the abduction of one Dr. Bruce Banner by unknown foes.
Caught red.. er.. black handed. Haired September 13th, 2023 Tony catches Pepper changing from her disguise that she'd worn on her outing with Janet.
Hot, Cross, Bun August 8th, 2023 Bunny and Tony meet on a rooftop. Bunny receives cookies that were definitely not made by Tony Stark. Pepper made them, so they're not only edible, but really tasty.
Maximum Carnage - Monday Evening Murder July 30th, 2023 A group of mixed heroes go to face down Carnage and Cletus Kassady for one final fight as day turns into night. And the saga of Maximum Carnage comes to a roughly fought end. But peace rules on the streets for just one night.
Maximum Carnage - Monday Afternoon July 14th, 2023 The Bomb Queen goes to town. It blows up in her face.
Special Delivery to Stark Tower June 15th, 2023 Bunny and Gabby race to see who can deliver cookies to Tony Stark first. Gabby takes the extra hard route. Tony surprises them with some VR sets and Bunny gets flustered over potential piano playing in the future.
Batburger: The Search for Robin May 9th, 2023 So three billionaires/kids, an actor and Caleb walk into a Batburger...
What did you buy THIS time April 26th, 2023 Friends come together to talk of victories, virtual and otherwise.
MMO Game Night! April 26th, 2023 Gabby and Mercy start a game in the MMO Zombie Mob Killer 5000 only to end up with some interesting drop in players: Sally, MJ, and Tony Stark!? Heck yeah.
One for the money March 24th, 2023 It's not a party unless bullets fly and Janet sprinkles (not by choice) some angel... er.. pixie dust in the dustup with bad guys.
Why Friday March 24th, 2023 The aftermath of the after party is conversation with concessions and agreements.
Father Time is Undefeated March 12th, 2023 No description
Men in Tights February 27th, 2023 The Avengers have movie night. Mel Brooks Men in Tights. It segues to talk of actors, then Tony decides to buy a movie studio.
Could it be magic February 23rd, 2023 Pepper finds Tony and Natasha, and tells the two of them about the 'subtle anomaly' in the Tower.
Something's cooking January 26th, 2023 Plans are a cookin'
It's about Safety January 9th, 2023 Tony goes on an adventure into a portal, to an unknown location, as Pepper mans the console at the workshop...
A Royal Wedding Reception December 31st, 2022 The wedding of Prince Pietro Maximoff and Micola Lykaios is had and no one ends up causing a stir. A good new year's eve is had!
Automated Happiness Making December 20th, 2022 Tony recruits Natasha for holiday gift-wrapping.
A Simple Plan December 4th, 2022 Tony and Pepper prepare the apartment for the holidays.
It's sunny outside of the basement November 22nd, 2022 Wynonna Earp meets Tony in the Triskelion as he upgrades a training room.
Youth Escaped November 14th, 2022 Pepper and Tony discuss the aftermath of reverting back to their adult selves.
Age-Up! November 7th, 2022 The 10 year olds meet with Clea to regain their adult selves!
Worst case, there's a pool November 5th, 2022 Pepper and Tony play with rocket boots, and Steve supervises very well.
Pillow Forts to 11 November 4th, 2022 Child-zapped Tony and Cecily chat at the penthouse.
A Rousing Good Time November 1st, 2022 Felicia gains some glasses, and Clint wrangles the kids with Happy.
Wherein there is sugary cereal November 1st, 2022 Clint looks after the de-aged Pepper and Tony, the day after halloween magic made them youthened. Breakfast and plans are started.
More Trick Than Treat October 31st, 2022 An attack by Executioner is a trap for the Avengers. Amora the Enchantress uses Norn stones to turn them into ten year olds who have to fight their way across town to retrieve a cure.
Almost Halloween October 29th, 2022 Wherein Tony and Pepper discuss Halloween decorations and a party.
