5136/You Have Saved The World And Now Its Miller Time

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You Have Saved The World And Now Its Miller Time
Date of Scene: 11 February 2021
Location: The Triskelion: Courtyard
Synopsis: SHIELD returns from a mission, and Lance and Steve catch up and head out for a beer.
Cast of Characters: Steve Rogers, Lance Hunter

Steve Rogers has posed:
The trio of quinjets come flying in low over the Westchester countryside, descending towards the airfield at the Triskelion. Each of them sets down in their spot in a row of the VTOL aircraft. Before the birds are even fully powered down, the ramps at the rear of the planes are lowering and men are starting to emerge.

Brock Rumlow steps off one of the planes, a gun in hand resting on his shoulder. "Come on ladies, you all have beauty appointments where you will be booked and have a chance to tell your side of the story. I'm sure you were all innocent. Signed on to be cabin boys on the Good Ship WeaponSmuggler," he says as more of the STRIKE team begin escorting out men with their wrists cuffed behind their backs.

Steve Rogers steps off another of the planes, wearing a costume in deep blue with muted silver and red trim so it doesn't show up too much in the dark. "You have it from here Rumlow?" Steve asks the STRIKE team leader. Brock gives a wave of his hand. "You bet, Cap. Go get yourself a drink and we'll see these guys to a nice holding cell," he says.

Steve affixes his shield to his back and then turns to wait for the others to depart the quinjet before continuing on.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter comes down the ramp with his kit bag over his shoulder, and phone pressed to his ear. "Yeah, Bobs, made it back safe, no big deal, Cap handled most of it, yes, you may have mentioned you're as strong as him now once or ^twice... and have bloody ^wings... " he rolls his eyes to Cap, "Yeah, gonna a be a bit but I'll be home, keep that new Marble Rally on deck," he says before saying his goodbyes and hanging up. "Think Rumlow's got the right idea, buy you a pint, Cap?"

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve can't help but chuckle as he hears Lance. "Always someone ready to knock you off your pedestal," Steve says as he falls into step beside the British SHIELD operative. "Or put another way, always someone to keep you humble, right?" he asks, flashing an easy grin over to Lance. "And I would appreciate that, thank you," he says.

The rest of the team file off. "Nice job," some of the team say as they head for the building, passing Lance and Steve. They get approving nods back from Steve Rogers. "Time for some well-earned rest," he tells them before turning his attention back to Lance. "So how do you think Bobbi is settling in to her 'changes'?" he asks the other man as they walk towards the buildings.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Now all we need is someone to keep her humble, I swear she gave herself powers just to rub it in my face," he says making light of the situation before shaking his head. Then more seriously. "She's doing alright with it. Always hard to tell with Bobs, she's not the cry on your shoulder type, not really, but the complications are a problem, got to keep her heart rate steady or it all goes haywire," concern flashes across his face for a moment, before he adds, "But Bobbi's tough and smart, if anyone's going to figure it out she will." trying to make it all seem alright. "How about you? What was it like when they did you know," he gestures broadly at the man. "All that." he says as he joins Cap over to main buildings of the Triskelion.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The two men head for the locker rooms as they enter the buildings. "It was a bit different than today. The whole notion of an enhanced person was still pretty new. And with the prospect of a whole army based on Doctor Erskin's work gone... well let's just say I had a bunch of time to adjust to the changes while doing five USO shows a week," Steve says with a wry smile.

He leads the way into the locker room. "Let me just rinse the salt off," he says. When the submarine used by the smugglers had pulled away, Cap had grabbed hold of the bottom of a quinjet which flew him out the direction the sub was going, and then he had dove into the water. Five minutes later the sub had surfaced, the men aboard subdued by a dripping wet World War II vet.

"We spoke about it, Bobbi and I, back when it happened. But if I can be more help still, just let me know, Lance," Steve says. He heads for the shower, rinses off, then come back to pull on his civilian attire. Blue jeans and a sweater, and a leather jacket. "You were saying something a pint then?" he asks.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Yeah, saw that bit at the Smithsonian," Lance says with a smile. "What was it? The Star Spangled Man with plan?" he says with an amused smirk. "And don't think Bobs is the sort to sit on the shelf to adjust, she gets antsy when she has to take a few weeks off if she hurts her leg or something."

"Sure, take your time Mate," he says about the shower as he goes to his own stall to shower and change. "Didn't know you and Bobs talked though, that's good, might want to check in with her again sometime, might be more willing to talk to you than anyone, I just try to be there for her and keep her mind on other things, because what do I know about getting bloody powers? So yeah, if you feel up to it check in."

He steps out in his own civvies, jeans a t-shirt and a his own well-worn leather coat. "Yeah at least one, what with you beating up a whole submarine," he says with a grin.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve gets a wry smile as Lance mentions the routine. Steve hums a few bars and then shakes his head. "Looking back, on everything that's gone on in my life? The... formula. The war. The ice. And the future? I think that musical number was probably the strangest thing I went through," he says with a chuckle before checking on Lance and seeing he's ready to go as well.

A chuckle is given about beating up a submarine. "Oh that was the easy part. Not like they could shoot at me like they could you guys up on the freighter," Steve counters modestly as they head back out. He lets Lance lead the way to wherever he wanted to grab the drink at. "Yes, she came by just to talk and get a feel for what she's going to be going through. And a little bit of training advice too," he says.

