5116/Gotham U Winter Fest (And Steph's Birthday)

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Gotham U Winter Fest (And Steph's Birthday)
Date of Scene: 10 February 2021
Location: Gotham University
Synopsis: A winter festival at the Gotham U campus draws people from all over. The funnel cakes were the hit of the event.
Cast of Characters: Stephanie Brown, Heather Danielson, Barbara Gordon, Jason Todd, Gwen Stacy, Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe, Natasha Cranston, Bruce Wayne, Lester Colt, Logan Howlett, Susan Richards, Kate Kane

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The Winter Festival at Gotham University is something that the whole community looks forward to. It falls right around the time that winter starts to feel like it is dragging on. So a chance to get out and have fun with the snow can often lift spirits.

While the students are a large and active part of the Festival, it is open to the general public. There are food and beverage stands set up, including warm drinks and alcohol. People can enter snow shoe races (shoes provided!). The engineering department built a half-pipe for snowboarding, where you drop in out of the floor of an upper window on the Engineering building.

There are multiple ice rinks that have been built outdoors, with boards erected inside of snow walls and the ground inside flooded and frozen. People play broomball there in teams of 3 and 5 and more. It's hockey but with shoes, and using a broom with the bristles cut short, and instead of a puck is a ball about the size of a small dodgeball, and a bit harder than one.

Professionals are doing ice carvings, and even do them on commission. While dozens of groups take part in snow statues, which in the cases of some of the larger groups, can be several stories tall, and include intricate detail work.

The crowds are gathering, with at least a thousand people expected on campus for it today. The weather is below freezing, but not too far, keeping the snow from melting but not making it the worst of winter days.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    One someone suggested it as a joke, things kinda gained a life of their own. When about half of your demographic are young men, inviting last year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model seemed like the thing to do. It was done in jest mostly, but when Heather Danielson got the email, and she was able to arrange so that she'd be attending to raise funds for 'On Campus Events' for some of the sororities and such... it became a no-brainer.
    Now, what folks did not expect was for her to make the trip to Gotham in her own little smartcar. Sure, she is a member of the Titans, and known as such but she just drove out without an entourage, or a manager or anything and just sorta showed up.
    Being a winter festival, at least she didn't have to attend in some bathing suit. It's a bit chilly for that. So she finds herself finishing a shift in a popular 'kissing booth' event that raised quite a lot of money for the campus aid station funds. And now it is time for her to wander and have fun on her own. And her first stop... FUNNEL CAKES!
    I mean come on, who doesn't like carbs with powdered sugar on top? She steps away with her cake and says a soft, "Thank you." to the young man who presented it to her before she wanders off to observe the ice carvings. Hopefully they won't ask her to pose for one. She's got a hard enough time sitting still for cameras... yeesh.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Arrive in style!

It is rare enough that Barbara Gordon puts on pants (that aren't pajama), but even more so that she comes out of the sanctuary of her Clocktower cave. What is there out here that she cannot have amazon deliver? Thank god for the technological age. That said... she has a teenager living with her. A teenager who heard there was going to be a half-pipe and insisted that they must go to this thing!

So here she is, dressed for winter, with her vibrant red hair pulled back into a ponytail, black tights, big fluffy Ugg boots, and a wool coat with the wool hood up. It is cold af, guys. "We could have just watched this from home, you know?" Said to said teenager with her. "There was literally no reason to be here other than finding Stephanie and giving her her present, but we could have done /that/ at home too."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason Todd was there at the festival hands stuffed into the pockets of his faux fur lined leather jacket, toque on his head, scarf around his neck, as he looks at the festivities with a skeptical eye. Family fun and Jason usually don't mix, but he's here on Steph's invite so he's planning to behave. Like Babs though he's here for a specific mission, give a present then get out safely. Though he does pause for a cup of hot cider to keep off the chill.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown leaves her apartment building, which is right across from campus, and heads over to where the music is already blaring from speakers. She hadn't been sure she would be able to go at all, despite having invited a number of friends. But a guest visit by a second generation magi and member of the Justice League had cured the infernal elements that were causing demon claw marks on her side to fester.

It's the next day, and while a little more tired than normal, the pain is completely gone. Enough that Doctor Leslie Thompkins begrudgingly gave Stephanie a clean bill of health to attend, and even conduct "mild... MILD mind you, did you hear me say -MILD-... amounts of exercise."

Which of course meant Stephanie was signing up for a broomball game, first chance she got.

Wearing a deep purple jacket and a black Gotham U stocking cap, she crosses the street and sends out a text to her friends. "At the festival. Let the frivolities commence!" She immediately begins looking for her friends then. Spotting Barbara across the way on one sidewalk, and Jason Todd on another, Stephanie splits the difference, lightly jogging through the snow to a spot between them. Waving her arms like an idiot to get their attention.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Now that Gwen had moved back to New York she didn't come to Gotham often, only on special occasions which admittedly where many that required her presence in the gloomy city. But still, it was good to meet old friends and an anniversary was always a good excuse to mingle. Like many she was here with a mission in mind too, to give a certain birthday girl a certain present.

The blonde was dressed in dark jeans, wooly shirt and a fluffy jacket around her form, wispy hair kept in place by a beanie hat on her head which was tucked right close to her ears. Damn it was cold! A lot colder than New York! This. This was why she had left! Brrrr. "Tahiti was a much better place for a birthday party, Stephanie..." she complains to herself, walking across the street to join the festival itself.

Checking the messages she notes the bday girl is already around so .., it was time to hunt. Blue eyes do just that, starting on the hunt.

Oh, did someone mention funnel cakes?

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie smiles up at Barbara amused as she looks around at all the snow and people and festive merrymaking. "Don't be so grumpy." she teases.

"It is going to mean a lot to Stephanie that we came... braved the snow and fearsome blizzards... the abomidiable snowbeasts of clarox 7... all to bring her a present." Charlie kicks some snow. "Also I am pretty sure they will have hot chocolate and other cool stuff... also the ice rink...and.. you know..." a glance around then back to Babs "Fun stuff." meaningful pause "You do remember how to have fun right?"


Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Public events like these are always good draws for would-be donors and sponsors looking for some good PR, and maybe get a head start on head-hunting the up and coming talent. Of course, everything is quiet and informal, as this is a day for the students, rather than the donors, but sometimes it's nice to be at a party and not have everyone acknowledge you.

    Natasha is dressed warmly, but - by her standards - conservatively; relatively simple if high quality winter clothing, elegant boots under a thick coat, matching gloves at her sides as she stands by the skating rink, watching the activities with a quiet smile on her face.

    It seems like a lovely quiet night, and no one appears to be planning to commit any crimes. It might even /stay/ a quiet night, for once. That'd be nice.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
There's a face Babs hasn't seen in forever.

"I'm not grumpy, I'm realistic." said matter of factly, with a smirk hidden by the upturned collar of her wool coat, "All these people are a recipe for communal infection. Consider the possibility of a global pandemic all because a few thousand people /just had to have/ funnel cake..." She heard someone say funnel cake.

"I want to be part of the solution, not the problem."

All of her humbuggery is for show, however.

