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Some Meals Deliver Themselves
Date of Scene: 09 February 2021
Location: Chinatown
Synopsis: Ghost Spider intercepts Venom as he goes after some men responsible for a drive by shooting in the vicinity of children. A fight results and Gwen saves the Klyntar's would-be morsel for the evening, and gives Venom a good wholloping on top of it.
Cast of Characters: Eddie Brock, Gwen Stacy

Eddie Brock has posed:
Venom had been sated, briefly, but the two muggers that Eddie had let him eat. They had been vicious men, who beat their victims and took from them when they were unconscious. It was just a matter of time before one of the beatings ended up fatal. And Eddie really couldn't say he didn't think they deserved what they got. He even stopped... ok TRIED to stop Venom from toying with them too much before the deed was done.

Tonight Eddie had listened to the police scanner. Eddie was hoping to pick up any additional news about police investigations into the dead muggers. Though he doubted it would ever be traced to him somehow.

Venom? He was hoping for someone bad enough that Eddie would let him feast. And it sounded like he might get his way. The police dispatcher put out a call on a driveby shooting that had targeted a whole street corner including kids. It had made Eddie's hands clench, and Venom knew he would at least get his shot.

So, Venom had leaped out into the night, swinging on his makeshift webbing over to the Chinatown area. "Could be the Triad or any number of street gangs involved. I did a story on some of the happenings down here in Chinatown," Eddie comments.

The pair go to one of the taller buildings in Chinatown and survey the area. Finally, Venom points a massive, clawed hand in one direction.

   «Venom» "There. The speeding car. That may be them."

He launches out into the night again, swinging over in pursuit of the black sedan that is driving noticeably fast, and away from the area of the attack.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Eddie isn't the only one on the police scanners tonight, Gwen having decided to investigate into the killings that had happened in central park. There was talk about a wild animal on the loose... But somehow that didn't sit well with Gwen. There was something more at play and she was decided to stop it... Or was she getting paranoid it could be something similar to what had happened with her friend Peter in the other universe? A lizardman of sorts. The MO was similar at least.

She is dangling down the flag pole by the mayor's office, head upside down while scanning through the police frequencies from the advanced UI on her visor, music blasting through her earbuds in true multitasking fashion..

As 'I think I am paranoid' is heard on her earbuds she comments. "You and me both, Shirley..." and then a uff, "Great, now I am talking to myself.."

The pick-up on the frequency about a drive-by shooting springs her into motion though, web shooting to a nearby building and then she swinging out, moving towards Chinatown..

She flips and lands on a building opposite from where the car is, watching. Regardless of whether there would be an attack on them or not they had to be stopped. If they were armed who knows how many more they could hurt?

She doesn't note Venom right yet, launching herself from the building she is at to swing in to intercept, maybe even land atop the roof of the car if nothing happens to it's trajectory now.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Venom's inky black form swings through the night, shadowing the car.

   «Venom» "If they have guns that have been used? Then I get to eat them right?"

Eddie is a little more hesitant. "Maybe. We don't know that all of them intended to fire on so many people."

   «Venom» "You are too soft. They all deserve this."

Eddie doesn't answer. He's having a hard time not agreeing with Venom. It feels good to take action against people like this, with no regard for the lives of others. "Wait, who is that?" Eddie says as he sees a web and a figure on the end of it. For a moment his adrenaline surges but then he says, "That isn't Spider-Man. Unless Spider-Man got some nice hips and ta-tas."

Venom focuses on the swinging Spider-Gwen, moving to land on a building as they watch her swinging in towards the car.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Okay, Gwen. Lets do this."

Another shot from her web and she hooks a lamp post on the curve the speeding car is nearing, swinging down at high speed, skimming close to the ground before the centripetal force makes her swing around it and up, aligned just right to the car when it's taking a turn to the right, just as she predicted.. She spins up in the air and lands right on the rooftop of the car, barely making a sound but enough for whoever is inside to know someone just landed...

Sure, they may be harmed, but she is trusting on her spidey-senses to tell her whether there's danger or not.. So she leans over, nearing a window.

"Do you boys know you are going 120 in a 50 zone?" she asks. Trying to keep a light, flippant tone to her voice. Just in case these aren't the drive-by shooters!

Eddie Brock has posed:
Venom names his teeth as he watches the costumed person land on the car.

   «Venom» "She is not attacking them. She is going to arrest them. This will not do."

Before Eddie can offer a rebuke, Venom launches into the air and swings down on a web, then firing off another to match himself to the speed of the car, before dropping onto the roof. Far less concerned about landing softly than Gwen, he dents the roof of the car as he lands besides the costumed woman.

