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Role Reversal
Date of Scene: 07 January 2021
Location: 2C -
Synopsis: Bobbi and Lance talk mission, future plans and vacations while drinking and watching Marble Olympics because of course they do.
Cast of Characters: Lance Hunter, Bobbi Morse

Lance Hunter has posed:
Another day another undercover op. As Hunter packs his kit bag in the bedroom of his small flat in Westchester, he glances up at the mirror on his dresser. "Christ, I've turned into Bobbi," he remarks to himself. Risky move to say it out loud when the women herself was over and visiting. Hoping to cut off any reprisals, he calls out, "Just about done here, Bobs, what do you say we open a bottle of wine and watch some Marble Rally?" He's deciding to drink wine, on purpose, usually a sign he's trying to suck up.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi, holding a bottle of wine in her hands and two glasses, merely nods, "Way ahead of you." She smirks and says, "And yeah, this is what? your second undercover op in as many months? To be fair I'm sending you on this one.. but I mean, it is getting in the way of our relationship," she adds teasingly.

    She sets the wine down on the coffee table, turns on the tv, then goes back to the kitchen for a bottle opener. "They've just started the marble winter olympics too, that'll be fun," she comments. This is kind of turn about, fair play even, with Bobbi worrying about Lance walking in to the lions den.

    "These Iron Fortitude guys, they are.. alpha macho types. You're going to have to lay it on thick. And I can't help but think they're behind the disappearance of Hedgecroft," she says and returns, opening the bottle and then pouring out two glasses.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter walks out to the living room, bag left behind on his bed. "Ha, ha, very funny, mock my pain," he says as he rolls his eyes, tone not entirely serious.

He finds a piece of wall to lean against and smiles as he watches Bobbi poor the wine. "Those starting tonight? Or is that something we have to look forward to when I get back?" he asks her about the Marble Winter Olympics.

The bit about the macho alpha male thing gets a snort out of Hunter. "So you sayin' I should talk like this and not some fruity Brit?" Hunter says putting on that vaguely southern accent he can do so well. "Maybe get some Affliction or Tapout shirts, Axe Body spray and some wrap around shades?" he asks with a smirk.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi looks thoughtfully for a moment, "Fair. We can save the winter marbolympics for when you get back. Because you are coming back." She points at him with an index finger of 'you better come back'. She wanders back to the kitchen and gets cheese and crackers on to a platter and places them down on the coffee table.

    The image of him dressing in a tapout shirt and wearing axe body spray brings a grin to her face. "I just mean you might need to get dark on this one," she says. It's not blackops, but it's skirtingly close to it. He hasn't quite earned the darker SHIELD title yet. That mark that can never be washed off. "And consider for a moment that the Winter Soldier is going to be your partner."

    She raises an eyebrow, then flops down on to the couch. Whether he's ready or not, she sips from her glass of wine. "Who knows what kind of new member hazing they do. They'll be closed lipped too - you're going to have to win them over."

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter nods, "'course I'm coming back,," he tells her. "We can actually stand each other for once, think I'm going to die and mess that up? You'd follow me to the afterlife just to kick give me hell for that.," he says with a grin, "Besides before I go we'll do the thing and everything will be fine," the thing being telling each other 'don't die'.

"Ah," Hunter says when Bobbi explains what she means. "Yeah, figured it might be like that given what these guys get up to,' he says sinking down on the couch and reaching for his wine. "I'll do what needs to be done to get 'em on side, beers, shots, casual murder," he says lightly though that last part doesn't sit well with him. "Going to take these bastards down Bob, then I'll be right back here to watch Marble Olympics," he promises before sealing it with a sip of his wine.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi stares at Lance for a few moments. As much as he makes a lot of noise when he puts them ahead of the mission, she does it too.. and often more disastrously. Their relationship is a weakness. There's fear in the back of her mind. Things are going too well, it's all going to blow up again.

    "It'll be fine. I'm sure," she says and puts some cheese on to crackers and nibbles, then reaches over and hits play on the first video of marbles. "You may have to pretend to like a football team you hate," she says jokingly. "Try not to lose yourself, who knows may be they'll become your best friends," she noodles. It's not impossible, she has friends in HYDRA. Though for her the concept of 'friend' is a very flexible concept. "And try not to commit any warcrimes," she adds and sips wine.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"It'll be fine," Hunter says with a nod, echoing her, both in the words and the fears behind it. He puts down the wine and steals a cracker with cheese. "Guess I can make that sacrifice," he allows. "Now if I have to pretend to like American football I may blow the op," he jokes back, grumbling. "Barely use their feet."

