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  Black Panther  
T'Challa (Scenesys ID: 448)
Name: T'Challa
Superalias: Black Panther
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Monarch of Wakanda
Citizenship: Wakanda
Residence: Birnin Zana, Wakanda
Education: Ph.D Physics (Oxford University)
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Street Level, Avengers
Apparent Age: Late 20s/Early 30s Actual Age: 35
Date of Birth 7 July 1986 Played By Chadwick Boseman
Height: 6' Weight: 187lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @BlackPantherOfficial (V)
Theme Song:

Character Info


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T'Challa is known publically as the young head of state of Wakanda, a rich isolationist state in Africa. Of this state, he is king by divine right and now seeks to bring Wakanda into the international world as a global power. However, he is also the country's strongest warrior and its chief enforcer, the Black Panther. Who he is depends on who is asking. To some from his country, he is known as a pacifist, a person out of sorts with the times. To others, he is laconic, enigmatic, and unrelentingly brutal


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* 1986 - T'Challa is born to the Black Panther, T'Chaka, king of Wakanda and his Queen Consort, N'Yami. N'Yami would die after childbirth from complications from the pregnancy.
* 1991 - While on a tour of the borders of Wakanda, T'Challa gets lost and is found by Ramonda, who would go on to marry his father and become T'Challa's stepmother.
* 2003 - When T'Chaka refuses to give Ulysses Klaw the mining rights to Wakanda, he is assassinated. Klaw also attempts to murder T'Challa but is defeated. T'Challa's uncle S'Yan rules as Regent until T'Challa is deemed worthy of ascension. S'Yan also holds the mantle of Black Panther.
* 2004 - T'Challa takes the Wakanda rite of passage to roam the land without the use of any resource.
* 2005 - After completing the rite of passage, T'Challa is declared an adult. T'Challa is accepted into Oxford University and leaves Wakanda for England.
* 2007 - Balancing his diplomatic and personal lives, T'Challa leaves Oxford for a year to tour the United States under the alias 'Luke Charles'.
* 2010 - T'Challa graduates Oxford and returns to Wakanda to start the quest for the Heart-Shaped Herb.
* 2011 - Two years before expected, T'Challa anonymously challenges S'Yan for the throne of Wakanda and is victorious. S'Yan happily steps down, and T'Challa not only becomes King of Wakanda but also takes the Heart-Shaped Herb that links him to Bast, the Panther God, granting him the powers of the Black Panther.
* 2012 - Wakanda is attacked during the Alien Alliance. The world learns of Black Panther for the first time but does not become aware of Wakandan technology as a whole.
* 2014 - There is brief internal strife within Wakanda as T'Challa disbands the Wakandan Secret Police and a tribal war forces him to choose sides. T'Challa begins to consider making Wakanda open to the world.
* 2015 - T'Challa forms a scientific alliance with the Fantastic Four - the first non-Wakanda corporation allowed within its borders. But knowledge of Wakandan technology is still unknown to the rest of the world.
* 2018 - T'Challa travels to America on a diplomatic trip. He sneaks out using his 'Luke Charles' guise and teams up with Captain America and others as Black Panther - eventually leading to his joining the Avengers.
* 2020 - The destruction of Genosha has brought T'Challa back to the United States to sit in at the United Nation and serve with the Avengers. He leaves his sister, Shuri in the care of his uncle S'Yan to keep an eye on Wakanda while he looks into the state of the world.

IC Journal

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T'Challa's primary drive is love of his country at a truly deep level. He lives his life for Wakanda and would die for her. No matter how good of a man he otherwise is the majority of the time, Wakanda's needs can supersede nearly anything else in his eyes. That said he is not an isolationist, and he shows concern for the world surrounding his secretive nation. More concern than most of his citizens show.

Despite his generally warm demeanor, T'Challa is the kind of person that plans ahead and manipulates events to achieve his desired outcome. He is watchful both inside and outside of Wakanda. He heads off issues before they can become greater, and influences events to avoid other problems entirely. His demeanor can make him easy to overlook, lured by his often soft-spoken mannerisms. He is willing to manipulate friends as well as enemies when it's necessary for Wakanda, but would seek to avoid doing them any harm in doing so.

Mostly Honorable:
The Wakandan monarch is generally an honorable person. He desires to keep his word to friends and allies. He prefers to act above board in most matters. But, this is not absolute. Though this is the person he prefers to be, he also has a sense of duty to Wakanda that can override this when he deems it necessary for Wakanda. In short he usually takes the high road, but with serious enough matters he may diverge from that normal aspect of his personality.

Ruthlessly Practical:
While T'Challa can show a very warm civilized face and an honorable one, he is also ruthless about dealing with the most serious of problems. He can be very direct in such moments. There may be times that other Avengers may dicker over an issue that T'Challa would just go deal with it in the way he feels it needs to be handled because it has to get done. He is not afraid of applying the most final of solutions to problems great enough to demand it, though does not take life lightly.

