4880/Raves not caves

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Raves not caves
Date of Scene: 25 January 2021
Location: Simon's Room
Synopsis: Julio and Simon arrange to go out to a punk show. Everything goes incredibly smoothly and there are no misunderstandings.
Cast of Characters: Julio Richter, Simon Lasker

Julio Richter has posed:
It's early evening, a bit after classes have concluded, and the relative hubbub of students ending their days has quieted down a bit. Some have made their way to dinner, or the rec room, or the sub-basement to train. A few have decided to brave the January temperatures to stretch their legs outside, and some have snuck off to each other's rooms for one reason or another, best left unexplored.

In that final camp lands Julio Richter, who shuffles up the hallway past his own room, leans against the jamb of Simon Lasker's, and raps on the door three times with the joints of his fingers. He's wearing jeans and Doc Martens, as well as a black, puffy parka that inexplicably has a few smears of beach sand on it.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon is currently slightly bored. He is currently ... between jobs and most of his friends are in school still. They might be out and about, but he is currently looking at stupid videos on his phone. He will hit them up later. For now he is struggling to keep himself entertained.

Simon was not expecting a visit. He does occasionally get visits. He doesn't own the building after all. These days he mostly does his socializing in the public areas of the mansion. Most knocks are from someone official bugging him about something.

He puts away his phone and opens the door -- answering before he even sees who is outside. "Whatever itis, I didn't do it!" He does a double take upon seeing Julio. A hint of apprehension runs accross his face. "Oh Julio. Uhh ... I thought that we had settled things. I promise not to talk crap about your dark past and you promise not to bury me alive." he glances at the sand on Julio's jacket and assumptions fill his head.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio looks up as the door opens and flashes a quick smile. "Hola," he greets the other student, his accented voice calm -- none of the aggression from last time. He actually laughs a little bit, at Simon's nervous burst of speech. "Relax, compañero, we're cool. I'm not here to kick your ass. Actually, I've been thinking, since the ski trip."

He settles into his lean, there on the threshold, one arm propping him up against the door frame, as he continues, "At the end, you asked if I took you to the cave just to get you alone, like it had been a date." The Latino's brows lower, as if he's still puzzling over the implication. "I just thought I should let you know, if you want me to get you alone for a date, I can do a lot better than a frozen cave full of zombies. Like, a lot better. Like, jesucristo, raise your standards, man."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon lets out a breath in relief. At least Julio isn't already planning to kill him. "Oh. how do--" you like it? The joke writes itself. Julio's been thinking now ... you get the picture. He stops mostly out of self preservation. He still doesn't know where the limit is with Julio. That ski trip made a real impression on Simon.

He still doesn't quite get where this conversation is going. He is tempted to say something like 'Really? Then show me.' but he is still trying to maintain plausible deniability. So that is what Julio is bothered about. He wonders why Julio would care what /he/ thought of Julio's choice of date night activity. "Oh. Uh, sorry? I didn't mean to imply you were bad at that -- I just..." He doesn't know what to say. Is this the moment to flirt or not? Is Julio trying to say--? Its been so long Simon is rusty at this.

Julio Richter has posed:
"I'm not--" Julio starts, then sort of squints at Simon, head held at an angle. "I don't want to argue with you about my mad dating skills, Simon. I am asking you out," Julio clarifies, his choice of emphasis suggesting that this should have been obvious. "If you want to go on a date with me, let's go on a date."

There's zero interest in plausible deniability from Julio. If anything, he seems worried that the slightest bit of subtlety will leave his message entirely lost on its audience. "Like, a concert, or something. No zombies, and if there are caves they will be nice caves with good lighting."

"I mean, technically, I never promised not to bury you alive," he continues. "I can pretty much guarantee at some point there's going to be a sentinel or a monster or something trying to kill us and I'm going to bury us both in a cave where we'll be harder to get to and I'll have rocks all around to protect us with. I will likely bury you alive at some point. I won't bury you /dead/."