"Made friends with worse," he says. "Remember Spud?" he asks. A fellow Brit, but one who did merc work and sold arms to and for Hydra. "Anyhow, I've got Bucky watching my back, we'll get what we need and get the hell out as soon as the mission allows," he says before pointing at the screen and saying, "If the Union Jack marble wins, you pick up the tab next time we're at Harry's." Their local bar.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi smirks and points at the TV, "Now that is a bold bet." She watches with interest though, still trying to figure out how there's so much believable randomness in the marble races. Why some seem better at winning than others. She's realising she's buying in to the personification of marbles and is totally fine with this.

    She waves a hand, "Spud. Ugh. Whatever happened to that guy? I really didn't like him." She doesn't like most of Lance's friends. It's nothing personal, she just doesn't trust anyone who might be manipulating Lance (that isn't her).

    "Bring me back a t-shirt or something. Memorabilia, for when we've taken those assholes down."

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter has bought into the personification of the marbles hook line and sinker, but then he talks to his gun and his prized football sometimes when he thinks nobody (especially Bobbi) can hear.

"Colour me shocked," Hunter says when Bobbi mentions not liking Spud. He may have noticed that common thread with Bobbi and his friends. "Doing the same old stuff, last I heard, given these IF guys might see if he'll vouch for me this go 'round, he's their kind of people," he says.

There's a smile at the t-shirt request "Something with 'I infiltrated an army of cutthroat mercenaries and all I got was this stupid t-shirt' on it?" he teases. "But sure, I'll score something to put up in the Swordfish when we're done," he says. Speaking of the SHIELD bar. "Heard Daisy got the Carter, she done the thing yet?" he asks. The unofficial and often regretted tradition of downing a shot for each fellow agent saved by their actions.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi stares in wonder as the UK marble wins. "Well damn...," she says in disbelief and expects a big cheesy ass grin from Lance. She goes for the wine instead and takes a sip. "Yeah, just.. don't give those IF guys a place to go when they're done. If they have a sudden HYDRA contact they might get recruited."

    She chuckles, "I mean their official merch. They must have stuff with their logo on it. I want a proper IF trophy." She grabs cheese and cracker combo and then shakes her head, "Not yet. She's only just gotten out of the medical wing. I'm sure she'll want to drink soon though." Besides, she knows her first stop will be back with her boyfriend. "We'll make it happen soon. Now I have to figure out which bits of this intel I pass on to The Punisher," she says with a roll of her eyes. "A promise is a promise."

Lance Hunter has posed:
The expected cheesy grin is delivered, "Don't worry Bobs, I'll keep my pint count to single digits this time," it will make walking back that much easier too, he won't pass out half-way home again. He takes a sip of wine and nods, "Right, me and Bucky will make sure their transport doesn't work when it comes time for you guys to sweep in and take 'em down."

There's a nod about Daisy. "This one is alright though, yeah?" he asks about her current beau, Daisy did seem to have /worst/ luck in that department. As for the Punisher. "Why are we working with him again?" he asks. "And send him to reach out to the Bedouin. They want revenge, he's all about punishment apparently, maybe they'll get together keep the general busy until we can snatch him."

As for the shirt he says, "No problem I think I can get something like that."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi smirks at the memory of him passing out. She's a lot stronger now - carrying him will be an option. "Good, this'll be good PR for SHIELD. Not that we really need that or care about that. But given the political waves we will be creating, it's nice to look like the good guys for a change."

    "Daisy.. is.. being very cagey about what's going on with her. She's cleared for duty, though still healing." She rolls her eyes, "The Punisher turned up when Hedgecroft's group attack el-Lodi's son. He helped, he had intelligence that lead us to Hedgecroft. So.. I figured given we were going to rob a vault we knew next to nothing about, we needed a loud thief. Punisher is a very loud thief. He played his part perfectly and got paid in the gold he carried away."

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Couldn't hurt to be the heroes for once, instead of the shadows nobody sees or talks about," Hunter says of being the good guys for a change.

