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Theresa Cassidy (Scenesys ID: 1327)
Name: Theresa Maeve Rourke Cassidy
Superalias: Siryn
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: Irish
Residence: New York
Education: Private Education
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Xaviers
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 03 May 1998 Played By Madelaine Petsch
Height: 5'7" Weight: 130lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Terry is striving to be the leader she's seen glimpses of within herself. She's striving to be a good friend and a good teammmate and friend and to help all people in need. She's also trying to make amends for her past and also win the battle against her alcoholism.


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*1998: Born to Sean Cassidy and Maeve Rourke in Ireland.
2000: Tragedy struck as Theresa's mother was killed in a bombing incident. Extended family took the young child in and cared for her.
*2008-2013: Like many mutants, Theresa's powers emerged when she hit her early teens. Alongside that, Theresa was also sent to a boarding school. It was also during this time that Theresa gained a taste for alcohol.
*2014-2015: Theresa learned that her Uncle was generally not a nice man and a criminal, but that didn't stop her from joining his gang. Familial pressure (GUILT) has a way of making people do things they don't always want to.
*2016-2019: Eventually Theresa breaks away from the criminal life and finds her way to being a hero, thanks to the X-Men. It's here that she bounces around from Westchester to Ireland and even over to Muir Island, as she figures out what to do with her life.
*2020: The terrible events of Genosha has now brought Terry back to the X-Men fold and back to New York.

IC Journal

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Level-Headed Sometimes:
While Terry lives within (and for) her emotions there are definitely times where that spark of leadership peeks out. Where she can push aside her knee-jerk reaction, or emotional outbursts, and approach something level-headed. It's typically during tense situations, where she needs to make snap-decisions and stay cool under fire, and as long as she's not drunk, or too emotionally charged, she can actually approach decisions logically.

It's hard to earn Theresa's trust but when you do she's loyal to the core. She will be there guarding your back and helping you with whatever might be needed. Friend true and true. However, the same can be said for when trust is broken. One broken it's rarely given again. Theresa is very much the fool me once, but not twice gal. She also holds a grudge like no other.

Open Book:
Theresa is a very emotional person - that red hair <tm> - and rarely does she hide her emotions. In fact, one could say what you see is what you get. Her emotions can easily be seen on her face, or heard in her voice, or apparent by how she acts towards a person, people, or situation. This doesn't always work in her favor (see temper), but sometimes it does. You never have to wonder what Terry's feeling, she will always let you know.

It seems many people who grow up with a rough childhood find themselves having a stubborn streak a mile wide. Terry is no different. If she doesn't want to be moved, or budged, or convinced of something she won't. It's as simple as that. She will turn her personal blinders on and believe what she wants to believe. Of course, this can also work in her favor as she never gives up! She will keep on trying to get whatever she's working on right, which makes her a great problem solver.

Character Sheet


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Sonic Abilities:
Siryn has the ability to create various sonic effects with her superhuman larnyx (vocal cords) and then manipulate them psionically. This sonic generation and manipulation can produce a variety stunts that Terry uses to fly, blast and protect herself with.

Sonic Concussion Waves:
Theresa's abilities allow her to create sonic waves that can hold varying degrees of concussive force behind it. She can simply knock things over, shatter things, or even blast things to bits. She can allow the concussive wave to be simply that - a wave with herself as the focal point - or she can shape it into what she often refers to as a sonic lance. The lance is often used to strike singular targets versus a wave which can damage a much larger area. Her concussion waves/lance has shown to be able to demolish up to a small building if she's so inclined.

Sonic Echolocation:
Much like bats or dolphins, Terry's sonic powers allow her to use echolocation which allows her to 'see' even in adverse or completely dark conditions. Of course, it's not perfect, but it can definitely be used to give Theresa the lay of the land concerning objects and where they are in relation to herself. This power is also above the range of human hearing and runs 'silent'.

Sonic Flight:
Through the use of her powers Terry has the ability to fly. Perhaps not surprising her top speed is the speed of sound. She also cannot make others fly, but instead relying upon the tried and truth method of carrying them/it.

Sonic Pitch:
Theresa has the ability to find that perfect pitch which allows her to shatter glass. This ability goes even beyond just glass as Terry can find that perfect frequency to shatter different materials. Of course, the harder frequency to hit would require more strength and there are certain things that can't be shattered by sound alone.

