5094/Who Else Would You Call

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Who Else Would You Call
Date of Scene: 09 February 2021
Location: Columbia University
Synopsis: 5094=Dr. Druid takes a case!
Cast of Characters: June Moone, Anthony Druid

June Moone has posed:
It has been eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty hours since she's last heard from Enchantress. While she would normally celebrate this fact, there have been little occurences her and there that would make her think twice. It could be her own misdiagnosis of schizophrenia that allows her to hear random voices that she could not decipher, or people moving through the room and suddenly disappearing.

Or how time has passed and she didn't realize it when she was alone. Cameras all show that she's been in one spot, and haven't moved.

And the dreams. Intense, nothing to go into here.

So, after speaking with a few occult professors, June got a name. Anthony Ludgate. A letter was requested for him to visit Columbia at a certain time, where June would have the office of her art professor all by itself. It was a massive room filled with paintings as Columbia would have. A small area to sit and interview over a tray of tea and scones, couches filled with comfortability and warmth and decor that looks nearly outdated but refreshed with a shine.

June didn't wear anything surprising, save for a pencil skirt which was black over black leggings, heels, and a white blouse with a frilly tie.

She looked rather frumpy.

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid was dressed in a rather tweedy fashion, with patches on the elbows of his jacket, a sweater vest and a pair of rounded spectacles perched atop his prominent nose. His head is, as usual, largely bald except for a bit of fringe horseshoed around the back.

He's been in this particular room in Colombia before, having mingled with a few of the aforementioned occult professors. He'd guest lectured here, as well, notably in the "Stories of the Spirit" course offered in the Folklore department.

"You must be Miss Moone," he says, offering his hand. "Anthony Ludgate, although I am called by many Druid and proudly so," he says. He takes a careful seat across from her, his mystic senses open to the already strange aura he sees about the woman. "How can I be of service?"

June Moone has posed:
June looked nervous, squeezing her hands together to pace about the room. It wasn't until she heard a little tip of a shoe that she stopped and looked up, bright smile upon her face. With glasses tucked into her hair to keep it upright, she approaches him with her hand out to give a shake..

"Yes.. yes.. Mr. Ludgate.." She was very impressionable, actually excited to meet him even though there was a tiny bit of worry that lingered in the back of her mind.

As he takes a seat, she takes hers, leaning forward to prepare tea if he would like. All of the fixings were there; Black tea already in the kettle, cubed sugar, honey, scones dusted with sugar and tiny napkins to support.

"Tea?" She offers, then gets to the point. "I'm doing a bit of research on occultism and mental illness. Occultism moreso in regards to possession and.. how to -tell- if a person is truly free of it or if there are any lingering after effects."

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid takes a cup, of course, he is an Englishman after all, with all the manners and love of afternoon tea that accompanies it, "I'm an expert on both, of course, so I'm more than happy to offer any insight."

"As for your question, I would suggest that such things can vary quite widely from manifestation to manifestation. The longer the possession has occured, the more difficult and lingering a possession is likely to be. Those spirits inevitably become entangled, like skeins of yarn left in the same drawer for too long," he says, taking a sip. "I take it this isn't an entirely impersonal question."

June Moone has posed:
June smiles as she gathers her cup, attempting to retain that as she gathers her question. There was a certain gladness or satisfaction that she has in working with the professors at Columbia, the access to people is extrodinary. But it was the first time she's ever done something for herself.

So her aura? It could appear that she's nervous, or.. something else was nervous for herself..

"I can offer up the required details." She states, stopping only to take a sip of her tea to test the hotness. Which was really hot! She jerks a tiny bit, but not too much! She didn't want to spill nor show her hand of her preferring warmth over heat.