T'Challa has a level of refinement and sophistication beyond most. He is articulate and his choice of words reflect his education. He thinks matters through and acts deliberately. He even speaks deliberately, delivering his words at a measured pace that causes others to listen more closely. As he is a King, he is used to thinking at a high level. Judging the true impact of matters. Though in cases of great emotion he can let that interfere with his judgment.

The face that T'Challa normally shows the world is a likeable one. He is restrained, but friendly. He does not often appear to let his title go to his head over small matters, though he can be overconfident in his decisions. He has a definite charm that is magnified by cultured parts of his upbringing that included college at Oxford.

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Agility:
Having already been a peak level athlete, after enhancement by the Heart Shaped Herb, T'Challa's balance and dexterity exceed the levels that normal humans can reach. His agility is as catlike as the panther of his namesake. Running a tightrope at high speed or jumping between pole tops requires little thought, and opponents may find him difficult to hit. His reflexes give him an edge over human opponents, and allow him to dodge or block blows from lesser opponents, and try to evade as enemies are about to pull the trigger on their weapons.

Enhanced Durability:
T'Challa is not immune to bullets or bladed weapons, but his body is more hardy than normal humans. Physical blows damage him less and his bones are more resistant to breaking. Even without the absorbing protection of his costume, Black Panther can trade blows with other superpowered beings that might knock out or disable a normal person, and at least survive a limited number of hits by true heavyweights. He also has endurance that exceeds that of normal humans, able to run or fight for far longer before becoming fatigued.

Enhanced Senses:
With the enhancements of the Heart Shaped Herb, T'Challa's senses are acute, approaching and even exceeding those of animals.
* He is able to see in anything short of total darkness with normal clarity. He can also extend his vision into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums.
* He can hear sounds below the levels that humans can perceive, such as nearby heartbeats, and can hear normal sounds at a greater distance.
* His sense of smell is particularly well developed. T'Challa can track by scent, detect certain emotions by scent, and might be able to deduce where someone has been based on lingering smells. As he retains an acute memory of tens of thousands of scents, he can identify people by scent as easily as by sight.
* T'Challa's sense of taste is similarly potent, allowing him to identify each ingredient in something he eats. Poisoning his food would be difficult to pull off.

Enhanced Speed:
Black Panther can double maximum human running speeds, maintaining 35 mph for an extended period, and reaching perhaps 45mph in an all out sprint. His other movements are enhanced even further, attacking faster than most eyes can follow or normal people can react to, or rushing nearby gunmen before they can react and fire.

Enhanced Strength:
Having been an Olympic level athlete before enhancement as Black Panther, T'Challa can lift around 2 tons after taking the Heart Shaped Herb. He can still perform feats like lift a person off the ground one-handed and throw them, rip doors off cars and wrestle large animals like rhinos to the ground. His leaping ability is catlike, jumping a dozen feet high from a flat-footed stance. While his normal Black Panther habit does not increase his strength, it's momentum-absorbing technologies can act in synergy, such as arresting some of the momentum of a thrown car, allowing T'Challa to seem to catch it briefly.

Healing Factor:
T'Challa's wounds won't heal before your eyes, but with a heightened metabolism he recovers about twice as fast as a normal person would. His immune system is similarly strengthened, leaving him very resistant to most diseases, though particularly nasty bugs or magical illnesses have a chance to affect him still.

Panther's Legacy:
By entering a trance, T'Challa can commune with the spirits of deceased Black Panthers, including his father, T'Chaka. At this time he is not able to gain more from them than the wisdom of their words. (Note: The events of Necropolis and becoming King of the Dead have not taken place.)

Vibranium Awareness:
The changes wrought by the Heart Shaped Herb include a sensitivity to Vibranium. T'Challa possesses a sixth sense to the metal's presence. This has allowed Black Panthers to sometimes note the theft of the precious metal from Wakanda, and aids in tracking the thieves down.


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Classical Education:
T'Challa was trained since birth to prepare him to be ruler of Wakanda. Diplomacy, governance, and Wakandan Law were taught alongside battlefield tactics, international relations and strategy. T'Challa learned to hunt, track, and survive in the rough terrain of Wakanda which includes mountains, deserts and tropical rain forests. His education included a classic education and a Ph.D in Physics from Oxford. He speaks multiple languages including English, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese and Chinese.

Combat Training:
T'Challa has studied and practiced combat with traditional and advanced Wakandan armaments and other common personal firearms as well as unarmed combat. He has his own fighting style, but T'Challa's training included mastering most known fighting styles both for his own use and to know how to counter them. His personal combat skills rank him amongst the best martial artists in the world. In addition, the traditional Panther fighting style involves a great deal of acrobatics and mobility so there is some overlap between his fighting skills and gymnastics.

Gifted Intellect:
T'Challa is highly intelligent with a Ph.D in Physics from Oxford as well as an advanced level of skill in engineering. He has a true eidetic memory which makes mastering new skills easier for him than for many others, not to mention helping in investigative and other matters. T'Challa is one of the finest physics minds on the planet, and has a keen understanding of the vibranium technology of his people. He designed the Quinjet adapted by the Avengers and SHIELD, and is capable of designing and producing advanced technological items. While not a mage in the traditional sense, he also has a keen knowledge of mysticism.

