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Fixing the Org Chart
Date of Scene: 04 March 2021
Location: VIP Lounge - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Elektra gets a promotion, Shaw discusses current staffing issues.
Cast of Characters: Sebastian Shaw, Elektra Natchios

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The summons have come as usual. Shaw wants to meet with Elektra at the Hellfire Club. The man has requested her presence at the lounge, as opposed to the Inner Sanctum for some reason, but the room is empty at his request. Perhaps he just wanted a comfier chair than the throne. Either way, as Elektra is arriving, he is sending his assistant on her way, "Thank you Tessa, I will touch base with you later," and then he turns his gaze expectantly towards the new arrival, appraising her.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Today Elektra appears to favor a dashing pantsuit, contrasting with blacks and whites. Pants and jacket of an immaculate white color and silk shift of a black one. Jewelry is here and there. A ring, earrings, a bracelet. All elegant and subtle. And high heels to complement the attire, of course.

The assassin's gaze rests briefly on Tessa while she is making her way in, just a brief nod before her focus goes to Sebastian. "Greetings, Mr. Shaw." she doing an half-bow.

Elektra appraises the man just as well, watching demeanor and posture before she wonders to the windows that give view to the club under. "You requested my presence." she states, "I do hope all is well?"

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"I did. Welcome Ms. Natchios," Shaw says, standing up as Elektra enters. He motions her to a seat near where he is, and calls over a scantily dressed waitperson to provide Elektra with a refreshment of her choosing. The man sinks back into his chair, and says, "I was sorry to miss you at Mardi Gras, but I am sure you had other, more pressing matters to attend to." As he says this, he picks up his own cup of tea, and has a sip.

After he sets his cup back on his saucer, he cuts right to the chase, "I want to discuss moving you in our organization. We have a couple of openings in your line, and I was considering promoting you to Bishop, since Mr. Merlyn has been...derelict of late." As Shaw says this, he keeps an eye on Elektra, "I am still attempting to figure out the Queen situation, there seem to be very few worthy candidates at the moment. But, I feel the white side of the board could use a bit more clear leadership, what with the King being...occupied with his new office."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra makes way to a seat closer to Shaw to settle down, gracefully sitting and folding one leg over the other. The waitress is met with a faint smile and she requests, "A martini." simple and without much complication. That's how she rolls afterall. It's only when the woman has left that she speaks up, "It was unfortunate." she agrees, "But our lives often have these kind of things. Unexpected detours. But I trust the party went as expected? The girl you arranged to handle the party, Viola, seemed quite on top of the situation from what I saw of her."

The martini finally arrives, she taking the glass and a sip.

The following conversation has her pressing her lips to a thin line, thoughtful, "Bishop." the corner of her lips then curling up in a faint smile. Is she amused? "I was not responsible for him not being around, if that's what you are searching for with that look." another sip. "But yes, I believe we would be better served with me as bishop. Have you anyone that you are considering for knight? Or for Queen for that matter?"

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"She handled it well, I meant more I missed you during the festivities." Shaw replies with a bit of a mischevious gleam in his eye. Teasing an assassin is rarely a good idea, but it seems he feels he can get a poke in here or there.

"Unfortunately, you have hit the issue that I am running up against. I am thinking of promoting Ms. Caradenza to Rook since she has been doing a capable job so far as a pawn. Though, she looks like our most capable candidate at the moment. Though, there is a member whose daughter may be of some interest. I will have to feel her out and see if she is of the right mind to move up in the organization." He frowns a little bit, "While it is useful that we have a large enough member base to cover our tracks for other activities...it is depressing that so many seem entirely unaware -- or unwilling to accept -- the real nature of this club."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Ah, Ms. Caradenza." Elektra dips her head just so, "I have heard the name. Wealthy family is it not?" She certainly doesn't expect less from someone being considered for the council. It's the talk about some daughter of a member that has her lean forward, curiously. "That so? Turning it into a family business, is it? But considering our members I may perhaps be aware on *who* it may be." not that she shares, simply smiling amusedly instead.