This use to be one of her favorite celebrations. One of the few to which her dad had ever really been able to take her... neverminding the fact that he was almost always working during the event itself. He brought her, and that was important.

But speaking of Stephanie, Babs spots the blonde and raises up to wave a gloved hand over her head, "Steph! Yo, Steph! Over here, babe!" ... and is that Jason Todd? Can they just make eye contact and share a moment of mutual disdain for being around this many people?

Babs is over here craning her neck side to side to seek out this eyecontact aforementioned while approaching him.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
As a general rule Bruce Wayne does not make it out to these sorts of events, not unless the Wayne Foundation is sponsoring them, or there is some sort of charitable portion to them. And while one can certainly argue that chasing away the winter blahs for a few hours is a pretty good cause, it's safe to say that is not top of mind for Gotham City's first son. And while lightening up for a little bit and maybe having some fun might do Bruce some good, that's not really why he is here either.

He has made more of an effort lately, to be a little more supportive and open to brood of protegees that has assembled in Gotham. It is probably something that will never come natural to him. And he has a tendancy to overlook little things -- like say birthdays or other significant celebrations or milestones. Fortunately -- or not as the case may be -- he happens to have a rather dedicated butler who does not forget such things.

And that then would be why the dark haired billionaire slips out of a wildly impractical sports car -- given the general snowy conditions of Gotham's streets at the moment -- trudging along the side walk towards the various stands and events up ahead. Alfred made it quite clear that he would be attending and that he would be on the lookout for Stephanie to deliver her gift. Or he would be making his own dinner. And while he considered calling his butler's bluff the memory of the last time he tried to make his own dinner lept to mind.

This is definitely the lesser of the evils.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Lester leans over to assist in the final touches of setting up the recruitment booth. He lifts up the paperwork that had gone wild and sets it back onto place on the desk with care and attention adjusting its positioning for the recruiter working the desk.

     The two Marines are dressed in Type B dress blues, bright white United States Marine Corp peaked cap resting atop his head. His rank patch identifies him as a Master Gunnery Sergeant, and his uniform is in pristine condition in spite of the snow and winter weather in all directions.

     His cool brown eyes glance across the fields of people looking out from one face to the next as he stands at ease with his white glove clad hands behind his back.

     "One of these days I'm going to say I'm busy." He chuckles to the woman behind the desk currently filling out paperwork as a snowball goes wide flying right by his head by a few inches.

     "I'm sure you will Gunny" She chuckles with a bit of a smile before looking back down to the paper. "Right after my bacon grows wings and flies off the plate." A light smirk given his direction. She speaks with a thick Gothamite accent as she works.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Stuffing her face with funnel cake, Heather smiles as she observes the ice sculptors. But then she shrugs and stuffs another bite into her mouth. She eats like her last name was Allen. Well, almost. But either way, she starts towards the ice rinks and the broom hockey.
    Along the way, she passes the Marine recruitment booth and slows to a stop. She stuffs her face with more funnel cake and grins. "They say nobody looks bad in dress blues." She grins mischievously and adds, "-they- were right." Okay, so she's flirting a bit. What? It's kind of a part of who she is.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
"We definitely need to get you a hot beverage stat." is her retort to Barbara "Maybe a cider... or you know that hot chocolate..." because honestly she wants hot chocolate hence the repeated coming back to it. "ooo or funnel cake.. and funnel cake..." pause "Definitely aaand funnel cake."

Charlie bounces a little to get a better look over some of the various college aged folks when Babs spots Stephanie trying to get a bead on her too. Which once she does commence the energetic waving in her direction. By the time she stops that waving well she blinks realizing Babs is headed off towards someone else now. That isn't Stephanie. Or even Hot Chocolate. What the heck.

Still Charlie follows her giving Stephanie the universal teen shrug with hands up of beats me as she does.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown scoops up some snow to make a snowball and throw it at Jason Todd. Further evidence that her injury is better as it is a decent throw. She trudges over through the snow then to greet Barbara and Charlie though they are heading to Jason as well. "Hey guys, you made it," she says with a bright smile. She leans over to give Babs a quick hug, and then a side-hug for Charlie. "Isn't this great? I came twice when I was younger, but first time attending as a student," she says, blue eyes shining with as much brightness as the mostly clear sky overhead.

Stephanie looks about and says, "Charlie, we need to put a broomball team together for later." She waves over towards Jason again to try to get him over to them.

More glancing about the crowd, though Stephanie is focused on those she's with for the moment. That doesn't stop her looking through the crowd though and saying, "Hey I haven't had a drink at all. Yet. But that almost looks like Bruce over there."

Logan Howlett has posed:
    Looking forward to a day away from Xavier's, Logan arrives not too early...and not too late. Scanning the area with a bored expression, the man wearing a dark leather jacket, blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat almost looks out of place.
    Breathing out with a gust of breath that appears in the cool air, Logan grunts, and sniffs. "Smells like festival grub. I'm there." looking for the spot selling the food he had just caught a whiff of, Logan heads there with a quickened pace.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Funnel cakes are indeed a reality!

Exhibit A - She spotted Heather wandering around with one. Exhibit B - She is stuffing her face with one already, powdery sugar around her lips. What? A girl needs to get *something* for coming out here today in the cold. She waves her cake in Heather's direction, knowing her from their Titans time, and noting the flirtyness going on she grins. Typical Heather! She makes her way over. "Can't see a guy in uniform, heh?" bit of an eyebrow waggle to show she is simply teasing. "Here for the birthday too?"

It's then that she spots Stephanie and company, "Oh there she is." she waves towards her and those with her, "Hey Steph, I made it!" she announces before she sputters sugar all over in surprise.

"Is that Bruce Wayne?"

Jason Todd has posed:
Yes, Jason definitely meets ^Babs' look across the festival in a moment of mutual loathing for having to be around people. He raises his cup of cider to the redhead before Steph's snow ball gets him from behind. "Hey!" he says as cider spills over his hand. He knocks back the rest of the cup, tossing it aside as he gathers up snow to retaliate. "Real mature Blondie!" he shouts at the girl before hurling a snowball her way.

Susan Richards has posed:
     Every once in a while, it was good to get away from the lab. What could lift spirits in the dead of winter better than the annual Winter Festival at Gotham U? Susan Richards is dressed down for the occasion in stylish navy blue slacks, a turtleneck shirt of the same hue, and a knee-length hooded swing coat in jet black, buttoned up, with fur edging the hood. Black-furred earmuffs are perched atop her head, keeping silver-tinged blonde hair away from her face.

     She pauses to look around the event, a nostalgic smile gracing her lips. It seemed a lifetime ago that she had to leave college behind to take care of her brother. But without that, she would not have her husband, and her family.

     How she wished they could be here!

     A whiff of a dark, sweet, familiar and comforting brew wafted through the air. Allowing her nose to lead the way, she makes for one of the myriad hot drinks stations around the event, to seek out a cup of cocoa and ward off the day's chill.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
"There is no way that's Bruce, Bruce would never be cau- I'll be fucked... that's Bruce." Babs says with a hanging jaw and a glance at Charlie. Smirk becoming a knowing grin, "Would you like to meet Bruce Wayne?" No doubt there'll be a line around the corner, though. What kind of status card can lil ol Barbara Gordon pull to get them to the front of that line? Certainly no. Certainly she's of no particular importance!

