5279/A Visit To Brooklyn

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A Visit To Brooklyn
Date of Scene: 20 February 2021
Location: Steve Roger's Apartment
Synopsis: Hank Pym stops by and tells T'Challa and Steve about the doppel attack and that he'll be away for awhile as a result.
Cast of Characters: Steve Rogers, T'Challa, Hank Pym

Steve Rogers has posed:
Since the Avengers formed Steve Rogers has spent most of his time living in the Avengers Mansion. That close proximity providing such a strong aid to team building.

More recently he's been splitting his time between the Mansion and... somewhere else. Some on the team might know where but others who don't have any particular reason to, probably not.

Though if some were looking for Steve today, JARVIS would have been able to provide the information that he's at his Brooklyn apartment today. And for Avengers members, the address and directions there would be forthcoming from the Stark artificial intelligence.

The block of Brooklyn itself has an older feel to it. It hasn't quite gone through the same degree of gentrification as some of the other areas. There are bars and sandwich places and all sorts of little shops in the area. Next door to the Greenpoint Apartments is an old boxing gym, Carnegie's. Though it looks closed up, the windows newspapered over.

T'Challa has posed:
It was not that difficult to find the man. With the resources available to the Avengers, unless someone had reason /not/ to be found, the idea of complete privacy may be a misnomer. That is not to say one person stalks another, but..T'Challa /is/ the Black Panther, and big cats often do these things. With prey? Yes. With friends and teammates? Perhaps not so much.

Whatever the reasons, yet to be made clear, the Wakandan monarch makes his way to Brooklyn and a particular apartment building. Showing /he/ is prone to his own periods of solitude, there is no Okoye, no Dora Milaje. Contrary to what they may believe, they are not necessary every time the man sets foot in public. No, this visit calls for more subtlety, more of a casual nature.

There is a firm knock at the door. Should one look through the peephole, the dark-skinned man stands patiently on the other side, hands clasped in back of him, dressed in a fine suit with a long black overcoat, good for the weather.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym has opted for a more polite approach. Looking around the quaint street he ponders a sandwich or a coffee for a moment then decides to pull the bandaid off. The scientist pulls out a cell phone and texts the Captain.

<<Captain, this is Pym. I have a few matters to discuss with you. I promise they will not be long and there is no slide presentation involved. I would like to come over as soon as it is convenient. I would be obliged if it was convenient for you in five minutes as I am out by the closed gym across the street. Thank you for your kind attention ~HP.>> Another moment and he hits send. He looks up at the windows of the apartment building and waves. His coat opens to show the yellow and black Yellowjacket uniform.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve finishes making a fresh pot of coffee. "More work than the machine," he says, referring to the one in the Avenger's kitchen where you just put in a little tub of the flavor you want and it makes it. "But yet, somehow more satisfying to do it myself," he comments as he fills up his mug.

His phone chimes and Steve picks it up and reads the text message. "Hmm. Must be something important to him," he comments to himself as he sends a text back to Hank Pym:

> Come on up, I'm in 4A.

The knock sounds at the door even as Steve is hitting send. "Unless he's borrowing Pietro's powers," Steve says as he walks over to the door and opens it up. "Your Majesty. A pleasant surprise. Please, come inside," he says, making room, and looking past T'Challa into the hallway. "Is Hank with you? He'd just sent a message about stopping by."

T'Challa has posed:
When the door opens, T'Challa reaches down to grab not one, but two cases of beer, the kind that's emblazoned with patriotic imagery, all red, white, and blue. "Good day, Steve, and thank you." Stepping inside, he adds, "It dawned upon me that I didn't think I ever brought you a proper housewarming gift. Or should I say, apartment-warming? Anyhow, cold beer was suggested, and for some reason these made me think of you." Some reason, indeed.

Looking around the place, he makes note of the artistic personal touches, a few books out here and there, and even a certain shield leaning against the wall. "I believe the word for this place would be 'cozy.' And no, Hank did not come with me. Is this one of those coincidences you always see in the television shows?"