   «Venom» "You can have the rest. But one of them is mine."

Venom slams his claws into the roof, peeling the metal open like the car was a can of sardines. There are four men in inside, two in the back, two in the front. The ones in back scream. Both are armed, and one of them lifts his gun to point it at Venom's monstrous visage. This seems to make up the symbiote's mind on who gets eaten.

   «Venom» "You have made yourself the chosen."

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Four men, looking a bit shifty... Yea, most likely this are the drive-by shooters. She tsks and is just about to---

The landing on the rooftop is a bit of a surprise, specially as it takes a moment longer than it should to register on her danger sense.. Not that she *needs* it to figure out that whoever this is it's bad news. "Yours? They don't even look your type though..." cheeky little thing! But that's how she normally rolls when she spots someone obviously strong and .., not exactly on her side. Or at least not totally.

Besides, if she shifts Venom's attention to her he may just stop thinking about eating her. She will then just have to worry about not being *eaten* herself. Details!

With the car windows cracked after Venom landed on it she is able to shoot a web towards the man that's raising his gun, knocking it off his hand. "No guns allowed. Just stop the--" the driver going at high speed is unable to control the car well, hitting a curb and sending the car into a slalom, making Gwen hold on for dear life as it tires screech and complain at the treatment they are receiving.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Venom doesn't seem deterred by the fact the man doesn't have a gun anymore. He showed his willingness to shoot, so he's one of the prize of being held responsible. "Oh, he's my type," Venom replies to the woman on the car.

One of those massive arms points towards Gwen and inky black web shoots out and attaches her to the car as it hits the curb and bounces about. Being helpful? Or perhaps stopping her from following as Venom grabs the would-be gunman from the car and then leaps back up into the air with him.

   «Eddie» "Hey, who is she anyway?"

Venom slings a web made of his own body at a tall building and swings through the air. "I do not know. She is enough like Spider-Man maybe we should eat her too though?" The man in his arms is screaming in fear, and quite likely might wet himself soon. His cries are an easy enough beacon to follow as Venom drops down onto a roof, tossing the man down before him. "So you like harming others? Good, then you won't object to me harming you," Venom says, showing his huge teeth to the man. "First I will nibble all of your skin off. Then I will use your ligaments to clean bits of skin from my teeth before I start eating you from the ground up. Have you bathed your feet recently?"

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Gah! Black web! It glues her to the car, which indeed helps her from flying off it as the man slowly starts to return it to control, slooowing down. "That thing took Chuck!" "Lets get out of here!" "Shoot that one!" they talking between themselves..

As for Gwen, she struggles, breaking the webbing with some effort just as the men start drawing out handguns. "I thought I..." she leans in punching one in the face...

"Told you.." another one getting a ball of web in the face, knocking him out...

The driver still gets a shot but she throws herself up and away from sight, the shot missing... When she lands, now on asphalt, she throws more web, catching the wheels with it and having it stop abruptly. The man hits his head on the steering wheel and gets knocked out... "... that guns aren't allowed."

She is already hearing the sirens closing in. They should be out enough time so that police can capture them. But as for the last of them... She sighs and launches herself up into the sky, swinging in the direction Venom left to..

It's only a glimmer in the night that she sees but continues to follow, cutting in through a few buildings, or across a lower rooftop, using well her spacial awareness to start gaining ground until she spots that roof where Venom dropped him.

She lands on the other side of Chuck, "Don't even try it." she tells Venom.

Eddie Brock has posed:
The only thing that saves the man is that Venom likes playing with his food, likes seeing the person afraid for their life. Otherwise he would have already been consumed by the time Gwen is able to deal with the other occupants of the car and catch up with them.

Venom's hulking from stands more upright as the woman in white, pink and black lands near Venom's intended meal. "Why save this one? He is..."

   «Eddie» "A very, very bad man."

"A very, very bad man," Venom finishes hurriedly. "He does not care if he kills children. Why do you care that he is made no longer a threat to the city?" Venom asks the woman.

He drags his claws over the ground, rending the roof where those massive claws slide. Terrorizing the Asian man in his early twenties who lies between them. "Please, you gotta save me! Don't let this thing have me!" he shouts to the Spider heroine. "I... it wasn't me, I wasn't the one who shot!" he says. Lying, lying.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Ghost Spider takes a step to the side, as if circling around when Venom does that claws-through-roof movement, eyes narrowing under the mask. This was a dangerous foe to face on open ground.. Or even close quarters. So right now she buys some time, figuring out a way to snatch the man away. "Yes, he most likely is. But killing them isn't the answer. Or ..., eating them." she shaking her head slowly before asking back at Venom. "Why do *you* care? Or is it just an excuse to complement your diet?" the tone getting a touch harsher..

