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Research and Tea
Date of Scene: 01 February 2021
Location: Library
Synopsis: Kurt and Amanda have a chance to catch up as they continue to research the strange goings on in NYC. Along with everywhere else.
Cast of Characters: Kurt Wagner, Amanda Sefton

Kurt Wagner has posed:
It is a cold and blustery night out with temperatures well below the freezing mark and powerful ghosts of wind that whistle eerily through bare tree branches. Definitely not the sort of night one wants to be caught out in if they can help it. Even, say, if one has a layer of fine indigo fur to shield against the cold.

Fortunately for Kurt Wagner he does not have to be out this evening. Of course given the life he chooses to lead that could always change conceivably, but for now he is quite warm -- even cozy -- tucked away into the mansion in Westchester that he call his home. Sure, it happens to be filled with plenty of hormornal mutant teenagers but it does present other benefits.

Fortunately none of those said teenagers happen to be in this particular room as Kurt walks in, leading his guest, as he gestures grandly about the spacious library, giving a little spin as if to point all the attractions in one go. "...and this is the library," he says, flashing Amanda a grin. It certainly seems to live up to the name, with stacks of book shelves lining the walls. It is a fairly impressive private collection as these things go. There are of course a few computer stations tucked away in corners for more modern learning as well. And for Kurt, the centerpiece, at least for this evening -- a huge fireplace, already lit, set inbetween a pair of large windows that overlook the grounds. A set of stuffed chairs are arrayed at the end of a long table in front of the fire place while a big, comfy looking couch lines the opposite side. Equally important, a tea service set steams on one edge of the table while the other is cluttered with a variety of books ranging from the new to almost decrepit looking tomes.

"And as always you can see that I'm an excellent host," he teases. Or at least a prepared one.

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Amanda Sefton is just as glad not to be out in the bluster tonight. The brick and concrete canyons of New York are brutal on nights like this, no matter what heat the city traps within itself as proof against the cold. She even took a portal, to meet Kurt just outside the gate, rather than put some poor taxi cab driver so far out of the way.

Smiling as she enters the library, her blue eyes dance with pleasure -- particularly when she notices the tea set. "You are indeed," she replies, laughing as she does. "I can see why you saved this room for last." Why not? It's everything either of them could want. Warm fire, comfy furniture, books, and tea. It's perfect.

She wanders slowly along the shelves, inspecting the books. She suspects there more in this room on science than magic, but that's not surprising. Eventually, though, she makes her way towards the fireplace and the tea service there. "I see it's as empty after hours as any place of adolescent learning."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
As a general rule, Kurt's taste in books tends to run more towards adventures then scholarly learning, and while the cinema might trump the page he can certainly appreciate the library now and then. Especially as it tends to be bereft of said teenagers, at least once school hours have ended. "There's a handful that use it in the off hours -- for something other then finishing their assignments that is. But yes, it's quiet and mostly private at this hour which is a definite plus," he agrees wryly. Unlike the Rec Room they passed during the tour which was decidedly not.

Padding across the room he pauses by that table to pour each of them a cup of that steaming, dark liquid, fixing it up to both of their tastes before setting the cups aside for the moment. "I figured you would appreciate it," he agrees with a smile. "The arcane and occult section are a little lacking, compared to what you're used to I'm afraid," he admits. Lacking, but not entirely barren. "What we have is mostly from previous centuries. Part of the collection more for the value of the books as antiques rather then for practical research I imagine," he adds. "But I stopped at a few of the occult bookshops in the city," he adds. Probably no better then what they have and again, nothing compared to her resources. "I also stopped by the church. There are some that have an interest in this sort of thing and they lent me some likely tomes," he offers up. Potenially more hopeful there.

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Churches, temples, and synagogues of many different religions, Amanda has learned, are often a greater trove of occult information than many of their faithful can possibly imagine. Few organizations concerned with eternity and the more esoteric battle between Good and Evil are truly so different from the witches and wizards their scriptures condemn. And there's a lot more cooperation than their common parishoners know. Thus, she nods to Kurt's list of acquisitions. "I've done a little digging of my own," she admits. "Partly because I'm still working on hunting down the source of those disturbances in Tribeca. But I came across a couple of things I thought you might find useful." As she speaks, she lays the satchel she's been carrying on a nearby table and pats it meaningfully.

She flips the closure on it opens, peeling back the flap so she can withdraw the books. "Have you found anything new? I went digging for some info on that snake thing, but it's proving elusive."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Of course Kurt is not exactly a conventional parisioner. It has given him contacts and insight into the church that few others outside of Amanda's circle are probably ever likely to encounter. Afterall, if one believes in God it isn't that much of a stretch to invest a degree of belief into other powers in the world, both good and bad. And in this case, extremely helpful, at least for their investigation.

