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Lance Hunter (Scenesys ID: 1294)
Name: Lancelot "Lance" Hunter
Superalias: "Hunter"
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Former Agent of SHIELD, Current Mercenary
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Residence: The World at Large
Education: Military College Sandhurst, SHIELD Academy
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: SHIELD
Apparent Age: 34 Actual Age: 34
Date of Birth 20 March 1986 Played By Nick Blood
Height: 5'10" Weight: 165lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Johnny Rivers - "Secret Agent Man"


Character Info


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A mercenary with a chequered past, Lance Hunter has been a soldier, an officer, an Agent of SHIELD and more recently a mercenary. Though most tend to only know about the soldier, officer and mercenary parts by design. Despite living by a somewhat shady profession Lance Hunter has something of a rep of someone who will turn down a job if it's too dirty, which has put him on hard times.


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1986 - Born to a police officer and his wife in Maidstone, Kent.

2004 - Joined the British Army and was assigned to the King's Regiment (Liverpool).

2006 - Passed selection for the British Parachute Regiment and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

2008 - Successfully took the lead of a critical mission in Basra, Iraq after his lieutenant was badly injured. Selected for officer training at Sandhurst.

2010 - Graduated and after passing selection for the SAS, was instead assigned to the international counter-terror force codenamed STRIKE.

2011 - Distinguished himself on a mission to Sierra Leone, and in covert operation codenamed Panther's Claw while under STRIKE.

2012 - Encounters Bobbi Morse and Alphonso Mackenzie on a joint operation between SHIELD and STRIKE. The operation reveals corruption in STRIKE and the task force is folded into SHIELD. Distancing himself from his own comrades Hunter joins SHIELD's operations track receiving training at the SHIELD Operations Academy.

2013 - Hunter graduates with high marks but with a folder full of discipline issues. Begins active service in SHIELD, favouring independent deep cover assignments as well as working primarily with Bobbi Morse, Alphonso Mackenzie and Isabelle Hartley.

2017 - After achieving the rank of Field Agent, Hunter resigns from SHIELD for 'personal reasons' and begins working as a military contractor around the world. Occasionally taking work for SHIELD.

2020 - Kidnapped by Toshiro Mori and Daniel Whitehall in an effort to coerce Bobbi Morse into cooperating with them. After his escape, he renews his association with SHIELD.

IC Journal

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With Lance Hunter his friends come first. Need someone to blow off some steam with after work? He's there. Need to move house? There (but likely complaining). Need someone to come on some near suicidal mission of vital personal importance? There. For Lance, people trump organizations, he couldn't give a crap about SHIELD and it's history, but he cares about the agents by his side, and he would one hundred percent take a bullet for each of them.

For those he's truly close too, it's a whole other level and Hunter's loyalty doesn't stop at death, he'll be the sort to make sure your people get looked after and if someone took you out, he'll gladly be the one to cross them off personally.

While Hunter likes to play the jaded mercenary, he has lines he won't cross, he won't betray a friend, hurt innocents, or break the really nasty laws for a contract. In the shady world he lives in that has cost him money, friendships and blood, but he still holds tight to those principles despite it all.

Sarcasm is the lowest form of humour, but Hunter has never pretended to be anything other than low brow. He happily 'takes the piss' out of his superiors, colleagues and especially his enemies. Always having a witty line or two to say when faced with any situation.

Smarter Than He Looks:
A talker and and charmer, it's very easy to see Hunter as a big mouth with nothing attached, but in reality he is a highly trained soldier and spy that just happens to be annoyingly talkative at times. Whether that's really who Hunter is or if he's just learned to affect that trait to put people off-guard is a matter of some speculation.

Hunter's best weapon is his mouth. Maybe it's the accent, maybe it's how he can push a story until you start to believe it, but whatever it is, Hunter has a way with words and getting people to believe him. Furthermore these same skills make him fun at parties as opposed to some of his more taciturn colleagues.

Character Sheet


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From the combination of his military and SHIELD training, Hunter is an effective fighter, hand to hand, with blades, and with firearms. He's rated for most commonly found firearms and some more exotic ones, he's a capable sniper, and a crack shot with a pistol. Hand to hand he's able to take on multiple well-trained opponents and come out on top, but can struggle when put against those that specialize in that sort of fighting. Which is usually when he goes for a gun.

