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Afterlife: In the Dark
Date of Scene: 22 February 2021
Location: Afterlife, Settlement - Nepal
Synopsis: Locked away with an Inhuman with an uncontrolled gift Bobbi discovers more about her own. Matt and Daisy go looking for Bobbi and find her just before the cavalry arrives.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Matthew Murdock, Daisy Johnson

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Gordon!" Bobbi hates losing. Especially when the other person cheats by having teleportation powers. She starts to pace with annoyance. There's a bell from her wrist. Previously calm now her heart rate is rising. The small light illuminates some of the dull reds and yellows that were once painted on the wall but have faded with time.

    Bobbi rubs her shoulders. It's cold in here.. probably underground, probably in the caves. That does raise interesting and concerning questions. If she had enough time she could punch her way out of here.... but in which direction? She holds her wrist up and waves it around like a flash light, noting some of the furniture. Some of it broken, some of it in tact.

    Scratch marks on the walls as if by claws. Scorch marks on a table top. This room has history and if it could talk would share interesting stories about others who had been here before. The initial adrenaline spike is starting to ware off and she makes a lap around the room with her improvised wrist heart monitor torch.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
There's the sound of someone stirring in the corner. "Hello?" they call, the voice is female and young, no more than early twenties. "Jacob?" she calls out. "Jacob are you there? I'm doing it again. I need your help." The as Bobbi's tour takes her in that direction she can make out the form of a young woman for just a moment before she skuttles back into the darkness. "No!" she hisses. "Light makes it worse. Y-you don't want to do that. Just stay away!"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi's breath puffs out cold air and she sees ice creeping along the floor. Her hand covers over her heart rate monitor quickly and she pulls the sleeve down over it. "Sorry... no my name is Bobbi," she says shaking her head. Back in to the darkness again. How does Matt do this? other senses.

    The weird thing about pitch black for people with sight is all the strange dancing colours and lines and shapes and symbols and kaleidoscopes that start playing out in their vision. It is disorienting. Touch.. he used touch and smell and sound.

    "What's your name?," Bobbi asks fumblingly feels a chair that has been set near her. "You know Jacob?" Ooh no.. now she has to tell this person, kept prisoned by the Inhumans, that Jacob is gone. "Do you know Mark too?" ... "Light makes what worse exactly?" She can guess - something to do with the cold emanating from this corner of the room.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
When the light goes out the woman goes silent for a moment except for the sound of long slow breaths. "I'm Nona," she says. "Nona Young. Where's Jacob, he was helping me then he just stopped coming, nobody will tell me what's happening." She takes another breath. "I know Mark but he can't help me, he can't even touch me without being hurt unless it's in the dark but then that doesn't help him help me."

As to the question? "The cold," she answers. "When there's light I can't stop it, only in here, in the dark."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi grimaces a moment and nods her head. In the dark it's a pointless gesture. "Well I'm very pleased to meet you Nona Young," she replies and then frowns. She spends so much of her life keeping information locked away in silos. She's not a medical doctor and doesn't always have the best bed side manner...

    "I'm sorry but.. Jacob was abducted and he died fighting back against his abductors. I was there when he passed away. Jacob spent his last breath making sure his abductors could not use his Inhuman gifts against the world," she says softly. She wants to reach out to reassure her... "Jacob could touch you?" Was he immune to other Inhuman abilities? or just the ones he had figured out?

    "I understand. Light triggers your cold and you can't keep it under control.. I'm sorry Nona that must be horrible. What was Jacob doing to help you? ..and don't worry, even if you accidentally hurt me I'll get better."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"What?" Nona exclaims voice cracking. "He's dead?" she says and begins to sob, It's a while before she answers the question, "Y-yes, Jacob was the only one who could that wasn't in the dark," she says. "He was helping me get it under control, make it so I could go into the light without everything freezing," she says.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi lowers her head a touch as she relives that memory of Jacob's final moments in Whitehall's experimental lab. Jacob proudly declaring his victory while Jemma stitched Jiaying back together. That was the moment that things began to converge toward this place for Bobbi. Not long after he passed away she had the epiphany of how to make the super soldier infinity inhuman formula that has landed her in this dark room.

    "Nona I'm going to level with you..." because, why not be honest when you're stuck in a prison. She doubts this young woman is a trap set up by Jia. "...the people in Afterlife think that I have inherited Jacob's gift. But I don't know how to use it. I don't feel any different and no one has been able to tell me how I'd tap in to it even if I could. I think Gordon may have dropped me in here to meet you. They're trying to convince me to help them, to fall in line."