He carries a pleasant attitude, while looking for a place to set the twin 24-packs. Even when he tries to act casual, it is hard to forget who he is and what comes with it, but he is not flaunting it.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym is in fact at a window offering some concealment. He has further shrunken to six inches in height. He taps on the glass to get Steve's attention then opens the window and enters. Once inside flits over to the welcome mat and wipes his feet before resizing.

"Thanks for seeing me so soon, Captain. Hello, your Majesty. I hope if I'm interrupting anything you will let me know. I apologize for the dramatics but there are a couple of doubles after me. I also apologize for the Yellowjacket uniform. It was the only one I had left. It is the most advanced one I made anyway. You heard about my house I assume?" Hank removes a shoulder bag and says awkwardly, "I brought you a mixed selection of fruit."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers will take one of the cases of beer from T'Challa to free up a hand. "Oh, thank you. Yes, I've had this for awhile. It was where I ended up staying after I... came out of the ice," Steve says, using the term that he's herd it referred to the most often. "I haven't been using it as much lately, but I'm glad you came by. And I gues sit is one of those coincidences."

The tap on the window does indeed garner a wave from Steve to come in as he sees who it is. The costume worn beneath the jacket does raise one eyebrow slightly. "Good afternoon, Dr. Pym. I just made a pot of coffee. And T'Challa brought another beverage," he offers.

The explanation on the suit gets a slow nod from Steve. "I got wind of it. Oh, and thank you," he says of the fruit, moving to take it. "Was it something about the house?" he asks Hank.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa places the other case down nearby. "I suppose that is as accurate a way of putting it as it gets," he agrees, "and I do not normally make house calls, but I wanted to be certain you were not using that shield as a serving tray for wild parties." He knows this is something Steve would likely be one of the last people on Earth to ever do, which is why the mere idea leaves him looking so amused.

There is an initially wary look Hank in the Yellowjacket costume gets once he's picked out and let inside, leading the Wakandan to cross his arms as he rests a small amount of weight against the kitchen island. "There was the explosion, yes," he answers, but his demeanor suggests he will remain on the quiet side while Hank says what he is here to share. He is studying the man, regardless.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym sighs. "Nadia's double and her mother's double attacked me and were trying to find some bit of my technology. I think it was the Alternate Reality Intrusion Sensor. I couldn't hold them off and I didn't want them stealing that or anything else. I crashed my Rover jet into the house and barely got out. Anyway, no house, nor Rover. This uniform... I never kept it at home. Anyway... with those two running around I'd use Tony's Hulkbuster armor if he let me."

He notes the reaction. It is just a uniform. Not a mental state. That persona is gone. He's done so much to see to that! The timing is wrong for what he must do but when is the timing ever right?

"Anyway... I'm removing my personal projects from the Mobile Lab. I'll leave it where it is, Henry or King T'Challa will doubtless find things they can use. I'd... like to go to the inactive list for the time being. I'd take sick leave but I don't think I have any left. I wanted to let you know in person. This is fine though. Everyone will know soon enough."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve frowns as he hears the details of events from Hank's house. "And they are still at large?" he asks. "Who all do we have focused on them? SHIELD is tracking down most of the arrivals to our world. But enhanced individuals is where we are going to need to step in," he says.

The man's head tilts slightly in thought. "Do you think they might target the lab? Will have they access to all of the liquid that powers their shrinking, or do you think they might be likely to make a run at some more of it?" he asks.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa alters his stance so a hand instead rests against the countertop, the other sliding into a pocket of his overcoat, then he changes his mind to remove that, drape it over a chair, and resume how he'd been standing before.

"I have heard of multiple cases of this going around. I understand the Titans have been dealing with their own problems with a few..duplicates." His expression indicates a frown. "You know we will help however we can. Whatever you have in mind, are you certain of it?" He slides a glance Steve's way at the man's own questions.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym considers the question. "I'm safe guarding my technology on my end. If it can't be hidden or disassembled I'll bring it to a small base I prepared in the Microverse. Let them find it there. Hah. Pym Tech is under heavy security and all employees are giving signs and countersigns. Mine is 'scarf'. Nadia's is 'hope'. I shut down production of Pym particles there for now, until they are found but, either or both of them might be able to generate their own particles."