Military Training:
A veteran of the British Army, Lance was a infantryman, a paratrooper, a member of the SAS and an officer. He's got a broad knowledge of the British military and their allies and has a working knowledge of the weapons and vehicles of war as well as additional skills like parachuting, knives and hand to hand combat, all of it he's built on through his life as a mercenary and during his time at SHIELD.

Shield Training:
Trained at the Operations Academy, Lance Hunter is skilled in everything an agent of SHIELD needs to know to be on the front lines be that kicking down doors, breaking codes, cultivating contacts, or working undercover. Specializing in the tactical and undercover areas of an Operations agent, Lance is an expert with weapons, piloting, forging documents, languages, and creating and sticking to a cover story.

From his time as the son of a cop, a shall we say reckless youth, and time as a mercenary, Lance knows how to blend in and make friends on the seedy side of life. Along with those skills comes with others like lockpicking, smuggling and general theft. All of which help when you're a spy.

Hunter has a way with people and can get them to open up just by talking to them. It's handy as a spy and with the ladies, as well as when a friend needs to vent a little bit. More than that he's also mastered several languages and accents (mostly American) that he can turn on and off at will to let him blend in or make someone feel more at home around him.


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Hunter has friends in high and low places. Members of the British military and the intelligence services who owe him favours, SHIELD contacts, fellow mercenaries such as Rusty and some less savoury contacts like HYDRA goon and arms dealer 'Spud'. Indeed if he can be believed he even bailed Prince Harry out of a jam one time before his Highness was a married man.

In all Lance usually 'knows a guy' with a bit of information or who can provide some help, though the quality of that help tends to vary widely.

Hunter has hidden away papers for two fully supported cover IDs, as well as various fake driver's licenses, military ID cards, and other documents for several dozen flimsier ones. All of which can be helpful in an emergency.

A lot of the time Hunter's mercenary gigs don't pay all that well due to some of them not ending that well due to principles, money or women. However he has a scored a few high paying gigs over the years that have fattened his accounts. If he lives frugally he could probably live off it for a decade or more. However that is very much not his style, and so that money is likely to run out within a year or two as long his contracts remain on the lower end of the spectrum.


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Hunter has made more than his share of enemies along with his many friends. A lot of them would like to see him dead either over a personal beef, or a professional one. Some of the latter include organizations like AIM, HYDRA and some smaller terrorist groups. In general, Lance has to watch his back, because today might be the day one of them catches up to him..

Personal Attachments:
Attachments are dangerous for a spy or a mercenary, unfortunately Hunter has his share of them. Whether friends or lovers, they're close to his heart and he'd do almost anything for them and more than a few people know that and are willing to use it.

Hunter tends to feel rather than think and that leads to him acting on impulse. Like falling for that blonde SHIELD agent who was sent to get intel off of him, or risking all to get revenge for a fallen friend. It's a dangerous trait to have as a spy and it's one his enemies (and some of his friends) can and do use to manipulate him.