Even before gaining superhuman senses, T'Challa honed the skills of a master tracker and hunter in the rainforests and savannah of Wakanda. He can track prey for days, and through all types of terrain. With his enhanced senses, even urban settings can be tracked in.

T'Challa has an excellent hand with the flute, and also plays the talking drum, a traditional African instrument.

Strategy and Tactics:
Since he was a boy, T'Challa has been trained by his father to assume the role of monarch of Wakanda. His skills as a strategist and tactician are honed to the levels of a master. T'Challa focuses on both details and the big picture. He preemptively acts to avoid dangers and problems. He is an itinerant planner, and there are few scenarios that could be anticipated for Wakanda to face that T'Challa has not made plans in advance for. He is very comparable to Batman in the sheer excessive amount of planning and preparation that both engage in.


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Black Panther Costume:
The ceremonial habit of the Black Panther has gone through continual upgrades over time, changing in appearance and function as the latest technologies that Wakanda is able to employ have been incorporated. Different versions may be created or adapted to meet specific needs and uses, such as space or underwater operations, or even fighting the Hulk. (Yes, the consumate planner that T'Challa is made his own Hulkbuster armor, which fortunately has not required use yet.)

The vibranium microweave that comprises most of the suit can absorb vibration and momentum, and can also reform itself in predefined ways. Versions of the outfit can fit within a necklace or other item and be deployed with the user's thought, which is also how all of the suit's powers are controlled. This may result in shredding clothing that does not fit easily beneath the suit. The suit's usual features include:

Kinetic/Vibration absorption - The costume can absorb incoming momentum whether from a bullet, stab, punch or explosion, reducing the impact to survivable levels. The energy is stored for later release. Cutting and slashing cannot be as easily absorbed. The boots can absorb the vibrations from sound to allow silent movement, or allow falls of 50 feet or more without harm by absorbing most of the impact.

Energy release - Stored energy can be released by the user. A focused release from a glove might be used to shatter an object, while a more widespread release might send nearby opponents flying or smash the environment with sufficient stored energy. More refined energy release could aid scaling a wall or even skimming across water for a short distance.

Claws - Retractable claws are made of an advanced "anti-metal" alloy of vibranium that can break down other metals on a molecular level, allowing the Black Panther to seem to shred other metals with surprising ease.

Disguise and Stealth - Different parts of the costume are customizable, such as lengthening, shortening, or fully retracting a cloak. Some versions of the suit can be disguised as civilian clothing, or even turn invisible.

Sensors - The modern renditions of the suit usually contain connectivity to Wakanda communications and databases, and feature heads up displays in the lenses and abilities to scan in infrared, ultraviolet, and other spectrum. He has other sensors available via his Kimoyo Beads (see separate entry).

Diplomatic Immunity:
The King of Wakanda enjoys the same diplomatic immunity that other world leaders and recognized diplomats enjoy. This usually requires entering the nation through normal procedures. But even if caught in a clandestine breach in another nation, T'Challa is likely to be shown extra consideration that a normal citizen would not. Wakanda maintains embassies in most nations, which by international agreements are considered Wakandan soil.

Dora Milaje:
There are more than one group of Wakandan royal guards and agents, but important among them are the women of the Dora Milaje. Meaning "adored ones" in Wakandan, the Dora Milaje once included ceremonial wives in training selected from other tribes. But in more enlightened modern times, they are the highly skilled personal guard of the King. They safeguard the monarch both within Wakanda and during trips aboard. Like many who take on such a calling, they take great personal pride in their responsibility for keeping their charge safe. Their leader is Okoye, general of the Dora Milaje.

Energy Daggers:
These vibranium weapons are capable of being charged with amounts of energy of the wielder's choice from shocking to far more lethal, or even releasing a beam of energy as a distance attack. Made of one of the hardest metals known to man, the daggers are capable of slicing through most materials, and the energy beam itself can cut through many common materials. The daggers are the common weapon of choice for the Black Panther, and he usually carries several on his person during combat situations.

Kimoyo Beads:
This is an extremely powerful portable supercomputer/PDA invented by T'Challa. It has the ability to access/hack technological interfaces via Wakandan satellites. It functions similarly to the Avengers' communicards, but with many more practical applications. It can be used to scan nearby items and funnel the information to Wakanda computers for analysis. They can be used to take over the controls of a vehicle that has a computer interface, disable machinery or vehicles, or use holographic communications. "Kimoyo" is Bantu for "of the spirit". These can take various forms such as a bracelet or necklace.

King of Wakanda:
T'Challa is by birth and trial the King of Wakanda and has access to such resources as befits his station in addition to the benefits of the connections and diplomatic perks his lineage brings. Wakanda is secretly one of the most technologically based nations in the world, perhaps the most so. This is due to the vibranium deposits that occur almost exclusively in the African nation, thanks to a meteor made of the material which crashed there before the time of man. The nation also has a history of dealing with mystical and other-worldly threats, often done without the knowledge of the rest of the world.