Of course he is not surprised that she would dig up a few volumes of her own that they can look into. Chances are they will be more useful then the libraries other offerings. He can at least provide the ambience for proper studying. And of course all the hot tea and other refreshments one could desire. "I have to admit that I have not accomplished very much of late. There have been a few distractions lately," he offers up, though rather then sounding apologetic or resigned there is almost an impish amusement to his words.

There's some news that there is just not easy or good way to offer up. Even when they are not tragidies, they are so strange or unexpected that all you can do is blurt them out, like tearing off a bandage. Clearly Kurt has news of that sort, though he seems to be taking a certain delight in the fact. "I met someone recently. As it turns out, I'm a father," he offers up, that mischievious glee made clear. "Well... kinda."

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Amanda knows all about distractions. Tribeca, being chief among hers. But that doesn't remotely compare to... "You're a what now?" She blinks, clearly surprised by this particular revelation. "I'm sorry, did I miss something?" Like the fact he was dating anyone seriously enough to go *that* far, perhaps? Because, sure, she's not quite been in the States for nine months, yet, but she's pretty sure, even when she was still in Europe, he'd have said *something*.

So, yes, she's staring at him a little nonplussed by the whole thing. "Kinda? What do you mean kinda? Did you adopt someone?"

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Oh, he is enjoying this far, far too much, that grin wide, showing off canines that are a little too long and pointed to be human, though it is far less alarming on him then it might be for someone less joyous in his expressions. He chuckles, low and rich at her reaction, the corners of his mouth still twitching in amusement as he moves back towards the couch and the waiting tea. "It perhaps makes more sense if you're a resident in this particular mansion," he says, tone wry. "We've had a visitor at the mansion recently. She is, apparently, my grown daughter from an alternate universe. Talia Josephine Wagner," he offers up by way of explantion.

Of course to some that explanation would only raise even more questions. It might to Kurt as well if he hadn't just lived through it. As it is, he might still wind up with a few questions before all is said and done. "Strange as it sounds, it actually makes me just one of the crowd here. You would be amazed at how many of us have children from the future or alternative timelines or now alternate dimensions drop in and visit. Or even stay," he says with a smirk. Yep, he's one of the cool kids now. He has his 'future kid' merit badge and everything.

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Amanda's brows drift high into her hairline. But she can see the light dancing in his eyes as he grins. So, a slow grin spreads across her face as she tries to not to laugh. It's very difficult, though. He is good at making her laugh. "Talia Josephine Wagner," she repeats. Laughing lightly, she shakes her head. "From an alternate universe."

She hears the rest of of his words and can't help but laugh again. "That's because this world is Grand Central Station of the multiverse," she snarks, hands planting on her hips.. "Why else do you think mystics have to keep going around closing rifts and breaches between worlds." She's only half joking. Mind you, no one's turned up telling her *she's* got an extradimensional scion somewhere.

And, for that... she thinks she's glad.

"So?" she asks, head tilting. "What's she like? And who was the mother?"

Kurt Wagner has posed:
They do seem to run into more than their fair share of dimensional issues in this world, don't they? Kurt is far from an expert in temporal mechanics and while he understands the concept of multiverse he is hardly an expert there either. There are, no doubt, all manner of little details that he does not have a handle on and would probably not comprehend the complexities of even if he knew they existed. But really her suggestion pretty much makes sense to him. "You won't find me throwing out another theory. It certainly fits the evidence of what I've seen around here," he points out wryly. And then some.

"She's perfectly lovely of course, as you expect from my daughter," he says, sticking his nose in the air haughtily for a moment before laughing once more, padding over to the couch and reaching for his cup of tea before tucking feet up beneath him and half-turning on the cushions so he can continue to face her. "She is apparently part of a team called the eXiles that travel the multiverse, pulled to different dimensions to try and save them from different problems," he offers up. Sounds heroic. Very fitting a daughter of the Wagner name. "Apparently her mother is Wanda Maximoff."

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Again, that look of surprise on Amanda's face. "Wanda? Really? Wow..." She reaches out to pick up a cup of tea as well, joining him on the couch. "Does she know?" She's actually having a bit of a challenge seeing them together. On the other hand... the Elf could actually be really, really good for the troubled witch. Between him and Pietro, they'd keep Wanda grounded, she's sure. It actually makes her smile. "You know, I think I can see it. When do I get to meet her?" Because that definitely needs to happen.

