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Boy Who Cried Alien
Date of Scene: 05 January 2021
Location: Bushwick <Mutant Town>
Synopsis: Carol disrupts a quiet day in the Mutant Town Clinic and has to appologize to the nice doctor about it. Still. It wasn't aliens.
Cast of Characters: Robert Marksman, Carol Danvers

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman is just getting off shift at the clinic. There are others working, but he put in a long day. As he steps out of the clinic, there is a man and his wife walking up wife holding her arm. Robert watches them for a moment, and as they go inside he leans into the building "Lois, the lady is going to need a cast, clean break mid Ulnar, should be a simple set, let them know about here." He touches his own arm, and then steps back out. Robert is normal looking mostly while the people around some are, but there is also an occasional obvious mutant walking by. this one with one large eye, the next with tentacles instead of legs, and such.

Carol Danvers has posed:
It has been a very long couple of days with the various issues with duplicates and dimensional issues at work for SHIELD.

Captain Marvel has been watching her back, mostly because if by some chance there were a powered Captain Marvel Duplicate it would be exceptionally dangerous for her to get jumped by said doppleganger anywhere populated. Sigh.

Still when a rash of calls about ALIENs ... mixed in with Shapeshifting ALIENS... also a few about coming from the Sewers or Dimension Z... to New Yorks 911 Dispatch it gets attention and enough of it seemed to check out with the survielence algorithms that SHIELD picked up on it and yanked the CCTV Footage.

Strong Odds, not an alien, though they definitely from the bad footage do seem to be pretty inhuman and also the shapeshifting checks out. It definitely was monsterous, large, chaotic, and caused a five car pile up before fleeing the scene whatever it was.

Which brings Agent Danvers, in her civvies, to Mutant Town. A well loved flight jacket, jeans, and an Alison Blaire concert T-shirt. She pauses looking around the clinic, listening to Control in her earbud tell her the CCTV Tracing led here. "Well. Probably just racism.." she mutters to herself then starts to wander towards the nursing station or any sort of desk that looks like patients check in.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman sees the woman walk back into the clinic. He pauses a bit. She looks familiar but he aint quite sure where he has seen her. So he will step back into the clinic to see what is going on. He waits near the door as the woman behind the glass comes up, and asks, tells Carol "Sign the sheet, is this your first time here?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Of course an alien could be choosing to hide amongst the Mutant Town Population. That or perhaps it is one of the dopples having trouble adjusting to being in our dimension. So many options really.

Carol looks around noting Robert watching her, she loks him over for a moment there then turns her attention back to the woman behind the glass. "First time here yeah." she fishes around in her pocket. "Had anyone come in distraught.. a bit wild.. uncontrolled powers in the last thirty minutes?"

The agent doesn't pull out a wallet, instead she pulls out a badge/lanyard with a SHIELD badge/ID hanging from it that she presses to the glass there watching the presumed Nurse's reaction.

Robert Marksman has posed:
The woman thinks about it, and says "Not that I can think of, the closest we have had to any panic or serious unexpect thing today was the lady that Dr. Marksman." She nods towards Robert "Told us had the broken arm, is there anything in particular your looking for?" she asks after a moment of studying the badge. Robert, sees the badge and starts walking over.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol peers at the nurse. Then listens to the voice in her ear for a moment. The Control agents are monitoring her interaction and providing some help and overwatch after all.

"Definitely in the last .. twenty minutes." timestamps are helpful. "Came in.." points to the front doors past Robert who is approaching. "Could have looked like just about anyone. They aren't in trouble." she raises her voice a touch to make that clear, and knowing the whole waiting area of the clinic is listening now probably. She would be. "I just need to talk to them and check something. Quick and easy."

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman looks over, and says "Miss, I am Dr. Marksman, how about you and I step into the back, and have a talk, see if I can help you with this." He tells her, trying to take the conversation out from in front of the patients. He will step towards a door into the back and holds it open for her.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol honestly doesn't budge. "I'd really rather not Doctor. Odds are they aren't in back they are here in the waiting room and I don't want to have to chase a digital breadcrumb across half of town... sorry."

She glances away from the door Robert is holding open, sliding the lanyard that has her photo and Agent Danvers around her neck now to dangle as she studies the waiting room.

Just looking over all the waiting mutants quietly with attentive blue eyes. The room has gotten very quiet.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman looks to the woman and says "And out here, you are worrying the patients here. I do not believe the person your looking for is here, but am willing to talk to you and try to help you., but I am not willing to let you continue to worry and scare these people. If your worried about someone bolting out the door then we can talk out front of the place if that makes you more comfortable.

Carol Danvers has posed:
"Right." she sort of asides to the good Doctor. "I'm not trying to..." she pauses "Red jacket."