That last part does have her cant her head to the side, "Do you mean those that are members or do you mean the VIP members?" She asks. "It's always been important that we keep a certain secrecy to our activities. We could influence noone if we were known to everyone.."

"Yet speaking of influence, I did come across quite the influential man who appears to have quite the low opinion of our club, Warren Worthington. Was there anything done against his interests?" She asks, gesturing with one hand.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"She was the one asking about the use of your contacts with the Hand." Shaw explains, "And, likely, would require a little less of a learning curve than other members of our club." He leans back in the chair at Elektra's question, considering.

"Mr. Worthington is on our member rolls last I checked. Perhaps his resignation letter got lost in the mail. But, I suspect it is not so much what we have done but the company that he is keeping that may be influencing his feelings on the club itself. Which is a shame, though perhaps I will speak with him soon about his concerns, and see what it is that is bothering him."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"They are available." Elektra then replies, "For whenever they wish to use them." she informs, casting a look down at her martini for a moment, "And that might be that she'll need to learn less. What's important is that she does not come with .., vices of her previous life. There are many who aren't team players even if their talent may be quite high. But I trust your wisdom in the choice."

"Do you think Mr. Worthington's absence may be due to our former Queen's departure? She never hid her connection with other mutants and often enough I saw them in these same halls talking together." she letting out a sigh. "A pity, so much potential. Yet he appeared adamant, and he mentioned a girlfriend who shared of his opinion. Or perhaps even the source of those rumors."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"I have some concerns about her, yes, but that is what the lower positions are for. Seeing if someone has the right temperament and ability for what we do here." Shaw replies, picking up his teacup again. He considers it for a moment, has a sip of the new lukewarm liquid, and sets it aside.

"Mr. Worthington's stance is likely related to Ms. Frost's departure, yes. And to the girlfriend who -- if rumors are true -- is a member of Professor Xavier's school." There is only a little bit of venom behind his use of the word 'school' there. "But, I think for now Mr. Worthington will simply try and do what many who think they know something, but feel they can get away with it will do: try to continue to trade on the good name of the Club and use its vast connections, until it becomes politically, or socially, or economically unviable. That he has not openly, publicly, denounced the Club is about as good of an indicator as I can think of in that regard."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Ah, that school.." Elektra dips her head in understanding, "I did not believe our interests were getting into direct conflict with them but .." she lifts her shoulders in a shrug, trailing off and busying herself with her drink for a moment, allowing her gaze to stray to the nearby window, "And you are right, he so far didn't see the type to go ahead with what he says. He even mentioned having gained cold feet into moving into politics like he was mentioning in his media posts."

Gaze returns back to Shaw, "In the end, money talks." such is the way of the world.

"Do you have any other matter you'd wish to discuss with me?" She then asks, tucking some stray hair behind a ear.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"It is not my intention to interfere with them, no. They have far too much public good will to make that worth our time. Rather, I prefer to let them blunder away until they rid themselves of the outdated ideas that they cling to," Shaw explains, before he smirks and nods to Elektra, "That is it exactly. Money and the fear of losing the cushy position he has built for himself will keep Mr. Worthington's complaints purely internal. I do not fear him suddenly denouncing us unless we do something foolish that gives him that opportunity."

At Elektra's question, he shakes his head, "No, that is it. If you happen to come across any worthy candidates for a promotion or invitation, do keep me informed. I am considering a fund raiser soon that will bring out the respectable sort I believe, for those Mutants who've been affected by the recent unpleasantness. But, otherwise...nothing else of note."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"I will keep an eye out. It is not easy to find those with the .., right motivation." Elektra says, starting to get up to her feet in an elegant manner and ending the rest of her martini, "It was a pleasure as usual, Mr. Shaw. Keep me informed about the fund raiser if you'd wish for me to have an active hand in it. I am certain you have thought about a charity to help by now."

Again a half-bow and she starts to walk down to the elevators, grace of a dancer in her steps. Even if her dances are of a more deadly type..