5291/Theresa Cassidy's coming Ho-oh-ome

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Theresa Cassidy's coming Ho-oh-ome
Date of Scene: 21 February 2021
Location: Xavier's School Front Yard
Synopsis: Siryn arrives at the Mansion
Cast of Characters: James Proudstar, Theresa Cassidy

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar has been driving around, Newark looking for your motel, and has finally found it. He's driving one of the SUVs the school reserves for more official functions. He parks in the lot, and gets out dressed in jeans boots, a tee and jacket lighter than the weather would indicate. He's also wearing half gloves. He walks over and knocks on your door. There's a bag in his hand.

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
It takes a few minutes for the door to be answered and while the door is definitely closed it itself isn't all that thick, so one might easily hear Terry swearing behind it. Clearly she wasn't watching the time and it definitely got away from her.

Thankfully, however, the wait isn't terribly long and after a few more inventive curse words the door opens to reveal Terry herself. She's dressed quite casually and for brisk winter-weather and as soon as her gaze lands upon James, the red-head smiles.

"Well, if it ain't James. I see ye are as tall as ever."

With that greeting said the Irish lass steps back and gestures for James to step inside. The motel room itself is small and boasts only one bed, a small nightstand, no tv and another door that likely leads to the bathroom. It's not much, but it's obviously cheap.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles, he's actually bigger, and wider. He smiles and brushes his hair back, "Hey Terry." He ducks his head under the doorway to enter the room, and reaches out to hug you, kissing your cheek, still a hugger. "It's good to see you, yeah. Ter, you could have just called the mansion, we always have room. You okay? Your uncle giving you any trouble?" You cans see Jim, take in the room, the exits, he scans the parking lot looking for suspiscious cars. Then he lifts the bag, "Hey, you remember that burger place on the edge of Town we used to go to? Couldn't believe they were still open, after all this time."

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
The room definitely seems *way* smaller once James steps inside. Like way smaller, but Terry is used to such a thing when it comes to James.

In fact, she's about to sidle right on over to the otherside of the room until, that is, James gives that hug and kiss on the cheek. Somehow she's not surprised that he's still quite the hugger.

Once she's free of that Jimmy-sized hug, Terry adds. "It's good t'see ye as well. It's been t'long." As to the mention of the mansion? Terry flashes a quick grin, "I know, I just wanted t'get state side and settled first before I graced ye all with my presence. Get the lay o'the land." She explains, however at the mention of her Uncle, Terry's expression briefly darkens. "Nae, he ain't giving me any trouble o'late. I'm good."

Which seems true? But there's a definite hint of relief when he points out the bag of burgers and talks about the burger joint itself. "It is? Ain't that crazy." She motions for him to sit, "There ain't t'many places to sit, but sit-sit and then ye can tell me what's been going on with ye?"

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar grins and nods slowly to you and then to the car, "We can eat in the car if you like? Figured you might want to get out. I can carry the bags out, while you settle up? Me?" He sighs, "Been crazy, my tribe got massacred, all the X-men stuff, we started a group to be more proactive but that didn't really sit right. Then I got called back home by the Chief's council. Seems someone made an offer on the tribal lands and as I'm the sole survivor It's my call." Deep breath and a shrug.

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
The plan of eating in the SUV definitely perks Terry right on up and with an ease of someone who's lived in far too many motel-hotel-like rooms, Terry pulls her to-go bag out from beneath her bed.

"I don't got much." She says even as she slings the strap of her small to-go bag over a shoulder, "So I got it, no worries.", and when he reveals just what's been going on with him? That causes a multitude of emotions to cross the red-head's expression, "James ...", she begins before she adds, "Let me go drop the cash off with the manager and then we can talk more in the car."

And just like that Terry grabs the keycard to the room and shuts the door, once both are outside. Then it's a quick few minutes to settle up witht he motel manager before she reappears at the rather tall man's side.

In those few minutes she's had time to consider her next words carefully, "I'm so sorry for ye people, James.", she says gently, before her words turn more fierce, "Have the people responsible for it been brought t'justice?" And her tone clearly implies 'because if they aren't then they will be'.

Still, those last words of his, about the land, cause her gaze to settle upon him again, "What do ye think ye'll do?"

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar snorts as you pull out you go bag and nods. Reminiscing back the days on Xavier's first go team. "We never really fit the New Mutants mold, did we?" He smiles and waits by the car for you, "You smell the same. No, not yet. Not even sure who it was yet. he offer's been my first clue, I need to talk to someone see if its real, what it says in the grander scheme of things." He nods, and smiles, "I've always been the blunt instrument Ter, but that's not really cutting it anymore." He opens the door for her and tosses the bag of burgers into her lap. There's too gigantic sodas in the cup holders. James closes the door firmly and walks around to his side.

