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A Bit Of Poetry
Date of Scene: 10 March 2021
Location: Bowery Poetry
Synopsis: Saeko ends up at a poetry slam where Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson also show up, to listen to a World War II vet share a pair of poems.
Cast of Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Saeko

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve had asked Sam if he was busy that night. "Have somewhere out in the city I need to go tonight. I thought you might appreciate it as well," Steve had said. The true blue eyes had a small amount of mirth in them as Steve was being mysterious about it, just giving a small smile and a shake of his head refusing to answer any questions about it.

That evening, Steve grabs a car from the Avengers motor pool. He's wearing jeans and a button up shirt, with a leather jacket overtop. He drives the pair out to Little Italy, finding a parking space finally. He climbs out of the car, locking it once Sam is out. "This is us," he says, motioning to a door with a sign above it that advertises it as "Bowery Poetry". That look is back in Steve's eyes as he walks over towards the door, turning to Sam to get his reaction.

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam Wilson looks at the sign, then back to Steve, "Seriously? You're bringing me to a poetry place? You realize this isn't exactly what I do, right?" He shakes his head, "Well, let's see what this place has got going on. You wouldn't have dragged me here for no reason, so lead on."

Saeko has posed:
America, not to mention Earth itself had been entertaining, facinating and downright interesting for many various reasons.

Saeko had a love of culture, and seeing how the world had chanfed since she'd last left it for more than simply superheroes and gods being more open. Still, poetry was a classic of the old times and she was curious to see the cities own version.

Already inside and having concealed her more obviously inhuman features, Saeko's hair was once-more blonde and the woman was making her way to find a seat for herself.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers gives Sam a friendly grin as he clasps the other man on the shoulder. "And here I figured you did a little of everything, Sam," he tells his friend before they head inside.

The tall man looks around from inside the door, in the manner of someone taking in a sight for the first time. Up on stage a young man in his early twenties with a beanie and a flannel shirt is reading poetry from a tablet.

Steve looks back to Sam, making a tiny gesture, and his expression saying without words, how could they ask for somewhere better than this. He still has that small grin at knowing Sam is out of the loop on this trip. "Lets get a table," he suggests, not seeing anyone handling seating so he starts to walk over, picking a table that ends up being besides the one that Saeko sat at. Steve removes his leather jacket, hanging it over the back of his chair as he takes a seat.

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam Wilson is wearing fairly standard clothing for him.. black t-shirt, grey camo pants and jacket. His jacket also ends up hanging over the chair he chooses to sit in. Looking around, he looks to Steve and asks, "So you planning to get up there tonight? That why you dragged my butt over here tonight?"

He looks around to see if there is a wait staff or if he needs to go get Steve and himself something to drink.

Saeko has posed:
Settling herself down, Saeko absently draws her hand up to her lips. A sip of a drink that had seemingly always been there and yet noone had seen her obtain, the woman glances towards the new arrivals in the pair, a light smile offered in friendly greeting before she turns her gaze back to the poetry.

Then there was a little faulter and frown. She'd been around some of the Avengers, lending assistance to one or two. There was something oddly familier there...

Steve Rogers has posed:
It looks like there's just one waiter for the whole place. But then it isn't that big. He moves over to Saeko's table and then sees that she already has a beverage. He gets a momentary confused look like he's drinking to remember having brought it to her. But he ends up turning to Sam and Steve's table. "Can I get you something?" he asks.

Steve Rogers smiles to the man and says, "Cold beer?" The man nods and gives the list of kinds of beer and Steve picks one he's heard of before. The man turns to get Sam's order then.

The door opens, and a couple walk in. Both are gray-haired and elderly. The man is moving with a walker, the woman not seeming to need one. Just moving at his side. They both have wedding rings on, one might notice if they check their hands.

As Steve Rogers sees them, his face lights up a bit and he stands. The couple start making their way slowly over to their table.

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam listens to the list, then just shrugs and says, "Make it two." He's not terribly picky, a result of drinking what's available over many deployments. He glances to the blonde woman at the table beside them, then his attention is pulled back to his friend when Steve stands up.

He looks over and sees the couple Steve is paying attention to, so also stands up and turns to face them with a friendly smile and a nod of his head, waiting for Steve to speak since he obviously knows these folks.

Saeko has posed:
Curiousity killed the cat, but it was essential to the kitsune. Attention from Saeko shifts her gaze back towards the pair an the new arrivals, tilting her head lightly while she watches.

It's not subtle, but the tenko simply sips her drink again while indulging in people watching.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The elderly couple make it to the table after a little effort, Steve waiting patiently. He moves over to give the woman a kiss on the cheek and to shake the man's hand. Once those greetings are done he turns to Sam. "Sam, this beautiful woman is Molly Worthstein, and this is Captain Bill Worthstein of the British 1st Airborne Division" he tells Sam. From the man's age that probably makes him a World War II veteran. Steve turns back to the couple. "This is Sam Wilson, who served in the 58th Rescue Squadron."

Molly smiles to Sam and says in an English accent, "Nice to meet you Sam." Steve moves to pull out a chair for her, while Billy is greeting Sam. "Always liked you Yanks," he says. He looks over towards the stage where the man is just finishing up his poetry set. "Is it time?" Bill asks Steve.

Steve Rogers nods back to him and says, "Let me come along and help you up on the platform, Captain?" He begins moving with Bill, letting the man set his own pace, but Steve will help him up onto the stage when it's time.