Which doesn't make sense for a moment, but then again there is a guy over i nthe corner trying way to hard to not be suspicious wearing a red jacket. Staring way to hard at his phone but not actually doing anything on it. Maybe they are watching a movie. Still red jacket. Also no shoes. Hem of the pants torn.

"Excuse me Doctor Marksman.. I need a word with that young man." she starts to walk towards him.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman frowns, and turns to watch at least for a moment. He does concentrate a moment to look the man in red over with enhanced senses. He looks at the man's heat signature, and checks him with x-ray vision seeing if he is carrying anything off on his person or in his person.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Well his insides are not quite right. The bone configurations aren't right for a normal human. Then again he is in a mutant town clinic so that isn't entirely surprising. The thing that is surpising maybe is that when he notices Carol approaching his bones shift further, density increasing.

One other thing. When looking past Carol towards the man, the edges of your X-ray Vision distorts and becomes unreliable. Like Carol is a blackhole for the x-rays. It also actually makes Carol pause and turn towards Doctor Marksman eyes narrowing for a moment.

Which is when the guy in the red coat shifts and leaps at Carol's back in a blind panic to try to knock her down and run for it.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman will call out to her as the man starts to move "He is bolting densed up." He tells her in warning. He does move to block the door He brings his hand up to his glasses, and waits to see if the agent has this.

Carol Danvers has posed:
The warning is actually appreciated, though Carol had a bit of a seventh sense about this situation. She pivots on her back foot and reaches out and catches the guy trying to barrel into her by the front of his shoulder as he slams into her.

There is enough impact that the floor tiles beneath her feet crack and dent a bit. "Woah there!" raising her voice.

The guy in the red jacket looks totally startled that he is being lifted off the floor by the much smaller blonde lady. "I just need to talk to you and check something." the agent notes irrate mostly ignoring the others moving away from her and the 'patient'. She gives a bit of a shake, not too hard "Behave yourself."

The guy in the red coat pales then shrinks. Not like Antman or Wasp... but loses the extra bulk and ends up a waif of a teenager, girl from the looks of it. Looks pitiable.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman looks over, and says "Ladies and gentlemen, seems the Agent here needs to talk to this young.. lady." He offers, and says "If you will all, follow Nurse McLeorn, she will take you into the back, where you can wait there, and we will see about getting you all lunch while you wait."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol looks around then to the young woman. "This might be quick and I'll take it outside if it is a longer conversation. Sorry Doctor." she sets the young woman down on shaky feet and keeps one hand clamped on her shoulder. She ignores the trembling.

She lifts her left hand and a holographic display shimmers into sight above her wrist and chirps <<Scanning!>> .. ... .. <<Terran, homo-superior>>.

"And... that is what I needed." she stares at the teenager. "I imagine your powers just manifested.. things went bad.. you ran here for help because they help mutants. Good call."

Carol looks at the Doctor. "New mutant, needs help and I'll leave her with you all."

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman looks to the woman and sighs "Ok, Miss, go with the Nurse, she will help you, I know many who are new here fear the government, cause of stories they have seen and heard, but it seems the Agent here is one of the good ones." He looks over to Carol "Hence why I wanted to talk to you in the other rom."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol watches a nurse get the teenager and then glances to Robert. "She shifted in the middle of a busy street and caused a pileup... we were neck deep in calls about a new alien invasion. If it was an alien I needed to be very sure it wasn't a mutant." she just shakes her head. The lanyard is tucked into her jacket now.

"If she ends up needing more help than you can give though, give me a call. I know some people who specialize in helping mutants that are struggling with their powers." she fishes a card out of her pocket and offers it to Robert. It says, Agent Danvers, SHIELD Logo, Looks Official. HAs just a aphone number. Goes to Control though to be routed ot her if it isn't an emergency.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman will take the card and nods his head a bit "There are some here in town who try to help, but it is more those who have some experience teaching younger folks, more like apprenticing under someone with similar powers, and still have to learn a lot on our own.

Carol Danvers has posed:
"I figured. If she has serious trouble controlling things or is dangerous to herself or others..call me... I know mutants who can help." not saying an agency or government. Nope. Mutants that can help.

"Sorry for the disturbance with your clinic Doc." she looks around appologetically then starts to head towards the door.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman nods his head, and says "I will take it in to consideration, perhaps you could arrange a meeting with these mutants for me, that I might feel a bit more inclined to contact them on other's behath.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol pauses at the door glancing over. "I'll ask them and let them know you are interested in that. Up to them really I am afraid." she shrugs a bit.

Then again she figures it is understandable. The secrecy and all. She steps out with one more nod to the Doctore and disappears back into the city streets.