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Eddie Brock (Scenesys ID: 723)
Name: Edward Brock
Superalias: Venom
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Klyntar
Occupation: Underground Journalist
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York City
Education: College Grad
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Spider-Verse
Apparent Age: 35 Actual Age: 35
Date of Birth 04 March 1985 Played By Tom Hardy
Height: 6'2/6'8" Weight: 275 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-vUjOxdXDk

Character Info


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Disgraced journalist Eddie Brock found a new friend in the form of a carnivorous alien symbiote. Now, the two united have formed an intense bond both mental and physical. The resultant creature hunts the night for sustenance and amusement, often targetting the criminal class, but sometimes just looking for something to play with. Together, they are known as Venom.


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* 1985: Eddie Brock is born in New York City. He never knows his father and is raised by a single mother.
* 1998: Eddie gets arrested the first time after getting into a fight in the neighborhood. He has a long history of behavior problems, but his mother can't afford to get him the psychiatric help he needs.
* 2004: Eddie takes a leave of absence from college after his mother dies of cancer. He spends several months in a psychiatric institution.
* 2008: Eddie finally completes his career and starts out at several small online outlets as a freelancer.
* 2012: Eddie finally gets hired at the Daily Bugle as a full-time reporter on the crime beat.
* 2017: Eddie was contacted by a man claiming to be a wanted serial killer. He protected the man's identity in front-page headlines, but later gave into pressure and his conscience to reveal the killer's identity. Immediately after, a superhero revealed someone else as the real killer. Eddie finds himself fired and disgraced. He has since only been able to work ghostwriting for others or for shady tabloids. Eddie grows embittered, hateful, self-loathing. And hates the superhero responsible for the revelation.
* 2019: While chasing a story, something he thinks will be his big break to getting back in the journalism world, Eddie is exposed to and infected by a Klyntar symbiote, an alien species that infects his mind and body and transforms him into the gestalt creature known as Venom. At first, Eddie and Venom are in conflict but they come to find an uneasy truce together, so long as Eddie keeps finding suitable targets to assuage Venom's appetites and doesn't try to reign in the fun too much. The secret, of course, is that sometimes Eddie's having fun, too.

IC Journal

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Eddie wallows in his pain. He does not try to make things better, but instead reworks things in his mind, over and over again. He can be sensitive to criticism and is very slow to trust other people. He sees himself as an alienated outsider, someone who's been cast out for no good reason, and he's pretty resentful about it.

Eddie always wanted to be somebody. He felt worthless and like a nothing most of his life and his brief run as a big city news reporter made him feel special. Losing that hurt a lot, but he's not giving up. He's still driven to make a name for himself, to achieve, to do something great. Even if that might mean becoming a monster to do it.

Venom likes hurting people. Venom likes scaring people. While not a sadist, Eddie isn't as particular about bad things happening when it comes to bad people. Or those he absolutely hates. Venom will deliberately taunt and frighten their enemies, relishing in the suffering almost as an appetizer to the main course. Eddie is more compassionate, but the symbiote can get its way when the victim is among the worst of humanity.

Eddie has been through a lot. One could argue how his time with Venom has affected his mental stability for better or worse, and there would be some truth on both sides. But a psychiatrist would probably diagnose Eddie with a few conditions. He is not, however, a psychotic supervillain. He tends to restrain Venom's worst behavior except when dealing with very bad people.

Character Sheet


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The symbiote's surface can create incredible surface tension allowing Venom to cling to walls or other materials essentially at will. While they traditionally will do so with their hands and feet, they can cling with any part of their body (or with tentacles or extrusions as necessary, as the symbiote possesses universal dexterity and molecular control). The grip is stronger than titanium steel and makes it very difficult to force them to let go against their will. Venom can move vertically up nearly sheer surface and can easily scale buildings or cling to the back of speeding vehicles, even planes.

Venom has the capability to blend in against its surroundings Predator-style. While they will be noticed in motion due to blurring or flickering as it compensates, this effect can make them extremely difficult to detect when they're still, especially unless they are being directly looked at. In the corner of the eye or in the background, the effect is nearly seamless. The Venom symbiote generates a nulling field that tends to counteract 'sixth sense' detection by things such as Peter Parker's spider sense or other forms of short-term precognition or preternatural awareness.

Venom's massive, fang-filled mouth isn't just cosmetic. Venom's jaw can unhinge and, with its superhuman strength, bite through even plate steel. The symbiote's unique metabolism allows them to devour and digest essentially anything organic and quite a bit inorganic, including fabric, wood and small elements of metal, especially softer metals like gold or tin. Venom can engulf and swallow the upper half of an adult human male from head to waist before they begin to choke (and then they just start to chew and they can usually manage). The more energy and power used, the more injuries they need to regenerate, the more conspicuous their consumption tends to be - and the more uncontrollable the appetite.

