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Daniel Hastings (Scenesys ID: 374)
Name: Daniel Hastings
Superalias: Journey
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Superior (Mutant)
Occupation: Scientist!
Citizenship: Canada
Residence: Mutant Town, NYC
Education: PhD Physics
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: Mid-20s Actual Age: 99
Date of Birth 21 june 1920 Played By Jude Law
Height: 6' Weight: 170 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: Toad the Wet Sprocket - Walk on the Ocean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12bM1CqHoBY

Character Info


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Daniel Hastings aka Journey is a SHIELD scientist who was an unfortunate assistant to Tony Stark Sr. Blasted into nothing and added to the honored wall of deceased agents, his mutant gene was quickly mapped to the energies of the Tessaract and he found himself in another galaxy upon a Kree world. Survival became his first goal. His second, return home. Now he has and has taken up the hero mantle using his ability to fold space to great effect. His only real problem now is.. how to convince people he's.. him. One day at a time.


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1920 - Born in Ontario, Canada
1936 - Early admittance to Oxford
1942 - Earns PhD in Theoretical Physics/Astrophysics
1943 - Recruited into Royal Air Force research division.
1945 - Recruited into SHIELD.
1947 - Lost, presumed dead, in classified accident. This accident involved attempts to understand the Tessaract. He accidentally touches it which activates his latent X-gene. Instead of death, he's transported to another galaxy.
1948 - Appears on the Kree world of Kirit and blends in with the 'white' Kree race he finds there. Generally survives by manual labor and pretending to be mute.
1950 - Finally learns enough Kree to decipher star charts and discovers the location of Earth. Steals a small shuttle but its warp drive is damaged by Kree military in the escape. The combination of his powers and the damaged drive react poorly with relativistic space and he ends up arriving..
2020 - In 2020. Crashing on the moon, he flies the remaining distance to Earth and arrives in New York City to a world he barely knows.

IC Journal

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Daniel's seen a LOT of war. A LOT of suffering. Heck, he's lived homeless on a strange world for years. He doesn't like the idea of causing pain and tries to consider the consequence of his actions more than some true theoreticians. He doesn't believe in incredible wealth, racism, bigostry, homophobia, etc. For him, live and let live is the best policy. After all, you never know when you might be the one needing a hand up.

Much like cat that was killed by curiosity, this is what got Daniel into this mess. He has a brilliant mind but one that pushes at boundaries and sometimes those boundaries are in place for a reason. Still, man wouldn't fly if it weren't for blokes like him and they surely wouldn't have split the atom. So he presses on.

Going hand in hand with his empathy is a sense of duty. To his fellow man. To his country. To oppose evil. It's what any decent person ought to do. If he isn't working in service of a goal, then he'll feel fairly listless or self serving and that's not what he's about. After all, he was.. IS.. an officer in Her Majesty's Royal Army. Not that he can fly.. but its the principle of the thing.

Daniel generally has a never say die mentality. It came from fighting a war against an implacable foe that was inevitably defeated and later surviving being lost on an alien world. Even when beaten and broken, he gives the stiff upper lip of the Brit.

Character Sheet


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Sort of. Daniel can fold space but not go anywhere. He uses this mostly to look before he leaps but he can also just use it to see what's on the other side of the proverbial hill. Technically, there's no limit to how far he can look.. just time. Unlike magical scrying that takes you right to what you're looking for, he's just using his normal human eyes to pan and scan. Right now, it's also limited to direct lines from where he's standing since he hasn't figured out how to 'bounce' his sight to get a bird's eye view.

Folded Space:
All of Daniel's powers come back to one thing. The ability to fold space. Primarily, this is exhibited as a form of transport. Presently, he can effectively teleport to any location within line of sight and 'hover' in the air as though standing on solid ground. When in 'open space', he can ride the proverbial wave to relativistic speeds to travel interstellar distances quickly. If he takes time to use his clairvoyant ability, he can even teleport to locations he can't 'see' but this isn't something doable with a quickness and is practically limited to the planet earth with his current level of prowess. Violating laws of physics to occupy the space of another object tends to be fatal.