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Lance Hunter has 45 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
The calm after the storm April 8th, 2021 A small celebration now that HYDRA has been removed from SHIELD reveals that Daisy's bowl is the next greatest threat.. if one wants a non-soggy bed.
Out of the Darkness, Into the Light April 6th, 2021 After months of search, a SHIELD team finally routes out the HYDRA moles in SHIELD. They gather them all into the Rat on a supposed mission and a hard won fight puts them down, once and for all.
Dollhouse: Welcome, Agent Sansang April 5th, 2021 Lance and Bobbi apologise to each other and then realise the fallout of their spat left a security hole in Talbot's operation.
Abcde and Daniel must beware D... March 31st, 2021 Abcde is wary that her future self warned her that Daniel is dangerous, but they soon discover it's the djinn, still haunting their lives and dangerous as ever. Abcde accidentally lets it known that Daniel was about to die before he arrived in 2021.. and also that Steve Rogers is alive. Daniel heads out to find his friends, even as they search for him too.
An Improbably Plausible Con March 28th, 2021 Lancelot tries to trick Bobbi and murder her in a dark alley, but he didn't count on her being a super soldier. For a moment there, Bobbi thought may be she had lost Lance; but the trajectory of these doppels is coming to a head.
The Playground March 27th, 2021 The Agents of SHIELD start to gather in their new headquarters: The Playground. New lanyards. New tablets. New phones. New digs. Same old HYDRA; the weary SHIELD agents work is never done.
An Almost Perfect Con March 26th, 2021 Babs seeks out Hunter at the bar where he and Bobbi got back together. Too bad she's not up on current events, all the same instead of 'I Got You' Babe, this time is more 'I Shot You Babe'.
Cutting off a List of Heads March 24th, 2021 A trio of teams goes to the Pacifica, Dr. List's medical facility running human (and inhuman) experiments for HYDRA. When they arrive, the Doctor is already missing, but May, Deschain, and Hunter managed to clear out a below ground facility of HYDRA soldiers and techs. They rescue several patients in the process. Meanwhile, an above ground team grabs as much intel as possible.
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables March 24th, 2021 Lance, May, Jemma, and Peggy move Vogel from Lance's apartment to a seemingly time-frozen house in Long Island. The Carter-Sousa residence has not had anyone living in it since 1956, but hasn't changed an inch either. Jemma's introduced to the secret of HYDRA in SHIELD and Vogel's real identity. No one talks about the baby booties or bullets on the fireplace mantel.
This isn't Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang March 18th, 2021 Bobbi goes to find out what Lance has been hiding in his apartment. They argue. History may repeat itself with their relationship.
New rank, new job, times two March 17th, 2021 Daisy is off on a fateful trip to the mountains. Bobbi has a boat. Lance is down one 4k TV.
Fury reassigned me March 16th, 2021 Bobbi and Lance catch up and discuss her promotion and pointedly not why Lance's apartment is unavailable
Questioning Vogel March 15th, 2021 Peggy, May and Hunter take Vogel to Hunter's place to be interrogated. What they hear isn't what they expect and likely nothing any of them wanted to hear.
Cutting Off a Head March 14th, 2021 A team of trusted SHIELD Agents takes down one of the heads of HYDRA from his posh hotel. One head is cut off. How many more will there be?
Afterlife: Mourning Robert Gonzales March 8th, 2021 Bobbi talks to Lance about some of her time in Afterlife. She mourns Gonzales's death.
Thousand Faces: Blood Lines March 8th, 2021 Zombies prowling through the city end up put down, at the expense of an innocent car. Poor Charger!
Iron Fortitude: Warcrimes March 6th, 2021 SHIELD gathers for some good news, but instead hears some very very bad news. The US Government has disavowed all of SHIELD and is seizing the Triskelion. SHIELD has gone dark in response because despite this blow, HYDRA is still out there and must be dealt with. Also, E may have just had his cover blown by May.
Iron Fortitude: Six Underground March 6th, 2021 The legendary black market known as Six Underground is no more. SHIELD has shut it down for good and arrested the man behind it. May meets a member of the Cabal. Finally, SHIELD has recovered their stolen technology.
The Paraguay Hardening Mill February 26th, 2021 Peggy's special group stumbles upon a very old HYDRA temple, painting a picture of HYDRA that extends far before World War 2. Chaos ensued, but it appears they got away with it.
After Hours Work Club February 24th, 2021 The SHIELD Agents aware of HYDRA's possible infiltration of their ranks get together to do some good old fashioned data analysis. They discover a few interesting things on Vogel Enterprise's laptop, including a strange meeting in Vatican City. Further plans are made.
Beer O'Clock February 24th, 2021 Peggy catches up Hunter on the plans for hunting Hydra and discuss other things as well.
Shhh. We're Hunting Warehouses February 21st, 2021 May and Peggy confirm that Lance and Elena aren't HYDRA agents in the worst of ways. Then they go hunting for evidence none of them wanted to find. HYDRA and SHIELD share a Quinjet supplier...
