5447/The day after

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The day after
Date of Scene: 05 March 2021
Location: An abandoned building in NYC
Synopsis: Terrible, terrible things have been done
Cast of Characters: Shannon Davis, Slade Wilson

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis was curled against a wall at the very top of what was some sort of commercial building. For some reason it never ended up getting sold, so now it was just a decayed old piece of crap at the edge of the city. The lower floor was half-crumbled and there was no apparent way to reach the second floor where she was besides a window. Inside was just old junk, dust and debris.

For now the police seemed distant, barely audible sirens. She wore her usual white hoodie and jeans, with her improvised weapons hidden within. In her hand is a cellphone, with some kind of video playing of what seemed to be a woman talking. She stares at it with incredible, burning intensity, her hand squeezing it so hard her knuckles were white.

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson had clambered up the side of the building, making his way up towards the roof to get an idea of exactly the lay of the land. The job had gone essentially without a hitch - an ambassador's aide who was actually a counterterrorist agent. Deathstroke's client wanted revenge for the loss of a relative. Slade didn't particular care about reasons, only the six figures in his bank account for a relatively easy hit. He has a small bag in his hand, the kind that usually holds a bowling ball, in this case carrying his victim's head. The client wanted a trophy.

He emerges onto the rooftop to discover the unexpected young woman at the top. He raises his automatic rifle, the butt against his massive bicep, as he carefully sets the bag of head down, "Easy there. Just passing through," he says.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis turns towards the man with an almost animalistic snarl, her eyes narrowing on him wildly. She was in the process of pulling out what seemed to be a metal loop from her hoodie when she sees the rifle. It just seems to piss her off even more.

She stands up and takes a few steps towards him at a normal pace, stopping with the rifle pointed very squarely at her. She looks him up and down and frowns. "Wait, you're not a hero, are you?" She asks with a bit of relief, still, even then she was squeezing the loop extremely hard. "What are you?" She was never very attentive to identities and who was what and who had what powers aside of the most in your face ones, like Superman and Hulk.

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson snorts, "No. I'm no hero," he says. He doesn't bother to explain what he is, "Just someone doing a job that someone paid me very well to do. Paid me enough that I'm not going to let anyone spoil it. Not you, not anybody else," he says simply. His arm is steady as he keeps the weapon trained on the woman. She might not register fear at it, but that was okay. Things that weren't afraid could die, too.

"Those sirens for you?" he asks, tilting his head at the approaching police cars. Certainly an unwanted complication.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis deepens her furrowed brows, her entire body shakes with anger. "N- Y-...Technically no, but yes." She replies with a deep growl and a burst of anger that has her briefly stomp the rickety floor. "Fucking useless imbeciles if you ask me. Goddamn stupid piece of..." She seems trail off on her own, glaring at her phone for a moment.

When she looks up at him she squints her eyes quite a bit. "You weren't involved with my kidnapping a bit a go, were you? Because if you were, you can have a rifle and all that, but I will still absolutely fuck you up." She wasn't sure if that was even possible but she was going at it with willpower alone, as usual. "It'll take them a bit to find this place anyways, I hope."

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson shakes his head, "No, you can't. But I didn't have anything to do with you. I don't screw up like that," he says. He goes to the edge of the roof and looks down, "Not that long. I can tell from the sound of the sirens, they're getting closer. I'm guessing somebody spotted you. So much for this being a safe stopover for me," he sighs.

"What do they want you for?" he asks. "I don't watch the news much."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis raises an eyebrow at him. "Maybe one day we'll see if that mask can catch- You know what, it probably can, fuck's sake I'm so weak it's actually ridiculous." She breathes heavily, very intensely, someone with the experience of Slade might recognize something that was almost a panic. But it was most certainly not, it was her adrenaline shots going up to her brain, things were shifting into the feel good zone for her.

"What about you, then? Gonna use me as a hostage? Good luck because they think I'm ultra powerful. UGhhhh the absolute bitch." She takes a peek at the coming cars, then pulls out her twin lead loops connected by rope. "Or maybe you'd rather play MY hostage?" She says playfully.

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson shakes his head, "I don't need to take hostages. I'll just kill them if they try to take me. You can do the same. Maybe afterwards we can compare body counts," he says.

He regards the cars as they pull up to the building. Wouldn't be hard to just blast them from here, raining down fire and explosives onto their heads. But he was interested now. The kill had been far too easy. This at least could be fun.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis blinks very hard. She was not even thinking of that. It was the big nono zone that her brain kept trying to drive her into. Her adrenaline was at full mast now, her pupils shrunk and her heart pumping so hard in her chest her torso was jumping around. "Wait- Wh...I don't think I can..." She chokes on her own words, could she? Should she? WOULD SHE? Would, was the question that resounded in her mind the most due to a particular show from her doppelganger.

