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Afterlife: Aftershock
Date of Scene: 02 March 2021
Location: Afterlife Settlement - Nepal
Synopsis: After the meeting with Jiaying Daisy finds support with Matt. They talk about what they will do next and the worth of keeping secrets.
Cast of Characters: Matthew Murdock, Daisy Johnson

Matthew Murdock has posed:
With Daisy off to speak to her mother and Bobbi on the quinjet, Matt had been left to his own devices in the guest house and lacking much in the way of other activities to amuse himself with he falls back on meditation. Sitting cross legged on the bed he shares with Daisy, he closes his eyes and listens to what his senses tell him, finding his center in the midst of the chaos of the last few hours.

With the tensions between SHIELD and the Inhumans of afterlife he figured he needed to be level headed and at his best to make sure everyone came out of this alright,

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Meditating in a place like this is often a good idea, calm, peaceful. Today though there's a lot of 'noise', the worriedness of families talking with one another, wondering about the future and what SHIELD arrival means to them. Some wanting to take arms, or run off. But they mostly appear to be trusting Jiaying for the tidbits that are able to be heard.

Yet even with such chaos it doesn't even come close to the kind of chaos that one often finds in New York if one just stops to listen. Just as peace is close to being achieved there is a tremor. It's a familiar one even if resonating differently, as if not directly coming from within Daisy but she reacting to something. There is a shockwave which does little more than to toss a book off it's shelf even if to heightened senses it may sound rather .., loudly. And then snow coming down the mountain. An avalanche? They are normal in these mountains and it doesn't seem as if this one will bring any danger to Afterlife.

Yet there was Daisy's distinct signature there.

Daisy makes her way out of Jia's room shortly after that shockwave, wiping at her face and taking in a breath.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
The shockwaves has Matt's head snapping towards its source. "Daisy," Matt says and slips to the edge of the bed to pull on his shoes and then he's heading to the door cane in hand. Using his senses to lock onto Daisy's vibrational signature and follow it to the woman herself. Somehow he felt he was needed just now.

When he finds her, he can taste the tang of salt in the air and knows it means she's been crying. "Daisy, are you alright?" he asks coming towards her slowly, cane held to the side rather than feeling ahead of him, "What happened?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy is just finishing to exhale, slowly, when Matt comes into view. There's a slow smile that blooms on the woman's face, "Matt." she murmurs quietly. She steps forward towards him. "I just finished talking with my mother." she sounds exhausted, drained. And making her damn best to not show she has been crying. At least to anyone else that may come in. She knows Matt will detect it too easily. She was almost like an open book to him.

She finally arrives close to the man, arms going around him and she relaxing against him, her weight felt, legs barely holding her up. "The talk got a bit heated but.." a beat, "... she is going to talk with Director Gonzales and the others." the happiness inside her felt in the way her music resonates.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt is more than happy to return that hug and prop Daisy up as she sags against him. He gently rubs her back as he listens.

"I could tell," he says about things getting heated. "I think you might have caused an avalanche," he says warmly with a wry smile on his lips before kissing the top of her hair. "But Daisy, I'm glad your mom's coming around and is willing to talk to Director Gonzales, I think SHIELD and Afterlife working together could do a lot of good as long as they don't let distrust get in their way." He steps back and squeezes Daisy's finger tips with his hands. "If there's anything I can do to help, let me know, I want this to work out, not just for SHIELD or afterlife but for you Daisy, I want you to be able to keep both your families without having to choose between them."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I did?" Daisy isn't too sure on that, slowing her breathing but eventually does admit, "I felt something.., up in the mountains. During the discussion. It was strange." that resonating bowl was still in her mind but she didn't know how to explain it. So much she didn't know about what she could do.

"Jiaying is very set in her ways. I do not know how willing she will be about listening." A beat, "For some reason I felt as if she was simply indulging me in accepting to talk. But .., at least it's progress. And with a meeting the other Inhumans here will see that a peaceful resolution isn't out of the way. They don't have to run."

"You already help." She taking the man's hand and squeezing it. "More than you know. And what did you think of SHIELD?" she then asks.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"You did," Matt confirms. "Or at least it seemed that way. What did you feel?" he asks.

He nods at Daisy's assessment of Jaiying. "Well as long as she sits don to talk that's the key, Foggy and I have mediated deals with less to work with, I am sure you can make them see that working together is worth it."

Smiling at that last remark, Matt leans down to brush a kiss aginst Daisy's lips. "Glad," he says of him helping. "They seem to be honest in their intent here, at least that's what I got from Gonzales. I don't know the rest yet, but I'd be happy to meet them," he smiles. "Already met one family might as well meet the other."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"A calling. It was strange. But the more angry I was feeling the more open I was getting to what is around me." Daisy then shakes her head, "But I can't think about that now. This is too important. And one of our last chances to make things right I feel." if negotiations went wrong she didn't feel much of a future for Afterlife, at least in it's current state.

