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Robert Marksman (Scenesys ID: 781)
Name: Robert Marksman
Superalias: Darksight
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: VP of Marksman Industries (Trust funds)
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Penthouse in NYC
Education: New York Medical College
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 11 Feb 2000 Played By Roman Reigns
Height: 6'6" Weight: 270lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Glowing Red
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Robert is a bit of the rich playboy type who enjoys life, and a bit of a show off when it comes to things he is good at. He ends up front rows at sporting events and is not afraid to spend money/


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* 1950 : Great grand dad Marksman starts Marksman Inc Electronics firm.

*1980 : Marksman Industries Inc enters the weapons accessories market expanding its portfolio greatly.

*1999 : Jackolyn and David Marksman have Johnathan Marksman

*2000 : Jackolyn and David Marksman have Robert Marksman Jackolyn dies in Childbirth

*2001-2012: Johnathan and Robert are close brothers doing most everything together

*2013-2015: The boys grow apart over mistaken resentment over the death of their Mother after they are told how she died. There is of course a girl involved also in their rift.

*2015: Their father takes them on a camping trip in an attempt to brings the boys back together Things go horrible wrong. A meteor shower that they were going to watch turns into a meteorite impact onto the campsite. All of them badly injured by radiation sickness by exposure to the meteorites. The radiation begins to trigger changes in both the boys and their father. The boys start to develop powers, but the speed of developing these is slowed by a negation power the father developed. The father also develops cancer from the exposure.

*2016 David, Johnathan, and Robert all spend the majority of the year recovering in the Hospital. Thomas Swift VP of Marksman Inc, runs the company, and when David realizes he will not make it, he makes Swift Johnathan and Roberts legal guardian.

*2017-2018 David dies. Without the influence of their father's negation ability the boy's powers start to emerge a bit more in sporadic bursts, with practice they start to learn and harness their powers. The brothers soon learn that they too can cancel each other's abilities out when confronting each other directly. For a time the rift between them grows due to the grief over the loss of their father.

*2019 Johnathan starts to take a more promanate role in the company as its President, Robert starts college. Sometimes distance heals old wounds. The brothers begin to forge a new bond through correspondence.

*2020 Present Day: The boys have started to get along again, and Robert is starting the superhero life. Johnathan, though relying on Thomas Swift (who remains CEO) considerably, takes the reigns more and more over Marksman Industries... Until he too is called to be a hero. Darksight and Scatterlight begin to take the stage.

IC Journal

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Minor Hot Headed:
Robert gets aggravated at what he considers people being dumb, or his brother somewhat easier than he should.

Robert is sure of himself, even at points where he maybe should not be.

Robert is a bit of a stubborn young man and once he sets his mind to something can be hard to change it.

Character Sheet


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Body Armor:
While he is encased in Darkforce sheath it will protect him from up to high caliber gunshot wounds.

Dark Force Manipulation:
Robert has access to the Dark Force Dimension and this has changed his body granting him enhanced abilities as well as abilities that are more directly connected to the Dark Force Dimension

Energy Blast:
Rober can shoot blasts of energy that act as force blasts. These can range in strength from a .22 pistol force to .50 Caliber rounds.

Robert while surrounded in an energy sheath of Dark Force. He can reach speeds of around 100 mph.

Robert can make a gateway that can traverse about 50 miles. Currently he has to either know the area he is going to well, or be able to see it. He can take others with him, but those who pass through the gateway get a momentary flash of the worst thing that have done to someone but as if it was done to them. The flash does not last long and fades quickly but leaves a lingering echo of how it felt, making travel this way unpleasant for most. Those with Darkforce or light based abilities are immune to the feeling.

Penetration Vision:
Robert can see through materials up to the material strength of Steel with the classic weakness of lead blocking his vision.

Darksight can lift weights currently up to about 5 tons.

Telescopic Vision:
Robert can engage his telescopic vision at thought and boost his vision up to 200X normal vision

Thermal Vision:
Robert can see heat sources when he concentrated on them. While looking at the world in this way, his vision is in typical thermal goggle view.


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Robert is a skilled artist his preferred mediums are sketching and painting

Ba Degree In Biology:
Robert finished his bachelors at ESU in two years with his intelligence.

This combines two fields that Robert enjoys, and he has centered a lot of his studies there.

Enjoys his cars, and while he has a natural talent behind the wheel, he has also took stunt driving lessons and proved talented there as well.

Robert enjoys finding out how things work, and it seems to run in the family.

Robert is on genius level intelligence (normal genius not super genius) He has shown skill in creating objects, but normally these are only in fields he enjoys.

Robert is in Medical school and is working to complete it at an accelerated pace.

Has learned a few languages so far in life, ASL, Spanish and Latin

Like many rich kids Robert had to take music lessons he can play the cello, saxophone, and guitar

Robert enjoyed sports and would have been trying for a pro football career if he had not developed power


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Robert has multiple cars, but his pride and joy is a 56 Chevy convertible

Centinel Hotel:
Robert bought from Emma Frost the Centinel Hotel in Bushwick. He has a penthouse apartment on the top floor.

Robert has access to an R&D Electronics lab in Marksman Inc.

Robert Marskman has a trust fund from Marksman Industries, and patents in cybernetics that have allowed him to purchase real estate in Bushwick including the Centinel Hotel.

Robert always has a couple pairs of sunglasses on him, and if at home or around places he frequents and can have them, have some stowed away nearby


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Distinctive Feature:
Robert's eyes glow red and he has to take methods to keep them hidden to not let people know he is a mutant

Light Sensitivity:
Roberts eyes pick up more light than normal, and from it can be blinded easily. This forces him to wear dark sunglasses in most lighting.