"You're.. correct. It's not impersonal.. no.." She glances up towards the entryway, then towards the Doctor. "Several years ago.. it.. happened to me." She smiles a little. "There were a few bad years, but everything has quieted. It seemed.. tired. She seemed tired." June places the tea down, then lifts her shoulders. "So for the past three years I've been taking advantage of the quiet." She smiles uneasily. "I've managed to get a degree, a new job, suffered a mental breakdown.." She adds that in quietly. "I'm on medication, and it helps tremendously. But I can't help but wonder if she's dead or .. gone? Or.. still here.."

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid listens carefully, stirring his tea with a small spoon and considering the problem before him. His senses read, for the moment, only June, but he's not probing deeply. He wouldn't do so without permission, not in this situation. But that's no guarantee that something isn't lingering or hiding out of sight.

"I congratulate you on your accomplishments. Even overcoming your breakdown. Such things can be extremely difficult. There's no shame to be had in having psychiatric issues."

"If you were being controlled by a spiritual entity, death probably doesn't come into it. I'm not sure spirit can be fully destroyed, merely...dispersed. De-energized," he says. "But it could have moved on, found another victim, or simply gotten bored. The nature of such beings tends to be mercurial. Chaotic."

June Moone has posed:
"Everything became too much." June admits, folding her hands into her lap. "I was not okay." Mental health mattered to June, she always wanted to be okay. And she always attempted to press herself to speak about it.

"That she was, chaotic." June nods in thought. "I.. see things and people.." She confesses. "Hear things. I almost always have to carry two cell phones in my purse so that I could record my surroundings." She smiles sadly. "Though, I usually play it off as if I'm posting on social media. Though, anyone who truly knows me know that I barely have a digital footprint."

She shifts uncomfortably. "I'm also losing time. I have videos of myself in my bedroom. I would come home from campus, and I would kick my shoes off and sit on the bed. Hours would go by, sometimes as late as midnight and I would have sat in that same space unmoved. I've never done that. I'm often worried its a symptom of the possession or my schizophrenia is getting worse."

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid nods and leans forward, "Those do sound like significant concerns. Lost time and hallucinations are marks of both possession and schizophrenia. It doesn't help that suffering from mental illness can make you vastly more vulnerable to possession by opportunistic entities."

Druid, of course, has a digital footprint so vast it could encompass a dozen of most people. Part of being a mass-marketed television psychic will do that. "If possible, I'd like to see those recordings. You're having these symptoms even while maintaining your medication?" he says. He knows schizophrenics frequently stop their meds, citing the sluggish side effects it creates. "If so, that's even better evidence for possession. Admittedly, I'm no priest. I don't tend to see spiritual beings as 'demonic', in the classical sense, although I may use the nomenclature on occasion with particularly malefic beings," he says, t hinking of the Aztec god with whom he clashed not so long ago, the flare of a headache behind his eyes from the concussion he sustained in that battle.

June Moone has posed:
June nods slowly, as most of what she could find on the subject matter connects. As he asks for the recordings, June stands from her spot to approach the desk, leaning over to retrieve the laptop. It was clear that she was studying them before he was due to arrive, attempting to find any and all sorts of evidence that could at least explain if she were sleep walking or not.

She makes sure to place the laptop down upon the table, this time joining him upon the couch as she brings up the emailed recordings of herself. The latest one, just three days ago, show her pacing the floor as she speak upon the phone.

"See, look at the time stamp. Three forty-six. It was an early day." She nods however, adding.. "Every morning I take them, yes. I haven't missed." She wasn't lying, it would be easy to tell if she were.

As soon as she had gotten off the phone, she moves to her dresser, placing the phone atop of it. It seems as if something was behind her, as her head swivels back and forth, her turning a near 360 until she ends up in front of her mirror. In which she stands.. and stands.. and stands..

"I .. didn't alter it. I didn't want to speed up the recording and quite potentially corrupt the file. So it will go on like this for hours. I came out of it at midnight, exactly."

