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  Alpha 17  
Irina-AS17 (Scenesys ID: 2181)
Name: Irina ????
Superalias: Alpha 17
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Experimental Combat Program Subject
Citizenship: Russian
Residence: United States
Education: Basic+Military
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 05 Mar 2002 Played By
Height: 5'5 Weight: 140
Hair Color: Dark Gray Eye Color: Black
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Taken when she was a baby, Irina was brought up within an organization that sought to use her for their gain. Her mutant powers were used for their genetic research, giving birth to a method of DNA splicing that later allowed their suppression and the eventual bonding of raccoon DNA into her genetic code. She was raised to believe herself a knight and bringer of swift justice, the key to a better world. Yet, all of the things she was taught were twisted for the purposes of her caretakers, brainwashing her into an ideal subject to further their sales in bio-weapons and influence. Her greatest desire is to purify the world of all evil, yet she fails to see the wrong within and around herself.


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Recent Life:
After she was spliced with raccoon DNA the next phase of their research began, practical trials. They had to test not only effectiveness but also how her body reacted to the code as well as her growth. She was exposed to intense physical trials to test her limits and once her physical abilites were noted, she was put up to the task of practical trials. The only true way to test how much she was capable of growing and how effective their methods was is to put her up against heroes and villains, which was in the end, the true goal of the experimentation. The reality was that they needed to see if she was capable of taking down the 'real deal', which would allow them to refine their methods.
It was an easy task to convince her, she is fully trusting of the organization and easy to manipulate with the ideals that had been grown in her mind. At this point she was a dedicated soldier and all they had to do was assign the missions.

2002: Irina is born
2003: Parents go missing and she's taken by the organization
2004: Examination period ends. Tests begin.
2006: The patch of DNA that inhibits her powers is created along with the serum that restarts them. Animal DNA splicing tests begin.
2008: First trial success of DNA integration.
2009: First stable integration of animal DNA.
2010-2018: Countless experiments to map the genetic compatibility of each type of animal DNA are performed and catalogued for further use.
2019: Raccoon DNA found to be the optimal match. Other experiments cease.
2019-2020: Limited phyiscal trials begin, basic combat training begins. Observation of her physical growth and mutations.
2020: Maximum basal physical growth reached. Heavy physical and combat stimulus deemed necessary for continued growth. Cleared for combat trials and prepared for missions against both heroes and villains.

Irina was born in Russia and was scouted out within the first year of her birth by a particular scientific organization. They had tracked a desirable set of genes all over the globe and found the correct cross in her parents, and surely enough, they manifested within her. They gave her a mutation allowing her body to automatically repair its own genetic code, giving her the ability to reset any alterations done to it. This made her very valuable for their genetic research.
She was taken from her family, and they taken from her, though she never even knew or had any memories of them. Instead her 'family' became the ones who wanted to exploit her, and exploit they did. A genetic research based on the theory that people have varying compatibility to different types of animal DNA based on their genetic code, which was put to the test via repeated experiments on her, using her ability to reset her own DNA to cleanse and try again. A patch of genetic code was created specifically for her, inhibiting her body's ability to repair itself in that way, only to be unlocked when they had need of it via a special serum.
In this way, countless types of animal DNA splicing methods and codes were tested on her and cataloged based on compatibility, which gave them a way to 'map' what genes were most likely to be compatible with what type of animal. At the same time they slowly tried to find one that had good synergy with her. Shotly before she turned 18 they finally found it in the unimposing animal, the Raccoon. However, they found that genetic compatibility allows the bearer of the mutation to develop massively increased physical attributes, ones that far outclass the animal itself, a phenomenon visible in many animal-themed heroes and villains.
Throughout her early life she was indoctrinated by her caretakers, told of her importance to the future and fed ideals that furthened their goals. She was brought up into the idea that villains needed to be purged from the world by force, killed one by one until only good people were left, and that she would be the first soldier of the army that would accomplish it. None of those goals were truly shared by those who spoke of them, and she was slowly twisted for their gain. She was given basic education and training and used extensively for research until her ideal genetic match was found.

IC Journal

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High Horse:
She believes herself to be a valid agent of true justice, and through the guidance of those above her, are able to find out the best course of action to take for the sake of humanity. This gives her a sense of self-importance and grandeur that intoxicates her, something that makes her feel incredibly good, and is used as the main way to manipulate her.

She was brought up on the idea that the world is black and white, there's good people and then there's people who prey on the good. Everyone who commits crimes are fundamentally flawed and keep humanity from achieving their true potential. As a true hero she is bound to eliminate those people, even if it means society may see her as a villain herself. The irony is entirely lost.

She believes, as anyone who is truly good, she ought to sacrifice anything needed to carry out good and justice. This was taught and reinforced as a way to make sure she would be willing to do what was needed for the organization, as well as twist ideas that belong to the actual spectrum of heroism, so that they would not tempt her in the future.

She was conditioned to be stoic and full of willpower, to follow her ideals and goals no matter what it took. It was a mixture of emotional and psychological training to make her into a reliable asset to carry out the needs of her caretakers. As a result she is practically oath-bound to the tasks that are assigned to her and is even more fervorous about the ideals of good and evil that were indoctrinated unto her.

Character Sheet


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Amplified Agility:
By far her most increased attributes, pushing it just above what could be considered the human limit. Raccoons are creatures that are known for their high motor skills and dexterity, allowing them to do things most animals can't, such as opening cages. This was amplified greatly when applied to her, giving her an extreme affinity for quick and precise movements. It allows her to do short motions with incredible speed without losing precision, such as snatching a grain of rice off the air with chopsticks, as well as short full-body movements. Though it does not give her much of an advantage when it comes down to running.