Steve looks over to Lance. "She's got a good head on her shoulders. Determined woman. I think she'll handle it well. Just, yes, don't upset her, Lance," Steve says with a joking grin. "Of course that's good advice whether she's got super strength, is a major, shoots biostings out of her hands. Or just... well it's good advice," he says.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"I bet," Lance says of the old routine. "But got to admit it was a catchy tune," he says. "Which is now stuck in my head." He makes a face at that but leads the way on out of the locker rooms and gets them headed towards getting out of the building and on to Harry's Hideaway in Salem. As they go, Lance says, "Well, they don't shoot if they're smart, but those guys back there didn't look the sort to get into MENSA." Then as things go back to Bobbi, he grins, "Upsetting Bobbi's my specialty," he says. ""Same way upsetting me is hers," he says lightly. "Can't have a spark without friction right?" he says. "And really neither of us are ever that upset, arguing is sort of a hobby with Bobs and me.." He chuckles, "And what the bloody hell are bio stings?" he asks with amusement.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve makes a gesture with his head, a little turn away and back again as if to say there's so much to the question about the biostings. "Next time you see Janet van Dyne, tell her that you'd like to experience one," he says with a grin that would clearly let Lance know he doesn't want to do that.

Steve follows along as they head for the vehicle for the drive over to Harry's. "It's pretty nice up here," Steve says of the winter countryside of Westchester. "Almost surprised that Fury didn't build a Moon base instead. Though I guess that's the Justice League thing now isn't it?" he comments with a quiet chuckle.

A rub is given to Steve's jaw. "I need to do something special for Janet. We've kind of fallen into a bit of a rut, I get the feeling. From her standpoint. She's the out to the club until the wee hours sort. And me... well I still haven't made it to seeing Game of Thrones," he tells Lance.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"I think I'll take a pass on that," Lance grins about trying out a bio sting.

The drive is nice, Westchester is pretty much a long series of postcard worthy views. "Yeah, surprised too, you got all this and then bam, big grey building full of spies," he says. "And don't go giving Fury ideas, can't live off base if we're on the moon."

"Well, do yourself a favour and stop at season two if you ever do, three at the most," he says with certainty. There's a brief frown at the question of doing something special for Janet before it clicks. "Bloody hell Valentines is coming up isn't it?" he asks, he makes a face. "Owe you a second beer for the reminder," he adds before giving some thought to the problem. "I don't know your Janet 'cept what I see in the papers, but based on my experience, the grand gestures count less than the little everyday things. Like me and Bobs, we work all the time, and fight but when we get a quiet moment, we just curl up on the couch and watch Marble Rally on Youtube, turn it into a drinking game most nights and make ridiculous bets on which one's going to win. So, sounds like you and Janet live very different lives, so, maybe use Valentine's day to start a tradition of your own, a way to share little moments that bring your different lives together."

Steve Rogers has posed:
"Yes it is," Steve confirms about Valentine's Day. "Yes, when your girlfriend is a millionaire or something it's kind of hard to come up with the big things for them," he says in agreement.

Steve pulls out a little pad of paper from his back pocket, and a small pencil. "Marble... Rally," he says as he writes it down in the pad. He slides it back into his pocket and then says of the idea of creating a tradition of their own, "That's not a bad idea. I'll have to see what I can come up with," he tells Lance.

"I suppose it's a case of opposites attracting," Steve says. "When we were still a bit new to living in the Mansion... I used to see her. I don't mean date her I mean, I'd go down the stairs and see her ahead of me turning the corner. Or I'd head to my room and she'd be there, just going back into her room. It was like every time I went somewhere, I didn't even bump into her, I just saw her," Steve says. He chuckles and shakes his head. "I'm embarrassed how long it too me to clue in that it wasn't just random."

Lance Hunter has posed:
There's a smile as Cap writes that down. "Yeah, it's a weird sort of thing, but a helluva good time if you've got someone to watch it with. And yeah, it can be anything really, the tradition, just needs to be something that's for the two of you."

There's a laugh from Hunter about the story, "You bloody should mate," he says as they arrive at Harry's. "Sounds like she was doing everything short of putting up a big neon sign," he chuckles. "Bet she gave you no end of grief for how long it took, eh? Bobbi was a lot more direct, but then she had to be, she was on a mission trying to find out dirt about the people I was working for at the time, she figured I'd be a way in to get it," he says smiling fondly despite being her mark. "She was right of course, usually bloody is, but she made it worth my while," he says fond smile growing just a touch more so. "Anyhow after the folks I was working for got taken down, I followed her to SHIELD and the rest is as they say, history," if you discount their whole dramatic period of on again off again.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve listens to Bobbi and Lance's history unfold with an interested expression. "I suppose that's one way to meet someone. Not to mention grow the ranks. Though I don't know that would have worked for me. I always had a preference for long hair over red skulls," he says. Yes, Steve making a joke. If not a particularly good one.

"Janet did make me pay for it in her way," he confirms, though he's smiling as Steve thinks about it. "Well, in my defense, I wasn't the most apt when it came to dating in my own time. So, move me 70 years into the future and there was a lot to get used to," he says.

"But, it's good that Bobbi's got you there. Like you said, sometimes a distraction is about the best thing for someone. Especially in our line of work," Steve says. "It's easy to let the job become your life. Not just easy, it can be hard to keep it from happening."

Lance Hunter has posed:
Lance laughs even if the joke is bad, opening the door and stepping into Harry's waving to the man himself behind the bar, he holds up two fingers and points to a table in the corner. "Me and Bobs' usual place," he explains the familiarity to Steve. "And I'm shocked, all those stories about sultry Nazi and Hydra spies are just rubbish?" he asks grabbing a seat and smiling. "Surely someone tried the old honey pot routine on you back in the day..."

As for work becoming your life Lance nods, "Don't really have that problem, I'm doing what I'm doing because of Bobs and because well screw HYDRA and all those other wankers," he says. "So, work or home, it was all about Bobs, but Bobs? She definitely had that problem, pretty much what did us in awhile back, she was gunning for senior agent and that doesn't leave a lot of time for anything else. Anyhow, we got it sorted out, it's how we kind of hit on our little tradition."