She looks down at her phone, clutching it hard, her hand trembling. For the first time she felt fear as well as excitement. "Even if- if I want to...I can't uh. My powers they're not strong. It wouldn't really go very well...um it takes a while of repeated beating to take people out and I have to mess their whole face up, it's really inadequate."

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson doesn't seem particularly concerned, although he can be hard to read through his mask. "Then you'll die. Or they'll capture you. Don't expect me to save you. You can't expect anyone else to take care of you. You have to do it yourself. I might make it easier on you, by killing the ones I kill, but I'm only doing it for myself. Like you said, I'm no hero. Heroes are fools."

Fire trucks arrive and start extending ladders up for the cops to climb up, the swat team piling into the levels below the roof and starting to gather to rush the roof.

"You did get them mad, that's for sure. What'd you do?"

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis stared at the man with her mouth half-open, it was like the universe had been opened before her eyes. Everything he just said was absolutely confirmed the last days she had been alive. Heroes are fools. That meant she was a fool for wanting to be a hero.

With wide eyes she looks down to her phone, clicks on it twice. Slade can see what seems to be an older version of herself, it plays out one bit of the video. "You're a fool for trying to be a hero, the only thing they're good for is posing and then failing everyone when things get rough. They're too soft, you're too soft, you have to take care of yourself and harden up or they'll drag you down with them."

Tears were streaming down her cheek, she breathed heavily, the adrenaline was off the charts now. "NOTHING! IT WAS ALL MY GOD FORSAKEN, WALKING EXCREMENT OF A DUPLICATE!" Probably should not have raised her voice so much, her teeth were gritting. "Fuck this, fuck them, fuck this stupid, useless-ass, moronic police." She hisses, dripping with venom, her entire body trembling with rage. All of a sudden she runs off and jumps out of the window, aiming to fall squarely onto a cop below.

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson watches the emotional turmoil in the young woman, the way his words cut into her and sent her into a frothing rage. Not at him, but at their mutual enemy. Well. That was unexpected. But useful. On impulse, he sets down his rifle next to the bag of head and draws out his sword as the cops breach the roof and try to rush them. Underneath his mask, Slade smiled. This could be fun.

The cops get off a couple of shots, but they either bounce off his armor or get deflected by his blade, flicking them aside like gnats. He closes the distance in a few strides, swinging low first to gut the first cop, then drawing up to slice the hand of another clean at the wrist, sending it flying over the edge still gripping the gun he'd brought. He drives a boot into another, driving him back before slicing right through his helmet and ripping his face in two. All of it happens in less than three seconds.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis hears the sound of swords and meat cutting above, she can't believe it, it actually makes her pause for a moment. She has no time to doubt herself though, the cop below her was suffering enormous pain but she gets batoned right in the face by another. All she does is palm strikes, the loop held in her hand, she charges it up as much as she can then strikes, launching the loop at the same time. The result is a very strong smash with the metal object. It hits the cop in the face, but he doesn't go out.

She hears panicked shouting from behind him, people lifting guns. She has to hide behind the much larger man as they open fire and fill him with holes. Tears still stream down her face, she was scared, she had never been scared before. But she was scared she was making the wrong choice.

With a bit of charging she's able to send the corpse of the cop flying at his fellows and then she gets batoned in the back of the head. She almost goes out, but with so much adrenaline in her she catches herself. Her hand swings upwards. THUNK. She launches the loop into the man's crotch. From there she starts a desperate sprint while some attempted shooting starts from behind her. Slade was definitely going to have to do the heavy lifting or there would be a lot of running.

Slade Wilson has posed:
Heavy was relative. SWAT cops were considered bad asses by the general public, but, compared to Deathstroke, they were almost harmless. He moves with terrifying grace and speed, his blade impossibly sharp, severing flesh and bone, ripping through tendons, sending sprays of blood flying as he chops open a carotid artery. One cop charges and Slade lowers his shoulder, hefting up and flipping the man up and over the side of the building to plunge a dozen stories to the street below.

"Heroes won't be far behind if we keep this up," he calls out to the girl. He didn't much care what happened to her, but he was amused by her ferocity and hatred. Hatred was good. He could use hatred to his purposes, even as he spins and slashes through the last cop on the roof, felling him to the floor and leaving a dozen bodies in his wake as he heads down the stairs towards the remaining fray.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis was in an almost animalistic state, it was like this every time she fought, she was feeling great. That's what made her hatred grow by the second, her anger at herself, at her future self, at both. THUNK. Her metal loop accelerates and she lets go, spinning around wide and letting it smash into the jaw of two cops nearby, certainly breaking them with the force.

