5331/While the Devil's Away

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While the Devil's Away
Date of Scene: 24 February 2021
Location: Chikara Dojo
Synopsis: Danny is back from Hong Kong and is caught up on all the crazy he missed by Colleen.
Cast of Characters: Colleen Wing, Danny Rand

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen was exhausted. Between the three different age group classes during the day and early evening, and the night time patrols of both Chinatown and Hells Kitchen. She cannot wait for Matt to get back from meeting his girlfriends mum. It's near 7am, having had time enough for Colleen to barely rest her eyes before the next day is meant to start.

    The dojo is clean, as usual and she has the morning to be lazy, drink caffeine, go shopping, and sometimes tend to wounds. Right now she's only sporting a big bruise on her midsection where the sword that went through her body was now mostly healed up. Splitting her time like this would be a lot easier if Danny were back.

Danny Rand has posed:
Speak of the devil (Well, the Iron Fist), Danny is back. Of course, as usual, he doesn't make much noise walking in like he owns the place. He's dressed in his hobo-best today, a roughed up t-shirt, some old sweatpants and a beat up pair of sneakers to give him that Homeless Chic look that no one really wants. He also brought Starbucks, two big cups filled with mostly sugar and caffine.

"You're up early," he says, "Or... late? Guess doing what we do it could go either way." He holds the cup out to her, "Latte?" he offers, then asks, "What'd I miss?"

Colleen Wing has posed:
    What Colleen wants to do - give the man a hug. What happens instead? She covers her mouth as she involuntarily yawns, as her other hand reaches out and takes the latte. "Thanks Danny. When did you get back? Just now..?" she asks and sits down at the small kitchen table in the side room where her bed and life reside. The yawn did lift her t-shirt up enough to show the nasty bruise on her torso.

    "Oh. Well. The Hand did something super weird. Also apparently there are evil doppelgangers who came from another version of Earth running around attacking their duplicates or something. And the Defenders has two new members, guy called Cloak and a woman called Dagger," she summarises skipping over way too many juicy details. She sips her coffee though and slumps a touch. "And business is booming which normally is a good thing, but the Devil is out of the control right now. So, good timing on getting back I really need your help."

Danny Rand has posed:
Apparently he missed a lot. Danny says, "Just got in a couple hours ago. I'm going to be forbidden from leaving for a while, aren't I?" He too takes a seat, spinning it to sit in what he assumes is a cooler, backwards way. His head tilts as he sees the bruise. "Took one to the torso?" he asks. Probably a ninja, he decides. He also takes a moment to process the rest, "Dopplegangers from another Earth? If I hadn't just come back from fighting a weird, doll-based demon, I'd say that was the strangest thing I've heard this week." He sips from his cup as well "New members is good. They trained, or we training them?" And the news of the Devil makes him shake his head, "Daredevil go on an adventure too? Oh, do we have dopplegangers? I do not want to fight his double."

Colleen Wing has posed:
    "Ideally yes," she says with a small little smirk and sips more of the essential coffee. "Yeah so I was in Gotham at this warehouse that burnt down that was rumoured to be a drug operation. I went to see if they had any links to the Hand. Annnd surprise surprise I found a calendar. Shipment was apparent heading up north on the Hyperloop," she begins to tell the story.

    "My investigation was cut short when a riot broke out in Gotham. I did my best to help calm things down. Some idiot put mind control stuff inside footballer helmets and used the Gotham Knights football team to rob main street. Crazy.." she rolls her eyes and smirks a moment more.

    "So yeah, Devil, Elektra and me we went on the afformentioned hyperloop and when crossing the bridge, you guessed it, ninjas. I headed to the engine room and the other two went to cargo. I ran in to some ninja trouble after they blew up the engine stopping the train."

    She lifts her shirt a little higher. The tell tail signs of a sworded stab wound having mostly healed over now but the surrounding skin still bruised from the experience. "This happened not too long after you left."

    She frowns a moment, "And Nobu was alive.. somehow, after the airport thing, he was alive. They stole something off the train and assassinated a guy too. They stole a whole carriage and we have no idea why."

    She raises an eyebrow, "Doll-based demon? yeah you're going to need to elaborate on that one Danny. I haven't seen a doppelganger yet, I was just warned that it was now a thing we had to watch out for. So, if you're not really Danny then I guess I've told you too much already. The two new members have super powers and seem pretty street smart to me."

Danny Rand has posed:
"Gotham? Not our usual territory," he notes, "But guess we go where the Hand goes." He leans forward, resting his arm on the chair back, letting her get the whole story out without interupting, except to agree with one thing she says "Ugh, Ninjas."