He turns to T'Challa and says, "Certain as I can be. It won't make any difference to anyone. I'll be working nearby to answer any questions you have, and work on projects for A.R.M.O.R. as well as some personal projects that are vital. I'm going to try to throw the doubles off for a while and I work better alone."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve decides to forgo the coffee, setting the mug aside and opening up one of T'Challa's packs of beer. "I think maybe I might need this more," he says as he gets out a can, and offers more around to Hank and T'Challa.

A thoughtful look crosses Steve's face and he pace a bit across the kitchen, the beer still opened in his hand. "If it turns out they cannot make their own, maybe you could set a trap with some of your particles? Either... stake them out. Or, and I have no idea if this is even possible... can you maybe taint them in some fashion? So they can be tracked but also would fail in some way helpful to us?"

T'Challa has posed:
"Barring anything else, we can always band together, do what we do best, defeat them, and send them back where they came from," T'Challa suggests. He is, however, attempting to give Pym the benefit of doubt here, to trust that he knows what he's doing. Each one of them has different ways of dealing with a problem, and this is not one they have had to face before.

The can of beer is accepted and considered with a nod, though not yet opened. Instead, he taps a finger lightly against the top, but not enough that it would cause the thing to spray everywhere afterward. No doubt the quality of the beer is not up to certain standards. It is mass-produced and all that comes with it.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym looks uncomfortable. Finally when he speaks it is as if he is a man relating a horrific scandal. "I blew up my house because... I couldn't stop her. The Queen is better at everything than me. I always knew Maria was the truly gifted one. Look at Nadia. At the very least... I'm sorry to put it this way Steve... Janet distracted me from a lot of work. Consider what I might have done if Maria had lived to work with me? I believe there's another Pym out there too, or was for a while. Anyway she jammed my insect communication then overrode it. No one ever kept me from speaking to my ants! She showed super strength greater than mine at 12 feet tall and a chitinous skin that adapted to energy attacks."

Hank suddenly stands straighter. "I will find a way to beat her if I can. What one scientist does, another can do. I have a few ideas. Her modifications look... sorry again Steve, when I modified Janet... I went way more conservatively and for good reasons. I'm examining the modifications I chose not to make as too unstable or dangerous. I may find an Achilles' heel. Anyway you have my number. I'm going to go. Be well." Hank pulls his ID card from his belt and slowly sets it on the counter.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve finally opens his can, signaling his agreement with T'Challa about joining together. "The defenses at the Mansion should given even someone able to sneak in as well as they, some pause," he offers. "Especially if we know to be watching for that."

The ID card draws Steve's blue eyes as it is set there. "If you think that is for the best, Hank, we'll support you. But you can always hang onto it and call us if in things go poorly. We're a team. We're here for you when you need us," he says.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa nods once to this, graduating to the point of popping the top of the can. The aroma of cheap beer begins to spread.

"We all do what we feel we must, but just as I have learned the value of support from others, do not forget the same exists toward you, no matter your past. You are an Avenger now," he reminds, his expression remaining stoic during Hank's moments of discomfort, attempting to play the role the King just spoke of now, the supportive one. "If nothing else, you know you have us to reach out to in time of need. Sometimes, just the knowing is enough."

The man still hasn't actually tried the beer, yet. Perhaps he has before, which is why he hasn't again. Or, he may be waiting for Steve to go first, since it's his apartment. "I can imagine being cut off from abilities or technologies you are accustomed to would be troubling, of course. If you are as intelligent as you seem, you will find a solution."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym walks to the window and stops at T'Challa's words. "I... you're all apples and I'm a pear. It's time to go." Out of habit, he'd left the window open a crack. Now he shrinks and flies through it and into the sky.