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Saeko (Scenesys ID: 2176)
Name: Saeko
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Celestial/Spirit
Occupation: Divine Messenger
Citizenship: None
Residence: New York/Takamagahara
Education: Non-traditional
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 20-ish? Actual Age: 1042
Date of Birth 09 March 979 Played By N/A
Height: 5'5" Weight: 145 lb
Hair Color: Black/variable Eye Color: Amber/Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Saeko leans primarily towards the serene and friendly aspect, literally the 'helpful friend' and soothing sort, but the kitsune's 'trickster' legacy and reputation rings true. To offer example, she's the sort of girl who'd help someone in need, but she'd likely make a joke or laugh a little at their expense. She'd just as readily 'mess with' people who are particularly arrogant or themselves cause suffering on others.


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*979: Saeko is born among the Kitsune and spends her youngest years as a 'Nogitsune' causing mischief and playing pranks like many a trickster. Without any real goal beyond her own amusement, she causes the odd controversy or scandal in villages and courts, spending several centuries simply 'Playing about'.

*1350-1650: Having matured and commenced her more directed service to Inari and the betterment of those who worship Inari Okami, Saeko becomes a 'Kiko'. Bestowing fortunes of success in agriculture and watching over mortals throughout the next two centuries. Her eagerness and talent allows her to grow and be 'promoted' to a Myobu, a more public and direct deliverer of blessings and acceptor of offerings at the shines to Inari.

*1860-1900's: With the more 'modern' ages sweeping into the world and Japan in particular, Saeko continues her work of centuries bestowing blessings. While even modernization doesn't slay faith in the god of prosperity and industry, appearing directly to mortals became less and less common. Having grown in knowledge, experience and power, Saeko departs Earth for the remainder of the century at the direct of her Kami to study and understand both divinity and her purpose.

*2014: Having reached the position and power of a 'Tenko', Saeko returns to Earth and observes humanity for a time, resuming her duties of bestowing gifts and blessings from the shadows and obscurity. After decades of not observing Earth and its population, Saeko is exposed to 'Superheroes' utilizing their skills and powers to protect humans. She continues to observe their exploits and battles with threats from levels of armed thugs to extradimensional horrors.

*2020 November: After appealing to Inari to remain on Earth, Saeko decides to take a proactive role as a guardian of mortals amongst her duties and steps up to join the 'heroes' they'd observed.

IC Journal

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Helpful Mischief:
Saeko is a 'Tenko', a divine messenger and guardian in the service of the Amatsu-Kami Inari. Having spent nearly a thousand years as a guardian and guide for humans during her upbringing and 'work', the woman has grown naturally to a caring demeanor, often seeming to easily fall into the role of the 'helpful friend' and soothing carer. Yet even after all her centuries she'd not quite managed to completely outgrow some of the aspects of her younger years and the 'trickster' nature of her being. The sort of person who'd help someone in need, but she'd likely make a joke or laugh a little at their expense. She'd just as readily 'mess with' people who are particularly arrogant or themselves cause suffering on others.

Character Sheet


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Blessings of Prosperity:
Blessings of Prosperity: The purpose of Tenko and other 'Foxes' in service of Inari was to deliver blessings and messages from the Kami of Prosperity. As an extension of this, Saeko is able to confer 'gifts' in the form of fortune or service. While in ancient times this often came in the form of food or a flourishing harvest, in modern times it can manifest in inspiration or 'luck' providing resources needed for a goal. This doesn't result in someone magically winning a literal fortune, but one may suddenly find a bank error in their favor or a 'lucky break' if suitable offerings are made.

Eyes and Ears:
Saeko's senses are far beyond that of a human being. With her sense of sight, smell and hearing working further and sharper than is possible by an ordinary human unassisted by technology. She can see in the dark without needing time to adjust her eyes and can make use of minimal light to see clearly. She is also able to recognise people and other objects by scent alone.

Myth and folktales spoke of a near-omnipotent knowledge of the Tenko, but the reality is less impressive. Guided by Inari, Saeko can indeed see glimpses of the future, but they are visions of what the Kami deems important rather than insights Saeko desires. These visions may offer her warning of mortals in danger, but she cannot view her own future directly.