But there are big brain things that must be done first.

A list if you will.
1. Get Charlie some hot chocolate.
2. Get herself some GAWT DAM alcohol.
3. Hug Jason todd.

Not in that particular order, given the first thing she does once she's within contact distance of her twinsie of disdain is try to wrap him up in a big ol tight hug. On the one hand, just because she misses him and she feels confident she can get away with it, but on the other... because it'll make him squirm and that amuses her.

"Charlie, this is Jason. Jason is one of my old friends, we basically grew up together. Jason, this is Charlie. Basically my daughter, in the sense that she lives with me, I pay for all her shit, and she only listens to me two percent of the time."

Kate Kane has posed:
    Festivals are wonderful. They're happy, cheery places occupied by masses of people celebrating and making merry, often without much of a reason at all. It isn't a national holiday, after all.

    Quite literally the opposite of anything Kate ever wants to do, but a series of text messages have... Pried her out of her penthouse apartment for a public appearance that Kate Kane has not made in a very long time. It probably is good to let people know she lives, but she's not here for the press or paparazzi.

    Stepping out of a luxuriously oversized black limousine, Kate occupies her driver with two simple words: "Funnel Cake." before giving him a small black card with which to purchase what can only be called 'an absolutely unreasonable amount' of said treat.

    Then, she's trundling through the snow, wrapped up in an expensive-seeming thick winter coat, her short red hair whipping around in Gotham's winter wind. From her pocket she slips her phone, and rattles off a quick message to someone in particular.

    "Okay. I'm here. Traffic was terrible."

    That's a lie.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Lester dodges another snowball that goes wide from folks just having a good time. A duck to the side to avoid getting any snow on his uniform, or rather any more than the slow fall of snow that's already getting on part of his uniform.

     It's a relatively slow day for recruitment as it stands with a few people stopping in from time to time. He watches the proceedings from one face to the next, though he moves from his spot to grab up the coffee pot and pour himself a fresh cup.

     "You know you probably wouldn't look half bad in them either." He offers pointing with a single finger. "Been in fashion since the forties." He offers with a bright smile of white teeth.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Being waved to by Gwen makes Heather grin widely. It's a much more natural smile that lights up her face far more than her model's fashion smile. Gwen is a friend from the Titans, and the two of them shared being new recruits together.
    Plus, blondes must unite y'know... you don't know? Well now you know.
    But then she looks back to Lester and shrugs her shoulders, "Maybe. But I'm already kinda doin' a term of service." She steps forward and holds a hand out to Lester, "I'm Heather Danielson, member of the Titans in Metropolis. The press unfortunately named me Knockout." She says, rolling her eyes, "But the name stuck."

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie leans into the side hug returning it before pulling away to study Jason Todd and then looks back to Stephanie "What the hecks is broomball... I mean regardless I am totally in and will kick butt..." a little bewildered and yet supremely confident she will kick butt.

"We should get hot chocolate." she agrees with Stephanie about the not having had a drink yet. The teen is definitely determined.

When Gwen comes up to them she raises a hand to give a friendly, I don't know you but I'm nice, sort of wave "Where is the funnel cake?" she asks also hopeful. Then blinks a couple of times watching Gwen basically give an impression of a sugary breath weapon consisting of powdered sugar. "The uber rich dude?" puzzled and glancing between Gwen, to Stephanie, and finally to Babs as she actually swears. Yet confirms it.

Honestly not entirely sure which is more shocking, a Bruce Wayne sighting or Babs swearing. .. .. okay probably the Bruce Wayne sighting.

She looks up to Barbara "I mean... sure I guess. I've never met anyone rich like that rich before. Do you ask for autographs like movie people?"

"Heeeey I listen like... at least fifty fifty..." not the strongest defense that protest, not at all the strongest. "Nice to meetcha Jason." thrusting a light winter gloved hand to Jason.

Logan Howlett has posed:
    Logan finally arrives where his nose has been leading him. To the food. Paying for the cakes, he "wolfs" it down with a smile and a satisfied "Mmmmm." Looking at the semi-scared proprietor, Logan nods his appreciation, and says, "Good." Simple but effective as the young person sighs in relief.
    Turning back at the sound of laughter and voices, Logan next heads towards the ice. "Huh. Been a while since I laced the skates on." Now that would be a sight.
    Picking up a hot chocolate on the way, he takes a sip, and grimaces slightly as it burns his tongue. Then, heals almost instantly. "Just the way I like it. Hot."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown sees Jason Todd launch that return snowball her way. It's sort of like those early moments in War Games when NORAD is watching the Russian missile come their way. So to stay with the simile, Stephanie ducks and covers, the snowball hitting her on the shoulder and sending a splatter of snow all over her.

The blond straightens and dusts herself with a grin for Jason as she's subjected to a Babalanche of Hugging. (Trademark pending) She says to Charlie, "Broomball is like hockey without having to know how to skate. It's so fun. You get to hit people, in public, without getting arrested."

"Gwen, you made it," Stephanie says brightly, offering her fellow blond a quick hug. "I didn't think you'd make it down. It's been forever," she says. "How's ESU? Have you built any genetic monstrosities yet? Or is that Junior year?"

Stephanie checks her phone and shoots a message off to Kate Kane telling her where in the quad they are. They aren't too far from the bottom of the snowboarding half-pipe, so are pretty easy to find.

Another look is given as Barbara confirms Stephanie's earlier thought. "Oh wow, it is. I really didn't expect him to come," she says, really caught off guard at seeing Bruce there. When he looks over in their general direction, Stephanie gives him a wave to help him spot them.

Jason Todd has posed:
First snowballs then hugs, the day is getting better and better. Jason does indeed squirm but he doesn't push away or tell Babs to fuck off so that's practically like him hugging her back by Jason Todd's standard. "Easy Barbie," he tells her finally as he wiggles free. "Daughter huh?" he says smiling as Babs defines things further. "Sounds about right," he says shaking Charlie's hand. "Good to meet you too, just make sure your Mom doesn't start her own collection like Bruce, okay?" he teases with a smirk towards Babs.

At Steph's mention of Broomball, he snorts, "Apparently it's a sport where you can hit people, so it sounds alright."

Bruce Wayne has posed:
He is not here making a personal appearance, nor is he even here to be seen and show that yes Bruce Wayne is living the life expected of a man of his wealth and position. So he has been very clever. He has pulled up the collar of his coat around his cheeks, both to conceal his features a little and to break that rather brisk wind.

Of course it all would work better ie he hadn't arrived in that ridiculously overpriced car, mind you. It's not even as if the very ample garage at Wayne Manor doesn't have a few vehicles specifically to avoid attention. Oh well.

The crowds are thick and the attractions are many, though the dark haired billionaire merely glances over most of them briefly, eyes flitting here and there. Even without the cape and cowl on he seems to be noting everything -- unable to escape the detective within him.

Of course the really unnatural thing is that he seems completely indifferent to the funnel cake stands that appear to be the star attraction of the event. At least for the moment.

