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Spills of Genius
Date of Scene: 11 March 2021
Location: Stark Tower: Penthouse
Synopsis: Tony coaxes Pepper to aid in a design process.
Cast of Characters: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts

Tony Stark has posed:
It seems that a project has partially wandered it's way out of the workshop!

It isn't a robot, though -- just the general 'ambiance' that tends to follow a project that has had at least some mental spill-over: There are a variety of screens lit up with scans, readouts and scrolling text all over the place, and a large hologram twisting in the center room near the tv that's been repurposed for the same...

Pepper Potts has posed:

In the winter months, Pepper takes advantage of mail order. While she most certainly doesn't order clothing or the like online, there are the little things for decoration that are made by artisans from all around the world. It's that which she finds, collects, and it eventually finds their way to either her apartment or her office.

Now? Pepper's finished with her (long) day at work, and with handled paper bags in hand, has the front door open to her presence. Shoes are pulled off at the landing, and she relinquishes the bags for the time that it takes to remove her jacket. Looking up, finally, Pepper blinks, taking notice of the 'bleed through'.

"Um... Tony?" It's a question that holds a great deal of questions within. The redhead pads down, avoiding the holograms, actually ducking under one, two in order to put her bag down near the side table of the couch.

"What are we working on?"

Tony Stark has posed:
Tony is RIGHT there, he was just entirely immersed in what he was doing: laying on the couch on his back, one knee up and leg askew, with a tablet held against his lower chest and belly, propped up there while he glides a finger over some data.

"Hi," Tony answers, upbeat but distractedly. Still, the master of the multitask doesn't ignore her: hardly. "Just changing the world for the better. How was your day?" Tony questions. He's dressed simply: just a dark blue tank-top with lines of silver in it, and comfortable lounge pants, white socks. This is invention-wear for Tony, in terms of some kind of software production.

Tony looks up with a flashed smile, then, eyes moving from the bags to settle on her.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper's in the remnants of her business suit; day at the office, and now that she's 'home', the jacket is off, and once she sets the bag down, she's able to pull the bands from red hair to let it fall to her shoulders. With a quick shake of her head, and fingers pulled through for shaping, it settles easily enough, though still a touch messy. Green eyes move towards the reclining Tony, back to the displays, and once again back to the resident genius. "Hardly as exciting, then, as yours," is offered with a hint of a smile. "Had an emergency meeting at the museum. Nothing terrible." She takes the few steps to sit on the edge of the couch, perching there for a brief moment.

"And finishing up the quarterly report for the Board. I'm not expecting a large jump in stock prices, but not expecting anything lower either." Leaning forward to give him a quick kiss, she sits up once more, looking back at the TV, complete with the other displays. "Not enough room downstairs? I thought you wanted to remodel?"

Tony Stark has posed:
"Well, there were two things missing from the lab," Tony answers, setting the tablet aside - but still in visual range - and then ambushing her as she started to look away, to pull her down directly against him, playful. A tangle of awkwardness - well, possibly for /her/. Tony is shamelessly smooth and calculated this!

"Dinner and a Pepper," Tony chuckles. He made a real effort to surface to have those things occur. He's being very 'good' -- he hasn't even let his eyes go back to the tablet yet. Not YET, anyway. He's impossible to fully pry off of such a thing when he's in mid-stream!

"I shall ply you with food, then you'll come give me a hand with something," Tony says, very sure of it all, and smiling with his roguish quality while hooking a bare arm up behind her neck.

Pepper Potts has posed:
"Mmmhmm.." Pepper begins a touch dubiously before she's pulled against him. Feet come out from under her in the press, and she's put off-balance with a brief *yip* of happy surprise.

She lays there for a moment, entangled, and certainly enjoying it for the moment. With his arms around her, there's a feeling of safety and contentment; nowhere else she'd rather be. "Oh? Dinner, where?" She cants her head up and to the side to look at the handsome visage, and reaches give the strong arm that enfolds her a kiss.

"Depends.." she begins slowly and easily, though there is a theatric wariness that is couched, "I'm not going to break anything, am I?"

Tony Stark has posed:
Tony's dark brows quirk and he flexes slightly against the kiss aimed at his arm, with a teasing tension of eyes that comes through with the sly smile. A response of encouragement in the little game - wherein he doesn't intend to let her wander off yet.

"It's being delivered. I have it handled," Tony says, as if shocked and offended she thought him incapable of doing such a thing. "Greek tonight." King Stark has made his decree.

"And no, just going to get some scans of someone else's reflexes other than my own, for calibration on defensive shield controls," Tony explains evenly. He's never resistant in explaining what anything is - there's never a quality of talking down to anyone about tech.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper takes a breath at the subtle flexion of her arm; she can lay in those arms forever. She'd dreamt of this, and now? As far as she's concerned, she's the luckiest girl in the world, and //that// particular thought brings out a touch of a sigh as she relaxes in his embrace. Fingers trail on the forearm, the strength felt easily under her touch.

"You did?" Again, is there a touch of disbelief? Perhaps. "You called for diner." Definitely disbelief. "I know," Pepper begins again, quite obviously teasing, "You had Homer do it." Or JARVIS. Probably JARVIS. "And Greek sounds perfect." Pepper's tones sound properly happy; content... the fact that he'd done it, and she didn't would make anything taste good.

Well, mostly. She does still have standards!

The crux of the matter comes, then, and she turns slightly to study his face, those deep brown eyes, and her brows crease, bringing something of a wrinkle to her freckled nose. "Okay," she begins slowly, "for the Tower? I mean, I'm sure Happy would be happy to do it.." though it'd make sense for her, as well.. maybe? "I'm afraid you're going to find out how slow I really am.."

Tony Stark has posed:
"It's not a competition, and the point is to have something YOU can use easily, so Happy isn't really going to cut it," Tony scoffs in answer, but begins to 'ease' her in to attempt to cause her to fully relax. He seems to be less distracted by his project, now - more focused in on her. There's a quiet surprise to it - as he is, in fact, lightly surprised at himself for not remembering now excellent it is to hold her close.

"Sometimes you're the only one that'll do," Tony teases her, but there's a seriousness in the tone, a different quality entering dark brown eyes that study hers.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper's green eyes are studying his face, looking into his eyes, searching for answers to questions she's not entirely certain how to frame. "Okay," she begins again, slowly, now a little bit concerned. It's not enough, however, to tear her from this place, this position. Any actual fear is quickly tamped down just for the very fact that she has full faith in Tony.

His words bring a smile to her face. Tony knows how to phrase things for the maximum effect; it's one of his abilites. His charm is famous, after all. "Then," again, her words come slowly, "I'm the one you get." Leaning forward, she moves to press a soft, gentle kiss, "You're stuck with me."