Royalty and Wealth:
Wakanda possesses advanced vibranium-based technology that has been incorporated into equipment and infrastructure. This includes satellites, high-performance computers, holographic technology, advanced aircraft, weaponry and more. The nation also has a vast stockpile of mystical and magical artifacts (with staff approval for story purposes). Special units are trained to operate in the outside world for the nation's protection, and the nation sports labs full of highly skilled scientists. As monarch of Wakanda, T'Challa has access and control over all of these.

As the planet's sole source for vibranium, which Wakanda possesses great quantities of, the quiet sale of even tiny amounts of the metal generates phenomenal amounts of wealth. T'Challa has been known to make generous use of the nation's bank accounts. With hundreds of billions on hand at any moment and the ability to easily convert vibranium to additional currency, T'Challa is quite likely the wealthiest person on the planet, though few outside of Wakanda would realize this.


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Duty To Wakanda:
Wakanda Forever. T'Challa's primary motivation is the survival and betterment of his nation. It informs most all of his decisions and is his primary loyalty. This focus can be used against him in several ways, such as providing an issue significant to Wakanda as a lure, or as a distraction to keep him occupied with other matters.

It's Good To Be King:
T'Challa is King. There are other people who would love that job for themselves. While in practicality the monarchy has been largely hereditary, this has been due to the members of T'Challa's line continuing to earn the title through trial. Challenges to his rule according to tradition are possible, as well as other types of attempts to wrest control of the nation from him.

With such enhanced senses as T'Chall has, overstimulated senses are a potential danger. Bright lights, extremely loud sounds, or potent and pungent smells. His Black Panther costume provides some protection, particularly against sudden bright lights. Scent or sound protection is also possible but less likely to be engaged until he realizes it is needed. Without his costume, T'Challa would be even more vulnerable. The effects of such overstimulation could include being dazed or disoriented, to a worst case of possible loss of consciousness in extreme cases.

Pride of the Panther:
By the standards of those raised from birth to be a monarch, one might consider T'Challa fairly well-adjusted. But by the standards of normal people, he possesses a self-confidence and focus that can cross into arrogance or pride. He may hold grudges, particularly if the matter involved a cost to Wakanda or his loved ones. Overall he tends to show wisdom, but this is a part of his personality that can be exploited.



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T'Challa has 144 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
RoT: Secret Labs, Familiar Labs May 20th, 2024 AIM hires the Wrecking Crew to lead a raid on a government lab. Members of the Avengers and SHIELD respond, as well as Kid Devil and Silana. AIM is partially thwarted as they flee with only part of what they came for. Cap makes a call to evacuate the building and its gamma reactor goes critical, but Clea contains the worst of the blast outside.
Half Past Coachella April 25th, 2024 T'Challa and Shuri reunite over the Freaking of Niks!
Hydra vs UN: Zoo Animals Loosed April 4th, 2024 Hydra operatives release large and dangerous animals from their pens in the Central Park Zoo, drawing heroes and first responders just before Hydra assaults the UN.
Empire Diner For Dinner March 30th, 2024 After a performance by a Wakandan singer visiting the US, various members of the Avengers along with a helpful Mary Bromfield meet up at Empire Diner for dinner. Joshua Foley and Jane Roe introduce themselves.
Stealing Second March 26th, 2024 What happens to idiots that try to sell stolen Vibranium?

The same thing that happens to everything else!