As he's shown the injury, he wrinkles his nose lightly, "Looks painful. Still, take more than that to keep you down. Assume the other guy is in worse shape?" He takes another needed gulp of his coffee and says, "Not surprised. Those guys are hard to make go away for too long. I'm guessing we'll find out soon enough what the deal is. Probably won't like it."

He covers his mouth with his hand a moment, yawning semi-politely as he had a long flight at the very least. "Doll demon," he says. "Old friend of mine contacted me from Hong Kong. Works with an organization that kind of squirrels away items with negative spirit." He shrugs, adding, "Demons, you know. Anyway, some thugs working for a rather well organized gang busted into one of their Warehouses-slash-Demon Prisons, stole a bunch of stuff. Assume they thought it was valuable artifacts. We tracked one down, only they let the demon out. One of those creepy marionette style dolls. Bigger than me. Had this..." he pauses for a little shudder, "Stuttering movement thing. Super creepy. I had to keep it busy while my partner put it back in its prison." He lets out a light exhale, "We didn't find the rest. They were smuggled out of the country, so, y'know, I'll probably do some harbor patrols in the coming days, just to make sure."

Colleen Wing has posed:
    The look Colleen gives is a disapproving one. Disapproving that demon possessed dolls exist at all and may end up in the united states, or Japan for that matter. "Flamethrowers then. We need to buy flamethrowers," she suggests and the smiles, "What else, oh yes, Elektra has totally roped me in to helping. Ahem. A Vampire stop Werewolves from joining The Hand." She looks at Danny rather deadpan to indicate she is not at all joking. "And three business men were found dead in the park around the corner, with drag marks suggesting a fourth was taken away. We're planning on investigating because it seems really weird."

Danny Rand has posed:
"Mm, they're not all dolls, just this one was. I think one's a snake. One's this bag of vermin. Not sure about the rest." Danny says this as if he's talking about the weather.

"A vampire to stop Werewolves from joining the Hand? I think you're trying to one-up my crazy sounding Doll-monster adventure now," He gives her a grin, obviously beliving her. "Ok, so who's our Dracula that we're helping? Are we sure they're not trying to use us for some other nefarious scheme? It would not be the first time."

"What makes the business man death odd?" he wonders, "Aside from the dragging, I suppose." Oh, and he just remembered the mentioned newbies. "New kids have powers? Well, maybe we should offer training on the off chance they want it. Wouldn't hurt to know how to throw a punch. They strong like Luke and Jessica? If not, they might have to learn our way. Maybe they could take your class. Break a few boards."

Colleen Wing has posed:
    She narrows her eyes and finishes the latte he brought, then gets up and starts the coffee machine. It's not good coffee but more than one is required for this morning. "Awful, you're awful," she reminds him and then says, "Yeah. So, Elektra and this vampire executed a captured werewolf, or lichan I think she calls them. I was not happy. I left. I'm not in the murder game. If they attack me - sure, fair game. They didn't even try to contain it and find someone who could fix it. You know like that rich guy in the Fantastic Four with the stretchy arms? I bet he could cure a werewolf." She sighs, "Regardless, Elektra is right, it's a massive problem. The Hand cannot have werewolf soldiers that'd be insane."

    "Mostly the dragging bit. The scene was odd. Also one of them had vampire like fang marks. Oh, actually, that brings the story full circle. Elektra told me she knew a vampire who might know something about what happened.. so we scratch her undead back and she scratches ours sort of thing," she shrugs and sits back down.

    "Well, Cloak teleports and apparently is connected to some horrifying dark dimension of your own worst fears. And Dagger apparently makes sharp crystal daggers and is connected to some wonderful dimension of your greatest desires but she can take them away from you or.. you know we were drinking at Luke's bar and I'd had a bad day so I may be wasn't listening as closely as I should have."

    She grins, "But I did invite them both to the dojo, so.. already ahead of you there. Also, I need you to patrol Chinatown while Matt is away. I'm doing Hells Kitchen but I can't do both. I'm dying a little inside every night. I need more sleep."

Danny Rand has posed:
"Yeah, that would be wild. I'm not sure how we'd handle it. I'm the Iron Fist, not the Silver fist. Silver's for werewolves right?" Danny's honestly not sure if he's kidding or not, "But yeah, no ninja-wolves. We have way more than enough problems without that." The Fantastic Four mention makes him think briefly, "I wonder if I could get a hold of them. I've never tried. Got a few contacts, but let's hope it doesn't come to that."

"Oh, so our Dracula is a good Dracula, but there are bad Dracula's around too? Are the vampires going to join the Hand too? Admittedly, the only Vampire's I've dealt with are the hopping ones. Either way, no fun."

"Dark Dimensions and light dimensions, and knives. Yeah, guess I'll have to meet them. Hope they know what they're getting into. Anyway, yeah I'll take Chinatown. I'll keep a look out for Vampires, Werewolves, possibly demons, the usual Ninja Threat. Did I leave anything out?"

