4906/A thoughtful gift of wrenches.

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A thoughtful gift of wrenches.
Date of Scene: 27 January 2021
Location: Riri's Lab
Synopsis: Vivian Vision drops by to meet the newest GIRL recruit Riri Williams. And she comes bearing gifts.
Cast of Characters: Riri Williams, Vivian Vision

Riri Williams has posed:
     It's only been two days since Riri reached out to Shuri via e-mail, and things seem to be moving really, really fast compared to the way it had been over the past few months. Not only was she introduced to Nadia Van Dyne, she was invited to be a part of a girl-centric group of geniuses who's goal was to assist with and prevent technological catastrophes that normally might be taken care of with the sledgehammer of The Avengers or the Fantastic Four or what have you. It was tempting, to be sure, and when their meeting ended late last night, Nadia seemed impressed. Ruri definitely was impressed - some of the ideas she had managed to come up with based on the seeds planted by Nadia were really exciting. Getting in the middle of a group of girls just like that? She might be able to come up with a decent Unified Field theory!

     That afternoon (because, let's face it, a sixteen year old staying up late? She's not out of bed before ten in the best of circumstances) Ruri finds herself sitting on the porch of her simple-looking farmhouse, a large barn attached on the side, rocking in a chair. At first glance, it looks like she's reading a book but closer examination will show that it's a datapad in a book cover, and she's busily typing away on some kind of research on vibranium....

Vivian Vision has posed:
Right now GIRL is a small organisation, enough so that every new member is cause for celebration and a certain level of enthusiasm. Which to Vivian means consulting her social obligations look-up table and picking a suitable welcoming gift.

Which is why she's delivering an official welcome pack alongside an unofficial custom gift basket she's put together. Given the limited data she has available, Riri is a genius level engineer according to the almighty internet, which means the basket contains some freshly baked cookies along with a paperback copy of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and what seems to be a gift pack of wrenches.

The Synthezoid teenager is, to avoid causing undue alarm, not projecting a holographic disguise. So her pinkish-red skin, glowing yellow eyes and green hair can be seen clearly. For her outfit she's gone with her typical yellow cargo pants and green t-shirt combination.

Riri Williams has posed:
     One of the first things Riri did, once Nadia left, was to adjust her sensor network to detect human-sized objects. Yes, it doesn't work nearly as well as she'd like and yes, that means more sensors are required and yes, someone who knows of such things will almost certainly be able to avoid them, but somehow the gods of SCIENCE are with her at that very moment. A single ping on her pad indicates that someone is on the way or, rather, is landing at that very moment at the edge of the field in front of her house. Unlike Ironheart 1.0, the landing that takes place is rather gentle and quiet, with Riri watching from behind her pad.

     Riri studies the pink-skinned, green haired...robot? Synthetic? Bio-droid? She studies the girl as she lands, glancing this way and that to see if anyone else is coming before rising to her feet, setting aside her datapad with the tap of a few buttons, killing the sensor network so she can actually converse without having warnings going off downstairs. Not a cool thing. Down the stairs she comes - one, two, pavement, her sneakers crunching on the gravel of the path leading out to the gate separating the field from the lawn proper, the gate swinging open on automatic hinges as she gets close.

     "Hello there!" she calls, waving one arm, as if the other couldn't see the black girl standing like right there.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian's approach wasn't intended to be stealthy, although everything about her flight ability makes her hard to detect, so she doesn't seem especially surprised when Riri has come out to greet her. The basket is held out with one hand.

"Good day Miss Williams," she replies waving her free non-basket holding hand. "My name is Vivian Vision, I'm a member of GIRL and I have brought you a welcome basket." A moments pause and then she adds "Although I suppose the basket part was obvious. I hope it's no trouble that I did not call ahead?"

Her head tilts slightly to one side. "If now is a bad time I can come back later."

Riri Williams has posed:
     Cookies, a book, AND wrenches, all wrapped in a bow in a basket? It's her fourth birthday all over again! Oooh, and there are multiple 10mm sockets, too! Riri grins at Vivian and reaches out to take the basket - two hands instead of one, taking a second to move things aside to see that, yes, cookies, wrenches, and Philip K. Dick with a welcome package tucked beneath. Nothing out of sorts here!

     "Well hello to you too, Miss Vivian Vision." Riri giggles. "Please, just call me Riri? Miss Williams is my grandmother." She turns towards the house, looking back over her shouler. "You want to come sit on the porch and chat for a little while? You flew all the way out here, after all. Gotta be polite to someone I might be on a team with."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision pauses. "I did not bring your Grandmother a gift," she notes. "I can arrange for one if she is present? I would hate for her to feel left out..." She looks at the property as if trying to detect the movement or sounds of another person inside the property.

"I am happy to sit and chat or even to stand. Do you have any preferences on the topic of conversation? I could bring you up to speed on some of the work GIRL has been undertaking."

Unusually despite having flown all the way from elsewhere in the state Vivian doesn't seem even the slighest bit ruffled from the journey.

"You may call me Viv if you wish. Most people find it easier."

Riri Williams has posed:
     "Viv it is, then. Come on." Riri motions for Viv to follow and heads back up to the porch. She takes a second to drag the second rocker closer to the first to allow easier conversation. Not that Viv needs it, she's sure, but it's still more of a personal preference - to see the person she's talking to, face to face.

     Lowering herself to her rocker and setting the basket on the table next to her, on top of her data pad book, she crosses one leg over the other and laces her fingers over her belly. Dressed in a pair of shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, Riri looks all the world like a teenage girl plunked down in the middle of nowhere. Except she's a super genius with a suit of flying armor. Ain't life grand?