Nothing beats the chill like a warm fire October 12th, 2022 Tony plays a practical joke on Pepper, and she doesn't quite see the humor in it. Feathers are unruffled, however, and the two end up taking an evening drive.
The Cecily That Came in from the Cold September 25th, 2022 No description
A gift in the dark September 9th, 2022 A gift in the dark is //not// partner swapping!
A Little Tune Up September 7th, 2022 Various Avengers catch up with each other while doing some automotive work in the garage.
Job Fair! August 29th, 2022 With tens of thousands in attendance, the only hiccup was taken care of by a little robot that should feel pretty good about himself.
WAR - What is it good for August 19th, 2022 Rhodes returns, and immediately insults Tony's taste. What are friends for?
The Breakup (pt 2): Anger August 17th, 2022 Hearing the news about Janet, Pepper returns from China as fast as she can. She and Tony invite Janet to the Stark Tower penthouse. Janet ends up screaming her rage into the night sky over New York, and for it finds a small measure of peace.
Number what is what July 28th, 2022 MIT has it's family/alumni day, but obviously couldn't have gone on without a KILLBOT. It is MIT, after all. Tony Stark's alma mater.
Rising Star Art Gala July 13th, 2022 The first ever Rising Star Gala goes off without a hitch! Lots of people show and new friends are made.
What, more meetings July 10th, 2022 After a full day's work in the lab, Tony allows himself to be pulled away for a movie. It'll give him the distance needed to clear his head!
Pepper, You're a Firework July 5th, 2022 As usual, Pepper finds the positive spin for Tony.
Fourth of July in NYC July 5th, 2022 Tony Stark announces his committment to bring Stark Industries carbon neutral by 2030. It is pointed out just how many places already are.
Wanderers: Another One Bites the Dust July 1st, 2022 Inverness gets creamed by draugr, but the quick thinking actions of SHIELD and the Avengers prevent an outright massacre. The damned survivors of the Norwegian-Scottish Wars are decimated... but not before the corrupted Thorn of Yggdrasil is charged, unleashing the disir in their fury on Perth.
The many loves of Tony Stark June 30th, 2022 Tony gets a new project; more time with a love!
Red, Gold, and BOOM June 28th, 2022 Tony, Nat, and Carol discuss costume changes and drinks.
After the parties, and the clean-ups. June 24th, 2022 Another quiet night in the Penthouse, after aspersions are cast!
If You Empty The Pool You Must Refill It June 21st, 2022 The Avengers gather at the rooftop pool. Simon Williams becomes a full member. Janet supplies drinks. Thor makes a splash.
Happy birthday, Tony Stark! May 29th, 2022 Just another Tony Stark birthday party?
Take me out to the ballgame! May 28th, 2022 The exhibition game was a success! No one died, and no one invaded. It was just a baseball game... that was watched by millions of people.
They Came From Beyond Space! May 27th, 2022 Space sharks come for the ISS. The ISS doesn't get eaten.
A Tower by any other name! May 21st, 2022 Janet's visit has Pepper not only picking the best of the best of designs, but also getting ALL the good gossip!
My money doesn't jiggle jiggle May 20th, 2022 This is all just a clever way for Tony to get a song out of his head that's been stuck there for days. Pepper comes home and finds Tony making a tiktok. It's pretty heartwarming.
The Wick April 30th, 2022 Tony and Mike get a drink, Pepper appears, and Tony runs after her.
With Toast March 9th, 2022 Some of Tony's bots made a mess!
Monstrous Excursions March 8th, 2022 Avengers and Friends save a hospital from massive red slugs.
Monstrous Eruptions March 8th, 2022 Avengers and heroic friends discover a monstrous ooze lurching away from a college, and move to save the people trapped inside.
Meal and a show February 22nd, 2022 Tony and Pepper assist a victim of a strange magical curse.
Flecks of Energy February 10th, 2022 Odd animals flux with energy in the Bronx... what's going on? Heroes respond!
Beep beep boop February 3rd, 2022 Pepper tracked in some magic on her shoe, and the robots aren't sure what to do with it.
