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Ted Kord: Private Eye
Date of Scene: 09 February 2021
Location: Penthouse - Kord Co
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Ted Kord, Alyx Vance

Ted Kord has posed:
Another stirring tale of the Blue Beetle unfurls!

"That's WAR!"

"Come on Bobo... you know the rules... three cards face down, one face up! Oh, don't have enough cards left. Then I win! Fork 'em over." Ted promptly gets three cards thrown in his face."

"Since when have you been a bad loser? C'mon shake manipulators... hey Winkie, get me some of that orange beef... if Alyx overlooked it. Thank you. Bobo, how are the new thrusters working out? You blew them out on that ahem rescue mission. Good? Good!" Winkie quickly returns with a steaming plate for Ted.

"Mmmm. Now begin the countdown... I bet Alyx will be up here on five."

Bobo holds up three micro manipulators.

Alyx Vance has posed:
    Alyx had been away from Kord Co for the last couple weeks -- personal reasons -- but that doesn't mean that Ted Kord's sixth sense for Alyx Vance's mooching abilities isn't accurate. It's not more than four minutes or so before the door swings open and Alyx walks right on in! The backpack she has slung over a shoulder is tossed by the doorway before she proceeds further in.

    "Hi Isaac." A piece of orange chicken from Ted's plate is plucked off between an index finger and thumb. "Hi, Grampy," she says before popping the food into her mouth. Grampy: Ted's doppleganger-proof codename.

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord narrows his eyes. "Hello, Mooch. See this is what happens when we pick each others codenames and you let me go second. You do know in this reality taking food of a single man's plate is a proposal of marriage right? Don't worry, you're safe. Not biting. You could never carry me over the threshold without dropping me and I bruise easily. We will ever be two ships..." Ted springs onto the sofa. "Two ships that pass in the night." Ted waves his arms around over emoting. He drops back down suddenly to continue eating quietly. Isaac floats up to Alyx and turns around to show her his new thrusters. "Oh our oldest there is a sore loser. Threw his cards at me."

Alyx Vance has posed:
    A faint shuffle of metal announces Alyx's custom pistol coming out of its holster. Like it's been done thousands of times before, Alyx's hands come together -- one around the grip and the other at the base of the magazine for stability. "Well, we might need a divorce," she says grimly, playing along with the joke. "Now, choose your next words very carefully. I take you, Grampy, to be my lawfully wedded husband... And you take, me...." Her voice trails off, giving Ted Kord one more chance to correctly use her dopple-proof codename. It's not Mooch.

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord looks up then goes goggle eyed. "I uh... I thought it was Moo... Freeloader! It's Freeloader!!" He drops his fork in the plate, suddenly not hungry. Having a pocket field gun stuck in your face produces a fair amount of adrenaline. Even when a friend does it. This diverts blood from the stomach for fighting killing appetites FWIW. You see now why superheroes never have to diet. "Geeze, the evil double died at the hands of another double. Remember? You were all sad when you thought it was me. Geeze. I forgot we were still doing that."

Alyx Vance has posed:
    Freeloader. The pistol is returned to its holster. After a pause, Alyx reaches a hand out and gives one of Ted Kord's shoulders a shove. She shakes her head, rolls her eys, and fastens the little snap that keeps her pistol secure in that holster. "These code names kind of lose their effectiveness if you forget them!" Alyx complains before taking a deep breath. "I really don't feel like shooting anyone, today..." Famous last words, right?