But like she was doing now, walking on tiptoes in her ballerina shoes she also had to make sure to do the same when handling this one.

She lifts one hand, shooting a web out towards the asian man, hitting him in the mouth and keeping it shut. "Shush, let the grown ups talk now." the more the man spoke she knew it'd just add to nothing.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Venom doesn't make a more aggressive move than rending his claws across the rooftop. Perhaps just letting the female spider have an idea what she's facing if she tries to stand in his way. "Why isn't it the answer? It's a very good, final answer. No more worry to everyone else. And look at him. I can practically taste his spleen already," he says, a very, very large tongue emerging to slurp around his lips as if he were already cleaning them of the taste of very-very-bad-man spleen.

The gigantic black figure tilts his head, as he looks towards Ghost Spider. "Why do I care?" he repeats in a tone as if he's finding merit in her question.

   «Eddie» "Because good people don't deserve to be eaten. They have a hard enough life as it is. I had a hard life and I don't deserve to be eaten. Do I?"

Venom stands quietly for a few more moments.

   «Eddie» "Hey! Do I!?"

Venom grumbles towards Ghost Spider. "Because life is hard enough for good people without me eating them," he says, as if the words are being dragged out of him. He tilts his head. "Unless you suggest eating just anyone? We are open to this idea."

   «Eddie» "No we are not."

"Yes we are," Venom says as if repeating himself to make the point.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Yes, I can see that worry written all over those .., teeth and .., big tongue." Ghost Spider retorts, clearly not convinced of the 'goodness of the heart' from Venom. Not at all! She circles and closes in distance, just in that edge between being close enough to the asian between the two powered beings, dark and light, both in dispute about a man's life that arguably might not be worth it. But isn't all life worth it? At least that's what Gwen likes to think..

"I am suggesting not eating anyone. He won't be a threat to anyone anymore. He will go to jail for what he did." She pointing down at the man who is now speechless with the webbing on his mouth. It's very handy this webbing! "We don't need to become like *them* to protect people." nor should they forget protecting people is a priority, like she did a long while ago when she was still Spider-woman..

"How about this?" And Gwen opens her arms to the sides, trying to look nonchallant and loose even if in reality she is feeling pretty tense, "We let this guy go and I let you off easy? Just for today though.."

Another step taken forward, to get herself between the man and Venom.

Eddie Brock has posed:
The sounds of police sirens can be heard, and flashing lights of red and blue can be seen against the bottoms of buildings as the police arrive at the stopped car with the three men bound in webs. They look at the debris where the car roof was ripped open. "Man, Spider-Man's getting meaner," one cop says to another.

Meanwhile, up on the nearby rooftop, The monstrous, nightmare black creature with the mockery of a spider on its chest in white brings a massive, clawed hand to his chin, rubbing it as if considering Gwen's words. "I find your suggestion," he says, "Unacceptable."

Venom shoots black webs to the roof on either side of Ghost Spider and tugs to launch himself forward across the ground, intending to bowl the spider woman's feet out from under her and continue on past. Grabbing the Asian man and then launching out into space with him to swing away and make enough room he can eat the man in, if not peace, at least finishing him before the female superhero can catch up to him.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
It's perhaps ironic on how those three men had it easier than the one currently held up between Ghost Spider and Venom's clutches, a contest of wills to decide on who gets to keep the man. Saving him or eating him? Jury was still out about it... And Gwen was preparing herself for aggression...

When it finally comes her body seems ready for it, tense, coiled in preparation, turning her torso to the side so the webs don't hit her... But then there's a bowling Venom on her way. And that means there's only one way left to go. Up.. And perhaps worthy of quite a few 10s where it comes to ballet points the woman tosses herself up in the air, legs opening wide and she turning upside down. One hand still lightly taps on Venom's shoulder as she clears herself up and out of the way, watching Venom and the man being taken up..

"You did not choose .., wisely." She murmurs, mostly to herself really.


The feeling of a web latching on to Eddie's back is felt and then Gwen goes airborne, using Venom's momentum to pull herself up, another web thrown out to another building as she swings out through the night in pursuit. She comes from above, starting to fall down on Venom with both feet, aiming to get him off balance!

Eddie Brock has posed:
Spider Ghost is a little enough thing, at least in comparison to Venom, that her stealing some of his momentum to launch herself in the direction he's going doesn't greatly slow the monstrous creature.