    She shuts her eyes in the darkness and thinks of Lance, "I have a life already Nona. I know this place is the.. after life, but I have a good thing going on with great friends, an amazing boyfriend, and a career I love. This is all still really new to me. But I am a biochemist. I have a doctorate. I also work with an amazing chemist with two doctorates, one in biochemistry. Her name is Doctor Simmons. If you will let me.. I want to help you. I will do everything I can to help you."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Nona is quiet for a moment before she mentions, "I nodded, sorry," she says as long as she's been in the dark most of it has been alone. "I understand I don't want to be here either, I had a life too before the mists, a little brother?" she says and begins to sob again before she says, "Anything you can do would be great, I just want this to stop."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi risks it. She reaches out and places a hand gently on Nona and says, "Hey. I'll try and find your brother, let him know you're okay too. What's his name?" She lets out a small sigh and then leans back in the chair. "Do you remember how Jacob did it? did he meditate or use some scientific equipment or clutch a magical pendant or something?"

    As she lets go she feels a tingle in her hand, but attributes it to the cold emanating from Nona's body. It'll lean quickly enough she supposes. She tries another tact and says, "You've been in the dark a while then huh? what do you see in the void. Shapes? colours? .. right now I see horizontal lines and ripples like finger prints or sound waves.. kind of a dully green, all of it is listing to the left strangely."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
When Bobbi touches Nona she flinches away at first, but settles into the touch, even through her clothes it feels like Bobbi is touching a block of ice, frost creeping along her fingers the longer she maintains contact. And that was in the dark, imagine what it must be like in full light. The offer to find her brother only gets Nona to sob harder, "You can't!" she says. "He's dead, I killed him!" she says as she begins to back away. "I came home after my change, we lived in Flagstaff, it was summer, I went to hug him and..." her words are washed away in a torrent of soul wrenching sobs.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi wraps her other hand around her partly frozen fingers and nestles them against her clothes. Whatever trick Jacob was using to not freeze is not immediately obvious to her. Nothing about Jacob's abilities is obvious to her. "I'm sorry Nona," she says with a frown. This poor kid.

    She remains quiet for a while as she contemplates the devastation caused by these Inhuman abilities. Something in the world changed, they've been popping up everywhere since around the time Daisy experienced her transformation too.

    Then it hits her, almost like a wave. It's so nauseating and disorienting in the darkness that Bobbi falls off the chair and stumbles against the floor before hitting it face first. A torrent of symbolical thought metaphorically slapped her in the eyeballs. Her brain aches for a moment and she's not sure if it's from the floor or whatever she just experienced.

    "What the heck was that..." she says, still seeing remnants of symbols flicking at the edges of her vision in the darkness. Every time she tries to look at them they dance away and she can't quite see them.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Nona continues to sob until Bobbi falls and Nona back away into the corner, hugging her hands close to her. "I'm sorry!" she cries out. "I didn't mean it, I didn't even feel my powers working usually I can now..." she continues thinking she's the reason for Bobbi's violent reaction.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi sits herself up. "No no.. it wasn't you. I'm fine," she reassures her. Is this the key? touching an Inhuman? The thought scares her and she paces back toward the other end of the room, finds the wall and leans against it. Up until this very moment she did not really believe she had inherited any Inhuman ability what so ever.

    But now the reality of it is here. She is Inhuman. Unconventionally. No terrigenesis for her. She draws in a deep breath and says, "What did Jacob say he was going to do to help you Nona?" ...if that is her power or at least a tiny tip of the iceberg, she realises she is even more lost than she was before.

    A knife she had secreted away but chose not to use against Gordon is taken out and she stabs it against the wall and begins to carve in some of the symbols she remembers seeing. Her mind is reeling.. if Inhuman abilities are all in their DNA then what was all that nonsense she just witnessed? Nothing about this makes sense. No wonder Mark couldn't actually teach Jacob how to use his ability.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Yes, he'd put his hand on my arm or my back and he'd close his eyes and just... do what he did, he said he was going to try and slow the output, make it weaker, so I could control it better, sometimes, when there's a lot of light it just happens so fast. Even when they put me in here I still had energy in me so my hands started getting covered with ice."