He is a man on a mission and as he walks in amongst the ice sculptor displays, he finally thinks he has laid eyes on his target...

Lester Colt has posed:
     "Master Gunnery Sergeant Lester Colt, and it's a pleasure to meet a hero." Lester holds out a gloved hand still holding a warm smile though it's less of a tooth filled smile as he gives a firm handshake. A few of the people nearby hear that name and perk up their attention looking over from what they had been doing.

     "Here we go." The Marine at the desk offers with a bit of a chuckle as she looks down towards her paperwork finishing up a fresh line. "One of these days you'll pick up a pseudonym." She warns, taking a sip from her own cup of coffee.

     Several people break off from what they had been doing to wander over to the recruitment station with autograph books in hand. It's a miniature swarm of nerdy college students who overheard that name.

Susan Richards has posed:
     Susan glances over at Logan, one brow lofted and a sparkle of amusement in her eyes. Raising her own cup of the steaming brew in salute, she takes a cautious sip. However, she's not quite so fortunate as he is, and winds up coughing as she scalds her tongue. "Maybe a little too hot!" The nearest snowdrift becomes an improvised cup holder, and she nestles her waxed paper cup of cocoa into place to chill for a while.

     A few whuffs of breath later, the air in front of her face is clouded with steam, obscuring her chagrin. "It's been a while since I've skated, too, in my younger days."

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs glances down at her phone and checks the screen with the pro-skill twist of her wrist. Murmuring a reply that voips out to Kate, "Oh good. We're getting hot chocolate." Grinning.. a goofy grin at that, one that Babs doesn't often wear these days... at whatever she's read there.

"Kate's here." To Jason, to Stephanie, and to Charlie. Waving a greeting to Gwen as well with a nod, "Hey. Barbara Gordon." Reaching out a greeting hand to shake and all that. "Fifty fifty... suuuure..."

All this means she's released the squirmy Jason to his own squirmy devices. Suffice that she feels gratified and glorified for having succeed in at least one thing from her list. "I'm gonna go find Kate. Steph, I have your present in the car, I'll give it to you before I leave." Which is almost assuredly saying she's going to forget and give it to her like.. in August or something.

For a woman who literally remembers everything, she's supremely capable of being forgetful.

It's a ploy to get people to visit her.

A cry for attention.

"Here." Handing Charlie a credit card, "Don't get sick." AND SHE'S OFF.


Mission: Find Kate is now full swing.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "I assume Devil Dog applies to all Marines, eh? At least if I remember my history classes right." offers Heather. But she shrugs and gestures to the broom ball game area. "You should totally go have some fun. Show that being a marine isn't all about standing around looking handsome, but that you can let off some steam too. Be good for givin' a good vibe for recruiting. At least I think so."
    But she gestures to the vendor stands and says, "If you'll excuse me. I'm out of funnel cake. Being out of funnel cake should earn me a stint in the brig." A pause, "Or is it the stockade?" She asks absently. But she shrugs and turns as she says, "Maybe I'll see you down there." And she rushes off to grab some more cake, and a giant cup of hot cider. Once that is achieved, she's gonna bounce over towards Gwen.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Lets play broomball later." Gwen tells Heather, "But no knocking me out, yes? Yes." she lets her to talk with the nice man in uniform, giving her a light tap on the shoulder and then she is near the birthday girl and the ones about her. And yes, spreading sugary goodness all over. At least she doesn't hit anyone! The question from Charlie has her pointing with her thumb to the stand. "That away. They are going -fast- though." and now she is sad she didn't get more.

Missed opportunities indeed...

The hug is returned to Stephanie. "Of course I did. In the flesh and all that. I am only in New York, not in another planet!" even if sometimes it *does* feel like that. "And I can neither confirm nor deny about said monstrosities. You will have to read it all in the papers." a teasing wink given to Steph. To the others she wiggles fingers, "Hey, I am Gwen." open, genuine smile offered around.

"So birthday girl what's on the menu? Broomball? snowball wars? Eat cake until we explode? All of the above?" she rests her hands on her hips.

Logan Howlett has posed:
    Taking another look around, Logan notices a few semi-familiar people. Or perhaps, famous people. Spotting Susan across the crowd raising a cup of hot chocolate in his direction, Logan takes a moment, smiles, and raises his in a return salute. It was truly nice to see her.
    So far, this road trip had been uneventful, but who knows what could happen with all these people here? For one, Bruce Wayne. Avoiding that group of people, Logan continues his journey.
    Taking another sip of his hot chocolate, Logan arrives beside Susan at the rink, and regards it with an "experienced" air. "Not bad." Sip. "Must a' brought in some canucks to make this ice the right way. How are ya' Susie?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie can't help but give a playful smirk towards Jason Todd as he brings up the sport. "I'm afraid we might lose you to some professional broomball league once you've tried it." she tells him.

She slides her arm about Gwen, "Yes, Gwen is probably the most awesome person to come out of New York since... um... General Washington. He was from New York wasn't he? Or wait he was from Mount Vernon. Maybe Spike Lee then?"

Stephanie's training kicks in for a moment as she looks over and spots Natasha Cranston. "Hey that's... um don't tell me," she says, trying to recall the memory trick she used to learn all the faces she's had to. "Natasha Cranston isn't it? From the shipping company? Do you do any work with her company, Babs?" she asks.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs, prior to departure on her self assigned mission, follows Stephanie's gaze over to Natasha, "Cranston. Yeah, we have a shipping contract with her." Nodding to the blonde birthday girl, "I really need to get a meeting with her too, thanks for reminding me."

Totally forgetful.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Lester is about to respond when the crowd begins to show. He pauses for a moment before going right back into salesman mode as it were. He's mostly giving out signatures to folks who recognize the GI Colt brand, but maybe just maybe one or two might give another look into joining the corp.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Okay, so after she has her doublecake and thirty two ounce hot cider, Heather comes bounding away from the outdoor equivalent of a food court to approach Gwen from behind, "Hey Gwen!" she calls out as she approaches, "Mind introducing me to your friends?" A pause, "I'll share more funnel cake with folks if you do!" she offers as a bribe while sauntering on up.

Kate Kane has posed:
    Arguable, Kate would at least like to call herself the second best detective in Gotham, next to a specific individual. The thought has crossed her mind more than once to really test the theory, but there isn't exactly a committee handing out titles, and if the two of them were to ever /really/ try and get the closest thing together and a context underway, Jim Gordon would probably have a heart attack before he reached a solid verdict.

    This is why, as the pieces fall into place, the moment Babs sends over a text stating that 'we' are getting hot chocolate, Kate recalls that she hadn't asked what Charlie was doing today, and then realizes that this is, in fact, what Charlie is doing today. Being here. "The Gremlin." she remarks, under her breath, before venturing further into the cold and the snow.

    She's received enough clues now to know 'roundabout where Barbara is, and so like some sort of homing socialite, Kate winds through the crowd, passing vendor stalls and roving packs of students to find her way to the reason she's here. The crowd converges at one point near Babs, and then when it parts, there's a Kate. Waiting.

    "I sent Greg off to get all of the funnel cake they have. I'm not sure if that'll be enough."

