5019/Time to Kill

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Time to Kill
Date of Scene: 04 February 2021
Location: Midtown
Synopsis: Nuklon and the Thing manage to surprise and overcome Blastaar the Living Bomb-Burst during an attempted, and quickly aborted, excursion from the Negative Zone.
Cast of Characters: Ben Grimm, Albert Rothstein

Ben Grimm has posed:
"RUN!" scream the masses fleeing from Times Square.

"Run! There's a hideous monster trying to kill us all!"

Cars are abandoned nearer to the Square proper as drivers and passengers alike flee for safer city blocks.

The Seventh Ave. pavement is cracked and ruined, and several water lines have burst, with impromptu fountains spraying up into the air.

In the midst of all this, a giant orange rock-monster--Ben 'The Thing' Grimm of the Fantastic Four--stands, snarling, a massive chunk of concrete and asphalt held above his head with both grotesque hands.

"I'm gonna /destroy/ you!" he bellows, more bystanders in the area sprinting away to the best of their ability.

Albert Rothstein has posed:
Albert Rothstein happened to be in the area, and upon seeing people fleeing, he figured it might be something he should check in on. So after a stop in an alley and making sure he did not give anyone a free peep show, the big man is jogging up the street in costume. The huge man in red with the mohawk tries not to knock anyone over and blinks as he gets close enough to see the Thing. He takes a moment to look around looking for something the famous hero must be fighting.

Ben Grimm has posed:
"Thought you'd sneak up on me, eh?" the Thing cries, glancing left and right, pivoting slowly on one heel. "Not really the smartest move ta do that in one 'a the more open places around here--even with a buncha people who see yer ugly mug and go runnin'."

"Yeah," Ben continues, "only a complete maroon would try ... /that/!" As he finishes his exclamation, he hurls the gargantuan chunk of concrete towards--really, at--Nuklon.

What the mohawk-sporting hero might or might not notice, though, is a large white airborne figure that resembles nothing so much as a kind of albino beast-man*. The figure descends behind Nuklon, positioning the much taller hero between himself and the oncoming projectile.

[* Eagle-eyed readers may have guessed correctly that this is Blastaar the Living Bomb-Burst! - Ed.]

Albert Rothstein has posed:
Albert Rothstein blinks and says "Hey now." He will bring his arms up crossing them in front of him, as he braces for the impact. He does start to grow a bit but not huge, just trying to give himself more mass so when the block hits him, it just rocks him on his feet instead of sending him tumbling "Hey now, I was not sneaking, do I look like I could sneak in this." He calls out to the Thing. If he had know someone was behind him, he could have pulled a great trick but sadly he has not seen the Negative zone escapee.

Ben Grimm has posed:
"HA!" the Thing shouts, snapping his fingers. "Now that's what I call a--"

He stops, suddenly, as the chunk-o-street pulverizes on impact with Nuklon.

"What the...?!" Ben asks, frowning. "Hey, buddy! What're you doin'? Get outta here! Can't you see there's a looney toon right behind ya?"

As if in confirmation, Blastaar sneers and punches his hands forward, blasts of energy striking the Thing in the chest and blowing him backwards into and through the sides of a soft drink delivery truck, causing another fountain-like display, this time of dark carbonated beverages.

"My thanks for serving as a shield, human," Blastaar says in a condescending tone. "You may live if you go right now and don't look back. Elsewise you will come to rue squandering such a princely gift."

Albert Rothstein has posed:
Albert Rothstein blinks a bit and turns as he sees Blastaar, he will frown. The fact that he hammers Ben with a blast lets the young hero know that the other is a bit of a heavy hitter. He will act like he is going to back away, but as he does he grows to about 15 foot in height, and grabs a light post, pulling it from the grownd and taking a baseball swing at the villian

Ben Grimm has posed:
Blastaar attempts to block the lamppost with one arm bent before him, and the pole bends around him with a metallic groan. A device on his forearm makes a number of beeping sounds after the pole makes its initial impact.

Ben Grimm climbs his way out of the sodasplosion and punches one fist into the palm of his other hand. "Oh, it is /so/ clobberin' time, now, you albino Cowardly Lion...." He launches himself forward, running at the alien.

Blastaar, meanwhile, turns his attention to the device on his arm. "No--no!" He frantically taps at it. "I was going to have an hour of triumph! Now I have but minutes..."

He grimaces at Nuklon. "You did this. You chose to try and ruin my glory! So be it--time to die." Blastaar extends his arms forward and fires a pulse of radioactive energy toward Nuklon's chest.

Albert Rothstein has posed:
Albert Rothstein will again bring his arms up to protect himself, but as the impact hits him, and there is not much more than a bit of force pushing him back, he will move to step forward. Nuklon seems surprised at the blast doing little to him, but he was taught to keep on the offense. He will move to grab Blastaar, but does not try to hold him, no he calls out "Incoming." As he tries to toss the villain towards Ben, in a set up for a punch.

Ben Grimm has posed:
Blastaar's face is one of shock as his attack has little effect on this unknown enemy.

That shock gives way to pain as Mrs. Grimm's ever-loving blue-eyed boy twists at the hip, throwing a full-force haymaker into the Baluurian's jaw. Blastaar tumbles backwards, feet over head, and skids across the ground to land back at Nuklon's feet.

Looking up in a daze, Blastaar blinks and realizes the situation. "No! I will not be defeated so easily!" he hisses, and he taps on his forearm device again. Then, he fades away, phasing out of existence on this plane.

Ben runs forward, his gait slowing as Blastaar disappears. "What a loada ..." He pauses and sighs, shaking his head. "Never mind. He ain't worth the effort."

Then, the Thing looks up at Nuklon. "You know, you took those bomb-blasts a /lot/ better'n I did. It'd be a mighty fine move of ya to never, ever mention that to anyone. About how I fared, that is."

Albert Rothstein has posed:
Albert Rothstein chuckles softly and shrinks back down to his normal size, and says "Well you delivered a much better punch than I did sir, I don't think many would care much about how I fared in the fight you are the guy who has an action figure." He offers his hand to Ben "Name's Nuklon."

Ben Grimm has posed:
"Nuklon, eh?" Ben asks, one rocky eyebrow raising. "Well, sometimes it ain't about throwin' the punch as it is about takin' it. And, buddy, anybody who can take it like you did's alright in my book." He chuckles, the sound not unlike the grinding of gravel.

"Tell ya what. You ever decide you wanna come by the Plaza--or even just get a drink an' meet some other types who've held their own when the uppercut-o-doom hit 'em in the chin--well, that could make fer an interesting evenin' indeed." Ben clasps Nuklon's hand and offers a hearty shake.

"In the meantime, though, what say we do a little cleanup here until the authorities get on the scene ta fix everything? I know I gotta stick around to sign the paperwork on the damages..." He sighs and looks around. "Maybe see if any tourists want a photo to make up fer all this."

Albert Rothstein has posed:
Albert Rothstein nods his head a bit to this and says "Sure." He will move to grow larger again to help move stuff, and once the main rubble is out of the way. He will actually take the time to help a guy whose car had some body damage, pulling a crumples fender away from a tire. The big man will suggest a mechanic and tells the bystander, what to watch out for. Seems Nuklon knows a bit about cars, but as the police get near, he will take his leave, leaving Ben with the glory and the paperwork.