Man In the Bubble:
When Daniel is in combat or otherwise a high stress situation, his body naturally folds space about itself to form a coccoon of warped reality. This generally means that he can keep a pocket of functional atmosphere about himself and deflect most incoming attacks. The former is tried and true and he can fly through a vacuum easily enough. The latter.. he's not exactly had the opportunity to test though he has deflected bullets before and only taken grazing hits from Kree blasters so there's hope he can get better at this. Could he deflect a punch from Superman? Doubtful.. and he really doesn't want to try since failure would be fatal. Baby steps here.

Warp Blasts:
Just as the Red Skull channeled the Tessaract's energies into a pulsewave that blasted foes from existence, so too can Daniel 'fire' focused ripples in spacetime. His aren't nearly so powerful. As an ability still in practice, he's been able to blast open steel doors but that's about the extent of it. Not that that isn't fatal to normal people but he's almost scared to use this ability since he was almost a victim of a rather permanent disintegration himself. One of the reasons this blast isn't as powerful as it could be is that he is subconsciously preventing the beam from disintegrating the thing he is targetting. If he figures this out, he may one day learn how to emit lethal and non lethal blasts both in greater power but he's not a murderer and he knows what the Red Skull's weapons can do. Truth be told, he's a little afraid of this power.


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His knowledge of the Terran stellar cartography is pretty good. The difference is that he's also studied Kree star charts so he has a more general knowledge of other galaxies and civilizations. He could plot a course to most any star from Earth and get you back to Earth. Getting you from destination star to some other star? That would be much harder without having maps on hand. Sadly, his ship is a wreck on the moon.

One of the side skills developed by way of being a theoretical physicist is you have to design the things to test your theories. He's no Tony Stark but he's certainly a tech head with a head start thanks to his time among the Kree.

So he's not Reed Richards super genius but he did recieve an invitation to MENSA. It means he tends to think ahead of most people and use his brain to solve problems.

As a Canadian, he speaks fluent French and English. He speaks a fair amount of German thanks to the war. He also speaks Kree for all the good it does him.

In his day and age, learning an instrument was part and parcel of life. He's no Gershwin but he can play it well enough. Read music. Improv a little. Mostly, he does it to think.

First, Daniel has a PhD in Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics from Oxford. This means he has a solid foundation in the physical sciences of chemistry and physics as well as higher mathematics and theories behind natural forces both grand and minute. Second, he's been exposed to Kree technologies far more advanced than those found on Earth and while it will take him some time to attempt to reverse engineer them.. having a basic principle of a thing makes it's genesis that much easier.

Basic training is a thing even if you're a scientist. He can point a gun and shoot it, clean and maintain it. Knows basic hand to hand and first aid. Passed basic flight school. It means he can be fairly accurate with his warped space attacks and has a better than average reaction time to attacks. Is he a seasoned soldier? Not so much. He did learn how to duck a lot while slumming on Kree, though.


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Kree Ship:
It's a wreck on the far side of the moon but if he ever got himself a lab he could bring it back piece by piece and start doing something with the advanced technologies in it. It's a goal.

So officially, he can draw a small pension from his time as a Royal Air Force Lieutenant. Assuming he can get himself off of the deceased roster.

So technically he's still a member. Assuming they can be convinced he's not a spy since they're pretty well convinced he's particulate atoms as a victim of the Tessaract.


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Mostly Dead:
Bureaucracy moves slowly but thankfully SHIELD has some influence in the world among its ally nations. Daniel's legal status, Canadian citizenship and passport have been restored. This doesn't solve his social problems, of course. His relations that knew him are all dead and approaching them is going to be incredibly awkward for sure. He has no work history to speak of and its going to be assumed that his working knowledge of science is eighty years old despite the fact that it's actually about a hundred years ahead of its time thanks to his time among the Kree. There will be wariness in hiring anybody that says he just returned after a 'scientific accident' shunted him through time. Honestly, who believes that sort of thing.. nevermind that it happens daily in the world of superheroes.

While the Kree are on a far away planet, you don't get on their radar and not have bad days. Sure, he's a hero on a world full of heros and a Captain Marvel but he's still on their wanted list now. He watches his back.