She hears the knife on the wall and says, "He had a note book," she says as if suddenly remembering. "He'd step out of the room to write in it sometimes after a session."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi pauses as she's carving in to the wall and quietly asks, "He'd step out of the room? This room?" A secret door perhaps? She puts the knife away and begins to feel along the wall with her fingertips, slowly circumnavigating the room. At the very least there's oxygen here, so there's ventilation. And the cold may mostly be caused by Nona. A finger taps the wall as she goes, listening to hear if the tone changes or if it's thick the whole way around.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Yes," Nona says. "Somewhere by where you're standing, I think, it's hard to tell, he'd ask me go to the far corner and then step out," she says. The sound of the stone is different there, hollow and her fingers with some trying find a seam.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi nods her head as she taps around the stone. "Okay, may be go to the far corner then. Don't worry.. I'll be back. I'm going to find Mark and get Jacob's notes." She smiles to herself.. this wasn't the mission tonight, but she knows there's zero chance of her getting to that power station now. Even though she roughed up Gordon, they would have posted guards.

    She places both hands on the wall and begins to push, harder and harder until the section of wall makes an odd snapping sound on the other side and it opens back up. A shard of light cuts in to the chamber from the attached corridor. Bobbi sees the remains of a thick wooden log, "Nona. I'll be back soon." She steps out of Gordon's prison and pushes the door shut again to give Nona her darkness.

    Bobbi is not familiar with this corridor, or this building. From the size of it she makes a guess that may be she's in the bigger building where Jia works. Quietly, she sneaks down the corridor to find an exit.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Nona moves back to the corner as Bobbi pushes her way out of the chamber and steps into the corridor beyond. The walls here are sparsely decorated but it definitely has the look of much of the rest of place. The she can hear people talking in the building their voices indistinct and distant, though she can make out one say, "I thought I heard something." Another voice replies "You're new to your gifts, best not to jump at shadows..." before the voices fade into the distance and Bobbi finds a door leading outside.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi puffs out her cheeks with a huff as she gets out in to the night air again. She walks calmly - the odds of running in to Gordon on the pathways is low. She makes a beeline for Mark's place. When she gets to his home and clinic she carefully checks through the window. Damn.. Gordon is there.

    Bobbi makes her way around to the back of his clinic and enters through the back door. There she turns on a tap and quickly hides in the pantry closet. It doesn't take too long to draw Mark away from tending to Gordon to turn off the running tap. She opens the door with a finger to her lips and whispers, "Mark.. I need your help. I need Jacob's journals on Nona Young. Ssh don't let Gordon know I'm here. Please. I will owe you one."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Mark looks stunned when Bobbi appears out of a closet. He doesn't cry out though, he just looks at her for a moment then says, "So, you've accepted your place here then?" he asks, moving to unlock a cabinet, ducking down to pull out some dollar store composition books shuffling through them until he finds one with Nona written on the covetr. "Here," he says. "If you can help her we're square."

"Everything alright in there?" Gordon calls from the next room. Mark whispers, "Go," then turns back, "Sorry, Gordon got distracted thinking outloud, let's get you patched up..."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi gives a bit of a shrug to Mark when he asks if she's accepted her place here. She isn't going to commit to anything, especially not if they won't let her leave. She mouths 'thank you' as he heads back in to help out Gordon.

    Bobbi disappears back in to the night and finds a quiet lit spot to start reading through the notes. She starts getting a headache from it, all the symbols he wrote down want to bounce around and rearrange themselves. She decides to change tactics and heads back to the guest house to get her glasses, phone, pen and paper.. then sneaks her way back in to the main building to rejoin Nona.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
The note book is full of those symbols, all of them recognizable, all of them bouncing around on the pages and contributing to that headache. The journey to the guest house is quick with few interruptions or Inhumans to dodge, then back to the main building through the door and back into the holding cell through the secret door. When Bobbi returns, Nona is waiting. "You're back," she says. "I wasn't sure you'd return," she admits.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi pulls the door shut and says, "I understand. You don't know me yet. Also, to be fair, I'm very hard to read." She smiles, which can be heard in her tone. She retreats to the other corner and turns her phone light down to low. With her glasses on she has a chance of avoiding too much of a headache.

    But those dang symbols are still dancing around. She shakes her head and slowly turns from page to page. "We're in uncharted territory here Nona, you'll have to be patient with me. But I'll be transparent with you... I don't understand a single thing I'm looking at. I have a doctorate in biochemistry but this is like learning a new language without a dictionary or tutorial."

    She puts pen to paper and begins to write out the strange symbols in the new order that she is seeing. May be a bit of transcription will help her make some sense of it. "Out of curiosity.. how long was Jacob working on helping you Nona? Could he always touch you safely or was that something he figured out too?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
The Guest House.