Power Negation:
Robert and his brother with extreme concentration can cancel on another's powers if they are with in 5 foot of one another.



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Robert Marksman has 41 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Is it paranoia if you're right July 26th, 2021 Robert attempts to reassure a worried Clarice.
A Lunch date and asking for some advice. July 23rd, 2021 Lunch is had and plans are made.
Making a house call to check on the good Doctor. July 22nd, 2021 Doc Robert's alright, but Mystique, Clarice and Lydia aren't...
Robert's Moving Day July 21st, 2021 And tomorrow is a new beginning.
On a visit to Bushwick July 21st, 2021 The burgers were great, conversation was had, people came and went...
So much more to talk about... July 16th, 2021 In the end, some things need to be talked out and they were... but Robert should probably watch himself, Mystique /is/ watching him.
The Golem of Bushwick: Week 1 - First line of defense July 16th, 2021 Well armed thugs attack the Golem in an attempt to draw out Mystique. It works, but everything goes to hell in a handbasket as more heroes arrive to take care of the situation.
The Golem of Bushwick: The Grand Unveiling July 11th, 2021 Lydia unveils her latest project to help protect Bushwick: A real life Golem! Reactions are dubious at best, but plans are made to keep it monitored throughout the week.
A time to dine. June 7th, 2021 And a date for Rocky Horror is made
Food for thought. May 12th, 2021 Food and Conversation, not a bad evening for the three.
Merging Shadows May 11th, 2021 Robert and Jovian finish off six weirdos who attack the clinic while Jovian is finding out about his blackouts. He might be the cause.
Royal Mouse Restaurant April 19th, 2021 A certain mouse girl meets a certain Livingston and Marksman.
Another Day At Jessica's Real Home March 25th, 2021 Tonight on Cheers: Josie Edition, Jessica runs into a surprisingly large and fit doctor. No, she's not looking for dates, but she did have Claire Templeton in mind, because this doctor has some cheat codes.
Where do they get those doctors February 6th, 2021 Illyana cam by and donated supplies to the clinic where Bruce and Robert Marksman are working. A quiet get to know you sort of thing without getting too in depth.
A meeting of minds.. January 29th, 2021 And all is well. except maybe for the man in the alley.
Boy Who Cried Alien January 5th, 2021 Carol disrupts a quiet day in the Mutant Town Clinic and has to appologize to the nice doctor about it. Still. It wasn't aliens.
A day at work December 8th, 2020 And the ghost gets the button.
A night out in a place where nobody knows your name. November 14th, 2020 No description
Baby Shanks October 21st, 2020 Alanis stops by the Bushwick clinic after a tumble, while Viola stops to help one of her father's men. Robert Marksman does the doctor thing.
In the Darkness someone Dances September 27th, 2020 Spiral meets a new teleporter.
Simple Afternoon in New York September 3rd, 2020 Chess games, free vegetables, and some anti-mutant bullies being cruel to a pixie. Kind words and the good doctor save the day, and future friends are made!
Awaiting Admittance to Monaco August 10th, 2020 While waiting to get into the club monaco, a rag tag group of heroes save the day from some random thugs and a strange dude.
A night off July 20th, 2020 No description
Mutant Town: Sexy Charity Car-Wash June 24th, 2020 Wherein there is charity and fanservice.
Genosha Burns! Investigating Mutant Town June 24th, 2020 The X-men gain permission to get scans from Mutant Town's remains, and get confirmation it is the same as the craters from Genosha. Hope is restored that some mutants might be alive. Plans are made.
Helping those remaining. June 23rd, 2020 Phoebe is set on the path of the Jedi.
New hope, or new disappointment May 26th, 2020 Well at least maybe the food is good.
A random meeting. May 8th, 2020 And a new link to the Mutant Community is made.
=Chinatown Dodge April 26th, 2020 A misunderstanding.
A Lunch meeting. April 1st, 2020 And the two share a nice talk.
Two Hyenas and a Clownette walk into a vet March 26th, 2020 Harley takes Bud and Lou to the vet... Robert is assistin' with butt stuff (temperature takin') an' April comes back to pick the trio up to take home. (Bud, Lou, an' Harls... Robert can't come yet)
Talking about publicity for the clinic March 24th, 2020 And dinner is had
And the doctor is in. March 24th, 2020 Kitty gets fixed up.
Which Sandwich March 18th, 2020 People converge over sandwiches and talk superheroes and those maybe not so heroic.
Oil refinery havok! March 18th, 2020 The heroes arrive in time to save the day, disaster is diverted, and a strange Asgardian is found beneath the surface.
Amazon Primed and ready to meet people. March 17th, 2020 Dinner with two ladies Almost.
A meeting in the Park March 14th, 2020 Dinner and more.
Little Blue Lost March 13th, 2020 Hope Summers, Robert Markham, Vivian Vision, Illyana Rasputina, and Singularity run into each other just in time to watch Kate Bishop take down a purse snatcher. Phones are exchanged by Kate and Robert with Singularity as the heroes ponder what to do with the small blue girl who appears to be a pocket universe who's not entirely used to things like talking yet.
The brothers Marksman grab a drink. March 8th, 2020 The two brothers find a bit to talk about and not argue about.
Out Learning March 6th, 2020 Robert gets some hero advice.
A day for art and exploring. March 5th, 2020 And Robert comes off as Mr creepy.


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Robert Marksman has 41 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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