Tips and Tricks January 18th, 2022 Agents Coulson and Erickson stop by Stark Tower.
Words that start with L January 6th, 2022 Pepper and Tony are mushy.
Bloody Afterparty December 27th, 2021 Peggy and Stark have a holiday visit - while Pepper suffers the aftermath of a shooting.
Hey Man December 19th, 2021 Clint and Tony meet up, and while Tony studies his drones, Clint's looking for target practice.
Trail of Lights December 13th, 2021 Tony and Pepper follow a trail discovered by a robot, and mingle with New Yorkers.
Hardly a mess November 20th, 2021 Tony returns from a slime-infused battle and gets real with Pepper on some feels.
First name is also Agent November 7th, 2021 Tony finally meets Cael Becker.
Not really a costume October 23rd, 2021 Tony shows Pepper an experimental fabric.
Cheat Day October 4th, 2021 Tony drags Pepper out for burgers and fries.
Change is Coming September 20th, 2021 T'Challa and Diana discuss developments that will impact both of their homelands, with Pepper and Tony involved in the conversation. Some plans are made.
Step Two: plug it back in again September 10th, 2021 Stark meets up with Agent Coulson and Secord over milkshakes and pudding.
Butterflies August 25th, 2021 Tony has Pepper test out a holographic practice program.
A Stark reminder August 8th, 2021 Tony Stark comes bearing gifts that will help two-fold. It'll help save homes in the West from the wildfires, and help restore public trust in SHIELD. Win-win! The SHIELD/Stark Industries relationship returns.
The mind control Elephant July 28th, 2021 Tony and Pepper work out the issue of his mind control problem, and what it meant.
Enchantingly Unconscious July 12th, 2021 Pepper brings in some magic to help Tony's enchantment problem.
But 'Reasons' July 11th, 2021 Pepper brings Steve to try to talk Tony out of being mind-controlled.
Stark, Enchanted July 11th, 2021 Tony, who is JUST FINE and obviously NOT mind controlled (read: yes, he is) acts very bizarrely to poor Pepper.
A jungle of tech June 27th, 2021 Pepper finds Tony in the Avengers lab, doing some tests.
Tony's Birthday party May 30th, 2021 Tony's birthday party becomes the setting for Gremlins IV.
Party Planners May 24th, 2021 Pepper and Tony discuss Tony's birthday party.
Tech Dazzle May 10th, 2021 Pepper seeks out Tony in the lab to feed him.
Fake-Whiplash After-Math April 28th, 2021 Pepper and Tony discuss the attack at the museum.
Open Event: Wardrobe Malfunction April 16th, 2021 Heroes at a museum exhibit about heroes and villains find the villainous costumes come to life with the powers of their former owners. Also, Trevor had a good time.
Business Requirements April 12th, 2021 Tony and Pepper chat between business meetings.
SHIELD's got some issues April 1st, 2021 Clint consults with Tony about SHIELD's current problems.
Most Eligible Jerk March 23rd, 2021 Pepper expresses concern about Tony's flirting.
Spills of Genius March 11th, 2021 Tony coaxes Pepper to aid in a design process.
Secret Doors: Aftermath of Headaches March 8th, 2021 Tony and Jennifer check on Wanda, after she'd had an encounter with some demons.
Secret Doors: The Haunted Mansion February 23rd, 2021 The Avengers take on the eerie creature haunting their mansion, having forced it into the back yard and into solidity!
Small Gestures February 18th, 2021 Tony gives Pepper Valentines Day flowers, and HOMER is not good at romantic Hallmark Card sayings.
Better Late Than... February 13th, 2021 A quick check in turns into a quick mini-Avengers planning session.
Secret Doors: Little help here February 2nd, 2021 The ghostly monster appears in the basement of the mansion, tangling with Avengers!
Secret Doors: Back from Narnia January 31st, 2021 Pepper is back from other-world place of possibly not-evil ghosts.