Sonic Resistance:
Terry is resistance to the damaging effects of her own powers, whether it's on her vocal cords, or her body overall. This gives her an edge when it comes to withstanding other sonic based attacks thanks to her immunity.

Sonic Shield:
Terry can generate a literal wall of sonic force around herself and a small group. This sonic barrier is durable enough to withstand physical attacks, though superhuman strength could put enough stress upon Terry that the shield collapses. Of course, with the shield it does not block psychic or energy-based attacks, simply physical force.


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Theresa has been trained to fight in various situations, but in reality she relies heavily upon her powers and then just good-old-fashioned hand to hand combat. She is more brawl-room fight than refined when it comes to her hand-to-hand, and honestly that's how she likes it. Fighting without powers Terry can definitely hold her own against similar strength levels and skill as her own, but those who are elites would definitely mop the floor with her. However, throw her sonic powers into the mix and she definitely becomes something of a contender.

Criminal Skills:
Theresa was raised by her Uncle and taught the many skills of the thief. This included lock -picking, petty theft, pick-pocketing and other forms of basic knowledge of the thief. She can't call herself a safe-cracker, but as long as the building, or place isn't protected by some high-end security systems and Theresa has the potential to be able to get what she needs.

Theresa is fluent in English as well as Irish, or to some Gaelic, or sometimes Irish Gaelic, but really it's simply known as Irish to its people.

Leadership Potential:
Theresa has the potential to be a fantastic tactical leader, if only her alcoholism didn't get in her way. However, when she's dry and sober, her instinct of what to do during various situations usually proves correct. If someone were to take her under their wing and teach her even more about leading, tactics and fighting, she would surely shine. For now, however, it's simply unpolished talent that's sometimes tarnished by drink.


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Criminal Contacts:
While not one to call upon any sort of past contacts within the criminal world, there's the potential that she could, but it would definitely have to be something important for her to reach out to them.

While she isn't one to call upon actual blood relatives there are those within her family that would definitely help her, sometimes with or without a price attached. Along with family is the ancestral Cassidy Keep that Theresa could temporarily call home, if needs warranted it. It's not something she often does - as she likes to be the independent sort - but her family is there should she need them. The same goes for them, they could potentially call upon Theresa to aid them as well.

While not a constant member of the team Theresa is still an ally. If things hit the fan she can likely call upon the team just as they could call upon her aid, as well. They are the only 'family' she really has that she can trust when it comes down to it.


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There are many forms of coping that a person can do and Theresa chose alcohol! While she likes to pretend she has it *totally* under control that is a total and utter lie. Thankfully, she's somewhat of a functioning alcoholic and can usually hide it from the casual observer, especially when she's having a dryer spell than normal. That doesn't mean she's DRY in any sense of the word, but she's drinking less. Then there are other times where all she does is drink. It just depends on the stress at the time, the day, and what's going on with her world.

While never technically entered in the system as a tried and true criminal there's probably still been times she's been flagged in various police and agency systems. It's not something she's proud of doing, but it's something she's aware of that can cause her problems, and also something she tries to atone for.

Theresa's powers rely solely on her ability to produce sounds via her vocal cords. You mute her vocal cords and she is effectively powerless.

Rotten Childhood:
Terry didn't have the best childhood growing up. Her mother died when she was young, she had an absent father, and her Uncle had her help with his criminal activities when she was old enough. She has abandonment issues in spades which rolls into trust issues and often triggers her temper issues which neatly leads into her alcoholic issues. Perhaps one day she'll actually get help with all of these issues, but that day is not today.

They say red-heads have a bad temper and while that may be a gross generalization for Theresa it's totally true. Her emotions all live at the surface and are easily accessible, especially her temper. This means she's quick to jump the gun, jump into things, and just find herself sticking her nose into whatever trouble comes her way.



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Theresa Cassidy has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Clueless Detectives March 10th, 2021 Clueless Detectives - Or skillful spies, Rachel and Theresa manage to successfully stop a blackmailer.
Theresa Cassidy's coming Ho-oh-ome February 21st, 2021 Siryn arrives at the Mansion
Meeting Up With Old Friends February 14th, 2021 Theresa comes to visit! Jamie invites her into the X-Factor Investigation fold.


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Theresa Cassidy has 3 finished logs.

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