Susan Richards has posed:
     "Very well, thank you...?" There is an upswing in Susan's voice as she addresses Logan, a note of query in that last drawn-out syllable. Really, there were hazards to being well-known sometimes--and this was one of them. A barely suppressed smirk threatens to shatter the mask of polite sociability the matriarch of the Richards family wears. "Who says that only Canadians know how to make ice 'properly'?"

     The gauntlet had been thrown down.

     Let the games begin.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
"I mean..." the whole mom thing has the teen considering, there is several blinks there and a giant internal screech to a halt. I mean Babs saying like a mom is one thing. Jason referring to her as her mom is another thing entirely.

Also she has no idea what the whole collection thing means really. Yet.

Then. Distraction. "Oo hot chocolate!" which is followed by a "Forty Sixty?" negotiation to Babs.

Still she has the credit card now and looks to Jason, Stephanie, and Gwen "More funnel cake and hot chocolate on Babs?" she offers to the rest of them, holding the black metal credit card up like a small holy relic. "Also caramel apples or whatever else people want?"

She has acclimated quickly.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
A beautiful brunette walks up to Lester, trailed by a rather large, rugged Latino. "Hey, you're that hero aren't you?" the coed, who looks like maybe a sophomore or a junior asks. "What's his name, Francisco?" she asks, turning to look towards the Latino.

The latter steps up and says, "GI Colt, or Doll Man isn't it?" He offers Lester his hand. "Really appreciate your work, sir," he says.

The coed pulls out her phone. "Right, that's what I thought. We have to get a picture," she says, getting the camera into selfie mode without quite waiting to see if Lester is on board with the idea. Which earns her a slight scowl from Francisco. "Jordanna, find out if it's ok with him first would you?" he says. She just snorts a bit but then shines a smile on Lester that one can tell she's used to getting what she wants with it. "Please, a picture sir?" she asks.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
There's a lot of things that will give Jim Gordon a heart attack.

It has been a lifelong mission of Barbara Gordon to see just what some of those things are... it is her duty, she reasons, to push the envelope where it comes to her father.. and that might be why the best she gets out of Charlie listening is fifty fifty. Because Karma is, as they say, a giant bitch.

Like all the funnel cake at the fair, giant.

There's not enough time to consider the enormity of such a rotund individual before the crowds part and reveal a Kate near at hand. "Oh... Mission successful!" Hands motioning up to said Socialite. "I have found-" Arguable, "-Kate."

In greeting, the redhead boops the womans nose and reaches out for her hand. "Glad you braved the harsh traffic to be here."

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"I wouldn't go as far that, Steph." Gwen laughing out, briefly amused and shaking her head a bit to herself, "At least you probably won't *after* seeing my present." which she produces from within a pocket of her jacket. It doesn't even look big! And it's sorta squishy too. She hands it off to Stephanie and looks to the others, raising her hand, "Good to meet you all.", shaking Barbara's hand when the greeting comes.

Heather's approach has her look her way, "I don't think anyone will mind more cake. And this is Heather, she's a friend." not that she shares from where, not one to go around spreading her secret Ghost Spider persona! "Heather, this Stephanie, the birthday girl, also that's Barbara Gordon." she pointing to the departing one. She then grins down to Charlie. "Caramel apples you said?"

Well then, someone was going to roll back to New York instead of walking.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Baby blues going wide, Heather almost squeals, "Oh! Birthday!?" she exclaims. "Hrm. Hrm. Well shit. This is a last second notice." She pauses and then adds, "I assume extra funnel cake isn't an appropriate gift.." she adds with a shrug, "I thought I might try some broom ball myself today. Think you'll let me buy y'all dinner later for a birthday gift?" She asks.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown ooos and nods to Charlie. "Yes. I mean the only thing better than funnel cake is free funnel cake, right?" She smiles over to Barbara, giving her a thank you expression.

She pivots to Gwen then as the New Yorker has a present for her. "Aw, thank you," she says, holding the package and giving it little squeezes. "You bioengineered this didn't you?" she asks, giving it another tentative squeeze as if expecting to hear it make a noise in response. She begins to open it up.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
There are no shortage of places to look for familiar faces but in the end Bruce is fairly certain he caught site of several of them moving towards the little stands selling a whole variety of sweet -- and frequently warm -- treats. So that is the direction that he heads as well. Though he might have to stop back by the ice sculptures on the way out. Some of them really are quite impressive.

The crowds are definitely thickest around the food stands, particularly those distributing hot chocolate and cider. And of course the funnel cakes, apparently the most prized possession of all. Edging past all of the people he finally comes upon the birthday girl and the circle of companions that she has managed to acquire. "Ahhhh, just who I was looking for," he says with that cheerfulness that is very much limited to Bruce Wayne in his public persona.

Lester Colt has posed:
     "Only if you take a pamphlet." Lester offers with a smile as he finishes signing off on a young collegates autograph book. He turns with a friendly expression well practiced over the years. Yes much of it may be theater but it's a theater that he's worked hard on.

     He holds out a pair of Marine recruiting pamphlets to the two. "We're just going to have to take them back to the truck with us if there are any left." He lets out a deep chuckle giving another reassuring smile before posing for a picture with confidence.

     Lester has several rows of ribbons on his uniform including the purple heart and the congressional medal of honor along with various campaign ribbons that make the man's breast look more like a rainbow wall of different bits of cloth.

Logan Howlett has posed:
    "Logan, Mrs. Richards. Just being friendly." Logan smiles, and takes the last drink of his hot chocolate. "Well, I supposes that Americans who used to be Canadians could have made the ice. Who knows?" Logan says with a shrug. "I teach kids over in Westchester. It is a job. You, however, are more famous."
    Logan pulls his gloves back on after tossing the empty cup into a nearby trash can. "I hear you have a few interesting young people in that building of yours. If you ever need any help, let me know."
    With a tip of his cowboy hat, Logan bids adieu, "A pleasure. Enjoy the festivities!" Turning and heading into the crowd, Logan disappears.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The coed at Lester's booth grins and says, "Of course. Heck, I'll sign Francisco up if that's all takes." She grins to him and turns to stand with him as she holds up her camera and snaps the picture.

Francisco shakes his head and takes two of the pamphlets. "Thanks again," he says to Lester, pulling Jordanna away as she's busy looking at the photos now.

The pair step away and Francisco looks around. He nudges Jordanna and motions over towards where the group are standing with Stephanie. "Hey isn't that-" he gets out before he's cut off.

"Loser Brown," Jordanna snorts. "Come on, let's go see if one of the ice sculptors wants to make a statue of me," she says, tugging Francisco after him.

Stephanie spotted them and she raises a hand to wave. Francisco returns it before he's dragged off. Stephanie shakes her head. "Some things never change," she says, turning back to her friends. And seeing that it now includes another person.

"Bruce, really great of you to make it out," Stephanie says to Bruce Wayne. She looks a bit touched to see him there. "Have you gotten something to drink yet? Charlie was just buying up a round of cider or hot chocolate," she says.

Susan Richards has posed:
     Susan inclines her head to Logan and smiles. "No shame in teaching kids. It's honorable work. Be proud of it." Her smile widens by degrees, until it seems to lighten her whole expression. A light sound of agreement comes from her, and she nods, though she also seems to puff up in no small amount of pride. "Of course. My children. I couldn't be prouder of them if I tried."

     Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow, as must happen eventually. Retrieving her cup from the snowbank, to find it had cooled to a more potable temperature, Susan salutes Logan once more, with no hat of her own to tip. "Likewise. I should find the birthday girl and deliver her present, anyhow. Be safe, Logan!" And she herself is off into the crowd, to seek out Stephanie.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Congratulations Steph. You are to be the first monstrosity I will create." Gwen is even able to say it with a serious expression. Real serious! (Or not) Inside she will find a wooly beanie hat, dark green in color and looking warm as heck, "Mrs. Wong told me that was the warmest beanie hats they ever had and I trust her." Of course she had checked for any Wong publicity stitched in it just in case! "And since you just never leave Gotham better have something to warm you up in this cold climate. I wonder if you all have cold blood up here." she wonders.

It's a good thing that she isn't eating cake anymore, so there's no more sugary spread around when Bruce Wayne *actually* steps in close to talk with the birthday girl. She coughs a bit, looking up at the billionaire then back to Steph with an approving nod.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie is indeed organizing drink orders for Stephanie, herself, Gwen, Jason, this new Heather person. Lets see. Cider Cider. Hot chocolate. ETc. all those good things.

When The Bruce Wayne comes up and Stephanie calls him Bruce and all that she looks over. "Would you like some Cider or Hot Chocolate Mr. Wayne?" offering to tag it onto the order. I mean, it is Bab's black metal shiny credit card paying for it right.

Of course next up after warm delicious drinks will be funnel cakes and Caramel apples.

Based on all the movies Charlie has seen about winter time fun, this is what one does, and she has a lot of time to make up for in this arena and a lot of determination to do it.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    It is amazing. Even without the spandex (or any remote knowledge of said spandex) Bruce Wayne has a way of making folks just kinda shut up when he starts speaking. Even people as outgoing as Heather Danielson. She clams up and reaches up to adjust the stocking cap on top of her honey blonde hair before looking to Gwen.
    She wants to ask a question, but is not brave enough to interrupt what is obviously people who care about each other a great deal handling birthday stuff. So instead, she stuffs her face once more with another bite of funnel cake (or is it funnel gold at this point? It's apparently worth its weight in gold.)

Kate Kane has posed:
    Once the non-existant lights turn green for their respective direction- which, normally, doesn't stop any drivers or pedestrians in Gotham, let's be serious- Kate and Babs meet in the middle. Immediately, the grim-looking porcelain statue that is Kate brightens up, and her mood seems to gain a light that it didn't have a moment ago.

    Then Babs boops her nose, which momentarily crosses her eyes, and Kate offers a light sigh. She does, immediately, take the other woman's hand. "Well, to be fair, Greg didn't want to drive at all, but then I told him that someone -very- important was -demanding- that I come down to the fair to spend the day, so I threatened to fire him."

    Greg's reluctance is a lie, of course. But it makes Kate seem a hero to tell it that way, so she's going to, and nobody can stop her. "So what are we doing today? Just babysitting or can we leave it to wander around the fair? I feel like it's housebroken enough, so."

    The appearance of the others doesn't ruffle any feathers: Kate is Gotham royalty. Bruce Wayne isn't a rare thing for her. For, you know, totally Gotham hobknobby reasons that have nothing to do with breaking people's arms.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown finishes opening Gwen's present and sees the beanie. "Oh this is perfect," Stephanie says with a laugh. She pulls off her Gotham U stocking cap and puts on the beanie instead, the other hat getting stuffed into a pocket. "How do I look?" she asks with a warm laugh for Gwen.

"So, Bruce Wayne, this is my friend Gwen Stacy. She's at ESU but came down for the day. And have you met Charlie Gage?" she asks as Charlie returns with the funnel cakes and drinks. "I used to date Bruce's son," Stephanie says, filling in the big gap that some might have wondering how the poor girl from Bristol knows the very not-poor man from Bristol. "Jason was just here, but I told him about broomball and I think maybe he went to check a few people," she says.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Lester quietly itches his arm for a moment. "Lieutenant, I've got to use the head." He offers towards the other marine. He's starting to get a little more fidgety slowly but surely. "I'll be right back."

     "Don't keep me waiting out here gunny, last thing I need is a rush while you're gone." She jokes with a bit of a smile still looking towards her paperwork, not noticing the little motions.

     Colt moves his way through the crowd walking with a strict order to his motion. He's deliberate in each step ducking beneath snowballs and moving out of the way of students passing by as he makes for one of the port-a-potties.

     He makes his way right past Bruce Wayne and the group, hand reaching into the pocket of his uniform to grab something. As he makes for the port-a-Potty door he rolls up the sleeve of his uniform revealing little dots along his arm, closing the door behind him.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
"It has a name, Kate.." Babs says with a smirk, slinking her hand down to take the other womans, leading them towards the gathering of faces near the taco (hot chocolate) stands. "We can leave her to meander around. She's with Stephanie and... Bruce." Side glancing up at the heroic reimagining of actual events, "My hero." She knows well enough that Greg would sooner jump out of a window than complain about doing literally anything.

It's fun to let Kate be the hero though!

"I thiiiink Steph and Charlie and possibly Jason were going to put together broomball team... is it broomball, Steph?" Now that the duo of Kate/Babs have rejoined, "Stickball?" Introductions.

"Hello, Mister Wayne." Waving with her free hand! "Yeah, this is Charlie Gage."

Susan Richards has posed:
     "Oh, that looks really good," Susan says, as she comes up next to Heather, her black boots crunching in the snow. Her slacks, turtleneck, and black swing coat hide the rest of her 'normal' attire, but the gloves and boots are still in visible evidence. The smile of childlike glee translates into the light crinkling at the corners of her eyes, which twinkle at the prospect of everyone's favorite fried fair food. "Which way is it to find some of that funnel cake? After I leave my gift with the birthday girl, of course."

Bruce Wayne has posed:
It's a kind offer even if he really hadn't planned to do much more then stop by and offer some birthday wishes. Hesitating for just a moment he dips his head first towards Stephanie and then towards Charlie. "Thank you. I'll have a hot chocolate if it is no too much trouble," he agrees. BAtman might be immune to the cold, but nothing says that Bruce Wayne is the same.

"Alfred wanted me to make sure to wish you a happy birthday. He was quite insistent on it. I do believe you've made quite the impression on him," he says with that amiable smile. "I was also to let you know that he is having our gift delivered to you," he adds. See, he didn't forget! Or at least Alfred didn't.

While the smile doesn't slip he does take a moment to look over Stephanie. Leslie has assured him that everything went well and he had a message from Zatanna as well of course, but he wasn't there and these are the things he likes to make sure of himself. But when she makes her introductions he turns towards the new faces, that assessing look gone. "A pleasure to meet you Gwen. And I know of Charlie, though I don't believe I've had the pleasure. Barbara has mentioned you of course," he adds, lifting a hand towards Barbara and Kate as well.

