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Raccoon vs Spider: Brooklyn Edition
Date of Scene: 29 January 2021
Location: Brooklyn
Synopsis: Ghost Spider comes across Irina who has a rather unusual proposition for the Spider.
Cast of Characters: Irina-As17, Gwen Stacy

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17Irina-AS17 held a common thug by the neck against a wall, having dragged him into an alley. She found many of those, often, since she spent all day searching for the correct villains. It was really getting old, she couldn't stand saving people from getting their wallet stolen anymore.

She punches him in the face. "You do realize I could kill you right now? You thought you could rule life and death just now, since you had a gun. Now you don't, you're just a meat puppet that I can make dance." She punches him repeatedly through the explanation before throwing him to the side. "Remember that every breath you take from here on is a present from me to you. DO NOT squander it." They were all prepared lines of course, if she had to speak in her own words it would be a wreck.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Swinging about Brooklyn surely wasn't as 'easy' as she remembered, with all the problems with Genosha, the proximity of Mutant town to the south. It made it so some problems could often seep out to Brooklyn and joined with what would normally be just the occasional robbery to twart. So Ghost Spider had been a touch more active during the evenings... An evening like this one, going about the top of the buildings, webbing herself up to a rooftop until that danger sense perked up..

Something was happening nearby. Danger. And more intense than the usual. Not that she could exactly pinpoint the origin but ....

She tosses herself out the side of the building, right near the one where Irina is with that thug, another web sent as she goes about it and checks something there in the shadows. A couple of figures? One assaulting the other?

She flies through the air, hands and feet finding support on the wall right above the two, "I think a ..., stay down while I call the police would had sufficed." the muffled voice under the mask says, turned upside down like a spider while she has her eyes on Irina.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 looks up to Gwen, her face is stone hard, her eyes are like balls of steel piercing directly at her mask with intense determination. The face of someone zealously dedicated. It crumbles instantly, becoming hesitant and awkward, relaxing and becoming overtaking by hesitation. "O-oh. Uh. Um. Right." She says, holding her left arm nervously. She was awful with sociality.

"Hey so uh. I'm not supposed to attack without warning...anymore. It was a promise." She explains as if it was obvious even though there was no context. "She stares at the ground as she makes the request. "Could we um, fight? Please? I really really really need to. It's for uh, very important reasons, not that I want to kill you or anything. It'll help save the world."

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Out of the requests Gwen normally gets out in the street..., the one takes the cake. Sure, she has had the occasional thug or victim she saved ask for her number or something like that.. But asking her to fight? With a 'please'? Yep, that's a first. It makes her cant her head to the side as if to make sure she had heard it well. "Ooookaaay.."

She jumps quite acrobatically, another web spinning out and she swinging across close to the ground where the thug was preparing himself to run off. She makes sure there's no running, webs wrapping him like a little mummy. "Stick around for a bit, we will handle you soon.." she tells the thug, whose response is a ver eloquent 'mphghgpmmpgh..' she is almost sure she heard a yes there..

So finally she lands on the ground, turning to face Irina. "I am not sure who you are exactly. But maybe you should start by explaning why you need to fight?" She asks, resting her hands on her hips, "Or lets make it easier. I am Ghost Spider. Who are you?"

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 bows towards Gwen, very stiffly, like a butler. Her outfit is basically a raccoon version of batman, black kevlar everywhere, helmet, bushy raccoon tail behind her. "You may all me Alpha. I can't tell you why. I am sorry but it is not allowed. It would cause lots of problems, please understand." She was breathing heavily from nervousness, social anxiety was perhaps her kryptonite.

"There's not much more to tell you about me. I'm just Alpha, what I'm doing out here is training to evolve and fighting for very important development reasons too. So um. Please." She asks in a very heartfelt way, the reason is as follows. "I really don't want to break the promise I made to my friend and attack you without your consent." And such reason was that it was her first and only friend. A type of relationship she had never felt before. "Also, I specifically need you not to hold back. This is very VERY important."