Iron Fortitude: Proof Positive February 20th, 2021 Fitz and Hunter use their cover identities as new recruits of Iron Fortitude to enter and explore their Head Quarters. Hoping to find incriminating evidence against the senator, they instead find the man who had been ahead of them all along.. but had finally run out of luck. Beaten and tortured by the senators men, he held on to his secret until SHIELD arrived to rescue him. Now the incriminating evidence of Iron Fortitude hangs over the senators head like the sword of damocles.
Interview with the Vanisher February 20th, 2021 Telford Porter comes to SHIELD to talk about the rising problems between mutants and the Friends of Humanity. He gets to walk away with his raisins. Lucky.
Dropping the Mic February 13th, 2021 May leads a team of agents, including Hunter, Yo-Yo, and Daisy, down to Texas to retrieve an 0-8-4: Hitler's Berlin Microphone, a strange artifact with the ability to make people do whatever anyone who speaks into the microphone suggests. Something like that doesn't need to be left in the hands of a disaffected Army washout with an axe to grind against anyone with superpowers.
Iron Fortitude: Shell Game February 13th, 2021 SHIELD successfully gains intelligence from Naasif el-Lodi, but it's clear they're missing part of the bigger picture still.
Iron Fortitude: Overtime February 12th, 2021 Having flipped the tables on the job, Iron Fortitude and the two undercover SHIELD agents defend their position, then take out their ex-client to fulfil the new contract. They're in.
You Have Saved The World And Now Its Miller Time February 11th, 2021 SHIELD returns from a mission, and Lance and Steve catch up and head out for a beer.
All That Glitters January 24th, 2021 Agents May, Hunter, and Glass try to prevent a Hydra heist at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. They're mostly successful... and they walk away with some dangerous (and intriguing) new Hydra tech.
Another You: My Own Worst Frenemy January 23rd, 2021 Hunter meets (ugh) Babs and Lancelot, bullets fly, fists are thrown, and everyone leaves alive, for now, but worst of all his double supports Manchester United.
The British Invade... the Breakroom. January 20th, 2021 Lance and Peggy finally get to properly meet each other. He reveals to her the secret tea stash. She reveals she's not quite drank all the SHIELD kool aid one would expect from a founder. He tricks her into a drinking night with Bobbi.
Times that Bind: Epilogue January 18th, 2021 The best of SHIELD gather at the SWORDFISH to welcome Agent May back to the present. Cake is had. Whiskey and shots. And a very surprising hologram.
Iron Fortitude: Working Interview January 17th, 2021 Fitz and Hunter ingratiate themselves in to Iron Fortitude. The pay is big, the work is messy. They inject a bit of morality in to the mix. The mission doesn't entirely go off without a hitch.
Let's Do The Time Warp Again (Part 2) January 16th, 2021 Under heavy fire from Leviathan, a determined corps of SHIELD agents defends the 2021 anchor site of the mysterious time anomaly that swept Melinda May away so many weeks ago. Once she's safely home, in finest SHIELD style, they blow the thing to kingdom come.
Propping up the SHIELD January 10th, 2021 While Agent Carter is off dealing with the last of the clean-up from the Hydra raid, Agent May gets to know some of the local SSR agents. And maybe they get to know her.
Role Reversal January 7th, 2021 Bobbi and Lance talk mission, future plans and vacations while drinking and watching Marble Olympics because of course they do.
The Saudi Arabian Debrief January 4th, 2021 SHIELD reviews their intelligence in a debrief and comes up with an elaborate plan with many moving parts to take down a US senator, a Saudi war criminal, and may be, just may be, finally catch up with the stolen SHIELD technology.
ZZGU: Those left behind December 29th, 2020 SHIELD actives the new dimensional breach detector just in time to catch a massive dimensional breach by thousands of people from another Earth to ours.
Afterlife: The Emergence October 7th, 2020 After Whitehall's demise Jiaying returns to Lance and Bobbi's lives with an offer.
To hunt a Hunter September 26th, 2020 The hunt comes to fruition and noone gets quaked! Daisy and Hunter talk about Daisy's mother along with what Hunter wants to do now that he may be back at SHIELD.
Arabian Nights costume gala September 25th, 2020 The Avengers have an Arabian Nights themed costume charity event.
I Got You Babe September 22nd, 2020 Bobbi and Lance use Harry the bar owner as a proxy for the relationship. I got you babe.
Long Ride Home September 10th, 2020 No description
Epicenter: In Transit September 2nd, 2020 Bobbi, Jemma, and Lance spend time under the ocean in a submarine catching up until they arrive at a mysterious HYDRA base where they meet Daniel Whitehall: in the flesh.
Epicenter: Biochemical Madness August 25th, 2020 Daniel Whitehall wanted Dr. Morse to find him a curse to death. Instead, they met Jacob, rescued Jiayang, 'handled' Toshiro Mori and let Whitehall ..expire. Agent Quan picked them up in a quinjet when their stolen mini-sub mysteriously exploded. HYDRA's base on Lian Yu is no more.


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Lance Hunter has 45 finished logs.

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