Despite his quasi origins as a scientific malfunction, the truth of the matter is that he's a mutant. It was his mutant gene that absorbed the wave form of the Tessaract and let him survive to channel its energies. This means he'll register on detectors and have all of the associated complications.

One of the problems with your powers trying to mirror an Infinity Stone is that you have an unconscious link to a power far greater than yourself. It also means that he occasionally gets flashes of places all over the galaxy. Sometimes they seem immediately recognizable and meaningful (if say it was Earth). Other times, he gets flashes of some strange world somewhere in the multiverse. Sometimes they happen as dreams. Other times, he's walking down the street and finds himself.. somewhere else.. even if he isn't. Thankfully, these visions are usually fleeting insights into some grand design rather than protracted scenes. Usually.



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Daniel Hastings has 82 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Old Friend Reaches Out March 30th, 2021 Dan reaches out to an old friend to try and get a feel for what happened to SHIELD. As always Peggy plays her cards close to the chest but a detante between them is reached.
Parking For Residents Only January 12th, 2021 A pair of old Brits chat about the Blues then part company.
Sanity Break June 16th, 2020 Dan and Val have lunch and catch up. Thankfully, Valeria was kidding about getting complacent and hanging out more with Johnny.. wasn't she?
When Kidnapping Goes Wrong June 11th, 2020 The Order of St. Dumas tries to kidnap a new arrival to Happy Harbor. They didn't do their research. Wrong neighborhood guys.
Truth Be Told June 10th, 2020 Daniel affirms to Peggy Carter that he's not an apparition and apologizes to her for leaving SHIELD.
I'm Going Through Changes May 17th, 2020 Andi has a discussion with members of the Happy Harbor school staff about what's been going on. It's a little tell, but also a little show. Concerns are expressed.
Friday Afternoon Blues May 15th, 2020 Morrigan and Daniel grab a drink after school to talk on life and recent events. Morrigan tries not to be a downer.
Into the Forbidden Zone May 14th, 2020 Daniel Hastings resigns from SHIELD, and is called in by Fury.
A farewell to arms. May 13th, 2020 Daniel shares with Daisy that he's resigned from SHIELD.
A Missing Student Situation May 13th, 2020 Sam informs Morrigan and Daniel on Andi's abscences and they make plans on the next step.
Bowling for Science! May 9th, 2020 Daniel heads out to bowl and consider his future when a happenstance meeting with Doctor Henry McCoy offers a light at the end of the tunnel.
Shield Briefing - Talk to the Animals! May 8th, 2020 Daniel gives a briefing on his research into communicating with the shadow creatures and things don't go well.
When Sentinels Attack! May 7th, 2020 A Wild Sentinel from Genosha's attack, arrives in NYC and goes straight for Mutant Town, luckily some heroes are there to stop it.
SHIELD! On Ice! May 6th, 2020 Daniel heard the rumors of Agent Carter's revivivification and came to pay his respects. Sadly, there was no ice skating involved.
The road less travelled. May 5th, 2020 An afternoon jog on the country trail surrounding the Triskelion leads Hastings to meet the lastest recruit, Angelo Tampambulos (who is totally not Achilles).
Eureka! Here, Fido! May 5th, 2020 A discussion of how to interact with the shadow creatures musically gets good results.
SHIELD: Hans! Ve Can Vin Ze War! April 30th, 2020 Nazis take hostages, and SHIELD responds with punching, biting, and ICING. Dignity and foot chases through subways optional.
SHIELD: For Whom The Bells Toll April 28th, 2020 SHIELD considers how to hunt and disrupt monsters.
Science can Daring Do! April 26th, 2020 A routine check of surveillance euipment turns into a foiled burglary attempt.
SCIENCE! But it's a secret. April 25th, 2020 Daniel invites Valeria Richards to assist R&D with a solution to the shadowy menace in Metropolis.
This Scene's For the Birds April 24th, 2020 Falcon, Journey and Silk take down the Penguin... but at a cost. What happened to Sam?
