5160/Eat my (Pixie) Dust!

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Eat my (Pixie) Dust!
Date of Scene: 13 February 2021
Location: Downtown Manhattan
Synopsis: Saeko and Hank take a breather after Omega Shannon.
Cast of Characters: Hank Pym, Saeko

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym has been concussed, gassed, stun beamed and just plain beaten to a pulp. So lying unconscious is nothing new to him. Lying unconscious in a pool of Pixie's magical dust is another thing entirely. As this latest battle ends, his tiny figure stirs and breathes in the dust around him. It tints his yellow and black costume pink, making it look sort of orange. Yellowjacket begins to grow, but stops at six inches and sits down holding his head, trying to get his bearings.

Saeko has posed:
Success, Shannon had been beaten down, Saeko having restrained the evil clone long enough for her to be dealt with. Now, as promised, it was time to look after Hank.

Stepping towards the tiny figure in the large puddle, the Tenko bends down, tilting her head as her tails still waver and sway.

"Are you alright Hank? That was quite a hit."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym shakes his head a bit. "M' fine. I have been smacked a lot harder." He gets up and looks at the kitsune. She enormous what... oh. Silly Hank. He looks up at her, ultimate close up. Then rises on his wings to beep her nose playfully, looking very relaxed.

"How are you doing?" He flits onto her shoulder. "Hope you don't mind. I'm a little dizzy. He blows the dust away from Saeko as best he can, knowing she is a very clean being. She did kick the crap out of Moleman for spitting that time. He settles in giving every indication he knows her eyes are up there.

"How do you like super heroing, so far?"

Saeko has posed:
The 'beep' makes her blink, a reflexive lean back and a little wave of her hand. "I wasn't harmed," she begins, only to blink a little once more as she realises the 'Yellowjacket' suit mustn't quite be perfectly sealed.

"Ah...Well at least you do not seem to be in pain," she offers, a little giggle on her lips immediately followed by a light frown and a look down at herself. Wildly cast off powder from those wings in small amounts did indeed dot her skin. Great.

"It is...certainly not boring. Perhaps we should move away from the street before we look a little silly?"

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym looks down at himself. "Too late. I'm a forty year old man in yellow micromesh and syntha-leather. With multiple doctorates. I fight crime. People like the Human Top and the Porcupine. Clearly for all my airs, I am silly... oh my gosh." Yellowjacket jumps off Saeko's shoulder staring into the air. He slowly grows to full size. Saeko is almost forgotten as he reaches out a hand touching something only he can see. In an obvious faux pas, he pulls his mask and visor off to look more carefully.
"Soooooo... beautiful. I could cry. I had no idea... like touching the face of God. And magic... fits with natural order I see it now... O my gosh, I got dust on you. I'm so sorry..." Then he looks back at... nothing -enrapt

Saeko has posed:
What did the Fox see? It was hard to be certain. Earthly poisons and disease didn't tend to touch her, but the Pixie dust? It wasn't quite as hallucinatory to the Tenko...or maybe she was just used to seeing strange things and it took her longer to notice.

Either way, his comment about those he faced and his own attire brings another giggle, fingers coming to her lips before she shakes her head.

"I think everything people wear is weird, or at least a little silly. I mean...I can wear whatever I want, look like whatever I want if I want..." she trails off, seemingly having lost her train of thought.

"I think I want some tea..."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym suddenly turns to Saeko and, he's in full blown manic mode. Nadia's last such episode led to a lot of violence. Hank's manic mode is very different under the dust. He turns to her and takes her head in his hands very gently, staring at her. "I see the equation for Saek-0.0. How my little summoning was the tiniest part of your whole equation, like an electron to your proton, it forms a atom of hydrogen in an excited state, attracted to a hydrogen atom lacking an electron -hope and creating a diatomic molecule. I'd like to be a molecule with you. Do you know what I like about you? I don't feel broken around you."

Saeko has posed:
Saeko herself blinks a little, but she's still a little eyes-dialated wide thanks to the dust that was probably burning away quicker for her.

Talk of quantum mathmatics were a little weirder for a being made of magic even if clearly science and mystic seemed to intersect at times, but right now? It was even tricker to follow.

A puzzled look, those furred ears atop her head twitch a little and the motion is mirrored by the tails at the base of her spine.

"But you're not broken," she speaks, a hand coming up to herself lightly 'boop' his nose with a finger in the daydreamy haze. "You're just made up of lots of little pieces that are...like sand in glass..."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym pulls his hands away. "I'm sorry... must be the dust. Please forgive my me... me , my impertinence. You're a good friend. Come on there's a coffee shop down there. We'll get you some tea." He offers the kitsune his arm and begins walking. Hopefully she takes his arm and does likewise, and no one spits on her shoes like that filthy Mole-Rat they took down. Helooks down at her... down? Oh yeah right! He grew. He looks and asks with a childlike innocence, "Does it take you a long time to get ready in the morning? I mean do you have to brush your tails or do you just magic them so smooth and shiny?"

Saeko has posed:
Her hands come back to his, catching them as they pull away but not forcing him to stay...then the arm is offered and she takes it instead, falling into step and still a little too tripped to really notice the strange sight they made walking down the street.

That question? Another giggle, she shakes her head as one tail curls around close enough for her to run her hand against. "No, they're always like that but...it can get a little crowded in the bathtub or shower if I forget to 'hide' them."

They so tend to take up a bit of space!

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym goes to open the door for her. He gets the handle on the third try. He leans in and beeps her nose with his. "Hah! Didn't expect a nose boop! I sympathize. was stuck at ten feet tall for a couple weeks. I was miserable. Nothing fit. I stepped on a coffee table. You know?" Hank steps over to the counter and orders two teas to go. He is one of the few superheroes to have a costume with pockets and he pays for it and goes back to take Saeko's arm chuckling. "I wish I had a tail brush right now."

Saeko has posed:
Oh! Tea! An offering or a gift? It didn't matter, it was going to be enough to fuel any teleportation that wasn't just her. The drink recieved soon enough, the Tenko shakes her head. "I turned into a bear once to scare some people, but I've never gone that big, or gotten stuck in some form before."

His talk of tail-brushing, another giggle, albeit one more 'normal' as the dust finally seems to be wearing off for Saeko. "Maybe not in public, it would get some strange looks."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym feels his mind clearing the equations fading. "Of course not in public." He notes a woman selling candy in heart shaped boxes and flowers from a cart. "Oh, it's Valentine's Day, or near enough... wait here. No fair peeking or seeing the future!" He hurries over and quickly makes a purchase, the biggest heart on the cart. He comes back bearing it and a large bouquet as well.

"This is not an offering. This is for /you/. Tokens of affection." He hands them to her, biting his lip a little.

Saeko has posed:
That was...strange. Never mind the fact that Valentine's Day was a 'newer' holiday for her, for someone to explicitly state a gift was for her and not an offering, not to mention the nature of the gift...was strange. It was also enough to have her cheeks flushing half as red as her attire.

"Thank you Hank," she speaks quietly, tails swaying lightly and one lightly flicking up to brush against his arm. "They are beautiful."