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen chuckles and then pours out two cups of coffee. One for her, one for Danny. She brings them back and says, "If I've forgotten something. I probably have. Hm. Bakuto warned me he's going after 'problems' that he's ignored for too long. I think he's done trying to get us to clean up messes for him and is instead going to try and clean us up. I don't think he likes the Defenders much. Definitely doesn't like the devil. Obviously hates you with a passion. He still thinks he can turn me back to the Hand," she says with an exhausted sigh. "And Elektra is hiding something.. not that we didn't know that. Something to do with the Black Sky weapon. And yeah, bad vampires. Elektra thinks this vampire is a loner, a 'good' vampire as you say. I don't know. I'm wary. I've been used before and I don't want to get suckered in to helping one side of a super natural war fight the other. Keeping them both out of the hand is my priority. But.. I really thought Nobu was dead. And he's not."

Danny Rand has posed:
Danny accepts the coffee with an appreciative nod. "Always trying to get you to go back to them. Ok, keeping an eye open for Bakuto too. The list is getting a tad long," he notes, "I should've brought something to take notes with." He strums his fingers against the table a few moments, answering, "She's got secrets within secrets. How likely is this particular secret going to work against us is what we'll have to sort out." He sips the new coffee now, fighting the urge to grimace a little. "We should probably find out if this vampire is as altruistic as he seems. Also, how many Twilight jokes have been made? I feel I'm probably going to be late to the party on some good ones." He pauses a moment, then adds, "Don't think Nobu's a vampire now, do we? Honestly, before this conversation, that would've been a silly conclusion."

Colleen Wing has posed:
    She chuckles, "She. Definitely a she. She's faster and strong too - and yeah, silver weapons is the thing. She's promised me a silver sword. My sword worked fine at beheading a werewolf, but they heal from just about everything else." She sighs and shrugs her shoulders, "It was a thing. Also in Gotham."

    "I really hope he's not a vampire. But may be he faked his own death in that airport thing. No twilight jokes sooo far, but I don't have a glowing fist to fight back if she decides to go all Spike on me." She furrows her brow, "Usually Elektra keeps secrets to protect someone else, ..this one feels different. She's avoiding the topic and being really vague when I ask her about it. I think this one matters to her."

Danny Rand has posed:
"I've never tried punching a werewolf," Danny admits, sounding /almost/ intrigued. "Oh, Gotham. Of course it was. Honestly, that place never sees sunlight it feels like. Vampires probably can just walk about at 8 a.m. or something." He quirks a brow, "Silver sword sounds neat."

"Personal secret?" He tries to decide if that's good or bad, ending up making a non-commital grunt and rebounds to the previous conversation. "Well, if he dies again, maybe stake him just in case? At this point, I don't know anymore."

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen grins and sips her terrible coffee. She doesn't mind it. "And there you go, now I think you might be fully up to date. Oh wait, no, the two new kids. They are chasing up some go from Roxxon linked to drugs that killed a bunch of people and activated their super powers." She snaps her fingers, "I knew I forgot the icing on top of the crazy cake. Once again, our eyes point toward Roxxon. What's with that corporation?"

Danny Rand has posed:
"Drug induced superpowers?" Danny lets out a deep breath, "I really should take notes. I'd put it into my phone but the Doll ate it and I haven't gotten a new one yet. Probably should do that today. And maybe take a nap if I'm going to be running around in costume tonight." He makes a soft sound, "I should probably pop over and see Luke at some point, find out if he has anything to add to the list too." The last of the Grimace Coffee is drained before he adds, "Roxxon's just a nest of vipers, I think. Maybe I could band together with other rich heroes, buy them out. Not sure what you'd do with an evil corperation. I can't punch the bad out of it."

Colleen Wing has posed:
    She grins and says, "You can crash here if you like. There will be adorable little kids learning how to punch the air in an hours time though. They can get real noisy." She smiles and rubs her eyes, "Luke still won't let Jessica have a tab. I think that's a smart choice."

Danny Rand has posed:
"Might actually be fun," Danny admits, "But I'll probably crash at my place, and I have another couple stops to make." He yawns a bit now, then chuckles at her statement, "I don't know that I have enough to afford Jessica's tab, so its definitely a smart choice." He ponders quietly a few moments, then says, "Alright, thanks for the coffee, guess I'll try to make myself productive. Let me know if you see any weird, chinese demons." He makes sure to deposit his trash in the bin, "See you later tonight maybe?"

Colleen Wing has posed:
    "Whirlwind visit. Coffee and you're off. Yeah, see you tonight Danny. Also tonight I have questions about inner thigh kicks." She smiles and gives him a wave, then gets up to see him out. She's Japanese, she can't not.