Morning Exercise for the Residents of the Skel April 24th, 2020 The morning workout: The time before work is a time for contemplation
Coffee Is Life April 23rd, 2020 The Beans of Java inspired much debate into Artifacts of Yore and the shadow assaults within Metropolis.
Silent Night (SHIELD) April 21st, 2020 Superman meets with a mix of Avengers and SHIELD agents to discuss the shadow monster expanding out of Metropolis.
The Stark Expo day 2 April 20th, 2020 No description
Stark Expo Opening Ceremonies April 18th, 2020 Stark Expo opens with a (good) bang. The wheels of social discourse turn.
Casefiles: Something Bizarre at the Bazaar April 16th, 2020 SHIELD raids an arms bazaar, and find they are the most bizarre things there, well except for exploding AIM tech and a bunch of kidsicles with powers.
Murphy's Laws of Dating April 13th, 2020 What was supposed to be a surprise.. ended up being a surprise. Still, as first meetings with dad go, Daniel calls it a succes.
Strangers Rasping at my Chamber Door April 13th, 2020 Daniel seeks the aid of the Sorcerer Supreme for a problem.
When Chinese Food Takes Out You April 12th, 2020 2020 A Living Space Odyssey where a tough conversation about the role of SHIELD is had.
Agents After Hours April 12th, 2020 Dane and Daniel discuss life the universe and women. It turns out everything is coming up roses after all.
One More Again April 11th, 2020 With his last sample given, Daniel inquires after cultural advice only to find his fellow scientist just as clueless.
So That's What the Kids Are Doing These Days April 11th, 2020 Since when did dates require blood tests? Well, because science! And FF security.
The Walk Home April 10th, 2020 Daniel walks Valeria home after the embassy party. Apparently they ARE dating.
Latverian Embassy Opening April 9th, 2020 The Latverian Embassy opening was a grand success, acquaintances were made, and discussions were had! A glorious evening, for DOOM.
Well That's Ominous April 7th, 2020 Numbers and ideas and swords, oh my!
The Hills Are Alive April 7th, 2020 Alas, Julie Andrews did not appear but Dan and Val had deep discussions about SCIENCE!
Diners Drive-Ins and Kree April 6th, 2020 A meeting to discuss xenolinguistics and Kree culture turns to an invitation to a Latverian Embassy.. are the Kree more dangerous than Von Doom!?
Stars Aligned April 6th, 2020 Eee! Fancy plane!
It's time for Science! April 4th, 2020 There was much deliberation over a data crystal with more work to be done!
After-Action Reports - Like A Scientific Publication, With Questions April 3rd, 2020 Daniel comes to Valeria for an after action report on the Mole Man and leaves with a tour of the ongoing science experiments.
Tremble, Surface Dwellers! April 3rd, 2020 The Mole Man has a bone to pick with Reed Richards, but failed to make an appointment and meets and assortment of younger heros instead.
Getting too much blood in the coffee stream. Time to fix that. April 2nd, 2020 Girls got their caffeine. Phew!
Getting stoned with a synthetic being. April 2nd, 2020 Agent Hastings seeks advice from Vision to no avail. Yet there is hope in the form of.. Doctor Strange?
Happy Harbor: Science Fair April 1st, 2020 Happy Harbor's science fair goes off without a bang...or wait...several bangs!
Missing Spots 1 April 1st, 2020 Where to begin and who will do what to chase the missing Snow Leopard is decided on.
Visions of the Past March 31st, 2020 Daniel and Sofia clear the air somewhat on their respective pasts, and origins.
There's no such thing as down time. March 31st, 2020 A pleasant chat between agents results in Coulson triggering Daniel's ptsd.
When Stones Collide March 29th, 2020 A conversation with Vision leads to much food for thought.
SHIELD was never there. March 29th, 2020 Mission Accomplished!
Lunchtime at the Atomic Cafe. March 25th, 2020 Two auld acquaintances re-connect as the photographer takes pictures.
SHIELD Briefing: NK Crisis March 22nd, 2020 With the briefing concluded, Daniel will soon get HALO training. Successful or not, the DPRK will never know what hit it.
Happy Harbor Prom 2020 March 21st, 2020 Much fun was had by all and with minimal property damage!