Housewarming Party May 17th, 2023 Mary and Marie welcome their friends into their new home, food and gifts a'plenty!
Brood of the Savage Land: The God Machines, Part I April 27th, 2023 THE ERRUPTION OF MOUNT DOOM. Heroes return to Sauron's former lair, sneaking past a broodified colossal Quetzalcoatlus, debating King Phangor and his new Sun Priestess advisor, and ultimately destroying the Celestial computer core within. One down... at least six to go?
The past of Wakanda! March 12th, 2023 No description
Marie-Ange's 21st Birthday Bash! March 8th, 2023 Marie's friends and 'family' gather together to celebrate the seer turning 21!
The Agence Byzantine March 5th, 2023 No description
The king returns! February 27th, 2023 T'challa returns to the Embasy and Shuri catching up on what is going on.
Big Game Hunters February 23rd, 2023 It has been done
Tearing Off the Tail: Hydra Edition February 21st, 2023 A SHIELD Strike to steal a new experimental Hydra craft goes well. With many, many explosions along the way.
Discordants: The Ritual February 18th, 2023 The heroes were successful in cutting off the ritual before it could complete. Though there are some loose ends. The Svartalf prisoners must be seen to. The civilians must be returned home. And what happened to the Black Widow?
Discordants: DANGER ZONE! February 16th, 2023 The Dark Elf Attack upon the Triskelion is foiled, but not without loss.
Discordants: Mirror Mirror on the Wall February 14th, 2023 The heroes get valuable intel with the aid of Hubert, but then all holy heck breaks loose.
A nice dinner at the Manson. February 12th, 2023 A good diner is had, and everybody has a talk with T'Challa's sister, and student.
Hail HYDRA February 9th, 2023 A HYDRA convoy gets halted in the dead of night. The Black Panther recovers a treasure, Mary Jane Watson secures the remnants for SHIELD, Ariah grabs the gold, and the Green Goblin goes full goblin mode.
High Speed Pursuit February 9th, 2023 Heroes respond to a shoot out that ranges through the streets of Brooklyn and up onto Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. The fight is stopped, but Vulture swoops down and makes off with the unknown contents that the fight was over.
T'Challa meets his Sister! February 7th, 2023 Shuri and her brother have a good conversation where he catches her up, and she teases him!
Justice League: Moon Mystery February 5th, 2023 The Justice League respond to Astronauts who discover a hidden facility on the Moon. It is a grotesque affair within, and there's a lot of good targets for smashing!
Your Delivery Has Arrived February 2nd, 2023 T'Challa brings Marie some equipment to continue practicing his instruction, and training continues as student and teacher learn more about one another.
Everyone loves a Montage! January 29th, 2023 Training is had, and Janet oversees to make sure T'Challa knows he is supposed to be the friendly one.
Catching Up with the Moon January 25th, 2023 T'Chala and Diana meet to discuss the Lunar Colony and their people's work with the last stages of the Starport.
Discordants: The Telling of a Tale January 21st, 2023 The heroes gather to the site of what was a dark elf ritual in Yasawa Island, Fiji. They uncover some of the tale and bring about more questions.
Royalty and Vision January 20th, 2023 No description
Scream for the Hydra, Cut with the Klaw January 19th, 2023 Hydra raids a facility owned by Oscorp. A group of Avengers and other heroes go to drive them away!
The Hunt for Bears. January 18th, 2023 A bear hunt, that T'Challa uses to get to know his fellow avenger!
Scotts turn to be called out! January 18th, 2023 A good conversation is had, and Scott knows who is sneaking the sugar!
Freelance Peacekeeper January 17th, 2023 T'Challa comes face to foot with a giant out of towner in the forth of a Freelance Peacekeeping Agent.
Reclaiming The Lost January 15th, 2023 Marie, Monet, and Tabitha make up a royal welcoming committee as T'Challa visits Xavier's! Marie returns the spear she was loaned, and accepts an offer she'd be a fool to refuse!
An Uneventful Friday the 13th January 14th, 2023 Nothing gets blown up!
A bad day.. For Crime! January 14th, 2023 After a small bit of chaos. Introductions are had all around!
Grand Opening January 13th, 2023 Ninjas attack but the Stadium opens anyway and everyone loves Dazzler's performance.
The King of the Grill January 13th, 2023 A conversation is had, though wether it or the steak was better is anyones guess!
Monarchs of Heaven and Earth October 16th, 2022 Maxima visits the new spaceport displeased by news of the Shi'ar presence. There she meets T'Challa and eventually they find some common ground.
Shi'ar: Ex Amicitia Pax October 12th, 2022 T'Challa lays down the law to the Shi'ar, PG is Very Mad, Diana and Donna try to diplomacize... and Tabitha rocks her spacejail couture. Although some political agreement is reached, it seems unlikely Deathbird will abide them. Emma hatches a plan for telepathic questioning, even as Oracle has already failed at the task. And Commander Shrivan will need a vacation.
Atlantic Starport: Tending to Business Matters October 10th, 2022 T'Challa, Diana, and Arthur discuss recent events at the Starport. They are not in agreement about everything, but some common ground is eventually found. Mostly.
Widow and King October 9th, 2022 Natasha and T'Challa have a spar.
A Themysciran Visit to Wakanda September 20th, 2022 The Amazons visit Wakanda, and King T'Challa shares plans with them that will change the world.
Starport: Spidery Stopover September 12th, 2022 Ghost Spider gets a brief tour of the Starport from one of the people responsible for its creation: King T'Challa