Molly takes a seat and looks over to Saeko. "Oh, is this your girlfriend, Sam?" she says, loud enough that Saeko will hear it easily enough.

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam Wilson sits down once Molly does, starting to finally understand why they are here tonight. He is watching Steve walk Captain Bill towards the stage when Molly's question yanks his attention back to the table.

At her question, he looks over at Saeko, complexion darkening slightly as he realizes what Molly asked, but still smiles at her, showing the small gap in his front teeth before answering Molly, "No ma'am, I'm afraid I'm not so fortunate tonight. I'm just here hanging out with Steve this time around." He gestures at his friend, who's almost made it to the stage.

Saeko has posed:
A soft laugh, clearly Saeko is happy enough to take the question as an invitation into the coversation with a light wave of her fingertips at her glass.

"Just another lover of poetry and supporter of the creative," she offers, faint accent to her words adding to the exotic nature of her appearance as her eyes move from Molly to Sam. "My name is Saeko, it is a pleasure to meet you."

Steve Rogers has posed:
It's hard to tell if Molly is just old enough to not pick up on things, or if she uses the fact she's older to be able to say whatever she wants and get away with it. "Oh, well you should ask her though. She's lovely," Molly says, smiling over to Saeko. "You are lovely, Saeko. Come join us over here if you'd like, young lady. There is room at the table."

Steve has helped Captain Bill up onto the stage and gotten him seated. Then Steve steps away, off the stage to leave Bill up there alone. He pulls a few sheets of paper out of a back pocket. "I'm Bill. Bill Worthstein. I wanted to read a pair of poems. Written by a woman from my country. Name of Mary. Mary McCreath.

There's some soft applause and then Bill pulls some reading glasses from his pocket, settling them on his nose and eyeing the papers. He holds the mike nearer to his mouth as he reads the poem.

Every child had one,slung over our shoulder
as we left home for school each day.
This was a requirement to protect us,
from the contents that could come from bombs,
dropped from the sky each night,
filled with a gas that could maim or kill us.

At school there was a room were they were tested.
We went in to make sure our masks were not faulty.
As each of us walked into the room we were fearful
and wondered if it was real gas and hoped our mask
was fully functioning and would protect us.

A black rubber mask fitted tightly over my skin
Small children had masks with a mickey mouse face.
They were coloured to make them attractive.
At the sound of the siren they had to be put on,
And only be taken off at an all clear signal.

War affects the lives of those who fight in them and
those who remain at home. It changes patterns of
living for all, young and old, in many ways.

Gas masks were one of those things that brought
fear and terror to me at a very young age when called
to wear one. I can feel this fear and terror today
just thinking about it.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Bill adds at the end, "That was, Gas Masks, by Mary McCreath."

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam Wilson nods and introduces himself, "I'm Sam, and this is Molly. And yes, you're welcome to move over here if you like." He helps her with her chair if she chooses to switch tables.

After that, the poem is recited and he blinks a little after the poem ends, "Damn. Even after all my deployments, thinking about the kids affected by that kinda thing still gets me. I mean, I chose it, that's one thing." He shakes his head. "Kids just get caught up in it." He takes a small drink of his beer, then awaits the second poem.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Molly smiles to Saeko then turns her attention to her husband up on the stage. A few people around the room nod, looking saddened, and there's some soft applause.

"Thank you," Captain Bill says. "I... I have one more here. It's called 'Witness', by the same lady." He clears his throat, stopping and coughing into his hand. Steve looks on as if to see if he needs help, but Bill gives a little shake of his head and then brings the microphone near again.

I was there to witness the end,
Of a war that was finally done.
To see the return of the soldiers,
But also the telegrams come.

To those who would never more see them,
Alive in this world they brought
Lost in action, killed in battle,
Was the fate and the end of their lot.

After finishing the shorter poem, Bill lets out a sigh. "War is a terrible thing. Each generation seems to have to... to learn that for themselves. I hope one day that we all can learn that lesson from the past. Instead of reliving it."

There is more applause, and Steve moves to help Bill to his feet, and back down off the stage to his walker. He walks alongside him back to their table, where Molly rises and gives her husband a soft kiss. "You were wonderful, dear," she says, before everyone takes a seat again, Steve sliding a chair over for Bill.

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam Wilson rises when Bill comes back to the table, not sitting again until the older man has taken a seat. He salutes the man with his glass, "You did good, Captain. Those kinda hit right here, you know?" He taps his chest over his heart.

"I hadn't heard of that lady before, has she written anything else? And is she someone you know, or did the poems just say something to you?"

Steve Rogers has posed:
Captain Bill says, "A few others. Someone I came across over the years and those stuck with me," he says. Molly gives his hand a gentle pat.

Steve picks up his beer and says, "You did a really nice job, Captain." He looks over to Sam then and says, "We met up at a veteran's group, and when he told me he was doing this tonight, I asked if it would be alright if I came along to hear it."

The elderly man smiles over to Sam and Steve. "As long as there are people like the two of you out there, the world is in good hands, I think."

"Amen," Molly adds.

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam Wilson nods in reply to Bill, "Well, if that's the case, it's because the guys like you fought to get it to us in one piece. This world had a good chance of going down the tubes, and guys like you and Steve stepped up and kept it together."

"But we'll do our best to keep things going for the next generation, right Steve? I mean, I know you're ready to retire and all" he teases his friend "but you can help us keep things together a few more years, right?"