Not Quite Human!:
Physical trauma still hurts Saeko, but while it might 'kill' her, it doesn't stick to her quite so well as it would a normal human without a magical edge. Similarly, diseases, cold, allergies and common earth poisons do not affect her.

Shapeshifting: One of the most basic abilities of a Kitsune, Saeko is able to shapeshift to disguise herself as another being or animal. While most commonly this is simply used to disguise her more inhuman traits, Saeko could technically appear as any other human being she wished. This appearance is physical, but does not confer any superhuman abilities the person she's imitating may possess.

Magical 'tricks' are something fox servants of Inari are well known for. Young kitsune are often fabled for their illusions and trickery that comes to them naturally. With training and experience however, a Tenko is capable of greater feats of conjuring and manipulation. Saeko is capable of enchantments and manifestations of the elements that other experienced magicians could manage, but while other rituals and acts may be possible, a lack of experience or specialization means she herself would need another to instruct or guide her. Her most innate ability known to all kitsune is the manipulation of Kitsunebi or 'Fox Fire', a mystical flame energy she can use to formulate defensive barriers or offensive blasts with the intensity of anything from a match head to napalm. Her other magics require conscious effort, focus and time while wielding Kitsunebi is instinctual, easily managed in the midst of danger.

One of the hallmarks of a 'Tenko' fox. While younger Kitsune in service of Inari are able to utilize gateways through shrine gates to other Shinto shrines, Saeko is able to transport herself at will. While there is no distance of limit for her, she cannot simply jump 'blindly' to an unknown place and must have knowledge of where she is going. While teleporting herself is effortless, it is not purely instantaneous, taking several seconds to occur in a swirl of visible lights. It is possible for Saeko to transport another individual with her, but such a trip is still considered a 'blessing' and requires offering like any other, preventing her from transporting the unaware or the unwilling.

Unearthly Beauty:
As suitable for a member of a species occasionally thought to be a form of succubus, Saeko is exceptionally and almost eerily beautiful. A literal 'Vixen', the Tenko's natural form is extremely and entrancingly beautiful. Even when she supresses her more obvious foxlike traits, Saeko is strikingly beautiful to many and isn't above utilizing this to help achieve her goals.


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A Little Defense:
While far from an expert compared to many mortals and immortals alike, Saeko has some understanding of the martial arts from the homeland of the Shinto religion. Her knowledge however is focused more on outmaneuvering and outsmarting rather than overpowering a foe physically and finds her leant towards judo and Aikido approaches rather than the more aggressive arts. Against a skilled opponent she'd easily be outmatched, but she's competent enough to catch the average person off- guard.

Culture and Etiquette:
Perhaps as a byproduct of beauty and observation, Saeko is adept at observing and navigating the ways and norms of others. Blending in can be quite handy for a shapeshifter, but even as 'herself' Saeko is quite capable of making her way through the social graces of any gathering or developing an understanding of the foreign.

By both divine nature and years of existence, Saeko has an extensive knowledge of languages from across the world from obscure to common and populous.


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Divine Providence:
It wouldn't do for messengers of prosperity and providence to be left shabby, destitute and homeless. Circumstances and resources always seem to fall into place for Saeko enough to keep her comfortable and fed. Free hotel rooms, double orders and mix ups tend to fall in her favor, though never to the point of excess.

The domain of the Amatsukami and the 'Heaven' of Shinto gods. While Saeko is a servant rather than a noble of the Imperial Palace, this realm still offers a place of refuge and meeting removed from Earth where one can watch the mortals of Earth. Saeko can also occasionally confer with other Kitsune or Kami that are willing or wishing to speak with her.


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Blessings, Not Charity:
Kitsune like Saeko are charged by Inari with bestowing blessings and favors on worshippers and those who make offerings. They are however, not simply bestowed at random to anyone. The 'rules' are quite simple, a payment must be offered. While these payments can be anything from lavish treasures to food, but without them Saeko is unable to bestow blessings or even teleport another being, preventing her from using such gifts on the unwilling, unaware or otherwise 'non-paying'.