Waking in the early hours of the morning with Daisy in his arms Matt listens to the sounds of the community slumbering around them as he lays contentedly beside her. Though slowly, the realization creeps in, that something is off, a sound is missing the sound of Bobbi breathing in the other room. Matt gives Daisy's shoulder a shake to wake her, saying, "Something's up, I don't hear Bobbi, should we check on her?" Daisy knew the woman better than he did, maybe she was fine, maybe she was still out, or maybe she stumbled onto something she shouldn't have. They were still in 'enemy territory' as far as he was concerned and he didn't want to rule anything out.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Early mornings isn't Daisy's things. But who can blame her?! She likes there to be some warmth already out there, a little sun getting in through the windows. Not getting up at dawn! Being woken up is a sure tell way of getting her grumpy, opening an eye and grimacing in complaint. "What time is it?" no, she hasn't yet processed all that was said...

But then she is up, alert, sitting up on the bed. "She wouldn't had stayed away till morning." no matter what she could had been doing the previous night. Spy rules, when you were working with a partner you always made sure the other knew.

Daisy slides to the edge of the bed, getting up and beginning to get dressed. "What do you think? Should we check Mark's? To see if she may still be there or having been there last night?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt wasn't a morning person either, mostly because of his schedule, rarely waking earlier than he absolutely had to be presentable and at work on time. Here in Afterlife, most mornings he took the chance to sleep in but not this morning. Matt sits up. "Yeah, might be a good idea. I should be able to tell if she's been by there," he says, before leaning over to press a kiss to Daisy's lips. "Maybe you'll be lucky and she'll be tangled up in bed with Mark and you can get back to sleep," he says letting his nose bump hers as he pulls away from that brief kiss. He climbs out of bed tossing Daisy her clothes before pulling his on.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The kiss is returned, a faint smile cropping up to Daisy's expression but there's a worry inside her even if her words are hopeful, "Maybe she just had a fire that needed to be quenched.." but knowing Bobbi she is aware on how the woman has *always* put work in front of everything else. Pants go first, then her top, sliding in easily into her clothes before fetching her warm jacket.

Finally all dressed up she says, "Okay, lets get this show on the road." she walks to the doors, opening them to the outside world and looks around the still mostly-emptied settlement. Most are still in their beds, the others taking to fields or whatever other activities they may have. Hopefully non-nefarious ones. "Feeling more hopeful about Afterlife?" she then asks, glancing over a shoulder. "After dinner last night?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt wishes he'd thought to bring a warmer jacket, too late for that now, he contents himself with pulling on a hoodie before they slip out of the door and into the settlement. Daisy's question has a frown come to his lips, "Honestly? Not really. I know she's your mother, but Jaiying scares me. Did I ever tell you about the guy who taught me to use my powers? His name was Stick and he was blind like me and had the same abilities to sense things as I did. He also taught me to fight. Though he didn't do it out of the goodness of his heart, he wanted me to be a soldier in his war with the Hand. He was so sure he was right and just and that his way was the only way, and well I get the same feeling from Jaiying."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Only a few things.." It was one of the topics they still had to deepen, Matt's training, his time with Stick. But they would get there with time. "Noone ever does anything for free, uh?" she letting out a sigh. "Life with SHIELD and as a spy has taught me that. Everyone is always playing an angle."

She falls into step alongside Matt, now not needing to make it appear like she is leading him due to his 'secret' being out. At least the one about him being able to *see* more than a blind person does. "Do you think that's what she wants to do with me? Make me a soldier in her war?" a glance around, "What she wants to do of people here?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"She definitely wants you as part of her cause, but I don't think she's planning aggression, I think she's just scared of the outside world and is ready to do whatever she can to keep it from destroying this place," he explains.

"What I meant though is just how sure she is that she's the only one who's right, it's a dangerous attitude for any leader to have, especially when the people she's leading are inclined to believe it too. Maybe it's the constitutional lawyer in me," he says offering a wry smile as they approach the clinic. "But I feel like power always needs checks and balances or it gets out of hand."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"She has gone through a lot." Daisy replies, pressing her lips to a thin line while they continue to walk down the pathways that lead to Mark's place. Daisy wraps one of her arms around Matt's arm so as to share her warmth, "And there are still many who would see this place as a .., resource. Or even a target." her worried expression telling she may think even some in SHIELD could think that.

"But true. She .., seems to believe that it's her way or the highway. Her age and what she has lived does give her knowledge about our people but .., I still think there's a lot she isn't revealing. She was talking a lot about purposes and ..., well, just felt a vibe from her."

A nod of agreement. "And you know I feel the same. There's noone to restraint her or lead her to a better path. Most here appear to follow her lead too. Or at least apparently. Mark appears to be one that wasn't as complying to her." she says, "At least from what you said."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
When Daisy reaches for his arm, Matt pulls it away only to wrap it around her shoulder and pull her close so they can share each other's warmth all the more. "You're not wrong about how others would see this place, just look at how things are back home for mutants," he says. "That's what makes things difficult with your mother, she's not entirely wrong in her views, but I have a feeling she'd still hold them if it was no longer true."