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"That's a wicked tail.." Gwen says easily to the awkward one and opening her arms to the sides, "Related to Squirrel Girl maybe?" she ventures. Hey, she had heard the other hero prowled around Brooklyn sometimes!

Not that she isn't listening, looking the other girl over, measuring, taking in the rest of the alley, nearby trash cans, escape routes and all manners of items she could use in this fight. She might be young but from where she came from she had been doing this for years now!

"Good to meet you, Alpha. I am sure it must be a good friend to keep you on the right side of goodness." she says with a gentle nod, "What if I wanted to be your friend too though?" she then asks, tipping her head to the side.

"I know this cool pizza place right around the corner.." she suggests.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 wiggles her tail at the compliment, her cheeks go visibly red, then it's almost like she got punched in the face with how much that dazes her. She had received a lot of elevating attributes over the years, saying she was the key to a better world, and important for various reasons. Until she left the facility she had never received genuine compliments like this. "Thknsas." She mutters out in an attempt to thank her.

"I would like that. I was told things about heroes but I'd like to investigate them myself....and having friends seems nice too." She swallows hard and steels herself though, her body stiffening. "But I still need to fight you. I can still be your friend afterwards, and if you are my friend I would like to ask your help with this." She steps forwards a bit and clenches her fists hard. "Please fight me as hard as you can."

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Friends are important..." Ghost Spider confirms, nodding slow. It was hard for her to come to terms with that still, considering all she had were in the *other* universe, and she had killed her best friend. But here he was alive ... It was all very complicated. "I don't think you should break your promise to the one you have though.."

A soft sigh escapes her lips, face screwing under the mask while she considers this. Fight of her own accord, or have the girl press a fight? But she still doesn't know what she can do. At least superior strength considering how she was handling that man before she arrived...

Soooo..., distance.

She extends one arm forward, wrist muscles tensing as a webbing shoots out, aimed towards the girl, legs tensing and lowering as she prepares to *jump*.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17had her eyes trailed upon the woman, a very serious look upon her face. Her physical attributes were good, for normal standards. Poor for super standards. Worth about half a Captain America in every but on particular set of things, agility. Her metabolism, reflexes, and the ability to move her limbs and body extremely quickly. It was visually quite similar to the two spiders' spidey-sense.

As the webbing is shot the raccoon girl moves in a blur, sliding around just enough that she barely dodges the mass of sticky stuff. Now the difference between her ability with speed, and her ability with agility was a simple one. In a 100m sprint, someone like the Cap would use his superior leg strength to gain more momentum and run much faster than her after a while. However, in something like a 10m dash, her ability to move her limbs and body so quickly made her hard to match.

Of course, with Gwen's unique powers this was practically useless, even as the raccoon girl speeds towards her like missile, a hand swinging sideways towards the left of her face in a very quick punch.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
That was an abnormally fast sprint, not that Gwen is slow in and out of herself. In fact where it comes to agility and flexibility she is up there where it comes to the various Spideys. It compensates the lower strength. Not that she can't still throw a car or something! But well, details ... Right now though? She is busy getting out of the way. She jumps up in a way that no human should be able to, barely in time to dodge out of the way of that punch and uses a web to swing up on that alleyway, taking in the space, the whole area again.

"So ..., we should define rules..." she says in what she tries is a nonchallant manner, " ... like, how do we know when the fight is over.." she drops back down a bit away, a web taking a trash can and tossing it towards the girl from an angle. Hard to dodge, but with that speed.., most likely able to.

"Like.., do we need to tapout like in wrestling? Or we go to first strike?" Then a grin under the mask. "Or maybe even.., who gets to do the first tickle on the other." Yes, she is trying to get the other girl off-balance with her talk. She has realized she doesn't seem too used to social interaction..

"I know..!" And she starts running forward, legs springing her forward as she goes for a flying punch, "We will go with whoever catches the other's tail first!" only one of them has a tail though!