"Guess she's becoming one of us then," he says about Daisy being cagey with her life details. "Come a long way from the loud mouthed hacker with the big hair and the smelly van."

"Wait. Gold?!" he changes gears immediately at the mention of money. "Just my luck I'm undercover half way around the world when there's a mission to rob a vault full of gold... please tell you've got some of it stashed around the flat. You know a bar or two under the bed?" he bends down to look. "Or under the sofa."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi smirks a touch and says, "She still owns the smelly van. Threatens to use it as a mission vehicle from time to time too. I veto each time." She grins and says, "Yes, gold. He took what he could put on that big bike of his. It's not like you could keep it even if you were there Lance, you're a SHIELD agent now. He's just a contractor I didn't have to pay."

    There's a raised eyebrow though as he ponders if there's gold hidden anywhere. "Ahem.. you know I get paid pretty well right? and I never spend it on anything right? If you're really pressed for cash I can lend you some. This place is a big step up from the hotel room though."

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Might have been better if she kept the hair instead," Hunter says with a smirk. "And I'm not hard up for cash, Bobs, but just imagine what could have been," he holds up his hands as if framing the picture in his mind. "The two of us in a villa in France, or Spain, or Portugal, you know one of those places with villas and beaches. Good as SHIELD pays," and he was pulling down good money even as a level 4. "It's not villa money Bobs."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "We literally broke up in a Spanish villa last time Lance. Literally a villa in Spain," she says with lips tighter, a touch of annoyance and says, "We never have the proper conversations about life do we. We're hooked on each other like drugs but never actually do the adult thing of discussing our future. That's how it all falls apart right? our communication is fantastic on somethings and dreadful on others."

    She takes a sip of the wine and says, "Come on Cuba marble, you can do it!" she says cheering on the current race happening on screen.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter grimaces, "Okay fine, Spain's off the list then," he says brightly before he can take in Bobbi's mood and change gears. "Listen Bobs, I feel like we want to do that but we keep waiting until things quiet down and they never do for us. Or at least that's what I kept waiting for. But when I get back, how about we hole up here for a couple of days, drink some wine, watch some marbles and we actually talk about it. I promise I won't freak out, vanish and go on a three day bender of sangria and tapas this time." Y'know like he did right before they broke up.

"Go on New Zealand!" he calls out at the screen then to distract himself as he has a sip of wine.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi is quiet for a moment and then suddenly says, "NOPE! I already took dibs on New Zealand. They're mine and all their adorable accents." She turns and stares pointedly at Lance in a 'fight me for it' kind of look. She smiles though and says, "Okay. If you promise not to be weird about it this time we will take a vacation."

    Her eyes widen and she says, "It dawns on me I've never taken a vacation deliberately before. I've only ever been on forced vacations.. there must be a form for that. I bet there's a betting pool in admin about how long some of us will go before we finally crack and take a break."

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Nice try, but I've got automatic dibs on all Commonwealth marbles, if you don't like it you can take it up with Her Majesty," he says before protesting. "And how was I weird-" he cuts himself off. "Nevermind, I'll take the win," he says before grinning about the pool. "Want me to ask my Adminion friends?" his name for the admin agents,"Figure we can rig things and bet on the day you submit your form."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi smirks and sighs, "These rules are stupid." She has a happy smile on her face though as she tucks her legs up underneath her getting nice and comfy for the evening. "I'm going to have to go to the liquor shop after the next video, we'll have finished the wine by then."

    "So you want to cheat at vacation guessing just to make a quick buck. See, this is why you're a field agent, no solidarity at all," she says with a small smirk and a piece of cheese going in to her mouth.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Good plan," Hunter says about the run to the liquor store. He digs into his pocket for his wallet to chip in. "And the rules are not stupid they're royal," he says with a smirk back and a laugh.

"Not true, I'm teaching our fellow agents a valuable lessons of the dangers of gambling, you never know who might be out to rig the game," he says, managing a straight face.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Sounds more like they'll be contributing to our booze funds in a major way," she smirks and then clinks her glass of wine with Lance's. "Don't die," she says and settles in for the comfy and the youtube.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Well I am not saying /we/ don't benefit as well," Hunter says with a laugh. "Only fair after teaching them such a valuable lesson," he puts down some money for the eventual booze run and puts his wallet away. After he picks up his glass to clink it to Bobbi's "Don't die," he says before settling in leaned up against her.