He nods about Mark, "He seems to in his way, but I don't think he's got it in him for a direct confrontation. Honestly the people I met that have the biggest chance of getting her to stand down on a thing seem to be Gordon and you. Reina would happily resist your mother, but I don't trust her motives to consider her a check on your mother's power."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy dips her head in agreement. "True. But staying hidden like this.." She shakes her head, "We know at least Hydra will be aware of them by now, depending on who Whitehall shared his research with. They will need allies. I can only do so much, and I can't be here all the time." if only she had Gordon's powers though!

"Yea, I have met that one." Reina, "She reminded me of a hedgehog, out for gold rings and ..." a pause, she looking up at Matt, "Ah, you wouldn't understand the reference..." but still, doesn't seem like that other woman made an impression on Daisy. Or at least not a good one.

As the path unveils and they reach the front of the clinic she glances up at the house, then over to Matt. "Do you notice her anywhere?" she questions.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"They definitely need allies, what do you think the odds are of you and Bobbi talking Fury into protecting this place some how, assuming Jaiying will let him?" he asks before squeezing Daisy a little closer. "Glad you're not planning on staying full time," he says as if that had been a question that had been weighing on his mind. "And I'm sure Gordon would give you a lift if you needed it," he says trying to lighten things a bit.

Though as they approach the clinic Matt focuses on his senses filtering out the noise of his other senses and focusing on smell. It takes him a moment but as his nostril flare a few times he says, "She was here, a few hours ago," he says, waliking around the outside of the structure. "She went that way," he says gesturing to one of the larger buildings in Afterlife.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Good odds, I think." Daisy says, looking around the place. "It's small, contained. It's where Inhumans want to be. Of course that Jiaying wouldn't want to have any kind of SHIELD supervision around. She appeared ..., somewhat aggressive towards SHIELD when we spoke about the org back then." she says with a thoughtful mmm. "She has lived for so long, and SHIELD has been around for a while, I should ask her if she had encounters with SHIELD in the past." she says, "The logistics of it shouldn't be too straining either." then a grin when Matt speaks about her not staying full time. "I feel .., there's a place for me here but at the same time I already have a place where I belong."

"I wish to help, and I will help the Inhumans. But living in secret, secluded from everything. It just does not compute to me. Not like this."

A glance up at the clinic and then back to Matt. "Mmmm, inside or ...?" then she nods, continuing to follow. The large building was one she hadn't been at before. "Lets take a look." she glancing about. "Carefully." which meant moving quietly. Something they both can certainly do. She starts moving in with care, using her own senses to help Matt's own as they make way.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
The fact Matt was suggesting SHIELD protection for this place was progress of its own, being willing to trust them more than he had when they left New York. "Good idea," he says about Jaiying's past with SHIELD. "Either something happened or she's painting SHIELD and HYDRA with the same brush, that happens with trauma, black and white thinking." He says "Regardless it's worth discussing with her."

Matt stops when Daisy says she feels like she belongs in New York, with him. Smiling he tilts his head towards her, "Thanks," he says warmly. "And I'm glad you found your family and your people, so if we need to make a bunch more visits in the future, I'm ready to face whatever shade gets thrown my way," he says with a smirk before stealing a moment to share a tender kiss with Daisy before they got back on the mission at hand.

As they approach the building, "Definitely inside," he says keeping his voice low. "Around this way," he says leading her to the back of the building and a lonely and unguarded door.

"Definitely through here," he says before stopping as their senses pick up a couple of Inhumans walking towards the door talking. Time to duck and cover!

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"And now that I have taken the sword from her home we may even get safe dinners together." Daisy comments with some amusement, "We just need to be wary of the knives ..." like the ones Jia was waving around. But well, she is saying it with humor at least. The kiss is, of course returned, she giving the man a gentle hug before it's time to proceed.

Daisy moves slow, keeping to the shadows of the houses that lead there, senses reaching out so they aren't surprised by any guards or people wandering about. There was a lot she didn't know about the Inhuman capabilities of the others here but she sure hoped they had noone who could track them from afar. She nods and follows along with Matt, moving around the house to that door. Her brows furrow and --


Daisy moves fast, sliding behind one large tree nearby for cover, staying low by the underbrush. She glances around her cover and keeps watch, eyes slightly narrowed.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Smirking about the dinners, Matt says, "I dunno if she'd even need knives your mom looks like she could throw a punch..."