Secret Doors: A wind in the door January 22nd, 2021 Pepper is pulled from her ghostly 'vacation'.
Secret Doors: Message January 8th, 2021 Tony sends a message to Pepper, though she is still stuck in outer-dimensions.
Secret Doors: Flashes January 5th, 2021 Steve encounters an SOS signal!
Secret Doors: Locked In December 23rd, 2020 Tony and Pepper, trapped in another phase, try to make some progress.
Secret Doors: Out of Phase December 15th, 2020 Tony and Pepper get phased into another strange reality.
Opportunities and Lunchies December 9th, 2020 Peggy talks to a Stark about her time travel troubles.
Rain and Memories November 28th, 2020 Drinking, memories, and holidays... quite a mix.
Rest of the Weary November 18th, 2020 Tony finishes an invention for Supergirl -- but the long days catch up.
The planning of the 'Next, Great' from Stark Industries November 13th, 2020 What starts out as a work session for Pepper and Amanda ends with dragons, and words of things going 'bump in the night' by Tony.
Open Doors: Foreshadow November 12th, 2020 Something odd haunts the rooms of Barton and Rogers!
ZZGU: Preparing for the worst November 12th, 2020 Kara explains that once again the world is on a knifes edge to Tony. Luckily Tony is already working on anti-brain-melting technology.
Name That Robot November 6th, 2020 Pepper briefly fills Tony in about her own adventures.
Beep October 26th, 2020 Steve rescues a robotic patient from Tony's car. Tony unneccessarily rescues Pepper.
Some Time Off October 23rd, 2020 Pepper borrows Tony for a weekend at her family cottage.
Vacation for the Kidnapped October 18th, 2020 Pepper plots to kidnap Tony for a vacation!
Just a few things October 14th, 2020 Chat at The Dakota leads to plans for s few 'projects'.
Comfy Jammies October 7th, 2020 Tony supports Pepper after her crazy experiences at the museum.
Robot ate my Homework October 1st, 2020 Tony brings Pepper an idea related to her high school robotics competition venture.
Arabian Nights costume gala September 25th, 2020 The Avengers have an Arabian Nights themed costume charity event.
Making it work September 25th, 2020 Tony and Pepper sort out more of their FEELS.
Recovery September 21st, 2020 Pepper visits Tony in recovery from chest surgery; Tony wants to walk and talk.
Estimated Arrival Time in Wakanda Will Be Eight AM September 17th, 2020 Tony and Pepper are flown to Wakanda for a medical procedure related to Tony's chest-implanted arc reactor.
Warnings are Disabled September 15th, 2020 Pepper checks in on Tony, to be sure he hasn't exploded.
Trending up September 11th, 2020 Numbers lure Pepper downstairs to check on Tony, while he works on (and completes) the new iteration of his arc reactor housing.
Matters of the heart September 9th, 2020 Tony and Pepper have a brief conversation over bacon regarding Tony's heart. Solutions will be found!
Who needs sleep September 3rd, 2020 Tony's up late, and unveils a health issue lurking in the background.
Movie and a slumber party September 2nd, 2020 Tony and Pep get a talk in, post zombie movie.
It's not Spying, it's Protecting August 30th, 2020 Pepper, threatened by a foul villain, has Tony to thank for his protection and Greek food.
Better than a Dance August 27th, 2020 Tony visits Pepper's balcony for some honest talk.
Fragments and Clues August 26th, 2020 Amanda and Pepper take Radu's tablet to Stark Industries, where they are joined by Tony and a very lucky tech named Kyle... and learn just how dangerous the information the tablet holds may actually be.
Unquality Time August 20th, 2020 Pepper finds Tony asleep in his lab.
Post Yoga Brunchies August 20th, 2020 Two pairs get together for delicious brunch!
Goodnight. Maybe. August 18th, 2020 Tony ambushes Pepper for dinner.
Watchtower Unveiling August 17th, 2020 A crowd of dignitaries, journalists, and superheroes gather at the Justice League's moon base to celebrate the inauguration of the Watchtower.