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 had a another particular tendency of her animal attribute, which was to, well, take things. The trashcan coems flying in, her arms flash around it and she has it in her grip, almost as if she had stolen it from mid-air. It does cause her to grunt and huff from the impact, sliding back a bit.

Now that she was in mission mode it was difficult to get much out of her, she entered her brainwashed pre-programmed talk mode. "If I become unconscious or admit defeat. Please, I would like to stress this again, do not hold back. It will help me directly if you don't, even if it would result in harming me severely."

She's fought with Spider-Man before so she knows she can't really TAKE the punch. So instead she slides a foot forwards, the other leg bending backwards to allow her to take a very flexible and agile lean, away from the trajectory of the punch. She holds the trashcan up, trying to get Gwen to ram her head into it. It was the first time she had met an opponent whose agility she was having trouble dealing with, luckily for this particular attack she could see it coming due to the approach.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Gwen's spider senses come to the fore again. Danger! She spins in the air as the dodge is made, legs curling as she takes in the impact against the trashcan with those long legs. It does send her momentarily off balance though, and with her legs still sore briefly from the impact. She *was* flying at high speed afterall..., making it so she swings back to the ground in a spin, hands on the ground and she looking at Irina, almost like a spider..

The girl appeared to have changed, as if there was someone else in there now. Clearly this was no normal girl as usually her opponents didn't gloss over her taunts and jibes during combat. "I still think pulling your tail to win would be a good finishing move. I mean, who defines these things? Was it you? Or someone else did it for you?" she questions.

Not that she waits for an answer, moving in again now that her legs are a bit better, moving in for an exchange of kicks and punches with the other girl.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 definitely did not do so well in that exchange, the extra agility Gwen had made the advantage Irina usually relied on not very effective. Now she would see that Irina had very basic and poor hand to hand training. She'd also see she had a level of strength that was elevated with more dense muscles, but still within human limits. She was stronger than she should be at her size, but not so strong a human couldn't match it.
$r She gets hit constantly, but with the mixture of her reflexes, high neurological response time and fast limb movement she can slightly guide the attacks so that they don't hit her at full force.

Gritting her teeth she occasionaly takes a hit to try and send one back, letting her armor absorb some of the impact. "We both did. It was suggested and I agreed, it is a necessity that I understand. I need to push myself as hard as possible, evolve and adapt. Stop holding back." She says very seriously, a frustrated frown briefly taking her expression.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
The exchange appears to be going well for Gwen, some of those swift kicks connecting, she flipping and jumping about using all her agility, and using the whole space of that alleyway, not just moving forward but using the walls to launch attacks from to keep them unpredictable. One counter punch does hit her on the shoulder and it's noticeable that the skin-tight suit she has appears to have some kind of damage-absorvent shield..

She spins back and away, launching herself up to a wall. "Not holding back doesn't mean attacking with all your strength all the time." she explains, swinging up on the wall. "Sometimes it's better to just study and tire out your opponent. They will make a mistake.." she shrugs, as if she didn't care too much about the fight, swinging back and forth and a little out of reach... But maybe that's just the intention, to have the girl charge too blindly, or make a mistake.

"It's not like I have any motivation to attack you with all my strength.." she drops herself down, near a trashcan, waiting ..., her invisible 'webs' being put in place.. She *is* a spider afterall.., and they are patient for eager prey.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 smirks at her. "That is how I fight as well. But if you want to see me at my hardest, then very well. I will do what is necessary to get you to fight me properly. I'm asking for a fight, not just playing around." She says with a bit of a harsh tone, both her little clawed hands clenching tight. Her heart speeds up and her teeth grit, she puts everything she has into it.

She bursts in what would be half blurry for a normal person, bouncing off a wall animalistically, springing sideways at Gwen to try and land an elbow strike right into her side, under her ribs. Her intent is to then crouch immediately, using the same level of bursting speed, to try and land a double strike to the back of both Gwen's knees, but she doubted that would work.