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid watches closely, scooting slightly to make room for the lovely young lady to join him on the sofa. He puts his chin in his hand, peering to see if he can detect any disturbances at the spiritual level. Video wasn't always the greatest for that, but you could sometimes see little flickers or shimmers of something. Or hear something in the audio. Ghost hunting shows were mostly bullshit, but they got little things almost right sometimes.

"I see," he says. "I would suggest a dual metaphysical and medical approach. I'd want to rule out anything physiological. That would mean CAT scans, blood tests, all the usual medical diagnostics. As for the paranormal aspect...what, if anything, do you know or believe you know about the entity that has been plaguing you?"

June Moone has posed:
Tuning in, Druid would probably hear it. The random whispers, while faint, there. He could even possibly see the silhouette in the corner that flashes briefly after five minutes of June's trance, eyes a-glow and runes as well, but dim and meld into the shadows.

Still, June sees none of it.

"Is that really necessary? I.. agree to it but, physically I feel fine. Though I am exhausted." Now she was thinking. "As for.. her.." June shifts a little, seemingly nervous, not really agitated just yet.

"I know she's old. She was supposed to be a champion but.. all I feel is.. when she's in control is.. not despair but.." She really couldn't put her finger on it. The room was getting a bit hot. "Like a desire.." She reaches up to tug away at the frilly tie that she wore, only to toss it onto the table mid pace. "..wanting power and more of it.." The room was definitely getting hotter, June begins to unbutton two buttons upon her top to fan herself. "..I'm sorry.. I need to open a window." June takes off in a speed-walkers pace towards the window of the room, attempting to reach up to tug at the latch. There was a sense of urgency, like someone trying to escape the heat that was approaching. Finally, as she gets the latch, she yanks the window open so that the cold air could flood into the room with fresh air, in which she breathes in through her mild panic attack.

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid shakes his head, "But you're not fine. This stuff takes a physical toll, even if it isn't obvious or manifesting in an easy to notice way. I can't make you do anything you don't want to do," he says, which isn't TECHNICALLY true, given his mesmeric powers, but it was ethically true, in that he wouldn't force you to undergo unwanted treatments. He was still a doctor, after all.

As she gets up and undoes her collar and lets in the cool air, he grows wary enough to call forth his cenetered self, his tantric chakra aligning and drawing in power and shielding just in case. "Everything will be fine, June. Whatever is going on, we can find a solution."

June Moone has posed:
"I know that.." June almost snapped, but didn't.

She takes in another deep breath to calm herself, but she was still on edge. This time, walking away from the window, her head lifts to the ceiling as she closes her eyes. "Everything -won't- be fine. I'm screwed up.." No, she couldn't let herself think like that. But she could -hear- herself tell herself that. So much so that both hands lift to rub at her earlobes. "Okay. Ok ok ok.." She says quietly, nodding her head. Yet suddenly, she lifts her head to smile towards him. "We can do it. I'm sure. I just want to check something, okay?"

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid stands and moves to watch over next to her. He doesn't make physical contact, knowing it's both presumptive and potentially litigious. That said, he was making his presence available as a comfort should she need it. "Absolutely. Whatever I can do to help," he says, taking note of the various gestures and tics, starting to mentally write a case file.

June Moone has posed:
Pencil skirts with pockets.

All the rave!

So once he stands and moves next to her, she pulls out her phone to turn the camera on with just a button to snap a picture. It wasn't a good selfie.. actually.. it was. Her hair was in the right place and it appears that the both of them were in a camera shot posing on a rap album. Or something!

June pulls up the picture to study this, and seemingly satisfied.. she nods. "Okay.." She breathes a sigh of relief, then turns towards him fully. "So you'll take my case? What do we need to do first?"

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid smiles, "I wouldn't have come if I weren't prepared to take the case," he says. "We'll begin with some divination. See if we can find the origins of the spirit that seems to be plaguing you. Beginnings always carry so much information. Once we know what it is and from whence it came, we can get a better sense of how to deal with it, whether that be exorcising it or...trying to find a way to make peace," he says.