It's nice to know that he is not the only one here under protest. At least he's willing to bet it's much the same for Kate.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Starting to look more and more like the monster I am creating." A wink from Gwen to Steph. At the introductions she smiles politely up at Bruce and thinks better of extending one hand for a shake. No need to dirty the man's hand with sugar! "Good to meet you, Mr. Wayne." and while she was indeed starting to wonder how Steph knew about Bruce the explanation has her letting out a 'ahhh'. Quite the coincidence. Like the coicidence that she is friends with someone from the Titans!

"Why weren't funnel cakes around when I lived here?" She calls out in complaint, sighing, a grin given to Susan when she comes closer. "We should had brought a stand to sell those. Imagine the money we'd be making now, mmm? Next year. How good of a cook are you, Heather?"

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
"Delivered sounds big." she notes then Charlie bobs her head to Bruce and grins at Stephanie "Ooh." about the whole dating his son thing. That makes things make a lot more sense.

She pivots back around and adds a hot chocolate to the order at he booth. Whom has been making up the earlier orders and stacking them all up. The card is passed over. Rung up. Then handed back with efficiency of someone who knows there is a big line for hot beverages.

Which leaves it to Charlie to start handing out everyones drinks. Cider. Hot Chocolate. The like.

When she hands Bruce his hot chocolate she totally goes "She has?" a bit surprised but smiling none the less. I mean Babs is Rich and her dad is the police comisioner, this all makes sense when you think about it I suppose.

Drinks doled out, Charlie finally gets to drink some of the hot chocolate she has been determined to drink. Barring wild snowballs or sabotage by fate.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    WIth her cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk's, of course -that- is the time someone speaks to Heather. She turns her face towards Susan and is chewing frantically... swallowing in what looks to be almost painful force before. But then she offers a wan smile and shrugs, "I got mine up there." She says, gesturing to a food truck that is likely being swamped due to not planning ahead and realizing they'd be the most popular food item at the celebration.
    But she inclines her head, "Say, you look familiar. Do you get in the news at all?" she asks Susan. Because of course... they are both celebrities of a sort, and both public ID heroes, but... when out in civies, sometimes it's difficult to pick that out in a crowd. She turns however to look to Gwen, "I should totally buy a funnel cake truck and park it out front of the tower I work at. That'd be the perfect solution."
    And then she pauses and shrugs, "I am far better at making food disappear than cooking it." she says to Gwen.

Kate Kane has posed:
    Kate's response was swift and simple. "You see, that's how it starts. You take one in, you give it a name, and now you can't bring yourself to part." she notes, protesting all the way until they're reunited, to something that she's not even fully opposing anymore.

    "Yeah, I figure it'll probably be good for her to make a few proper friends in Gotham, if she hasn't already. I haven't been keeping tabs." Just a marathon of lies today.

    "Afternoon, Bruce. Good to see you down here." Bruce's instincts are correct, but she'll never directly admit it in Babs' company, in public. "At some point soon we'll have a funnel cake delivery coming in. I assume you'll partake?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown gives Barbara a nod as she gets it right the first time. "Broomball," she says. "And we should..." Stephanie starts to say when she realizes, Bruce is standing right there. And she wonders how much he heard of Leslie's proclamation about the amount of exercise that was ok for her.

Well. She stopped patrolling at his 'suggestion' so maybe she can get away with this one. "... definitely get a team going, yes," Stephanie says. She holds her hand in front of her and squeezes it into a fist. "Together we shall crush our opponents until even their children are born instinctively sensing the magnitude of their defeat."

Stephanie smiles to Bruce and says, "Alfred is always so sweet. I'll be sure to stop by and thank him," she says. "And, that's very nice of you. You really didn't have to," she says. But it's pretty clear that she's touched.

Stephanie takes a cider from Charlie, and smiles over to Kate Kane. "Hey Kate, great that you made it," she says warmly.

There's another familiar face that Stephanie spots, and then yet another that she recognizes at least. "Miss Richards, I didn't expect to see you here," she says to Sue Richards. "And, Miss Danielson, I love your work," she offers to the model.

Susan Richards has posed:
     Susan smiles warmly at Heather, offering one gloved hand by way of greeting. "Susan Richards. A pleasure to meet you, miss...?" She cants her head to one side, glancing first at Heather, then casting a side look in the general direction of the food truck. "At an event like this, small wonder they're doing so well. I dread to think what my husband would do, trying to cook one. There was one time he tried to make me a cupcake and it turned into a... science experiment." Her eyes twinkle, and she just chuckles. "But he meant well."

     Finally, she catches sight of Bruce and, of course, Stephanie, smiling a greeting to both. "If you'll excuse me a moment, I do need to bring my gift to teh birthday girl." It's only a few steps more until she reaches Stephanie, smiling warmly to her. "Really, how could I miss your birthday? May you have many more happy, healthy ones ahead." She withdraws a simple, elegant parchment envelope that has been shut with sealing wax on the back. The medallion of red is stamped with what looks like a coat of arms. "I hope you'll have some enjoyment from this. Happy Birthday."

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Susan Richards...

Holy crap, it's Susan Richards...

This is like that one time she met Wonder Woman only different...

See, Barbara Gordon might be one of the measuring sticks for girls in Gotham, but Susan Richards is the measuring stick for /her/... Blinking several times when the familiar face is identified. Dumbfounded look on the redheads face as she just stands there like an idiot staring at one of the most famous women on Earth (if not beyond earth?)

"Kate..." Tugging at her coat, whispering (probably too loud not to be heard), "Kate..." Trying to get her attention, which she probably already has, "It's Susan Richards, don't look... Don't look right at her, oh my god."

Don't be weird Babs...

Too late.

Too late and too far.

Babs, just standing there, buckles. It's a really weird time for it, to be sure, but she has to reach out and grab hold of Kate's arm for support to keep from going to her knees. Whatever expression of adulation she had a moment before is replaced with... surprise? She stands back up quickly and looks down at her legs curiously.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
It's a lot of people, and indeed not seeing people on their usual suits can sometimes be deceiving. At least for Gwen. But when Barbara whispers OVERLY LOUD about Susan's name Gwen blinks. She looks at woman again, more attentively, then back to Babs, then back to Susan. "Oh.." she clears her throat a bit dumbfounded and almost misses Charlie with her hot chocolate but then grins at the teenager, "Thanks." giving the young one a wink.

Of course that *now* she is starting to sweat. They are giving their gifts *right* after she offered hers. A beanie hat! Pfffftt. She shouldn't had trusted Mrs. Wong when she said it would be the *perfect* gift.

She wasn't aware of Stephanie knowing so many famous people! To Heather she asks, "Are autographs still a thing?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown takes the card from Sue. "Thank you, I really wasn't expecting this," she says to the famed member of the Fantastic Four. Stephanie looks at the envelope for a few moments. A year and a half ago her life was in such a different place, and that's something that she hasn't forgotten, nor stopped thinking about. There's little doubt the young woman appreciates greatly where her life is today.