Monster's Mind:
Venom has two minds in one body, both of which are quite vicious, mad and willful. Those who engage in psionic contact or interference with them do so at their peril and will likely find their shared mind to be a jagged, uncomfortable and possibly dangerous place to visit. Controlling or psychic communication with them is extremely difficult, to say the least.

The symbiote is capable of restoring damaged physical cells and structures at an extremely rapid rate. Minor injuries will disappear in less than an hour, major injuries can be fixed within a day or two on the outside. His regeneration is fueled by ingestion so he'll heal faster the better fed they are. Burns will take him up to twice as long to regenerate due to the symbiote's vulnerability to thermal damage.

The essence of the symbiote is capable of altering its appearance, shape, texture and structure so radically as to be able to camouflage Venom perfectly in a wide variety of ways. The symbiote can form any clothes and alter the host's facial structure, appearance and physical body essentially at will, with the host's cells becoming totally malleable under the symbiote's influence. In their usual form, Venom possesses a massive mouth, prehensile tongue and claws capable of ripping through solid steel.

Venom's superhuman strength is on the upper end of the superhuman realm, enabling him to throw cars, tear through bricks or bend steel with relative ease. If agitated, enraged or with great effort, he can extend his strength to lift up to 40 tons, but his average strength is usually around the 25 ton range. He can extend his strength through tendrils or tentacles that he can latch off his body, including limbs of pure symbiote or even their rather trademark tongue. Venom can leap nearly fifty feet in the air from a standing position and can run at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

Eddie Brock is genetically joined with an alien symbiote from an advanced collective far from Earth. The symbiote is bound to Eddie's very cells and has its own consciousness and personality. The symbiote can hide itself inside of Eddie or manifest fully by covering him, including providing him with massive jaws and claws that he can use at his leisure. The symbiote greatly increases his physical resistance to injury, letting him withstand blunt force trauma equivalent to his superstrength of around 40 tons. He can withstand bullets and conventional blades, although some puncturing can be possible if done with sufficient force. His stamina, reflexes and dexterity have all been increased to approximately ten times the human peak.


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Eddie was getting into fights since he was a kid in a rough neighborhood. The symbiote, even before bonding with him, had a significant career in superhuman combat and passed those skills along to Eddie. There's nothing pretty or clean about the way Venom fights, but it's undeniably savage and effective.

Put simply, Venom is a terrifying darkness monster with huge fangs and a drooling tongue and a voice that sounds like death itself. While there may be more formidable, more powerful or even more dangerous creatures in the world, there are few who instill quite as much instinctive, bone-chilling terror in their victims than Venom.

Eddie Brock has worked extensively as an investigative reporter. He knows how to follow a lead, look for clues and break down evidence. He can assemble a narrative and find the missing pieces. He's especially good at asking the right questions and knowing when someone's lying to him.

Eddie's a good writer, with a tight and crackling prose style particularly well-suited for tabloids and sleaze. He's trying his hand at fiction a bit these days, since his life has gotten a bit more fantastical, and, for all of the trouble he got himself in, he remains a solid journalist.


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Eddie still knows people from his days as a reporter. He has sources in the police department, a few of the mobs and some of the shadier industries of New York. Anyone reluctant to answer his questions will likely have Venom breathing down their neck.

Eddie makes a basic living ghost-writing, proofreading and generally doing dogsbody work for a wide variety of websites and journalistic endeavors. He makes up fake stories for conspiracy theory sites and generally works as a bottom-feeder in the industry while he works on his novel and his more lethal hobbies. He makes a very modest income, just enough to have a somewhat crappy apartment and eating out mostly at fast food and diners.


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While the symbiote makes him quite formidable, Eddie does still need to breathe. He can be smothered or drowned and is vulnerable to gas attacks.

Downward Slope:
Though Eddie was a reasonably decent person before his humiliation and the subsequent joining with the Venom symbiote, his life has been on a downward track. The symbiote has been a devil in and on his shoulder, trying to push him in negative directions. But at the same time Venom's actions have made Eddie confront far worse behavior than he himself had sunk to yet. It is likely events could push him further down the bad slope. But it is also possible he could find increased redemption if things went well.

Fire Damage:
Flames or high intensity heat attacks like lasers disrupt the matrix of the symbiote's cells and results in intense physical damage and pain. Burns will heal much more slowly than other kinds of injuries and both symbiote and host could die as a result of being engulfed in flames for anything more than a very short period.

Shared Body:
Eddie and Venom coexist generally quite well, but they don't get along perfectly. No one does. If they are at odds or of differing opinions, they can struggle for control over their shared form, becoming distracted with infighting and not able to use their abilities at their peak as they fight for control.

High decibel sound and ultrasonics have an extremely negative effect on the symbiote, causing intense pain that paralyzes and incapacitates host and parasite alike. Continual exposure to powerful sonic attacks will cause the parasite to try to separate from the host and seek escape by any means necessary.