Venom rotates in the air, having felt the tug though and turning intending to face Ghost Spider as he says, "You do not seem as worthy of destruction at that annoying Spid- OOOF!" The comparison to someone else is cut off as Gwen's feet catch Venom right in the gut, causing Eddie to lose his air. Venom bends over double from the hard double-kick, and loses his grip on the Asian man. He goes arcing through the air towards what will be a grisly splattering if no one arrests his fall.

Venom isn't likely to, yet. He takes him a moment to shoot a new web out and correct his own loss of altitude, letting the energy of that Ghost Spider created fall turn into velocity to swing him back upwards and in the direction the Asian man went flying.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Spider-man has that effect on people." Ghostie replies right after hitting Venom with both feet. Legs are still shaking from the impact though, clearly she not expecting such resistance, normally she relying a lot on her superior strength to face off against foes. But in this case, it was clearly speed versus strength, she clearly weaker but compensating with her agility. " ... Even I want to bap him sometimes.." bap, not destroy though. There's a difference!

She shoots another web from her wrist, hitting a building and swinging over, using that perfect awareness of space to create a trajectory to intercept the falling man. Of course that her focus is in *Saving* the man's life though, leaving her open to attack right as she catches him before there's grisly splatter on the ground..

"Ufff, you need a diet." she says about the asian man's weight when she catches him. Quippy! But for how long?

Eddie Brock has posed:
The Asian man's mouth is still gagged with Gwen's webbing, but his distress can clearly be seen in his eyes as he found himself sailing through the air and then falling. Until the female hero snatched him out the air, swinging him away from the giant black predator that is pursuing them.

"The web gag is a bad idea. I cannot savor his screams!" Venom yells after her. He swings with his left hand, and at the bottom of the swing his right shoots a black web down towards the ground, grabbing a Daily Bugle paper box and then slingshotting it through the air right towards Ghost Spider. He casts out another web to help swing himself forward to capitalize on any result.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
While Gwen has that really primed spacial awareness sometimes it's hard to capitalize on it. Specially as her danger sense appears to be having *delays* whenever this predator is involved. So it takes her just a bit longer than normal to react. She can see that daily bugle box coming up at her, trying to spin in the air to avoid it ....---

She can at least protect the man she is holding from taking the brunt impact of it. Instead it's her taking it full on, making her gasp out and miss on catching the webbing she had just sent to latch on to another building. Instead she shoots another one, frantically trying to stay airborne before she turns into a splatter on the ground too...!

"Shame on you ..." She still quips, "... newspapers need all the help they can get these days..." teeth gritted, watching Venom get closer and closer..

Eddie Brock has posed:
As Ghost Spider takes the hit of the heavy newspaper box, Venom is in action swinging nearer to them. He shoots out a web that hits the Asian man in the chest at the same time that he shoots a new web back behind himself with the other hand. The new line works like an speedbrake, yanking Venom backward and giving extra force as he pulls the Asian man of out Ghost Spider's grip!

The Asian man swings on the long black web, down low enough he tries to scream, thinking he's going to a panel truck. But Venome hauls him in, yanking him up so he ends up flying up to where the black monstrous form can grab him.

"Now you will pay. For shooting at children. You do not deserve to walk this planet. I only wish I could take my time with you," Venom says.

He tosses the Asian man up into the air and then shoots out a web to either side to stead himself. Venom's head tilts back, that massive maw opening up wide enough he can swallow the man whole... the Asian man tossed up to be caught in his mouth like another person might toss popcorn or a peanut.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Gwen's line catches her just before she hits the ground, she still feeling her suit scraping the floor as she again gains momentum to go up, up and away! And in this case towards Venom and prey. Damn these villainous types with similar powers to hers! Though if only it wasn't wanting to eat *every* single bad guy out there maybe they wouldn't be sooo bad..

"Oh no, you don't!" She is flying at high speed towards Venom, shooting web after another, aiming to distract, but also stop him from eating up the man. One solid web hits Venom in the chest, another then on that large maw, then another, creating a large net to serve as a trampoline for the 'peanut' that was just about to get eaten.

The man looks absolutely horrified as it bounces off from the waiting maw and starts falling ..., *again*.., onwards to it's doom.. At least until it's caught up on a net again by quite the accurate shot from the girl. If anything this Ghost Spider appears to be quite the sharpshooter with those things!

"I am just ..., looking after your diet!" This said while she continues to fly towards Eddie, long leg extended and ready to kick! But it's a move he can see coming from a mile away.

