4979/A Little Night Air

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A Little Night Air
Date of Scene: 01 February 2021
Location: Central Park--Bow Bridge
Synopsis: Nicole and James Proudstar cross paths on the Bow Bridge in Central Park. A new friendship is made.
Cast of Characters: James Proudstar, Nicole Adams

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar is jogging dresses like someone who is ready to work out. The apache gentlemen is immense in any mundane concept. He moves at a quick but steady pace through the park, taking time to weave an intricate trail across rocks rather than along the paths. He clothing is tight in the style of workout clothes and shows off his size and shape easily. HIs long hair is tied into an intricate weave, worn close to his head.

Nicole Adams has posed:
     Dressed for the cold weather, Nicole is taking advantage of the snowy weather to enjoy a quiet moment in this bastion of Nature's beauty. She has on a thick pair of dark blue jeans, some sturdy but stylish black boots, and a puffy parka that on the outside, looks as if it were a crazy quilt of different satins and velvets in hues of plum, bronze, gold, and peridot. A homely-looking knit beanie hat in pale brown keeps her warm, with a scarf of similar hue wrapped loosely around ner neck.

     Her spot on the Bow Bridge offers a stunning view of the way snow blankets the park in a chilly embrace, telling the Earth to sleep and dream of the promise of spring. Her lips curl upwards in a smile that lightens her peridot eyes. Life was good.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles and slows as he approaches almost the only other person in the park tonight. He slows, now dressed in a warm looking sweatshirt and a pair of thermal leggings. HIs shoes are clearly trail shoes. (Adjusts for the snow in his descrip, sorry) His breathing is deep but not labored. He takes out the headphones and smiles as he watches view himself for a moment, "Good choice, loveliest view in the park."

Nicole Adams has posed:
     Nicole turns her head to look towards the source of the strange voice, momentarily growing tense. It did not sound an unfriendly voice, but in Central park, no matter how open the area one was in, it paid to be wary. Tilting her head back a little bit, she looks up... and up... and up.

     Holy hell. He was /tall/.

     "It is. Something sort of magical about the snow like this. Makes you feel like a kid all over again."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar broad too in he shoulders too, the smile lights up his face. "Yes, I was thinking of getting in some tobogganing but might have to settles for some hot cooca, would you like some?"

Nicole Adams has posed:
     Nicole looked up at him for a moment, a few snowflakes landing on the tip of her nose like fairy dust. Pushing back from the edge of the bridge, she rests her hands on her hips, considering the offer for a moment. Did she dare accept the offer of a stranger? After some moments, she nods, her lips curling upwards in a smile. "Sounds good, if I knew who to thank for the treat." One slender hand, fingertips slightly roughened, is offered in his direction. "Nicole Adams."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar takes a moment to take you in and smiles. Then he takes the offered hand and leaning down gallantly he kisses, "I'm sorry James Proudstar. Totally forgot my manners. my Mother would be mortified. So, you know a Starbucks or someplace better we could get something warm?"

Nicole Adams has posed:
     Nicole allows herself a light chuckle, nodding in a direction roughly away from the boathouse and the bridge. "Closest one I can think of is over on Columbus and West 73rd. Should probably get a move-on, though, think they're actually closing soon. Imagine that, in the city that supposedly never sleeps." With the promise of a hot drink and civil company, the two make their way out of the park, to the safety and warmth of Starbucks for that promised drink.