Training Extravaganza August 15th, 2020 Steve observes Tony fixing a hologram, and gets a bit more on Tony's dating life.
It's a Perk August 13th, 2020 Somebody sent Pepper flowers.
Are we good August 9th, 2020 Warning: (Awkwardly) Romantic Content.
Playboy gonna play August 7th, 2020 Tony's drunk, Pepper bargains with him.
A tired call August 4th, 2020 Tony checks in with Pepper during the Mutant Town relief effort.
Support for the Lost August 2nd, 2020 Steve and Tony help out at a hospital caring for Mutant Town denizens.
A good 'Weird' July 29th, 2020 Tony and Pepper share an awkward moment that could change their relationship.
Tech Bridge July 29th, 2020 Wherein there is a technology relay, Brainiac stuff, fun little robots, and pizza.
Genosha Burns: Once more, with Feeling July 27th, 2020 Tony and Pepper briefly talk about the meeting earlier, and connect a little bit.
Genosha Burns: Science Time July 24th, 2020 Various teams meet to discuss the process of sizing up the shrunken cities.
Genosha Burns: Mutant Town July 24th, 2020 Working together, hero groups work to restore Mutant Town - and weather a sudden attack!
Lab to Lab Emails July 24th, 2020 Tony and Hank discuss Mutant Town's status.
Barely Asleep July 21st, 2020 Pepper and Tony are slightly awkward.
Post Gala July 19th, 2020 Pepper and Tony talk and relax after the Met Gala event.
Not a couple July 17th, 2020 Amanda meets the (in)famous Tony Stark and gets to put her hands on him
The Open Door July 14th, 2020 Pepper locates a wayward Tony, out of medical.
Healing's hard work July 12th, 2020 Pepper assists a restlessly injured Tony.
Genosha Burns: 10,000 Brainiacs (Scene 2260 overflow) July 11th, 2020 The Avengers, and more of Earth's heroes make Brainiac regret he ever chose to mess with Earth. But surely there are more threats out there aside from Brainiac...
Heroism-from-Home July 11th, 2020 Tony and Pepper discuss the Brainiac battle's result.
Genosha Burns: Avenger Weaponry July 10th, 2020 Tony's invention to stop Brainiac causes Tony and some avengers to have a stressful night.
Place of Care July 10th, 2020 Pepper fusses over injured Tony.
Just Dropping By July 4th, 2020 Tony hands Steve something rather than the other way around. Information as to the latest events is discussed as well as the chance that there will be more fireworks than last year.
Chipping Away June 29th, 2020 Tony describes some of the Brainiac situation to Pepper.
Genosha Burns: Avengers ORGANIZE! June 26th, 2020 Various Brainiac info is shared, and plans are made!
Pepper, Enforcer of Naps June 25th, 2020 Tony's work on the Brainiac situation exhausted him, and Pepper ensures he gets some rest.
History Lessons June 24th, 2020 Peggy meets Pepper and Tony.
Genosha Burns! Sharing Information June 24th, 2020 Multiple heroic groups gather to talk Brainiac strategy.
Met Gala: Mandate of Heaven June 22nd, 2020 The Met Gala brings together the city and unleashes medieval artifacts far and wide!
SHIELD Briefing - Earth's Latest Peril June 21st, 2020 Carol shares what she knows to some of the best and brightest of SHIELD. Hopefully they can pull some tricks together and help stop Brainiac.
Who takes the STAIRS June 18th, 2020 Tony and Pepper discuss hiring policy.
Happy Birthday, Pepper June 14th, 2020 Pepper is given a birthday gift.
Catching a Wild Tony June 7th, 2020 Pepper coaxes Tony out of his lab.
Stark's Yacht Party May 28th, 2020 Tony Stark has a birthday party!
Flawlessly May 27th, 2020 Tony, Pepper and Steve prepare for Tony's party.
