4699/Parking For Residents Only

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Parking For Residents Only
Date of Scene: 12 January 2021
Location: Carl Shurz Park
Synopsis: A pair of old Brits chat about the Blues then part company.
Cast of Characters: Daniel Hastings, Jacqueline Falsworth

Daniel Hastings has posed:
Evening in Carl Shurz Park and the number of occupants has dwindled to the late night joggers, dedicated dog walkers and the occasional drunk looking for a bench to sleep it off. Certainly, there may be ne'erdowells lurking but being this close to the Mayor's residence means regular police patrols so it's considered fairly safe no matter what the hour. Not that Daniel has quite the idea which park he's just landed himself in. There was a hum in the bushes as he stepped across space then began brushing dust from himself. He took a moment. Listening. "Definitely New York." He agreed with himself then took out a cell phone from his jacket pocket as he began walking out of the foliage and onto a path. "Hah. Signal. And.. not Central Park. How in the world.." He shook his head and tucked the phone away as he began whistling Rum and Coca Cola from the Andrew Sisters.

Jacqueline Falsworth has posed:
Among those joggers, is a woman who could leave all of them in her dust without breaking a sweat. For her, the evening jog is a leisurely thing akin to a stroll most others might take. Those few that recognize her in the contemporary world -- generally people who pay attention to Fortune 500 news -- would recognize her as Jacqueline Falsworth, CEO of Falsworth Industries and granddaughter of Lady Jaqueline Falsworth-Critchon. That is as she has designed it to be.

As she stops near the waterfront to enjoy the reflection of starlight on water, her head cants at the soft whistle of a familiar tune. Huhn. She hasn't heard that one in a while. It makes her smile.

Daniel Hastings has posed:
Daniel Hastings is rather enjoying the jaunty tune himself and is keeping time and rythm like someone who has a musical ear. Hands in pockets, he leaves a path for the paved portions on the waterfront and sees the smiling woman standing there. Now what in the world would a fellow be walking out of a wooded path at this time of night for? Suspicious? Perhaps! But he goes back to his whistling as he keeps pace to the song. Nearing the speedy CEO, blissfully unaware of her fortune 500 status, and noting the smile. Smiles are infectious that way and so he smiles in kind, tipping his chin in her general direction, "Miss." With an accent decidedly British or at least of the Commonwealth.

Jacqueline Falsworth has posed:
As long as that fellow isn't brandishing a weapon, a bottle, or ill-will, Jacqueline can face him with a certain modicum of equanimity. It helps, of course, that she also knows the likelihood of him actually being able to hurt her -- assuming he's not superpowered himself -- is relatively small. Of course, if he is superpowered, well... She's not afraid to fight.

"Sir," she replies to the polite greeting, her accent clearly British. Likely moreso than his, given her birthright. "That's going to be an earworm the rest of the night, I should think."

Daniel Hastings has posed:
That last brings him pause and Daniel tilts his head to look at Jacqueline curiously, "You know the Andrew Sisters?" Improbable? Absolutely. He turns to face her and take in her appearance more purposefully. "I have to rather enjoy it, myself. Though.. the Beatles built on it all for sure.. but if you're a fan of the islands... surely you know Belafonte?" He arches a brow but smiles rather than break into song. "I do apologize. I'm simply tickled that I brought a smile and.. if I had a piano handy I might try another. Alas." Yep, the more he talks the more he places himself as a subject of the Queen though from precisely where is a bit muddied. Time in England. Time elsewhere. Perhaps not born there but lived long enough to make an impression.

Jacqueline Falsworth has posed:
"This is New York," Jaqueline says, offering the man a small smile. There's no question where she's from. Upper class London is hard to miss, when one knows the dialects. "Nothing ever truly dies in New York. Not fashion and certainly not music. As for me, I have ecclectic tastes, though I must confess a fondness for classic jazz." None of the musicians he listed fit that category, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't mean she's unfamiliar.

Her head cants slightly. "Forgive my forwardness. But where is it you're from. Not England natively, I think, but you've clearly spent quite a bit of time there."

Daniel Hastings has posed:
Daniel Hastings listens, nodding, "I suppose that's true of all things. That which is old is new.. and I am thankful for it. If only so that history is not forgotten.. Miles Davis, Fats Waller, Dave Brubeck, Thelonious.. now there's a man who knew the ivories." His attention drifts off for a moment as if in memory that ends in a faint sigh as he draws his attention back, "Originally? Just outside of Toronto. After that, it gets complicated." He laughs dryly, "Quite some time, yes. Bletcheley Park.. and parts nearby." He says this as if he expects her to have some idea as to where that is. An assumption of her accent, "Yourself? Hyde Park?" It's a toss of a shoe at the post anyway. Somewhere in the vicinity of Kensington Palace. The quirk to his smile says he's game to try again.

Jacqueline Falsworth has posed:
"Thereabouts," Jacqueline concedes. "Though I spent much of my childhood out in the county, when my father wasn't in London on business." She remembers Bletchly Park, though she wasn't part of the code breaking there. Indeed, it wasn't a place her duties, so long ago took her. Nor is something she's comfortable referencing, now.

That was her "grandmother's" life, after all. Not the young woman she appears to be, now.

"I agree with you, with regard to the music, certainly. But, I must confess I also have a soft spot for Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, among others." Some of them far less known -- thus the fact she declines to mentions them.

Daniel Hastings has posed:
"I won't be heard gainsaying the crooners and Ella's voice was divine, god rest her." Daniel concedes with a slight bow. "I simply.. well.. I won't say I've a gift for singing. I can carry a tune but I won't be getting a call for the national anthem anytime soon." He offers a brighter self-deprecating laugh. "I've actually been taken quite with Bill Withers. He's obviously later than they but is very soulful. Stirring is the word I'd use."

It's then that Daniel frowns a touch and straightens, "I do apologize but my manners seem to have gotten lost in the woods. Dan Hastings." And so he offers his hand to the lady before him.

Jacqueline Falsworth has posed:
"Jacqueline Falsworth," the lady replies, accepting his hand graciously. "A pleasure, Mr. Hastings." She gives him a still gracious smile. "As pleasant as this is, however, I'm afraid I can't really linger. I've a late conference call expecting me. The joys of international work."

Her eyes gleam in the darkness. "I do apologize for my abruptness, of course."

Daniel Hastings has posed:
The name doesn't appear to jog any immediate bells. At least, there's no immediate awe or recognition in his eyes, "Mixed timezones are indeed a trial on this spinning ball of ours. Though.. if you're a fan of jazz, I know a place not too far. <insert name of bar here>" He smiles coyly, "That's code for, I play from time to time. Mostly just for fun. There's a place back home where the poutine is perfect and the smoke isn't too thick that I truly enjoy." He doesn't let the handshake linger, of course. He's a gentleman. "It was a pleasure, Miss Falsworth. I'll have to miss my mark more often." Whatever that means. "Ahh.. I assume you will be safe on your sojourn to a vehicle." He takes a momentary glance about but as an escort is declined he tips his chin to her and goes back to walking along the shore, tapping the bass line to Take Five on his hip as he goes.