Tavern time in old Mutant Town March 21st, 2020 Power Girl appears to watch the news and everyone agrees Caradenza needs to go. This is hardly a surprise in Mutant Town.
A deal he couldn't refuse. March 18th, 2020 After discussing the state of affairs at Happy Harbor High, there was much pie to be eaten.
Oil refinery havok! March 18th, 2020 The heroes arrive in time to save the day, disaster is diverted, and a strange Asgardian is found beneath the surface.
Introductions and A Side Project March 17th, 2020 New teacher Dane Whitman is introduced to Samuel Morgan, his very unusual side project, and most importantly Bear the Dog. Guest starring Morrigan MacIntyre and Daniel Hastings!
Tea In The Park March 17th, 2020 Lara and Daniel wax on about each other's talents until the conversation segues to.. pizza?
A Day in the Park March 15th, 2020 Daniel Hastings, a man out of time, finds the purveyer of #GothamHope, taking pictures about town. The two have a discussion about the state of the city and the world, and Daniel gives Phoebe some food for thought.
Filling the Hollow Leg March 14th, 2020 Daniel promises Sam an excursion to ease tensions.
What's in an era March 11th, 2020 Tea. It's a British thing.
Reconciling the Present March 9th, 2020 Daniel meets Steve in the Triskelion's food court for some companionable wisdom about adjusting to the times. Steve shares little tidbits of his experience and wonders at the longevity of Oreos.
Happy Harbor: Intruder Alert March 9th, 2020 Morrigan catches Daniel 'sneaking' around the Admin office.
Diner Stories March 8th, 2020 Daniel and Lois meet for an interview. It does not go as expected.
A day for art and exploring. March 5th, 2020 And Robert comes off as Mr creepy.
But are they really classics March 4th, 2020 Daniel gains a much needed friend.
Pro-HUMANA Gala March 4th, 2020 The Pro-HUMANA Gala opens their fundrasing season, attended by senators, artists, actors. Terry O'Neil gets a scoop, Sam Guthrie disguised as a waiter, Illyana Rasputina disguised as a socialite, Samuel Morgan and Hal Jordan as common gala-guests and Power Girl as a very, very angry woman. Allegra Caradenza (Alexis Carr) meets up with Sanjeev Bassi, her best friend, and the absolute roller coaster of occurances are fed into a mess of an event! Watch for the fire and the confetti!
The Widowmaker Surprise March 3rd, 2020 At least she didn't break anything...
Genoshan Memorial March 3rd, 2020 Various speakers share their thoughts on Genosha, the tragedy, and come together to share their grief.
A Singular Event February 29th, 2020 The ex-con gets shafted. Again.
Not the Moulin Rouge February 25th, 2020 Bobbi and Hastings talk about the future and SHIELD.
I'm a what! February 24th, 2020 Daniel is relieved to know he's not contagious.
The Curious Case of Dan Hastings February 23rd, 2020 Dan Hastings pays a call on Matt Murdock to help out a certain Multiple Man.
It's broken.. but still good. February 22nd, 2020 Tony invites all to a mystery event and a mad scientist stays angry.
A Food Court Unlike Any Other February 21st, 2020 Daniel, Clint and Wanda eat at SHIELD, then Clint takes Wanda an on aerial tour of his stomping grounds.
The Punching Bag Survived...This Time February 21st, 2020 Daniel and Steve discover a connection in the past and Fury won't be ghosted again, damnit!
I Gotta Bail February 21st, 2020 Madrox has bail posted by time traveling hitmen on rocket boots. After being saved by Rachel, Daniel and Morrigan, he's re-arrested but offers pizza. Maxima witnesses a day in the life of Mutant Town.
Justice League Field Test February 20th, 2020 Karen's entrance exam/patrol goes well, with assistance from Robin and Journey.
The real Mick Dees February 20th, 2020 Instead of Mick Dees they had the REAL McDonald's. And some talk about life in 2020.
Smoker's Paradise February 19th, 2020 Two people seeking introspection meet on a roof.
A little bit o' Irish February 19th, 2020 A gathering at the coffee shop
It came from the moon! February 18th, 2020 Daniel winks into the SHIELD base room where Fitz-Simmons and Quake are. They discover Daniel has been gone for 70 years. Carol and Clint come as backup.


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