You're Welcome! May 24th, 2020 Pepper and Tony chat briefly in Vegas about the presidential bid.
Vegas VACATION May 17th, 2020 Tony heads to Vegas, Pepper in tow, and they get a night out.
Good Morning America! May 14th, 2020 Cecily Saves the Avengers!
The Shameless Avenger May 13th, 2020 Tony and Steve talk about the aftermath of the kidnapping... and politics.
Kidnapping's no Party May 12th, 2020 Hungover Tony makes some declarations about kidnappings and lies to Pepper over breakfast.
Not hardly kidnapped May 12th, 2020 Tony struggles with his kidnapping a little, but Pepper's there for a lift.
The Hunger: Breakout May 8th, 2020 The Avengers and their allies stage a daring rescue of Tony Stark from an AIM facility deep beneath New York!
The Hunger: Message In A Bottle May 4th, 2020 Pepper finds a vital clue to solving the disappearance of Tony Stark.
After the After After Party April 29th, 2020 Secrecy sucks!
Soooo ... April 26th, 2020 Nat and Tony reveal their big secret to Pepper. Emotions are had.
Losing Sleep April 25th, 2020 Nat and Tony discuss the tangled web of their fake marriage and a decision is made.
Forgotten Something April 24th, 2020 Pepper and Tony discuss the lay of the land.
Think Of A Title, Genius April 23rd, 2020 Nat and Tony unwind after a day of meetings - and they weren't even the meetings where someone pulls a gun and things explode ...
Treasures in Brooklyn April 23rd, 2020 Looking for small bits of treasure in Brooklyn leads to larger conversations, in passing.
E Pluribus Unum: Sorry! April 22nd, 2020 Lorna visits the Avengers Mansion to speak with Pepper and Tony about the Genosha Situation. Earnest words are said!
Happy Birthday, Avengers! April 20th, 2020 The Avengers gather in their back yard for Thor and Scott's birthday celebrations.
The Hunger: Murder By Design April 20th, 2020 While the Thanagarians do battle outside, AIM presses their advantage ...
The Hunger: Wings of Destruction April 20th, 2020 A surprise attack on the Stark Expo in Flushing Meadows leads to a pitched battle on the ground and in the skies!
How Not To Diplomat April 19th, 2020 Nat and Tony discuss the aftermath of the Stark Expo party.
Stark Expo Opening Ceremonies April 18th, 2020 Stark Expo opens with a (good) bang. The wheels of social discourse turn.
Arcade Mode April 14th, 2020 Natasha and Tony play Final Fight and discuss the future.
Stark Industries: The Birth of a Brain April 14th, 2020 Caitlin presents her AI project to Tony Stark.
Apple Pie and Job Offers April 10th, 2020 Tony Stark seeks to make things right with Peter Parker, as an Ironheart and a Black Widow accompany him. Plus, apple pie!
Legal Repercussions April 7th, 2020 Tony finds out a high-schooler pre-empted a new design, and also discovers that his HR manager is certifiably insane...and takes decisive steps.
Wedding Planners April 2nd, 2020 Natasha and Tony discuss their fake wedding, and plan a real vacation.
Tony Says Relax March 30th, 2020 Tony risks intimacy with a champagne glass on a mission to try and get Karen to relax a little.
Welcome Home March 30th, 2020 After a long day of defending the world from militaristic madmen, Natasha brings Tony fast food and Tony shares an anecdote of their first time working together as 'superheroes'.
Safe At Last March 28th, 2020 Nat and Tony unwind after an attempted poisoning by a genuine Gotham crazy.
Preschool for Pre-sentients March 27th, 2020 Stark and Riri stumble on Caitlin's underground lair-- lab, and discuss the possibility of a new kind of AI being developed.
Hashtag: Selfie March 25th, 2020 Fear and terror abound in the Dungeon Nightclub at the Hellfire as Dr. Crane tests out his newest ingestible fear toxin. And the big hero of the night... is HARLEY QUINN?