Magical Being:
Saeko is a magical being, by some definitions a demigod, by others a spirit. Regardless of classification it still allows her to be summoned, warded against or otherwise bound by suitable rituals or spells.

New Interpretations:
Tenko and other Kitsune have served as messengers, servants and guardians for millenia. Saeko however is perhaps the first to take the more proactive and literal sense of being a 'Protector of human kind' after observing many of the world's heroes. While others of her station have fulfilled this role purely by offering guidence or blessings, Saeko has chosen to intervene directly even on behalf of those who are not worshippers of Inari. This may well put her at odds with some of the more hardline celestials, but it is also outside the realms of both her experience and those of other Tenko. For all their fabled divine knowledge, Saeko is very much learning as she goes in 'uncharted waters'.

Physical Manifestation:
To occupy the physical plane, Saeko has to obey the rules of it. Unlike some celestial creatures, Saeko's physical body is as vulnerable to harm as a normal mortal being. She can be injured and feel pain as readily as any human being. Should her body be destroyed by such means she is forced back into Takamagahara and is unable to return to physical form for several days. Mystical weapons and particular spells that could destroy celestial beings can destroy her permenantly.



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Saeko has 29 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Fountain Chat August 3rd, 2021 Saeko watches Bando fall in a fountain and they have a little chat.
Meet and Greet at the LM July 31st, 2021 People gathered, talked, drank and nothing tried to kill John - miracles can happen.
Everything's exciting with 'Of Doom' attached to the end of it July 20th, 2021 In a crowded coffee shop, a kitsune is offered up a chair.
Just a little sample July 2nd, 2021 Saeko thwarts the attempt of a few flyborgs to get some DNA from a mutant.
Ley Lines June 5th, 2021 Ended.
And Don't Forget The Bagel May 28th, 2021 Happenstance brings people together at the Coffee Bean.
Reunited May 14th, 2021 No description
Divine meetings April 12th, 2021 Koga accidently summons Saeko and asks for divine guidence.
Evening Spent In April 1st, 2021 Research into the care and feeding of fox spirits. Really!
Just a bit of advice... March 25th, 2021 Hank gives advice, steak, and fries to Mike, Irie, and Saeko
What Price One Soul: Shot Across the Bow March 12th, 2021 Saeko warns Hellboy of a trap on a door for a witness he wants to talk to. They fight a whisp who possess the witness and rescue the witness.
A Bit Of Poetry March 10th, 2021 Saeko ends up at a poetry slam where Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson also show up, to listen to a World War II vet share a pair of poems.
The Ant and the Kitsune February 26th, 2021 Science and Magic finally meet.
Attack of the Shannon February 13th, 2021 Omega Shannon is sent to Limbo
Eat my (Pixie) Dust! February 13th, 2021 Saeko and Hank take a breather after Omega Shannon.
Another You: Long Live The Queen February 8th, 2021 Hank's first wife shows up during date night and stately Pym Manor winds up in a very different state.
Of Luck and Toys February 7th, 2021 No description
Deep-rooted Danger February 4th, 2021 Moleman crashes the party and the heroes contain the trouble!
Double Jeopardy January 24th, 2021 Rescue is at hand for Wade but will it be too late?
Cafe Outing January 24th, 2021 A pleasent brunch, stories swapped and a good time!
Sending a Fox Message January 19th, 2021 A date!
=The Doctor makes House Calls January 12th, 2021 Tibetan tea and sympathy is had.
Doppleganger: A Darker Giganta January 9th, 2021 Dark Doris Zuel of the ZZGU dimension is defeated, along with her zoo of horrible creatures.
Foxes Love Tacos January 6th, 2021 No description
Fairy Trails January 4th, 2021 No description
Things Go from Bad to 'Verse December 24th, 2020 Sushi and pizza are shared and Hank reveals more of his plans for a retreat.
A stop for Impulse food. December 23rd, 2020 No description
A Medicine for the Melancholy- No Rx Needed December 20th, 2020 Tea and sympathy in the lab.
Abduction Interrupted December 19th, 2020 A mugging leads to an attempted kidnapping. The attempted kidnapping leads to attempted involuntary vehicular manslaughter. None of those outcomes occur, thanks to Saeko and Ariah.


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Saeko has 29 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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