She jumps the closest one she can see and starts slamming the other metal loop down on his face while screaming. "WHY!! WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THIS?! WHY WON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" Those weren't the right questions though. "Why am I so weak?!" Had she been stronger she could have just easily subjugated the cops without killing them. "Why am I SO FUCKED UP?" A battle between her moral concepts that had been developed since she was young and the fact that she was actually having a great time. The rest of the time is spent screaming furiously as she slams and slams and slams and slams until the guy goes completely limp.

She was disgusted, with herself, with the world, with the entire universe that made her like this. Chose her to be weak. Chose her to be wicked. Chose her to be unlucky. Chose her to be responsible for these deaths. At this point she was just kneeling over the guy and kind of shut off the carnage around her for a moment. The cops were definitely more concerned about the guy slicing them like freshly baked bread.

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson had no such moral compunctions. He didn't wrestle with killing or think twice about it. He had no conscience to prick, no ethical crisis to overcome. He wasn't angry and he only hated in the sense that he hated most things and didn't care whether they lived or died.

This time he does use a gun, but one of their own, seizing an automatic rifle from one of the SWAT members and spraying down a few more of the members. THey wear body armor, enough to keep them alive, but they're still battered by it, especially when Deathstroke follows up with physical attacks, kicking them while they're down, passing out concussions like candy.

When he's finished, he watches Shannon contend with the last few cops, watching with passive curiosity, assassing and measuring her.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis is essentially dogpiled by the remaining cops. It's not a pretty fight at all, nothing like Slade's. She goes even deeper into her furious bestial state. They pin her down but one gets a hand smashed into his face. There's a wooooosh sound before THUNK. His neck bucks backwards and his brain rattles inside his skull, causing him to faint. The others meanwhile, are beating the absolute shit out of her. Now they're sure she's not the symbiote-bearing monster woman they were after, but she's with Slade as far as they know.

One twists her arm back, the other smashes his baton on her head several times, she grins through the flowing blood from the contact spots. She takes a baton from the floor and swings it around a bit as a feint, then when the second cop comes in to cuff her there's another swoooosh. He kneels down and she twists herself to shove the baton in his mouth. THUNK. It fires directly down his throat. It's not pretty.

The one holding her lets go and steps away, pulling out a pistol, he was pissed for SURE. She has to crawl under the other two as the bullets start flying in, her left arm is left out and gets peppered with three shots and one into the shoulder. When she hears the click click she shoves the body off herself with a scream of pain and charges the guy. She jumps into the air and soars at him and grabs him by the head. He already falls with his head getting bashed into the floor. Her knees squeeze into his arms and she starts accelerating his head down into the floor until it gets so high that his head goes clean through the floor and traps him, if he was even still conscious.

After that she simply sits back, bleeding from her arm with a blank expression, minus a slight malicious smirk, she had never felt so good in her life, since she had never been so close to dying, multiple times. "She was right." All these deaths were on her, she was responsible for every single dead cop. "I really am worth nothing in the society we live in, my head's broken. And if I keep trying to play hero I'll just get people killed." She says as she stands up, the last part comes out the hardest, filled with pain and an almost superhuman effort not to break down crying.

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson watches it all, unmoved, even as he reaches into his pocket and draws out a slender encrypted phone, punching a message to Wintergreen into it to prepare for his own extraction from the city. Not that he had any intention of sharing that with the nascent monster in front of him.

"I think you could be worth quite a bit, if you found a way to harness these talents of yours. You're good at killing. Not as good as me, but nobody is," he says. "Get better and in time someone might pay you for it. Hope nobody hires me to take you apart. I'd almost feel bad," he says. "I have to go back upstairs and get my head now."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis chuckles, it's very faint, a few huffs of air leaving her nose and mouth. It was one of the few compliments she had ever received, and one she was not expecting. "Pfha, considering everything about this situation, I'll believe you." SHe says with an actually sad tone. "This at least means I don't have to hold back what I wanted to do anymore. I'm going to beat everyone. Everyone. Everyone. EVERYONE." She mutters to herself as she goes around the cops for first-aid supplies, bandages would do until she got where she was intending to go. "Good luck with the head." She mutters as she starts wrapping her arm up. Her exit comes via climbing down the building using an accelerated weight against the wall.