5544/Another You: A Little Bit of B&E

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Another You: A Little Bit of B&E
Date of Scene: 11 March 2021
Location: 6C - Matt Murdock
Synopsis: Matt and Daisy do a little breaking and entering to get a look at their mystery guest. Matt is troubled by people's reactions to Daredevil.
Cast of Characters: Matthew Murdock, Daisy Johnson

Matthew Murdock has posed:
It's the night of Daisy and Matt's return from Afterlife and they're kitted out for going out to get to the bottom of their intruder problem. Stepping out of the bedroom in the slim version of his Daredevil costume he spins his batons in his hands. These ones were just wooden sticks, no fancy cords or any other bells and whistles, but he'd done well with them in the past and they'd do the job tonight. After all he wasn't looking for a fight. "Ready?" he asks Daisy as he slips the batons into their holsters on his left hip.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
It was Daisy's turn to be the one with all the bells and whistles, sporting the black and blue suit that Melvin had made for her, similar to the one that had been stolen. She slips her mask in place, securing the pack to her back with a few B&E tools (along with techno gadgets) and she was ready to go, "I am good to go." mask comes up, covering the lower part of her face and leaving the upper part in sight.

The way out is made through the roof, door already fitted with a new lock even if they'd have to figure out some extra security measures. But all in due time. They had an intruder to catch.

She makes her way to the edge of the building at a running start and then launches herself over, powers coming to work as she keeps herself airborne to start on her way. Flying is rather unfair.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt follows Daisy to the roof, shaking his head as she uses her powers to fly, whispering "Show off" knowing she'd hear it before he takes his own running start and leaps from his building to the next, rolls and comes up running. Yep, flying? Totally unfair! Still he keeps up a good pace and when they link up again a few buildings over he asks, "So we want to try the bank or one of the stores?" he asks. He knew the bank would have cameras and keep their recordings for awhile but the stores would have less security, either one was a gamble of a different sort.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy glances over a shoulder at the show off, "You know it.." she continuing airborne for a small while further until she lands at a run next to Matt to continue on foot. The question has her mmm while jumping over an air duct, "We should try one of the stores first." she suggests. "While we *can* break into the bank I don't think it should be necessary. Besides, we don't find anything on one of the stores there's always that choice."

She glances over to the street as the Royal Dragon is seen not far from them now, she asking. "Were you able to figure out around what hour the food was brought to your place?" because considering the man's sense of smell she wouldn't put it behind him to know the exact hour or period. "Because that will help immensely."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Grinning Matt does his best to keep up, leaping and rolling until they reach that rooftop. At the mention of the time Matt nods, "Yeah found the receipt in the trash, it looks like it was around 6:30," he says before digging the slip of paper from his suit and handing it over. "Best to double check, it was crumpled and that makes reading text with my fingers tricky. Now who's showing off, able to feel the faint imprint of text on the thermal paper receipt well enough to read it. Sure enough it was for 6:30 a couple of days ago.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy quirks a brow, taking the paper and murmuring, "Braille writers hate him ..." she opening the paper and squinting to read it in the dim light. Someone reads with their fingertips, others have difficulty reading it with their EYES. "Yea, it's 6.30, two days back." a beat, "Show off." she puts the paper away and then makes way to inspect the street. Mostly empty as businesses are closed for the most part. A dim light still inside the Dragon as they are still most likely cleaning up. But other than that? Just a corner boy nearby and a line of businesses on the other side of the street from the Dragon.

"Now, which one should we go in...?" she looks at the various displays. "Clothing store, laundromat..."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
There's a genuine chuckle from Matt at the bit about Braile writers hate them, "Yeah, they'd all be in trouble if more people got exposed to weird chemical soup," he says before turning his attention to the Dragon and the other stores letting his senses bring him the sounds of what's going on inside. They were definitely cleaning up in the Dragon, Mr. Wong had gone home and it was just the dishwashers left inside seemingly complaining about something in Mandarin to each other.

His attention shifts to the other stores, Al's Convenience was still open, the wheelchair using vet still behind the till, but the other couple of stores were closed up. "Want to try the copy shop? I think they've got a camera facing the street."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Quake leans forward on the building, dropping on one knee to inspect the street and the various shops. She didn't exactly have the same kind of senses that Matt did but her training in Afterlife was tuning her up even further to her surroundings, eyes closing as she allowed herself to immerse in what surrounds them. The convenience store was indeed a no-go, but then as she is just about to let her senses expand further she hears Matt's voice. Copy shop?