She slowly opens it then, looking like she hates to break the seal on it. Stephanie pulls out a card and looks at it. "Oh, wow. Tavern on the Green? That's amazing," she says, smiling to Sue Richards, and if allowed, gives the older woman a quick, tight hug. "Thank you so much."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Accepting Susan's hand, Heather blinks, "Whoa. Richards. Yeah. That's a household name for sure." A pause, and Heather gives an embarrassed smile, "Sorry, I tend to ramble when nervous. I'm Heather. Heather Danielson of the Titans." She replies. Yeah... she's a teenager. She included her Titans membership to make herself seem cooler to someone who is on the gold status of the superhero legacy world.
    But then she takes a breath and lets it out slowly to calm down her rambling mouth. "So, what do you think? Should I buy a food truck and hire folks to run it? Have them follow my team and I around so I can always get calories?" Because.. you know, she needs like ten times the calories of a normal person of her mass. Yeah, the other models HATE her..... But oh hey, Gwen asked a question. "I think they are. I keep having folks want me to sign their Swimsuit Edition cover." But she smiles in thanks to Gwen for changing the subject. "OH!" And she looks around, realizing she doesn't have anything to ask Susan to sign.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Coming back out of the port-a-John Lester tosses a small strap and syringe into the bin. He runs his gloved hand across his face before adjusting his cufflinks once more back into place. "Can't keep on like this." He mutters to himself where he thinks no one can hear, taking as if he's trying to enjoy a nice smoke break off to the side where no one will bother him.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
The chances are very good that Leslie has had words about her recommendations as far as rehabbing goes. But the simple truth is that there probably isn't a whole lot of valuable, scientific information about just how long it takes to get over a demonic infection. Even Zatanna probably doesn't have a whole lot of knowledge on that front. She will be fully recovered when she's fully recovered. And while Bruce might have insisted that Stephanie take it easy for awhile after the symptoms first started getting worse there are limits. Better she test herself playing some game then out on the rooftops. The consequences today if she's not ready will be pretty mild. So he simply gives a subtle nods.

"That was thoughtful of you Kate. I suppose I can have one," he allows with a smile for her. Of course Barbara's reaction isn't missed either and what might actually be a genuine smirk slides over his face. Though when it looks like her legs actually buckle it vanishes, brow furrowing for just a moment.

Trusting Kate to have things well in hand, he turns back to the others joining their little circle, taking the offered hot chocolate from Charlie with another nod of thanks. "Susan, so glad to see you in Gotham again," he says in welcome before dipping his head towards Heather as well. "A pleasure to meet you as well Miss Danielson."

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie just ssiiiiiipppsss her hot chocolate and stares at Susan Richards there with big ol nearly muppet eyes.

Thing is, famous rich people are just famous rich people. Sure they are unusual and strange. Sort of incomphrensible to Charlie.

Famous Super Heroes though are completely mind blowing and Stephanie just said hello.

Mind blown.

One should not understate the sheer percent of the small chaos muppet that is made up by superhero worship.

Also well complete lack of fear. "Would you like a Cider or Hot Chocolate Mrs Richards?" she pipes up helpfully gesturing at the booth nearby.

Susan Richards has posed:
     Smiling warmly, Susan returns Stephanie's hug in full measure. "You're welcome, dear. I hope you enjoy the night out." Her eyes twinkle as she spots the beanie which had been another gift to Stephanie, gesturing towards it. "That looks really nice. Was it another birthday present?"

     The too-loud stage whisper is not lost on Susan, prompting a smile of very mild amusement. She had long since become used to such things. It seemed to come with the job. There is a very brief flick of one finger upwards, as she focuses upon the befuddled young woman. Barbara might feel something unseen nudging her jaw back shut again. Very discreet, very subtle, but very much there. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, miss...?"

     Bruce's greeting catches her attention next, and she offers the famed scion of the Wayne family a warm smile. "Bruce, a pleasure as always. How could I stay away, with Stephanie's birthday? How have you been lately?"

     Looking back to Heather, she smiles, nodding. "It couldn't hurt to try. The funnel cakes seem to be doing well enough here. And it's good, honest work."

Lester Colt has posed:
     Lester makes his way over towards the now city famous funnel cake stand and finds himself in line for something just to take his mind off of things. He's making his way over standing a bit more calm and collected than before enjoying the cold breeze on his face.

     He looks towards the group gathered near by catching an eye of legendary billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, and Doctor Susan Richards in the flesh. It's a moment that causes him slight pause in his stride to grab some funnel cake as he's walking along in those dress fatigues.

Kate Kane has posed:
    Kate opens her mouth momentarily to continue pleasantries with Bruce, before suddenly the world is altogether /slanted./

    Each Kate gets its corresponding "Babs," as she's tugged by the coat, leaning just so slightly to one side. "She does science, I'm sure she'll say hello if you just- Babs-" All the tugging. Regardless, that's what Kate is dealing with right now.

    From a different stand somewhere elsewhere in the fair, because that's how good this fair is, a black suited, barrel chested man emerges carrying, in this arms, no less than two dozen plates of funnel cake stacked atop one another.

    "Mfhunnl Hayk." he announces, currently chewing what remains of his third. Idly, he offers these treats to whomever takes one, which at this rate just might /not/ be Kate.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
A Susan, force fieldy, chin tap?

It's too much... It's too much everyone.

Babs' eyes go wide, grinning like a kid meeting Santa for the first time, but with 100% less running away because some weird ass old man who smells like Peach Schnapps is holding out his hands for a hug. "Barbara Gordon.."

Quiet. She clears her throat and repeats it more confidently! It's like she's never met someone before, jeez. She knows TIM for fucks sake.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Richards."

And unto Kate, brow furrowed, she glances at her own legs then back up. It's subtle, subtle to most anyways, almost everyone standing around her is a detective of some repute, that she's using the other woman for actual support rather than just social support.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    There are times when one uses one's celebrity status to help a cause. And there are times when someone who gets hounded a bit too much is -totally- happy to have some other, more well known celeb get the attention. That is the case right now as Heather happily takes a half step away from Susan. Not out of distaste so much as... out of relief.
    She takes another bite of her cake if only to give herself an excuse to stop talking so damned much, and just quietly observes for now.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
If Mrs. Richards asks for Cider or Hot Chocolate, well those are deftly obtained.

The distraction that is ... Funnel Cake... though appears. It seems deep fried dough with sugary topping is definitely more important at the moment than even a bonafide super famous super hero for Charlie.

Because one of those plates is definitely siezed upon so the devouring can commence. "Thankyou!"

Susan Richards has posed:
     "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Gordon." Susan smiles warmly at her, offering her hand by way of greeting. The chin-tap is a moment past, and not elaborated on. After all, it might have been a lifetime ago, but she remembered all too well how it was at that age to have her pride to hold on to! Kate and Charlie are both offered a warm smile as well, and a similar handshake of greeting. "Also wonderful to meet you. Are you all friends of Stephanie, then?" Always the typical mom, making it her business to know who is friends with who, and so on down the line.

     Looking at Charlie in particular, she glances down at the now-cold cup of cocoa in her hands, and laughs. "That's a very kind offer. If there's some cocoa, that would be wonderful. I set mine in a snowdrift to cool and I'm afraid I left it there too long." Even moms make mistakes.

     Looking back to Heather, her smile remains warm. "So you said you were with the Titans? That's quite an achievement. Just... remember to take time for yourself and keep in balance."