Then the Inhumans are coming and Matt is seemingly there one minute and gone the next. Clearly for all he mistrusts Stick, the man taught him a lot of useful tricks, though after a second it's clear he just moved deeper into the shadows of the building. The door opens and two Inhumans walk out into the early morning pulling their coats close chatting about what they plan to do once they've had a good day's sleep.

Eventually the voices fade into the distance and Matt emerges from the shadows. "Okay that was close," he says moving to the door, pressing his hand against it to make sure there were no others coming before he opens it and slips inside holding it open for Daisy to follow.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
It's perhaps a good thing that none of them has witnessed Jiaying going full 'vampire' as she did back at the hydra base. So they can still joke about it!

But indeed the Inhumans are coming. And from her hiding position Daisy can't even catch a glimpse of Matt now. Ninja indeed. She lifts a brow, maybe those tales about him being a ninja were all true, ".. When do I get to punch my own dragon.." you are mixing origins, Daisy!

She watches the two men leave before she steps out from her cover, approaching, "It was. From what they were talking they were up all night so .., guards?" but for what?

Daisy moves in after Matt, walking in after Matt and closing the door behind them very quietly.
"There is a light hum in the air. Do you feel it?" She asks. Now that she had access to her song again it was easy to detect those vibrations in the air, "Machinery here. Most likely computers too."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt grins, "That's Danny, I just got trained by the grumpy blind master," he says aware of how much of a kung fu movie trope his story is.

"Could be, but guarding what?" he agrees asks the two men who passed, and then slips inside hearing the same things as Daisy. "Definitely machines, but Bobbi is this way," he says pointing in the opposite direction towards where the building pressed up again the naked rock of the mountain. Moving quietly Matt makes his way along that corridor until he stops by a some broken wood on the ground, he touches it, then moves to touch the wall where it seems to have broken off from.

He puts his hands against the wall letting his senses roam over it, before he steps back turning to Daisy. "Can you feel it? There's some sort of room beyond the wall somewhere in the rock."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
A glance to Matt. "Imagine if you had gone and punched a dragon too." after being trained by the grumpy blind master of course! But she grins at him before moving on. She pauses on her way to the source of those vibrations when Matt mentions her being on the opposite direction. Curious. It has Daisy ponder a moment. "Think she is trying to communicate to the outside? I know she had talked about finding a way to send a message but ..." and she now hoped they weren't getting in the way of *that*. But no, she would had warned them before doing this. Wouldn't she?

She looks at the piece of wood, leaning down to touch it as well, turning it on her hands to inspect how it was broken... Uh... "This was broken .., I think from impact. Something hit this. Hard."

Yet then Matt speaks about something else. A room? She focuses, getting up to her feet, hand extending and she letting her senses roam, seek, feeling the vibrations, the surroundings, the materials. "I .., yes. A room and .., people inside?" she sounds surprised. "I can't feel any way in there."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Quiet conversation between Bobbi and Nona as the night moves on. Even though it's been a while since Nona has had company, she's still sleepy. The routine of food tells her when it's breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. and sleep time. This is definitely sleep time.

    But Bobbi can't sleep. It's like an itch she has to scratch. She can't open or shut her eyes without seeing it because of the pitch black in this place. It demand her attention, a puzzle that must be solved. Bobbi has always been good with picking up new languages, but this was different. It didn't seem to be telling her words or stories, it was more a language of feeling.

    "Nona?," Bobbi asks quietly.. but she can hear the soft breathing of the woman having finally fallen asleep. She smiles a touch and then shines her torch over to her and nods her head, "As I thought." She has to be conscious for it to happen. What was weirder is.. she thought it was the case not just because it seemed logical, but she felt like she knew it for certain.

    Bobbi's eyes move back to the paper and the gibberish she's been scribbling all over it and she looks back to Nona again. The phone tells her it's coming up on 6:30am.. "Wow," she whispers to herself. She really has worked the whole night through.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
As Nona sleeps, on the other side of the secret door Matt's hands seek the catch for it to open, it takes a bit of his hands sliding over the wall to find where the wall feels differnt then, grabbing the catch he pulls it and the door clicks open.

Inside, a sliver of light enters the darkness of the room and Bobbi can make out figures as the door opens wider. "Bobbi?" Matt calls mostly out of habit, as soon as the door pulled aside he knew it was her in there and someone else.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    6:45am, Bobbi had put her theory to the test. It hurt last time certainly. Having your fingers snap frozen.

    7:30am, as Matt cuts a sliver of light in to the room, he finds Bobbi is propped up against the wall with a young woman who is resting her head on her lap. Her hand resting on the back of her head.