Starport: Gardens in the Middle of the Sea August 29th, 2022 Ororo visits the Starport and is greeted by none other than the Black Panther himself for the start of a little tour. Some of what they discuss may hold more than one meaning to it.
Check It Out Bro August 22nd, 2022 Shuri and T'Challa discuss small details of the upcoming Starport
The Life of a VIP August 17th, 2022 T'Challa dines at the Hellfire Club's VIP area. Tarot readings are given. Matters are discussed with the former White Queen.
X-Ren Faire August 1st, 2022 X-folk and T'Challa show up at the Ren Faire and there are some learning and teaching.
Multiverse of Madness: Avengers Expedition July 17th, 2022 America takes a group on the Avengers on a tour of a fraction of the multiverse to show them what wonders lie beyond the borders of figurative reality and they also discuss the wonders unmapped on the Earth of the their own reality in the process.
When Royalty Meets July 11th, 2022 An encounter in an alley between Black Panther and Satana somehow leads to dinner plans.
Support all around June 26th, 2022 T'Challa and Storm work towards the same ends, starting at different ends of the block and meeting in the middle of an open-air, blocks-farmer's market/neighborhood fair deep in the Wilds of the Bronx.
Assault at the Battery June 18th, 2022 Black Panther and Dazzler assist with a police chase. And Shuri doesn't get an autograph.
YA Beginnings: The First Steps June 18th, 2022 America drops in on the Avenger's Mansion and meets with Black Panther and Captain America to discuss the foundation of the Young Avengers. She makes a good enough of an impression on the two titanic figures to get their approval.
Take me out to the ballgame! May 28th, 2022 The exhibition game was a success! No one died, and no one invaded. It was just a baseball game... that was watched by millions of people.
A King and a Weather Goddess Meet May 18th, 2022 Ororo is invited to the Wakandan Embassy, where she and T'Challa discuss recent and future developments.
Avengers Rooftop Pool For The Win May 1st, 2022 A few Avengers settle into the rooftop pool to enjoy the first day of May.
A Visit to Wakanda April 19th, 2022 T'Challa brings the Avengers to Wakanda, and pulls back the curtain.
Starport Tour April 10th, 2022 A social gathering and party atmosphere is part of the night for the Starport's first guests!
The Suit Makes The Panther April 3rd, 2022 Tara learns a little more of Black Panther's views of Wakanda and the world.
Avengers: High Tech Heist March 11th, 2022 Captured AIM equipment is being shipped to the government for disposal, when the scientific terrorist group attacks the convoy to retrieve. The Avengers and allies respond to stop them.
Cat Nearby, Guard Your Countertops March 8th, 2022 Tara/Bast go shopping at a Wakandan market. T'Challa finds out, comes to see what is going on.
Smells of the kitchen February 22nd, 2022 A gathering that begins with the sound of a coffee grinder ends with work talk, of course. How could it be any different in the Avengers' Mansion?
Back to Work in the Labs February 13th, 2022 T'Challa visits Shuri, who is at work on things as usual. They catch up on a few matters and act like siblings do.
Flashback: Moments in Wakandan Youth February 1st, 2022 Step back in time to follow the paths of young Wakanadans, Prince T'Challa, who would become King, and N'Jadaka, who would become Killmonger.
Sharing More Than a Salute January 18th, 2022 T'Challa visits Themyscira to meet with Diana, Troia and Hippolyta and discuss mutual plans of opening up to the world... and building spaceports.
Cats Catching Up January 14th, 2022 T'Challa encounters Greer in the Avengers training facility and attempts to help with a few insecurities of hers.
Late and early December 28th, 2021 A moment at the tree at the Avengers Mansion with T'Challa, Janet and Pepper. :)
The First Inaugural Atlantean Embassy Gala December 28th, 2021 Atlantis makes a sweeping return to the world stage with an offer to become the de facto homeland of all mutantkind. Brows furrow.
A Tasty Morsel December 7th, 2021 Black Panther catches Satana in the aftermath of a feeding.
Panthera November 10th, 2021 T'Challa and Tara catch up on current events, and she seeks to give him some advice.
The King Goes to School November 10th, 2021 T'Challa visits Happy Harbor High School for an assembly, a donation, and a demonstration. Awkward questions included.
Monitoring Justice October 23rd, 2021 Diana and T'Challa discuss a number of topics pending, including more about both of their homelands opening up their borders more.
JUSTICE LEAGUE: The World Eaters October 19th, 2021 The Justice League is called to action at the behest of a Cruise Liner in danger of being devoured by a very strange ocean creature! Watch out for tentacles!
A New Future Draws Near October 3rd, 2021 T'Challa invites Steve over for a discussion about the thing that's been on his mind more lately: how to pull back the curtains on Wakanda's secrets. Also, to tease him a little.
Change is Coming September 20th, 2021 T'Challa and Diana discuss developments that will impact both of their homelands, with Pepper and Tony involved in the conversation. Some plans are made.
Big Brother Doing Big Brother Things September 8th, 2021 T'Challa questions, in his way, Shuri's visit to the Iceberg Lounge and chat with Tim Drake. When she realizes how he found out, she is not that happy. Revenge for one-upping her is planned.
Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat August 25th, 2021 Terry approaches the royal siblings of Wakandan with an offer Shuri just can't let T'Challa refuse, on account of his constipation...
Stepping Into Inspiration August 11th, 2021 Shuri unleashed. T'Challa follows and defuses the bomb she lobs. A baobab is planted.
A Visit to see the King August 3rd, 2021 T'Challa begins to pull back the curtain on the truth about Wakanda to a unique visitor from a neighboring tribe.
The Height of Liberty August 3rd, 2021 Back from Wakanda, Black Panther notices something at the Statue of Liberty and investigates, leading to a meeting with Sif.
R.A.B.I.D. Assassins. July 15th, 2021 An attempt on T'Challa's life is thwarted, freakin' HYDRA.
We need to talk about Shuri. July 5th, 2021 Spring of 2020: Bucky delivers some news to T'Challa and Bucky manages to walk out without being murdered by the Dora Milaje - considering it's Bucky, that's a win.
Bizarro Destroys Metropolis March 19th, 2021 Manipulated by Mister Mxyzpltk, The Bizarro Superman confuses the Fifth Annual Giant Robot Appreciation Day Parade for an invasion! Sweeping in to help save the day, Bizarro must be stopped before he ruins the nice day out...or gets someone killed.
Good, Good, Good...Good Vibranium March 8th, 2021 Black Panther and Spider-Man meet during a high-stakes robbery.
A Visit To Brooklyn February 20th, 2021 Hank Pym stops by and tells T'Challa and Steve about the doppel attack and that he'll be away for awhile as a result.
Secret Doors: Little help here February 2nd, 2021 The ghostly monster appears in the basement of the mansion, tangling with Avengers!
The Symkarian Job January 12th, 2021 A tense political situation boils over thanks to the manipulations of T.O. Morrow, but what did the mad scientist want with terabytes of astrological data? The Pythian Comet continues here!
The Vibranium Black Market January 8th, 2021 While in pursuit of some smuggled vibranium, Black Panther encounters Free Lancer, an unknown who has already come upon the would-be thieves.
Decking the Avenger Halls December 26th, 2020 Some of the Avengers come together to decorate the Mansion for Christmas!
A Different Perspective December 22nd, 2020 T'Challa and Shuri discuss the ongoing prospect of revealing the truth of Wakanda to the world before heading to a shelter to help feed those in need.
What Exactly Is A Knickerbocker November 27th, 2020 Diana and T'Challa take in another basketball game. Diana goes viral with her halftime dunking skills!
A Tour Of The Moon November 12th, 2020 Oliver Queen gives T'Challa a tour of Watchtower
Demon Heart Part 2 October 30th, 2020 The robot revolution is coming! Also the zombified super hero revolution
For Betterment of African Trade and Economies October 22nd, 2020 A conference on African trade and economy growth results in a casual meeting between Natasha Cranston, and T'Challa. Natasha caught comment on a shared Narobian-Wakandan school computing infrastructure initiative and inquired about it.
Demon's Heart October 19th, 2020 Exposition Followed by Robot Attack!
Spooktacular Justice Party October 19th, 2020 The Justice League Halloween party!
Trip To The Past: Tomb Raiding! October 19th, 2020 Lara and T'Challa work their way through the Narobian tomb from which the artifact came
Is That A Turtle October 19th, 2020 A dragon's slumber is disturbed, and heroes save the day from its wrath.
A Cold New York Day October 17th, 2020 Wakandan brother and sister catch up, talking SCIENCE! and also about New York cold days.
The Crashing Of The Waves October 9th, 2020 A trip to the beach for Tropical Storm Yancy yields driftwood, videos, and plans to visit Jonah's restaurant.
TO ASGARD AND BEYOND! October 8th, 2020 Sera is presented before the court of Asgard and Odin accepts peace with her.
Avenging Is Hard Work October 7th, 2020 A training session in the Avenger's Training Room gives way to breakfast and talk about Halloween costumes
A Very Welcome Home Party October 4th, 2020 A party for Nadia's return home on Janet's yacht brings out some of the best and dearest friends the Wasp and Waspette have.
Later That Arabian Night October 1st, 2020 After the Avenger's benefit, T'Challa finally has some time to speak with Lara. Halloween plans are considered.
Arabian Nights costume gala September 25th, 2020 The Avengers have an Arabian Nights themed costume charity event.
Costume Help September 24th, 2020 Shuri helps T'Challa pick a costume for the upcoming Arabian Nights costume charity event
X-men Road Rage: Vulture and Goblin scene2 September 24th, 2020 Cyclops, Iceman, and Beast take on Green Goblin, with the help of a freelancing Mystique, while the rest of the team focus on Vulture and saving Spider-Man.
Foreign Snacks, Foreign Facts September 23rd, 2020 Wanda and T'Challa enjoy a rare flavor of Wakandan ice cream and talk talk talk.
A Super Visitor September 20th, 2020 Supergirl visits T'Challa to ask after Three Mile Island events. He realizes she's Kara Danvers, and she reveals the Justice League has been talking about him.
Hero Far from Home September 18th, 2020 Reactor invaded. AIM Operation shut down. Hyperion discovered and rescued. Immigration status To Be Determined. How do you stamp: Parallel Universe on a Passport?
Trip To the Past: Camping September 17th, 2020 On the hunt for a site where an artifact was discovered, Lara and T'Challa make camp and share a meal while discussing many things.
Estimated Arrival Time in Wakanda Will Be Eight AM September 17th, 2020 Tony and Pepper are flown to Wakanda for a medical procedure related to Tony's chest-implanted arc reactor.