Amplified Durability:
The increase in density of her body, which gives her a boost in strength, also grants her some increase in her durability. While it is not beyond human limits it is far above what a girl like her would normally be capable of, coming closer to the level of a large professional fighter. Yet, even then it falls quite short of what would be considered peak.

Amplified Metabolism:
Raccoons have a much higher metabolic rate than humans, which was then scaled up to the size of her body. This sped up her metabolism by a great deal, allowing her to take a state of near-dormancy while idle, which then speeds up massively once she becomes active. While her metabolism is running at full speed it gives her advantages to her reaction time, general quickness and allows her to process chemicals exceptionally fast, while finally giving her a small boost to her healing ability.

Amplified Speed:
She's able to run faster than expected due to her increased strength, though it comes barely up to the level of a trained professional on average, not quite measuring up to the same extent of increase displayed by her other attributes.

Amplified Strength:
Her level of strength was increased but remains within human limits, allowing her to lift roughly 180kg despite her size and build. While this is perfectly achievable for humans it does allow her to overpower an average person, setting her physique at a point where she can potentially lift and throw most men, something that would normally only be possible for someone significantly burlier than she really is.

She has fairly tiny but sturdy raccoon claws, they're shape like this since they are not meant for combat, but rather, to assist her in scaling surfaces. They're strong enough that she's able to climb most kinds of wall using them, but are not sharp enough to use in combat.

Genetic Restoration:
Her original mutation, it allows her body's genetic structure to repair itself back to its natural state. In this state only the mutation itself and the normal human genes will be present, and all other external genetic modifications are purged. Once active it takes her only a few hours to return to normal, but it is currently deactivated via direct genetic manipulation. Her body was altered to secrete an enzyme that disables this power, thus not allowing it reset itself and purge any modifications. However, if injected with a special serum that destroys these enzymes her powers will once again kick in.

Physique Amplification:
There are two main methods of DNA splicing that the organization uses. Amplification, used for smaller animals, where their attributes are expanded to the scale of a human. And then there's condensation, for larger animals, where they are concentrated to the size of a person. Both allow for multiplied physical abilities that in theory can greatly exceed those seen in nature, based on the person's compatibility.

She's grown a raccoon tail, while not very long it does serve as a great complement to her drastically increased quickness, allowing her to stay perfectly balanced through the bursting maneuvers.


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Basic Combat Training:
She's only been giving minimal combat training, this was done on purpose to make her rely on her mutation to fight and give the scientists better results on the effectiveness of the mutation itself. She knows basic striking and grappling techniques but just enough to qualify her as an able fighter.


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Flash Grenades:
They're disks capable of being stuck on walls and timed, but usually have a very short fuse. They emit a very strong concentrated flash, a bit more powerful than a normal flashbang to compensate the lack of noise. Each is linked to her visor so that when activated the visor will be deployed, if it isn't already. She carries a total of four across her belt.

Kevlar Armor:
She has access to a hardened kevlar armor capable of taking small and some medium arms fire, though it is not always assigned to her in order to put her mutations to the test. It comes with a compact helmet, which is coupled with a visor deployment system. Via a switch on her belt or when one of her flash grenades is activated the shaded visor will deploy from above and shield her eyes from the flash.


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Since a young age she was brainwashed by the organization that "took her in" in order to become the ideal test subject and asset they needed for the future. Despite being inherently evil and criminal, they ingrained a notion into her head that they are the single path to salvation for the world and the ultimate good, and that everything else that says otherwise is evil. Heroes are fooled by the society they live in and self-serving, villains are the root of evil that must be cut out. That makes it exceptionally hard for her to perceive the organization as anything but the way they want her to, but also makes it so that she doesn't really know anything about who they are for real. She doesn't know what they do, who leads them and barely knows the employees short of those closest to her. This is necessary due to the fact the organization is using her as a means to promote the sales of their biotechnology and gain influence, and promotes all sorts of criminal activities that she could never even dream of.

She was raised with a mindset that can be considered very contrary to the practices of the organization, the reason was simple. Raising someone to be unscrupulous and selfish made them an untrustworthy and difficult asset to use, raising them to believe your needs are the ultimate good makes them zealots to your cause. They believe in the strength of the mental conditioning she suffered, and have a safety net in the form of the serum that disables her powers if she does decide to betray them. Yet, even then, in a situation where she was taught to be so fervorous about eliminating evil, should she begin doubting the organization in the slightest it could prove truly catastrophic.

Genetic Immaturity:
Her DNA is in a state of genetic immaturity, as titled by the research team. In this state the spliced genes have only just started fusing and being properly integrated with her DNA, which makes their impact on her body limited and her abilities quite inferior to many animal-based mutants.

Hidden Camera:
Located in the collar of her armor is a very small camera with one-way black tinted glass, making it look like a small hole. It's capable of picking up sound and is used to record everything she does while outside, unknown even to her. The recordings are retrieved and watched when she periodically returns to the base of operations. This leaves her vulnerable to reprisal from the organization if they are displeased with her actions.

She's been brought up in a way that makes her easy to manipulate and fool, if done correctly and her emotional weaknesses used. Even then she's not very knowledgeable about the world or has much social experience, which makes this issue even worse.

Nullification Serum:
The serum used to inhibit the effect of the DNA patch that cancels out her natural mutation. When injected, the serum allows her basic mutation to kick in again, and resets her genetic code to its original state, in which she has no animal DNA.



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Irina-As17 has 21 finished logs.

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