She takes a sip of her tea, considering where the girl has apparently come from. "If she and her team save dimensions from problems... why is she here? Are we in danger?" More danger, that is.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
That's rather interesting. That Amanda seems to know the mother of his daughter a whole lot better then himself! Somehow that just seems to stand to reason. Still, Kurt arches a brow slightly, surprise evident on his features. "You know her then? I mean I know of her, I've met her a few times though I doubt I've shared anything more then a hello with her," he says before that playful little smirk slides over his face. "On this world at least. I would presume the same was not true on the world Talia came from. I mean, I can be charming but it normally takes more then a 'hello' to seal the deal," he says lightly, still able to be amused by the situation. Not everyone could manage that.

"And of course you can meet her. I know she was going to seek out her 'mother', but I'm not sure she has yet. I'm trying to give her a little space. I believe it has been sometime since she has been on her own world and she seems to be only a few years younger then me so that Kurt must be considerably olrder," he offers up, sipping his own tea comfortably, the warmth from the fire radiating even here. "As to her team, my understanding is that they've become seperated. We were going to get Jean or the Professor to try and help her track them down here. But yes, normally if they are drawn to a new world it is because they need to fix something. From what she says sometimes it is some massive disaster. Sometimes it involves purchasing a pastry at the right time," he offers up with a bemmused shrug.

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Amanda gives a mild shrug, sipping her tea again. "I had enough dealings with her to gauge her measure, anyway. She's gypsy and she's a mutant with magic. That gives us a certain common ground. I like her." Her smile tugs wryly. "I worry about her. She's not as stable as I'd like someone with her level of power to be. She makes me look like a little leaguer. But I suspect you would be a good influence on her. You're good at keeping people grounded, without smothering. That's what her brother does for her, too. Between the two of you? I can see it."

As he goes on to explain the types of things the girl's team has faced, Amanda nods slowly. "I can see that, too," she admits. "It's the Butterfly effect in action. A butterfly flaps its wings, changes a microcurrent in the air and all sorts of things change." She smiles ruefully. "Let's hope all she needs is a donut." Because this world already has enough trouble.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
An interesting assessment to be sure and Kurt nods his head slowly. "I know her sister reasonably well. She has mostly stayed with us here, since the incident on Genosha," he offers up. And of course he knows her father all too well. That is a family with a while lot of issues. Maybe even more then his own. He would like to think that he copes with them well however, all things considered. "And I'm not sure that I should be counted on to be a good influence on anyone. It may be that someone needs to be a good influence on me," he retorts playfully. "Either way. I do believe I have time before I need to be looking for the future mother or any children I might have. I am young and properly irresponsible still," he points out, those golden eyes gleaming with mischevious delight.

"It certainly sounds like it, does't it? Though on an universal scale," he agrees with a thoughtful nod before shrugging his shoulders once more. So far as he knows she has not yet found her friends and while for her sake he hopes that she does, if not, perhaps her presence here has nothing to do with an imminent disaster. Good for them, if not great for her. "I do like dealing with those problems that can be solved with just a particularly good donut," he agrees with a grave nod, the corners of his mouth twitching once more.

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Sister. It's actually the first time Amanda's made the connection between Lorna Dane and Wanda Maximoff. Apparently, this is to be a night of revelations for the sorceress. "Huhn," she chuffs thoughtfully. "Magneto certainly gets around, doesn't he?" Truthfully, she doesn't know either Polaris or Magneto, save by reputation and what she's read in the news. Just as she has more connections to the mystics in the world, Kurt has stronger bonds with the mutants. Amanda isn't even formally recognized as a mutant -- for all that the fact her healing abilities work even when her magic is suppressed suggests otherwise.

She shakes her head, grinning. "You're a terrible influence," she affirms for him. "But some of us need that in our lives." Her eyes sparkle as she says it. Really, she doesn't think Kurt should go seeking to settle down anytime soon. His responsible side is far stodgier than his playful side. And she prefers the latter.

"Have you run into any of those dopplegangers that have been in the news?" she asks, completely changing topics. "Do I have to worry about a second *you* running around, just to complicate matters entirely?"

Kurt Wagner has posed:
It's a pretty safe assumption that Kurt will not be showing up on the lawn of Avenger's Mansion anytime in the immediate future to recite poetry at the fair Wanda Maximoff. There are not going to be any elaborate proposals, or even any *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink* see? We have a kid already. Know what I mean? Still, it's hard not to be juuuuuust a little bit curious, right? And the adventurous side of Kurt does cherish a good ol' fashioned challenge.

"Why thank yew," he offers back in turn before taking another sip of that warming tea, curled up comfortably in that corner of the couch. "Mmmm, yes, I've heard about them. They don't seem to have troubled us here," he offers up. Or so he believes. "With all the telepaths we have around here it makes it a little difficult for imposters," he explains. "And if there is another me out there, I'm sure I'm evil in the most delightful way!" he protests though he does grow a little more serious. "Though do be careful, if you see me do anything too out of character."