It was clear to her and probably for Gwen as well, that she was not going to win this fight, she knew this very clearly. To her, the 'victory' was something else, it was what she needed to push herself. She needed to lose as hard as possible.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Gwen's whole body is poised to fight. Prepared, slightly crouched down and prepared to bounce at a moment's notice. Like Irina she can move real fast when she can. And that spidey-sense? That's a damn unfair advantage to have her get out of the way of incoming danger..

So when Irina's real fast punch comes to her ribs? She is already moving back... Towards the trash can? But she wants the girl to follow her. With all her might.. The punch goes close, real close, connecting with those ribs. She feels the impact, gritting her teeth. But that's what she wants to. That proximity. It makes dodging her webs *very* hard... She shoots one right at the girl's torso and if it connects..? Well, she will jump up on an angle and /pull/ with the objective of tossing Irina against that trash can at high speed!

Use her strength against her!

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 had a particular issue with the discrepancy between her agility and the entire rest of her physical attributes. It meant that, at certain points, during certain bursts of speed, her acceleration reached points that her durability was not quite prepared for. This was one of them. There's a choking chittering raccoon sound as she makes a person-shaped sulk in the trashcan, nearly folding it in half. Some blood spurts out of her mouth due to her stomach being beaten by the impact and a long wheeze comes out from the air forced out of her lungs.

Moments after she goes limp, still stuck to the trashcan by the force of the impact moulding it around her. Her tail flops down over her own head, standing upwards until then, and obscures her face as the flow of blood down her lips gradually slows down. Thanks to the armor she seemed to be fairly well, well, she would be in a bit. She just needed to come back to her senses.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Ouch... Gwen grimaces under her mask at the impact done against the trashcan. She did ask for a good fight though! And well..., she had it.., somewhat. She lets go of the webs as it seems like Irina is staying still, she finding purchase on a wall, looking at the girl for signs of motion and then starting to skitter back down to the ground. "Hey, you okay Alpha..?" she asks...

With an elegant flip she launches herself through the air to land on the floor effortlessly, right next to where Irina is still 'splattered' against the trash can. Ugh, it's even worse from up close. She looks at the girl and starts to gently pull her out of the trashcan.

"I am taking this as the win so no more fighting after this, yes?" hopefully the girl had some kind of renegerative factor. But if she had been doing this for a while she was assuming there would be something to the effect happening.. So it was a question of perhaps waiting. She sets the girl down on the ground and squats down, prodding her cheek with a couple of fingers.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 gets prodded for a while, her regenerative factor was more like a regenerative band-aid. It was pretty good at waking her up though. Her eyes slowly roll open and she stares up at Gwen's masked face. She lets out a dizzied grunt and stands still for a while, her entire back hurt a lot, and it makes her growl deeply in pain when she sits up.

The next thing she does is carefully extend her arms and move them around Gwen in the form of a hug, if allowed. She had never done this, but she had studied it a lot, and understood it as a great method of showing thankfulness. "Thank you for not making me break my promise, and for taking me seriously. If it wasn't so important I wouldn't be doing this." Her voice is strained from the great muscular, join and bone pain she was feeling but the level of stoicism and determination she had been trained to showed through.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
The hug is .., surprising.. But Gwen accepts it, even returning it and helping the girl up to her feet slooowly. "Better take it easy for a bit .." she explains. "But now ..." and she puts her hands on her hips as if she wouldn't take no for an answer. "We will be going for pizza and you will tell me about whats going on with you." she gestures for her to follow and starts wandering out to the end of the alley.

"We just don't have pineapple on pizza. It's vile. The rest is fair game." she explains.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 nods slowly, practically putting her whole weight on Gwen. "Ah- uh- okay I can do that, I've had a lot of pizza but it's usually cold by the time they put it out. It's much better than my nutrition bars." She says with great excitement in her tone, starting to stumble along towards the pizza place.