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Eddie Brock has 27 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Nice Day For A Walk March 30th, 2021 Gwen and Eddie go for a walk in Washington Park, playing frisbee and figuring out how to get Gwen an audition with the Jets.
Meat's Back On The Menu Boys March 23rd, 2021 A gang shootout independently draws Venom and Colossus. The X-man objects to Venom... eating someone. Fisticuffs and thrown car parts ensue.
But I Have A Good Excuse March 8th, 2021 Eddie's arrest causes him to miss helping Gwen with her paper. He finds out about band, and that they have both been through more than he realized.
The Wrath of J Jonah Jameson March 6th, 2021 Peter Parker runs into Eddie Brock in the Daily Bugle lobby. A confrontation with J. Jonah Jameson results in Eddie taken away in a squad car, and Peter negotiating to get the charges dropped.
A Ray Of Sunshine March 5th, 2021 Gwen wakes to remembering she has a house guest. But who wants to get up, really.
What Is It With Furnaces February 26th, 2021 As Eddie's apartment's heat is down on a frigid night, Gwen spots him heading for a bar and lets him crash on her couch.
Geneticists Of The World Unite February 24th, 2021 Madigan heads to ESU to talk Genetics, ending up with Gwen while her absentminded professor catches up on Madigan's technical emails. Eddie gets enlisted to wheel Madigan's chair, and watches her eat a chocolate bar in front of him. Some people.
Hooligans Just Not The Soccer Kind February 18th, 2021 Kids make a mess of Wong's Corner Store. Eddie and Gwen are in agreement about lentil beans.
Symbiotes Can Investigate Bombings Too February 16th, 2021 As Venom leaves the sight of the mutant high school bombing, he's spotted by Mania and a rooftop talk happens.
Someone Had A Real Blast February 15th, 2021 Daisy and Yo-yo investigate the van bomb that went off at a high school in Mutant Town, while Eddie Brock goes to investigate as well, looking for bad guys to sate Venom's hunger.
The Problem With The Furnace February 11th, 2021 Mrs. Wong makes her opinions known to Eddie as he helps Gwen fix the furnace in the corner story. Resulting in a face full of soot, and plans to help the ESU student with some of her writing.
Some Meals Deliver Themselves February 9th, 2021 Ghost Spider intercepts Venom as he goes after some men responsible for a drive by shooting in the vicinity of children. A fight results and Gwen saves the Klyntar's would-be morsel for the evening, and gives Venom a good wholloping on top of it.
Let Me Give You A Hand With Those February 4th, 2021 Eddie encounters Gwen carrying home groceries, and lends a hand as they talk about social media, genetics, and of course chocolate.
Lending A Hand February 2nd, 2021 Gwen tries to hide her strength as Eddie volunteers to help her bring in crates of food into the store. The furnace is noisy, and Eddie went to ESU too? Things to discuss later.
Did You Do Something With Your Hair February 1st, 2021 Eddie discovers someone new working at the corner store. Gwen Stacy scores points slipping an extra Hershey bar into his bag. Shhh.
A meeting of minds.. January 29th, 2021 And all is well. except maybe for the man in the alley.
Yippie-Ki-Yay Holiday: The Terminal November 30th, 2020 William Townley and his well-armed militia take over JFK International Airport during a raging snowstorm in the hopes of strong-arming a release of his brother, Jared, after last week's failed heist. Unexpected help shows up in the form of heavily-armed Falcone gangsters, the Venom symbiote, the armored tech raptor Ballista, and The Shadow herself. Local national guardsmen are found to be turncoats, the majority of the militia is slain under hails of gunfire or torn to pieces, and all but one hostage within the ATC tower is saved. William is arrested, but some men fled into the storm and managed to escape. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of these men...?
Can you just get ahold of yourself Eddie November 24th, 2020 Two Symbiotes had a very deep philosophical discussion. Who can tell what this will bring later on?
Firepower November 6th, 2020 An arm's deal was prevented but the clean-up remains. As do questions, questions about the Shadow, questions about the Beast and of course, was that really a giant mutant turtle?
Untold Streets: Ghoul Killer September 9th, 2020 No description
Boom Shaka Laka September 6th, 2020 Terra and Venom thrash the Beetle
Mr. Venom's Wild Ride September 1st, 2020 Venom and a careening carriage cross Cecily's path. Muggers are eaten.
Symbiote Encounter August 16th, 2020 No description
Sanguine and Ichor August 3rd, 2020 A monster on the hunt rescues a monster caught by those who hunt them. A dance in fountains of blood and ribbons of flesh see a new alliance formed between two creatures of the shadows.
Seeking The Barista Cat Of Doom August 2nd, 2020 Good drinks, good company, new friends, and cats. Today was a good day at DOOM Coffee.
Uncle Eddie and the Princess July 21st, 2020 Pretenses in the diner are dropped. Venom and Mania meet.
Greasy Spoons July 21st, 2020 Two symbiotes in a diner leads to some tense conversation while Johnny Storm is a smooth operator.


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Eddie Brock has 27 finished logs.

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