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Amanda nods. "Likewise," she says. "I haven't bumped into anyone claiming to be either one of us." A beat. "Or most anyone I know, actually. I did bump into the doppleganger of a reporter from Metropolis I met not so long ago. It was... enlightening. They appear to be under some sort of compulsion to do away with their counterparts in this world. I can't imagine having to face that." Not her own double, anyway. Given how opposite one Lois Lane was from another... she shudders to think what an evil Daytripper or evil Nightcrawler might be like.

Nevertheless, she flashes him a grin. "I'm sure, wherever he is, your doppleganger is a straightlaced prude with absolutely no clue which end of the sword goes into the other guy."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
It is not the most pleasant of thoughts, is it? The idea of facing yourself, but some sort of twisted version. But it does raise some questions too, doesn't it? Would an evil Kurt reflect the evil that his natural countenance sometimes naturally makes people believe exists inside? Or perhaps he would appear entirely normal, entirely human -- a fair outer countenance with a wicked heart within. Yes, on further thought he could definitely go without encountering either of those possibilities. Or any other really. Maybe he'll get lucky. If evil Kurt is out there somewhere maybe someone else entirely will get to deal with him! "That doesn't sound particularly pleasant. I have enough unpleasantness in my family history without needing an evil twin trying to do me in," he says firmly.

He gives a mock shudder and waves that tea cup at her, that dark liquid swirling around the rim without quite spilling over. "Don't even joke about such things. That sounds like it would be a mercy to do a way with him. Really. The horror," he says with a sly smile.

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Amanda chuckles again and flashes a grin over the rim of her tea cup. She takes a swallow and sets it aside. "It does," she agrees. "The last thing we need is someone besmirching your reputation with propriety." She winks. Then she pulls herself up to grab her satchel and pull out those books for him.

"So are you still looking for your own father, or are you too busy trying to decide how to father a grown woman used to fighting interdimensional crises?" There's a teasing note to her voice as she says it, despite the seriousness of the first half of the query.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
No matter what the situation he is working through he always feels a little better, a little more comfortable and at ease with it after talking with her. There are evil duplicates of people out there running around, which may or may not include him or any of his closest friends. He has a daughter from another dimension entirely. And there is still some sort of monster out thre in New York City potentially threatening people. Which also might or might not be related to his true father. Assuming he wasn't truly some minor German aristorcrat.

Eeeeesh, that sounds a little convoluted when put that way.

Fortunately he has a fire, he has all the hot tea he could want and a whole lot of books. Not to mention some good company. "We certainly do not," he agrees with a grin, setting aside his cup for the moment to lean forward and take a look at some of the books that she reveals, glancing over them with interest. "Mmmmm, I've been focusing more on the snake, or whatever it was myself. It seems like it might have been calling New York home for some time," he says, running fingers over the books that she produces, the names all strange -- when he can read them at all. "I figure if I really do have demon-thingies as siblings I'll run into them again and maybe learn more. I have no idea where to even start with that," he admits.

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Amanda can entirely understand that. Demonic family trees tend to get convoluted, from what she's seen. There's just no accountability there. So, she nods, smiling at the idea before passing him the last book. "This book deals more with obscure monsters, and less with obscure family tries. Could be the snake's in it. Could be it's not even a snake we're really looking for, but something else entirely. Moulting skin from one form to another isn't entirely unheard of in demonic circles." Weird, but true.

"Do me a favour and don't let the kids around here get their hands on these. By rights, I shouldn't even leave them with you. But, since you're just a bamf away, I figure it's reasonably safe."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
To be certain there are some among the student body that absolutely should not be trusted with anything approaching a real book of magic. It's probably not the best of ideas even for a responsible teenager so Kurt does not hesitate to hastily nod and give his assurances. "We have a secured section for particularly rare and valuable books. No students allowed without permission," he points out immediately. "Though I might just take these to my room for a little light reading," he adds. Though with some of those books there is nothing that looks like about them. They are distinctly on the hefty side and the thick leather bindings don't make them light. A good thing he's pretty athletic if he's going to haul these around! Or that he can just bamf wherever he needs at a moment's notice. "Thanks again for bringing these. At this point I just want somewhere to start," he confesses. One step at a time.

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Amanda is far more comfortable with Kurt keeping them in his room than anywhere someone else could happen upon them. Providing, of course, he's not inviting strange women into his bed... Don't want fatherhood to go to his head.

"You're very welcome," she says fondly, wrapping her satchel closed again. "Speaking of starting... why don't we see what's in these before the tea goes cold." Not that it'll matter. Before they're done? There'll probably be at least three more pots.

Just like the good old days in Excalibur.