    Bobbi looks up as the door opens, expecting Jia or a guard or Gordon or someone.. not Matt, not Daisy. She says, "Ssh. Quietly. No light," she indicates. Her eyes are half drooping too as she finally found a semblance of peace with the mystery of the symbols, enough that she knew she was safe to touch Nona now.

    Nona stirs against her bedding and Bobbi's lap and Bobbi looks down to see if she's okay. The simple act of having a touch had put Nona in to a very restful sleep. Bobbi desperately wanted to nod off too.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
At Bobbi's words, Matt and Daisy slip into the room and shut the door behind them dropping the room into darkness again. Matt moves towards Bobbi navigating as well in the dark as he would otherwise with Daisy hanging back by the door for now.

Crouching by Bobbi, he asks quietly "Hey, what happened? And who's your new friend?"

There's a beat before Matt adds. "And is she supposed to be that cold?" concern in his tone.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The secret entrance wasn't something Daisy was detecting. Clearly as she looks rather surprised when the door opens up. She does look into the dark, squinting her eyes as some light shines into the place. "Bobbi?" she sounds somewhat worried, taking in the room and walking closer to the duo as well.

Using her own senses she finds them on the room too, not needing the light. "You found trouble, didn't you?" she drops down to a knee.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi says softly, "Careful Matt. She doesn't have control of her Inhuman abilities and might snap freeze you." There's a warning but jovial and tired tone to her voice. "I've been up all night trying to understand her." Somehow Bobbi is immune to this supposed deadly snap freezing.

    Lowly she whispers, "I tried to get to their hydra power station, Gordon intercepted me. We fought, I kicked his butt, he teleported me here. I met Nona here, broke out, snuck to Mark's place and borrowed Jacob's notes on Nona and here we are." The book, visible perhaps in the very low light to Daisy, is like a crazy persons scribblings. Both books that is. Jacob's and Bobbi's.

    "So I wouldn't really call Nona trouble. She's lovely actually," she begins and Nona stirs. Bobbi lowers her volume again, "but I think I am in the naughty bin right now."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt draws back at the warning. "Thanks," he says, noticing that Bobbi doesn't seem to be concerned about it happening to herself. "Your new power?" he asks her, before listening to Bobbi's tale of what happened. "Sounds like quite the night," he says with sympathy. "Seems like it," he says with a smile coming through in his words. "Though sounds like it didn't hold you for long, what's the game plan, the two of you want out or are you staying put?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Immediate empathy comes to Daisy's expression as Bobbi explains Nona's condition, the Inhuman nodding her head with a grim expression, one mixed with curiosity. But Bobbi's powers developping seem the more obvious answer. The talk about fighting Gordon, well... "My mother will probably know by now too." she lets out a resigned sigh. Nothing to do about that. So she looks at the papers on the ground. "I don't recognize the symbols, mmmm.." she squints her eyes, "Similar to the diviner's?" she guesses.

As for the plan to get out of here, "It's clear she can't remain here. She is a guest, we will just explain it was a misunderstanding." She says, "I will go talk with my mother."

A look back to Bobbi, "How long has Nona been down here?" now she's getting upset.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "I don't.. exactly.. have a game plan," she says. For once, Bobbi is at a loss for what to do next. This wasn't how she expected her life to suddenly veer off course. Usually that's reserved for Lance and Bobbi's next amazing relationship breaking argument. "Turns out I really am Inhuman," she says with a bemused nod.

    "I don't know, may be? I've never seen a diviner. I can't even tell you what any of it means, it's just in my head ever since I touched Nona. You know, I don't think Jia and Gordon see it that way though Daisy. I get the distinct impression they don't want me to leave. So... this conflict isn't going to be over quickly," she warns. And given Gordon can teleport and seemingly find her with ease, she might be forced to kill for her own liberty. That's not a new concept for her.

    "Nona has been here for years. She was being treated by Jacob. I can.. sort of see what he was doing. Sort of," she says with an awkward look on her face. "I've made a promise to help her though. It's going to take me a while. If Jacob couldn't solve it easily then I don't see why I'd be any better," she explains.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt nods, then realizing the others can't really see him in the dark, adds, "I nodded," in much the same way as Foggy pointed those gestures out to him. "And well, if they want you here and Gordon is our ride home, I suppose breaking you out doesn't help much. Do we know roughly when SHIELD is due to come looking for you both?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy appears to have the game plan apparently. Or at least the schematics of one. "If your powers are appearing then Jia will have no other choice but to let you go." she muses. "Besides, what can have been so serious to have you stay here? And incur our wrath?" a beat, "I mean, besides punching Gordon out. He sorta deserved it after leaving you to die on that island." Bobbi, Lance and Jemma!