London Bridge is falling down September 13th, 2020 The Justice League, with some unexpected help, repel a rampaging dragon tourist from space. Zero stars!
A Request From Pepper September 12th, 2020 Pepper asks T'Challa to help with a medical condition Tony is having due to his chest-mounted arc reactor
A Trip To the Past September 9th, 2020 Lara and T'Challa carve their way towards a potential African archeological site that was the source of an artifact
Do Kings Care About Messy Apartments September 7th, 2020 Lara and T'Challa meet in her Greenwich Loft to discuss plans for an expedition regarding secrets of Wakandan history. Lara also sews the seeds of T'Challa acquiring a Man Cave.
Pepper Is The Best Seasoning September 6th, 2020 Pepper and T'Challa see the Avengers musical on Broadway, then catch up over a meal. Thankfully neither were portrayed in the play!
If He Be Worthy September 5th, 2020 T'Challa returns to Avengers Mansion, and this time Thor is the FIRST to know
Relief Supplies From Wakanda September 3rd, 2020 Wakanda sends supplies to help refugees on Genosha. Jean greets T'Challa as the boats arrive and shows him the new camp being built
An Expert's Eye September 3rd, 2020 T'Challa enlists the aid of Lara Croft to investigate an antiquity found with poachers on the Wakandan border
Thesmophoria September 2nd, 2020 Diana makes an important announcement at a public event at the Embassy, and villains remarkably manage to somehow not show up.
Different Levels of Empathy September 2nd, 2020 After T'Challa gives a talk at Metropolis U, Kara gives him a tour of the campus. Thought-provoking comments might have been made.
For Mother July 1st, 2020 A royal gift is commissioned.
Vague news is the best news May 30th, 2020 T'Challa informs Shuri that he is not T'Challa.
To Embassy and beyond April 26th, 2020 Pepper comes by the Wakanda Embassy to speak with Shuri about one of her projects, meets the King. The pair have conversation and snacks. Nobody died. Fin.
Bread crumbs April 10th, 2020 T'Challa goes to investigate a disturbing energy reading and Shuri and Riri must come to assist. What they discover is frightening for the Wakandan King.
The Most Handsome Victim in New York April 6th, 2020 A hit squad with a Wakandan weapon gets the attention of royalty, geniuses, and a suave guy who is more than he seems. And Spider-Man might get the break he needs.
Two Genius and a King March 22nd, 2020 Shuri brings Riri to introduce her to T'Challa. A deal is struck.
Avengers: Space Pod Problems March 21st, 2020 Carol briefs a bunch of Avengers and Associates about the Space Pod before it has to go SHIELD so they can obsess over it.
And Many Happy Returns, Lord Rogers March 19th, 2020 The Avengers present in the manor meet after Thor, Steve, and Natasha return to discuss the outcome of the visit to the Court. Not all is settled in the end.
Genosha relief, Wakanda forever March 15th, 2020 Lorna and Hope come to the Wakanda refugee camp for Genoshian survivors and have a conversation with the King.
Early Brunch with the King March 15th, 2020 A chance encounter with Andrea leads to eating McDonalds with the King of Wakanda.
The King Returns March 15th, 2020 T'challa returns and Shuri, sorta, greets him.
How About an Embassy March 14th, 2020 Thor gathers the Avengers to discuss many things, including ambassadors, embassies, and the theme song for the team.
A long time coming. March 7th, 2020 T'Challa and Shuri finally get a chance to talk.
Genoshan Memorial March 3rd, 2020 Various speakers share their thoughts on Genosha, the tragedy, and come together to share their grief.
Dinner Between Cats March 1st, 2020 T'Challa and Greer go to dinner and discuss several things, including being 'support' members of the Avengers and the difference in civilian and monarchy.
A Starr at the Wakandan Embassy February 29th, 2020 T'Challa and Karen discuss the Genoshan incident and form a new alliance.
The Wakandan Situation February 28th, 2020 T'Challa talks to Steve and Natasha on Wakanda and American Politics
Tigra meets Panther February 27th, 2020 Greer and T'Challa meet in the gym. There's some feline flirting, chiding, and plans for dinner made.
A Teacher's Visit February 26th, 2020 What starts off with Jean approaching T'Challa about Wakanda's help with Genosha turns into T'Challa getting a guard in Bobbi and a shopping trip for the two girls and Megan. At least T'Challa didn't have to carry the bags?
Basketball Diplomacy February 26th, 2020 The New York Knicks defeated the Charlotte Hornets 117-98. And Diana and T'Challa agreed to hang out again, because it's fun.
Gods, Spies, Kings and Vodka February 25th, 2020 Thor returns to the Avengers mansion from his meeting with Loki. Natasha presses for details. T'challa learns of Loki's return, and Thor laments his father's opaque reasoning before unknown inspiration strikes him and he leaves.
Sharing Big News February 24th, 2020 Lois vistits T'Challa to inform him that new complications have put a pause on any thoughts of a relationship.
Cats Crossing, or a Feline Fracas February 23rd, 2020 Catwoman and Black Panther cross paths and get into a fight over some stolen goods, but not with each other.
Off The Record February 21st, 2020 Thanks to Janet, T'Challa and Lois have a blind date.
E Pluribus Unum: Surprise Announcement February 20th, 2020 All the lovely people gather for Tony Stark's small announcement.


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A Meeting of the Wakandan Tribal Council October 5th, 2021 T'Challa meets with his tribal council to discuss pending matters of change to Wakanda.

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