He pauses, once again wondering if clarity is escaping him. "I mean, if you're already dead, sure, that's different. I won't kill you by burying you." He pauses, then glares at Simon as though he has said something frustrating. "I mean I'm not going to kill you at all!" Ah, romance.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon swallows. He is all of the sudden uneasy for a very different reason. Nerves! He hides it well, but keeping everyone on the back foot with jokes and teasing is the main way Simon keeps enough control to be confident. This conversation has robbed him of that by changing directions every time he thinks he knows where it will go. "Oh, wow. ... I honestly did not see this coming. ... I thought I'd ... " burned that bridge? Drowned it in fuel and melted that bridge down into industrially convenient chunks? Julio is wise to leave no ambiguity for Simon to missinterpret. He is infact dense enough to be used as balast by oil tankers.

"Yeah, sure." He is all of the sudden concerned with how not to screw this up. Do they even listen to the same music? "Maybe a movie? What do you like?" He is deep in contemplation of how badly he wants this. Is he willing to go to a concert by one of those guys with the smooth guitar love ballads? That is pretty far for him.

Thankfully he is given an excuse to stop thinking about that by Julio stumbling over explaining the minutia of what he will and wont do to Simon. (but not in the sexy way.) Simon ping-pongs between relief confusion and fear through the speech. "So you--? Oh. Well that is a relief." After a pause-- "Thats nice. Offering to protect me and all."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio's hand is over his eyes as Simon answers, his breath leaving him slowly as he sheepishly thinks back over his words. Even as Simon is answering in the affirmative, he reaches forward blindly to pat him on the chest. (He might have been aiming for the shoulder.) "Lo siento -- I am not handling this well," he says, in a good contender for understatement of the year.

"Please forget the second part of what I said." Then he sighs in relief and sets his hand against Simon (uncovering his eyes and thus landing on his actual shoulder this time) as he grabs at a lifeline. "Yes! That is what I meant to say! If I bury you it will be to protect you."

He stands up straight again and takes a breath to cleanse his brain. "I like punk music. I like dancing. I know American movies, but sometimes not the same ones Americans do, except for last year when I lived here.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Well that is so much better. Simon can dig punk. He listens to Green Day. "Hey, I like punk too. We should date." This time he has a big stupid grin on his face. He is being obtuse for comedic effect /this/ time. As opposed to all the other times, where it is just him in his natural state.

This'll be great. You can say what ever supid stuff you want if no one can hear you over the killer guitar riff. No putting his foot in his mouth. Just jumping around and head banging. Hopefully not banging their heads into eachother. That would suck.

"I know this place in the city where they play punk. They even let in people who are not drinking age. Its great." He almost wishes he hadn't said anything. He does want to contribute, but being in a smallish place in the city is not quite as fool-proof as he had hoped. Simon of course is the ideal measure of a fool for these things.

Julio Richter has posed:
"Chido," Julio says approvingly, returning the grin, relieved that he hasn't freaked Simon out with the unfortunate wording of his approach. "A punk show sounds fun. My fake is pretty good, but it's better if we don't have to sneak you in through a window or something." If I bury you, it will be to sneak you past the bouncer?

"I don't have a car, but I can pick you up in the gator-bus." He pantomimes a chomping jaw with one hand -- he's indicating his weird system of magical transport that got them back from the ski lodge, however obliquely. "And if you want, we can get dinner or coffee or something, too. We don't have to just do the stuff I like." Quieter venues might interfere with Simon's plans, but Julio is trying to be a gentleman, for however much that counts.

Simon Lasker has posed:
It is hard to freak Simon with your wording -- given that he is the master of putting-foot-in-own-mouth-fu. He knows all the moves. Nothing tops trying to tell your parents that the boy they walked in on you with 'means nothing to me!' In retrospect he isn't sure what he thought would happen if they believed him. To bad he had to go to school for a month or so after that before he had his 'incident'.

Hoo boy. Dinner. That is a great opportunity for the silver tongued to ply their trade -- and for people like Simon to accidentally insult someone. You can't say no to dinner because 'I might say something stupid' though. Oh well, here goise nothing.

He agrees and they can make a time and date.