E Pluribus Unum: On Assignment March 25th, 2020 Wait, we're what?!
E Pluribus Unum: On Broadway March 24th, 2020 Natasha and Tony see the Avengers musical, Natasha fights Hydra, and somehow neither of those are the most important thing that happens ...
Shots Shots Shots March 22nd, 2020 Deadpool annoys Powergirl, Tony Stark rises in the (twitter) polls, and Deadpool causes chaos. A typical night at the club.
Second Times the Charm March 20th, 2020 Natasha and Tony try to watch movies, Power Girl has other ideas.
I Guess We're Having a Discussion March 19th, 2020 Steve and Tony talk politics and titles, Janet shares nigiri.
And Many Happy Returns, Lord Rogers March 19th, 2020 The Avengers present in the manor meet after Thor, Steve, and Natasha return to discuss the outcome of the visit to the Court. Not all is settled in the end.
Stubborn Wounds March 19th, 2020 Natasha checks on Tony after his bad reaction to the revelation of Lord Rogers.
It's Avenger Time March 17th, 2020 Faster than a speeding bullet, Power Girl pays Avengers Mansion a visit ...
Eyes To See March 16th, 2020 Tony gives Natasha a new piece of equipment, she gives him a mild heart attack.
Mission: Asgard March 14th, 2020 Natasha comes by Stark Tower to brief Tony on the Asgard Situation - they end up drinking vodka and watching Mission Impossible.
How About an Embassy March 14th, 2020 Thor gathers the Avengers to discuss many things, including ambassadors, embassies, and the theme song for the team.
Tonight At Eleven March 13th, 2020 Avengers, ice cream, and reality dog TV shows.
Avengers: Some Assembly Required March 10th, 2020 Tony unveils brand new Avengers merchandise to his fellow Avengers!
X-Plosions, SHIELD, and Mystics. March 7th, 2020 Natasha Tony and Bruce come by the Sanctum and get told that it sounds like the Green Lantern had something to do with stopping Genosha
Happy Harbor: Meet and Greet March 7th, 2020 No one gets murdered at the first meet and greet. Someone does get punched though!
Avengers Assemble A Little Bit March 7th, 2020 Thor and Tony shoot the breeze, watch TV, and navigate the treacherous waters of intellectual property law.
A Night On Watch, Avenger's Style March 5th, 2020 Watch duty is sometimes lonesome. But sometimes, your whole team is there with you.
Work In Progress March 2nd, 2020 Natasha and Tony discuss the Campaign and dangerous territory.
Genosha - Explosive Situation March 1st, 2020 The Avengers confer on the Genosha situation. Intel is shared. Assignments handed out. Need more information before Avenging can happen it seems.
My Special Robot Pal March 1st, 2020 Caitlin and Tony discuss robots and AI design. Is Caitlin offered a job? Or is she being told to stay in her lane?
Thrown Hands February 29th, 2020 Diana visits Tony to discuss his presidential bid. Fast food is eaten, hands are thrown, and a computer quotes the Simpsons.
Avengers in Genosha February 29th, 2020 Loki is given a task to perhaps prove his sincerity.
Apparently, Midgard is the Time-Out Room February 24th, 2020 Thor brings news of Loki's exile on Midgard to the rest of the Avengers. Opinions vary. Disappointed looks reign.
E Pluribus Unum: The Scoop February 23rd, 2020 Lois Lane interviews Tony about his presidential bid.
To infinity... February 22nd, 2020 Tony comes to visit Riri after tracking her down... He is not a cop.
It's broken.. but still good. February 22nd, 2020 Tony invites all to a mystery event and a mad scientist stays angry.
Hoop Shootin February 20th, 2020 Tony and Bruce play some b-ball
E Pluribus Unum: Surprise Announcement February 20th, 2020 All the lovely people gather for Tony Stark's small announcement.
The Houses of Stark and Wayne February 17th, 2020 Bruce talks family, Tony talks anything but.


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