She gets back up to her full height, "And are you telling me that Nona has been inside this .., dark cell.., for years now?" now that has Daisy's resonance start to shimmer.

And was that a light hum of vibrations in the air? Nope, Daisy certainly isn't in favor of keeping people in some cell in the dark. No matter how dangerous. "I will talk with mother." a look to Matt, "We will."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi chuckles, "You nodded. Right." She sighs, "There's no easy answers here but I was attempting to signal SHIELD to tell them not to come. I'd made up my mind this place wasn't so bad. Then of course Gordon decided to try and keep me here against my will.. so.. that goodwill has gone out the window."

    Her hand gently strokes Nona's hair, "However, his counter plan to have me meet Nona seems to have messed up my priorities a bit. I'm not going to just leave her without help -- and Daisy, I'm not sure where else she can go. She needs to stay out of the light for now. Believe me, it's in everyones best interests. Especially Nona's."

    She shakes her head to Matt, "I shook my head. I don't know when SHIELD will arrive but if they've followed protocol, they would have found our radiological signatures by now and be heading here. Probably arriving any moment now. We didn't check in, that's a problem."

    Almost true to the timing and Daisy's senses... the sounds of people reacting to something outside begin to filter in from the village. On the horizon, three quinjets approach. The sounds of concern and perhaps even panic begin to rise as it becomes evident to the people of Afterlife that they have been found -- by someone.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Nona shakes her own head before mentioning, "I shook my head," she says, "And they let me out at night most times, but I think they wanted me in here with Bobbi tonight," she offers, pulling her knees to her chest as she leans against the wall. "And she's right you don't want to put me in the light."

Matt for his part says, "So, soon is their most likely arrival time, that's good news, but we should probably give the people here a head's up, they're tense enough as is, a bunch of those jets of yours showing up might give them the wrong idea."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy's attention goes to Nona as she perhaps realizes what happened. "They wanted to try and force Bobbi's powers out." it makes sense. Still, there were other ways. And then she nods as if resigned. "And I nodded." because it would be weird to be the only one not doing that. "Do you think you can help her, Bobbi? How much are you understanding of your powers now?" she asks.

Yet it's the kind of planning that goes down the toilet when the sound of those jets arriving are heard, "Seems we are out of time for more planning." she goes to the door, "It's time to step out and greet SHIELD. And yes, let's give them a heads up quick before they start sending Gordon up there with Lash or something.."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi smiles and lets Nona sit up right. "Sleep well?," she asks her new friend. "Yeah a heads up given I can't stop them coming now." She looks toward Daisy's voice and says, "I think, given time, I can help her. But understanding this weird thing I got from Jacob? not even a little bit. Before tonight I had no idea I could even..." she pauses and stops talking about it suddenly.

    "Nevermind," she says and then stands up listening to the outside. Sometime after Daisy and Matt though, she doesn't have super senses like they do. "Right.. time is up. Nona sorry I'm going to have to go talk to whoever SHIELD has sent to find us. I'll be back later. Keep the workbooks safe for me yeah?," she asks of her.

    "I wonder who Gonzales will send," she muses out loud and pats Matt and Daisy on a shoulder each. Suddenly she stumbles against Matt as the nausea she experienced touching Nona earlier in the night hits her again.

    "Oh," she says as her vision is filled with... entirely different iconography and symbology and colours, "Oh no." It takes her a moment to steady herself and she takes in a deep breath. "I'm okay. I'll be fine. My heart is fine," she insists.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt has lied about the seriousness of his injuries enough not to consider it lying, and enough not to take anyone else at their word about their own without using his powers to confirm. He shifts his senses from outside the room to inside and gives Bobbi a quick scan as he reaches out to stabilze her. "You're heart rate is up a bit," no shock there. "You want to sit down for a couple of seconds? Daisy and I can talk to SHIELD if we need to."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Maybe M--" A pause when Bobbi stumbles. It makes Daisy blink but she quickly steps over to get the woman on the other side to have her sit as needed. "It's when you say your heart is right that we start to worry." an admonishing look on her face. Which Bobbi probably can't see. All for the better!

"Just sit down as Matt says. We will go talk with SHIELD." Daisy then reaching up to take some hair out of Bobbi's face, sighing. "Really should had just went with plan A and sleep with Mark." it's said in a good natured manner, perhaps an attempt to have Bobbi relax a bit.

Even if she is getting more and more nervous. SHIELD was here. It meant they would have little time to lose.