Eddie Brock has posed:
There's a bellow of rage as the sticky webbing attaches to Venom, blocking his gaping mouth and his intended feast bouncing away. The black behemoth tears at the webbing, giving Gwen another idea of his strength as he rips it away with an ease that a regular person surely could not.

"Diet! Who says I need a diet!?" Venom cries out loudly.

   «Eddie» "Well now that you mention it-"

"SHUT UP!!" Venom screams angrily. Gwen comes flying in, the kick telegraphed and the symbiote lashes out, a plume of black hitting her in the chest. Not a web but a thick wave of the creature's body apparently, hitting her hard and sending her cartwheeling through the air.

Venom snatches the man out of the air again and then starts swinging forward. The man is held by a length of black web, swaying back and forth in a way that has to be extra terrifying to him as Venom swings down lower, letting gravity speed him faster as he moves to get away from the annoying female hero.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Not only strong, but fast too. That's what Gwen is thinking as she gets hit squarely by that black *mass*. And he can expand his limbs from their usual length as well.. That's .., going to be hard to get through. So she will need to use her cunning instead of just her strength, or even agility. She shifts in the air, finding some measure of balance and lands back on a brick building, feet and hands first, back against it, some of the bricks breaking at the impact along with a gasp that leaves her lips.. That's going to leave a mark for a bit..

But no way she is going to let that man be eaten. In many ways she can be just like Spider-man, like that itch you can't quite scratch away, always there!

"Trust me, I know what's best for you!" this still about the diet. It appears to be a sore point, and she likes upsetting villains. It makes them careless. She is also calling his attention to her. Another web is shot but this one.. It goes wide.. Maybe Venom is slimmer and more agile than they thought!?

Another one is shot, just narrowly missing too.. Maybe she is not that great with those webs..?

Of course that what she is aiming for isn't *him*, instead it's the sign of the bar famous in this street, large and full of neon. "The Hammer and Anvil".

"Say..." Gwen then asks casually. "Do you consider yourself more of a hammer or an anvil?" What kind of a question is that?! Meanwhile, large sign flying to intercept the fleeing Venom.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Venom is swinging forward, more paying attention over his shoulder than where he's going as he sees the black, white and pink-clad hero resuming the chase.

The first web thwipps! past Venom as he does his best to dodge, and then another misses him to the other side as he looks back to to help him dodge her shots. "You are fast as him, but you need to work on your ai-"

Venom swings his head to check forward just in time see that metal sign, adorned with the image of a blacksmith hammering away at an anvil, rimmed in neon, yanked of a building by her two webs and right into his path.

Venom crashes into it, bending the sign in half and the neon shattering and peppering him with glass. At the sudden impact the Asian man goes flying loose into the air, while Venom goes the opposite direction. He falls and hits the street face-first, smashing into the asphalt and sliding a half dozen feet into an intersection.

He staggers to his feet in turns towards Ghost Spider. "You-"

The truck had a green light, so can't really be blamed as the driver hits Venom and sends him flying violently.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Anvil..!" Is the answer echoing through the air as Gwen swings by once Venom gets hit first by the sign, then by the truck. Ow.. She winces a bit under her mask. But he's a big boy, he should be able to take it. She probably would too! And she has to focus on saving this guy...

She feels the air rushing down against her facemask as she turns in the air, body elongated and she on a fast fall towards the man, catching him with one arm, "Gotcha. And don't get too attached. It's right to jail with you once we are done here!"

She dares to cast a brief look over her shoulder towards Venom, just in time to see him getting hit by the truck. But she won't stay to wait, swinging and taking a turn between buildings to get out of sight..

New York. This is her turf. And even with all the differences from her universe to this one she still knows the nooks and crannies, the escape points.. She swings between alleys, rushing away with her prize in the night..

Another look over her shoulder, hoping she isn't being pursued anymore.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Venom climbs slowly to his feet. He draws back a fist smashing into the truck's hood, completely bashing the engine to pieces with a half dozen blows that hit harder than the figurative hammer and anvil of the sign would have. The driver bails out and runs away, as do the few people on the street at this hour.

   «Eddie» "Well buddy, looks like she's gone. Maybe we better call it a night. Don't want to draw too much heat onto us."

Venom scowls and looks off into the sky in the direction Ghost Spider disappeared. "She fights well. But next time someone opposes me I will splatter them on the sidewalk," he says in his rather ominous deep voice.

   «Eddie» "That's pretty big talk for someone who got beat by a girl."

"We did. Last I saw you were part of us," Venom replies as he shoots off part of his body in a weblike form to launch himself in the air to begin swinging back home to the underground apartment in Greenwich Village. "We should get more chocolate."