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
They never did fit in well with the New Mutants, no.

But more importantly at the mention of her smelling good, Terry turns an amused and rather arch look toward the rather large and muscular man. "Well, ye know how it is, I try t'bathe daily."

But that amusement fades as James reveals more about his tribe's massacre and everthing involed. There's more to say, but before she can do that he opens the car door and Terry steps up into the SUV. The bag of burgers is easily caught when tossed her way and once James slides in he'll find Terry holding one of the wrapped burgers out to him.

Yup, just like old times it seems.

"What kind o'instrument do ye want t'be then?" The question is asked casually but there's a seriousness to her words as well.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar frowns, as he pulls out and starts toward the mansion, he takes the burger and takes a large bite chewing slowly as he drives. "I'm honestly, not sure, I just found out my brother was the first field leader of the X-Men, that puts things in a new perspective, that he fought the Alien invasion alongside Magnetoi." He shakes his head, "The world is a lot more complicated than I thought it was, Terry." He laughs, and smiles, "Look at me going on, what brings you back to states?"

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
Once her hands are free she snags a burger for herself and carefully unwraps it. While she doesn't take as large a bite as James, she takes a healthy bite, because she's a healthy-sort-of-woman, thank you.

Her head tilts toward the man as he speaks again in an obvious listening pose as she chews through her bite of burger. The mention of his brother, field leader and Magneto causes the woman's eyebrows to raise straight for her hair-line, but when she speaks what surprise she felt isn't heard in her voice.

"The world be a complicated piece o'somethin'. Seein' everything going on lately made me decide t'come back here. Seems like it's a good time t'return." She shrugs, she's not going to go much deeper than that it seems, as she adds, "D'ye know who I saw already? Jamie Madrox. Seems he's started a PI business of his own."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar drives easily, making good time, but not fast enough to attract attention. He smiles at Madrox's names, "That is a blast from the past. Hunh, that could be useful. a PI team, wait is the... prime him or one his dups gone rogue again?" He smiles, "Well, it is nice to see you back, Yeah, Magneto's staying at the mansion, somethings coming. we can all feel it. Yana's been off in limbo, something's up." He turns off the highway and onto the surface roads near the mansion.

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
"Himself." Terry answers in regards to Jamie or one of his dups, as to the mention of Magneto's name again, and the general anxiety in the air, that causes Terry to turn her attention back to James.

"Does feel that way don't it." She agrees, her voice dropping to something of a murmur. "Like an itch at the back o'yuir neck. Somethin' watching us."

When he turns off the highway Theresa looks out the window, looking for those familiar landmarks that tell her they're close to the Mansion.

"What does everyone think it is?" She asks out loud, even if it's perhaps more of a rhetorical question or not.

And as to the mention of being back, Terry offers a quick smile. "I have t'say it feels good t'be back, even if I have no clue on what I'm gonna do."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar nods considering as they pass those familiar landmarks, "Yeah, exactly. Magneto was pretty cagey he just wanted to talk with Charles, I think he's reconning our position, seeing who might be ripe for conversion. Scott won't say what they talked about and I haven't really seen Jean either. No one else knows anything. Oh, and in the realm of everyday craziness. Yana and I were taking a walk by the lake after the last snow storm and we came up on a strikeforce from another dimension, led by. And you'll loe this, an older stronger me, who could fly. It was crazy, I took such a beating."

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
"Huh." Terry says when James reveals how little anyone really knows about why Magneto is here, and what's really going on. It's definitely not a good situation to be in the dark with, but it's not like Terry or really the others haven't had such situations happen in the past.

"Flyin'?" Exclaims the red-head as she turns a look over to the man, "Really? How fast did the other ye go?" She asks all-a-curious, before she holds a hand up, "I suppose that ain't the real questions t'be asked. What sort o'other dimension were they from? I'm gonna assume a not so nice one? Why can't these other dimensions be rainbows and unicorns?" Grouses the red-head in a good-natured-sort-of way, before the sight of the Mansion can be seen from the car window.

"Well, ain't that a familiar sight." Murmurs the Irish lass before she slides a look over to James, "Why don't we finish this conversation inside and ye can tell me all about this other dimensional strikeforce."

And before they do eventually go inside, Terry adds one last quick word, "Thanks for comin' t'pick me up. I appreciate it."