"Did it involve payment in you know what?" Daisy then asks, breaking a bit of a smile and also releasing some of the tension. She had 'tasted' what some of that payment was before. And delicious payment too! "But for now we have done what we could."

The kiss is shared, intimate, she nodding quietly. "They are, I can tell you about them." she then says, "You saw the stern looking one near Gonzales, right? That's Agent May, I have told you about her, trained me, just as deadly as Bobbi and hard to break a smile. Then there was Fitz, which is one half of FitzSimmons. He's engineering, Jemms is biotech." she continues on her explanation. "And he has an unhealthy desire to sleep in his lab for some reason. And Elena, she is Inhuman like me, and those here, Colombian. She joined shortly after I had gained a measure of control over my powers. We both helped each other." a beat, "Also, if you need a snack she is the one to reach. She needs to be eating all the time."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"A calling?" Matt asks before letting that line of though trail off as Daisy moves on to other matters, but there's an expression on his face suggesting she's piqued his curiosity. "Well if there is anything I can do, beyond what I've done so far," mostly being Daisy's moral support. "Let me know."

A smile then, "We may have been, or that might be one of the rare times we got paid in money," a beat. "Which I'm sure some of which was spent on pie."

He nods, the names were familiar, people he'd been hearing about for years that he was finally able to to put first hand experiences too. "I can believe it about May, it's how she walks and carries herself, I can tell she means business," he says."Plus you've shown me some of the moves she taught you. It's a shame I've got to keep my cover with them, I'd sort of like to spar with her. Good to know about Elena, as much as I give Foggy crap about what he eats sometimes I'd kill for a candy bar about now," he admits lightly, before taking a seat on one of the nearby stones. "They care about you though, your friends, I can sense that much, and they care about each other, I can see why they're your family."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Actually, there is." Daisy then says with a small nod, "Talk with the others, Mark if you can. Or even Reina as you said she liked you so much. See what they are thinking about this. Eyes are on me now, and I don't think they will trust me to talk with them. But you might." Daisy suggests, resting one hand against Matt's chest after those words.

And then the talk about the rest of her extended family. "There are more of course, Like Peggy who, believe it or not appears as someone that founded SHIELD." well, Captain America being around was common knowledge! "Or my senior agent when I entered SHIELD, Grant Ward. I can tell you more about them later." she says with a grin. "Or even introduce you, depending on time." then she takes in a breath. A look around and then.

"I can smuggle you a candy bar, how much you payin'..?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt nods, "Done," he says of talking to Mark and Reina, smiling as she puts her hand to his chest, he listens letting his senses pick up her vibrations through that simple touch.

"Wow...someone else who got frozen in the ice like Cap?" he asks. "The name sounds familiar though, maybe those old Captain America Adventure program shows..." some parishoner had donated a box of them on CD to the orphanage, and Matt being blind had been handed them. They'd been amusing if nothing else. "And you mentioned Ward before too. I'd like to meet them both. And I was wondering, given everything and that the Inhumans here know I have powers, should I just be straightforward with your friends about what I can do? I am not going on any Index or anything, I can tell you that much right now, but odds are good they might figure it out on their own, and I want to get ahead of that."

"Depends, what are you asking for?" Matt teases back.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"And she's english. So yes, old-school accent." Daisy then nodding about meeting them both. Something to arrange for sure. It's the following question that has her pressing her lips to a line though. "I .., am not sure. I agree that if it comes out if should be on your own terms, but at the same time I don't feel that Bobbi will betray your secret to them." she walks over to Matt, sitting down next to him on another stone, "What I can tell you is that you can trust them about your secret, at least those who are close to me." she explains.

"But this will be a decision that you will have to make yourself in the end. I can tell you that it might be good to finally come out. But the more people that know ..." she shakes her head a bit. She knew secrets were only good as long as not many people knew about them.

"Foggy, Karen.., even Claire. They could be in danger if the wrong people knew about who you are."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Must be thinking of someone else then," Matt says of Peggy's accent. The girl on the show that had a name close to Peggy's had been American, and insipid, very different than the genuine article. "That's my concern, my friends, also my clients, if it ever came out about my other job, the DA would likely start crawling through my old cases just to make sure I didn't use my alter ego to tamper with them, it could put a lot of good people in trouble." Mostly because had used Daredevil to help his cases even if that was only when that meant dealing with crooked cops or helping scared witnesses. "Guess it's best to keep it quiet for now then, and only tell the people you trust, I don't want you to have to keep my secrets from your friends, at least not ones like this one."