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June Moone (Scenesys ID: 2313)
Name: June Moone
Superalias: Enchantress
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Unknown
Occupation: College Student/TA/Art Curator
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: Manhattan
Education: College Level
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 17 Aug 1995 Played By Meghan Markle
Height: 5'7 Weight: 137lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown w/Highlights/Black Eye Color: Brown/Black
Theme Song: 'Serene Dream' by Kidneythieves

Character Info


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June Moone is an art teacher by day, Enchantress in duress. How can a young, sweet woman deal with the duality of a personality that wishes death on every liviing thing and dreams of world domination? Let's find out.


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August 17, 1995 - Born
1996 - 2012 - June had a relatively normal childhood; having a knack for art and education, which she begins to excel at. She's even submitted a few pieces to her school for review, which were often times rejected due to it not being to the taste of others at the time.
2012 - June attends a costume party with friends at Terror Castle. After wandering to take in the sights for inspiration, she falls into an unknown chamber and is approached by an unknown entity. He offers her great power in order to save her friends. Thus, Enchantress.
2013 - June enrolls at Columbia University in NY, majoring in Art Studies with a minor in Anthropology. She's also taken an interest in parapsychology and Ancient Studies.
2014 to Now - June's hold on Enchantress grows more and more unstable, soon to reach a boiling point..

IC Journal

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Old. Unpredictable. Changes like the wind. There is nothing nice about Enchantress. She is evil, vindictive, and craves unlimited power. She's parasitic and magical, wonderful in terms of skill and speed. But also cold as ice.

June is a mild-mannered woman, who is often times really shy and extremely humble to be where she is thus far. She loves to teach and learn, loves to give back where she can, and to make the most of her life and fill it with good things. She also loves art and exploration, and is completely curious by nature.

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Physiology:
As the Enchantress, she possesses an enhanced physiology.

Her endurance in battle/spellcasting/magic use is akin to a supernatural/above olympic level human who could run a 10k who would break a mild sweat.

In regards to speed, in short bursts combined with her teleportation she could move two to five feet within a blink of an eye, her running speed just below an Olympic level athlete.

Her enhanced strength allows her to pick up a fully grown adult (max 250), and be able to toss them at a maximum of fie feet.

Self - Enchantress/June experiences regeneration in regards to Enchantress' magic. All for the effort of keeping June as a living host. As Enchantress, she's resistant to pain from most forms of attack and incredibly durable.

Others - Enchantress can heal wounds of others without digression. She can heal basic bruises, light to heavy cuts, sprains and swelling. She's unable to heal broken bones and deep nerve damage.

The Enchantress is considered one of the most powerful spellcaster/sorcerer. She can manipulate magical energines for almost any number of effects. She's also extremely sensitive to magic or magic trails. A few things she's able to do under magic are:

1. Energy Use - Enchantress is able to create energy blasts derived from magic out of anywhere, whether it be for defense and offense. These waves of energies could be concussive, explosive, directive and even protective.

2. Flight - With her magic, she's able to fly great distances. Think from one state to three states over.

3. Illusion Casting - She can generate illusions from her mind into reality, and also tap into others minds to project those illusions into seeming. They can resemble touch and hearing, but do not possess any intricate details as people, places, or things would. (With consent)

4. Magical Mimicry - Enchantress is able to copy the magic of those near to her. (With consent)

5. Elemental Manipulation - Enchantress can manipulate the elements in a localized area. For insance, she could cause storms, extreme heat, extreme cold, warmth. She could even create a storm of hailing conjures such as teeth and other horrifying objects.

6. Necromancy - The Enchantress has the ability to manipulate, communicate/commune with the dead. She could even rise them for a time to do her bidding.

7. Spellcasting - Like a majority of magic users, Enchantress is an adept spellcaster. Tomes and other ancient spellbooks are able to be deciphered and used at her disposal, barring any blocks that would be placed on them in regards to heritage, intention, and means.

Psionic Magic:
The Enchantress has access to psionic magic. It's a combination of psychic powers mixed with magic that allows her to perform incredible feats. She's able to use telekinesis with her magic, telepathy to communicate without speaking, and manipulation of the mind through illusions, hypnosis and emotion. People with mental and psychic blocks are largely immune.

Enchantress can teleport herself instantaneous from location to location. This act also allows her to become momentarily intangible for her to pass through walls and objects through instinction and will.


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June Moone is a very capable artist. She's able to utilize technology for her art, designing web pages and creating animations if she chooses, but also prefers the calming technique of canvas painting. She's able to render portraits that have a real seeming through pen, paint, or computer. Create 3d digital art, motion captured art with enough time and sculpting.

When it comes to being a Teachers Assistant, June is often put to researching topics in the name of art and ancient studies. The information is gathered and presented, and lesson plans are created based on her accurate findings.

June Moone is a capable art restoration technician. With her skills as a sculpter, she can restore large bodies of work such as full size statues, restore old paintings with techniques she's learned in college, and also mimic/duplicate paintings from famous artists that closely match the original for wholesale.

Through Columbia, she's a teachers assistant of their Arts department. She's learned to be patient when dealing with a wide range of personalities, adaptable to others styles of learning, and very helpful in tutoring and encouragement.


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Being a Teacher's Assistant, June Moone is able to utilize the University's resources in regards to getting the information that she needs. That includes scholarly connections to the University's sister school abroad, and a good relationship with the Professors of various academia within the college.


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The connection between Enchantress and June works both ways. While Enchantress needs June to restrain her and as a human host, June needs Enchantress to convince herself that she's not crazy, and also feels as if she's the only one who can protect the world by bearing the burden of The Enchantress. This dependency makes June feel that she cannot get close to anyone, and would rather be alone to keep others safe.

Being around for so long, Enchantress has developed a god complex. If left out of her June shell for too long, she will start to wreck havoc -in- the demand of worship.

As herself, June possesses no magic what so ever. She can 'see' and sense it just a little, but the downside is that she is human as she is. Human in every way. She does not have access to Enchantress magic, as they are two completely different people/beings. June as a person cannot conjure bolts, instantly teleport out of harms way, save people from terrible dangers without getting herself hurt in the process. And for this reason June considers herself weak.

June displays signs of bipolar and schizophrenia. She does, at times, hear and see things due to Enchantress' meddling. It causes her to act irrationally when it gets to be too much. This is a tactic used by the witch to get June to let her out into the world. Enchantress would be in control, and the world itself would suffer.



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June Moone has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Cabbage Night October 30th, 2021 Turns out an evil Hag Witch was responsible for the missing kids. The day was saved with minimal pain and suffering for Team Good. John drags in a new recruit that might wind up making him rue the day.
Food Trucks Aplenty - Batter at the Battery May 12th, 2021 Interesting food and interesting... people?
1000 Faces: Down Into Darkness April 20th, 2021 Flight SU 110 lands -- but 290 people and more are dead in the process. SHIELD somehow isn't responsible.
Juicebox Where Their Hearts Used to Be March 30th, 2021 Blade and Enchantress watch as Vampires give themselves extra special hugs!
Thousand Faces: Who's For Dinner March 8th, 2021 Vampires set up a dinner with bloody consequences for all involved.
Mind Magic March 1st, 2021 Druid meets the Enchantress for the first time face to face
Who Else Would You Call February 9th, 2021 5094=Dr. Druid takes a case!
Hellfire Cub Mardi Gras Party! February 6th, 2021 The Hellfire Club threw a successful Mardi Gras Party! Nobody died!


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June Moone has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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