     "Let's start there. Tell me about Girl and what the've been up to. Nadia explained a little about the plan and what the vision was and, frankly, it's pretty darn neat." She grins. "What's your role in GIRL?"

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision is happy to follow along behind Riri over to the porch and takes the indicated seat. Although in her case there is basically no rocking motion on the rocker. She sits extremely still although that's perhaps not too unexpected from a synthezoid.

"Great Aunt Nadia has only recently established the group," she starts. "But we currently have a few projects we are involved in. We are trying to establish why a young woman is manifesting powers and receiving visions of alien skylines. There is some SHIELD work but I can't really discuss that just yet. Some of it requires security clearance checks to be completed, especially in light of the extradimensional doppelgangers invading. Everyone is of course free to work on whatever assorted personal projects they wish."

She brushes a lock of hair back behind her ear.

"As for myself. I am currently engaging in many areas of study. Nothing specifically GIRL related, although I help out with data processing as and when it is needed." She chews at her lip. "Lets see. I am attempting to master Chess, I've been studying Human society and culture, have begun learning the flute and considering taking up painting. In addition to attending school and acting as a prospective member for the hero group the Titans."

Riri Williams has posed:
Riri, on the other hand, rocks, one leg crossed over the other, using the toes of her right foot to set her to moving, her head resting on the back of the chair as she listens. "No grandmother here, by the way. It was just an expression." She says after a moment, absorbing the information that's shared, nodding from time to time. Extradimensional Doppelgangers? Shield clearance? This IS going to be fun!

     And while Vivi was talking, Riri (Riri & Vivi. nice!) was doing her best to study the girl, noting the seams in her pink skin, the artificial way she sat and moved and spoke, and wondering how someone as wonderful as Vivi came to be. Perhaps a question for when they know each other a little (okay, a lot) better. The natural motion of brushing hair back behind her ear, too, is noted, with a small smile.

     "I'm going to ask this, and I'm fairly sure I know the answer, but here goes. Where do you find time to sleep doing all of that? And...chess." Riri grins. "Up for a challenge? I haven't had a good one since Deep Blue used me for practice about five months ago. "

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I don't sleep?" Vivian points out with an amused smile. "Also unless a task demands vast amounts of complex calculation I am able to simply split off a portion of my mental abilities to think about the task. For example during the flight here I completed moves for several hundred different online chess games."

She nods when Riri offers a game.

"I always welcome a challenge," she enthuses. "I only began playing last year and am largely self taught." Of course it doesn't take a supergenius to know that only last year is a long time in AI terms! "Are there any projects you are considering working on at GIRL which you would enjoy discussing? I would not wish to constantly select the topic without giving you a chance to discuss things you are curious about."

Riri Williams has posed:
     Riri punches a couple of buttons on her datapad and a small table extends from the porch, opening up between the chairs on well-lubricated hinges and stopping at just the right height between the pair. "Do you want holographic or physical pieces? Both work pretty well, but some people prefer one over the other." she asks, tilting her head waiting for the answer.

     And once the answer is given, the board is set up between the pair, Vivi getting white, Ruri going black. It's her board, after all, so she gives the advantage to the visiting Vivi. "Really right now my main focus is integrating the vibranium Shuri loaned me into Ironheart 2.0. It's what i've been working on for so long. Getting the latices aligned without the experience of someone who's worked with the stuff is a pain, and while I can do it, going through each matrix of atoms is tedious. Takes at least an hour to go a millimeter, and that's with automated alignment working."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I was built with a fully functional holographic projection system," Vivian notes with a shrug. "So I have no problems using holographic pieces. Oh and please do not feel you need to make my speed of play. It can be very off-putting for people in casual situations as my moves are carried out at a similar pace to what you might consider 'speed chess'."

Her brow furrows as she considers the vibranium situation. "I don't really know a great deal about how vibranium functions but if there is a lot of 'brute force' style computation you require carrying out please feel free to let me know. School does not typically require a large portion of my attention so I am often in need of tasks to keep myself occupied."

Once everything is ready to go she begins playing. There's a speed and confidence to her moves which re-enforce the notion that she's clearly quite good at the game. And any claims to the contrary are only meant in AI terms. Or she's being modest. It's hard to say for sure. "The doppelgangers from another universe business however... that is a very real concern. So please if you see yourself call for help. It is very likely they will attack, kill and then try and replace you."

Riri Williams has posed:
     The holographic board is set up and, with the first move, the game is started. Riri grins and doesn't seem to mind the pace of play, her moves coming a second or two after Vivi's do, the pieces sacrificed, trapped, captured, and stacking up fairly quickly. Perhaps giving the computer that does not sleep the advantage wasn't the smartest of ideas because, around two hundred sixty moves in, Riri notices she's starting to lose ground. Her moves become more defensive than offensive and, three hundred and six moves in, she sighs and pushes her king over, surrendering. "You've got me in check in eighteen moves." she says with a smile. "That was a really, really good game."

     And doppelgangers..."If I see a me that's not in a mirror, I'll be sure to call for help."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Yes that was a pleasant diversion. I had to focus a considerable amount of my mental resources to keep up. Which means you will fit in well at GIRL. I expect it'll only be a matter of time before Great Aunt Nadia will ask for your input on some of her other notions. Recent events involving the Titans have had her working on a lot of spaceship related things. And that's a field which is always bringing up unusual engineering challenges," Vivian replies, part of her mind casually cycling through every possible outcome based on the current board state. Just to be sure. "I will provide you with my contact information if you wish to have a virtual rematch to pass the time."

She glances off into the distance and hrms. "Unfortunately I should set off soon. I have to fly back to my boarding school to participate in a planned library study session. It's a shame but not all assignments can be submitted virtually..."