"Sounds like a good plan." She murmurs, "Let's look for a back door." which in Hell's kitchen case? They were always on an alley. Of course.

She goes airborne again to move across the street and towards a nearby alley that would look like a decent candidate.

On that same alley the corner boy had moved within it, a couple of men following him. Tension was palpable in the air and the accelerated breathing meant there was trouble brewing.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Some people might be able to compartmentalize, choose the mission over doing good in the moment, but not Matt Murdock. As soon as his senses pick up the corner boy running, heart pounding he's moving to help. "Change of plans," Matt tells Daisy before jumping towards the fire escape grabbing the railing to swing and slow his decent before flipping through the air to land between the corner boy and his pursuers, batons in hand, saying grimly, "Not your night, turn around now and you get to go home instead of Mercy General."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The two men were looking for an easy score. A corner boy without backup! Always an easy mark. But then there's a daredevil in their midst... Or at least looks similar to one. "Oh, shit.." one of them says. The other just widens his eyes. Their hearbeat goes fast, real fast. Daredevil has always had an effect on people afterall but this time .., they are fully mortified, "Please don't kill us!" the men start scrambling out of the alley without even putting up a fight.

The corner boy doesn't seem too thankful either, more like groveling for his life. "Please, let me go! The stash is over there, just ..." he crawls and moves as far as possible from Matt before also running out of the alley real fast.

Daisy arrives a few moments later, arching a brow. "Well, they certainly looked panicked enough at the presence of the devil of hell's kitchen..." she moves to that back door, reaching for her bag to get the tools to work on opening that door. It's all a job of patience!

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Daredevil frowns at their panic, but he lets them go without a word, moving over to where the boy pointed out the stash and crushing the bag of vials under his feet and tossing it down a storm drain. "What the hell was that about?" he asks Daisy as he joins her by the door, though he feels a spike of dread, what was the guy with his suit doing?

"More than panicked, they were terrified, we need to track this guy down quick."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Seems like you are getting a rep? But they appeared a bit more afraid than usual.." Daisy comments, her focus on the lock, she crouched and working through it. Eventually there's that marvellous *click* and the door opens up for them to go in. "Lets go.." she whispers, carefully sliding the door open and she slinks into the place. It's dark but it's not much of a problem with the dim light coming from the alley.

Daisy makes her way through a small corridor, bathroom on one side but the goal is another, the manager's room. The door is open and she moves in.

"Here we go.." she looks around. "The tapes should be around here..." she begins searching the cabinets.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt frowns tracking the men with his senses until the door clicks then he hesitates, just a moment, before he sighs and goes inside. One problem at a time. He moves to the cabinets with Daisy saying, "Your show," he says video was beyond even the abilities of his magic fingers. "Hopefully we've got the guy on the tapes..." he says as he begins to pace, anxiously.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Turns out.., security camera feeds don't hate him ..." Daisy murmurs when Matt says about it being her show. Perhaps trying to bring a bit of levity to the situation. For both their sakes. One of the cabinets reveals a few tapes. "Eureka.." the sound of her rummaging about heard before she picks one out. "This is the one for a couple of days ago." then moving to sit on the manager's chair, turning on the monitor and sliding the tape in to visualize it.

It's a rather poor-quality camera, but good enough, angled to the entrance of the shop which incidentally also partially gets some of the entrance of the Royal Dragon. "Alright, let me fast forward this ..." the sound of the tape zipping being heard.

"Okay, 6pm. Now a bit slower..." eyes narrowing as she looks at the footage.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Giving Daisy's arm a playful swat, he says, "Keep that up and we'll have to add those jokes to the calendar," though he does rest his hand on her shoulder and give it a squeeze in thanks for that bit of levity. Then while Daisy zips through the tape Matt turns his senses outwards keeping an ear out for anyone coming by the store after hours.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The footage shows a good number of people in and out. It's peak hour afterall. But with the receipt means whoever it was had went in near 6.30. So as they reach it...

"Okay, 6.30, and ..." Daisy pauses on a figure going in. Familiar enough. In fact very, very familiar with that cane. "Are you truly certain you didn't escape Afterlife to come get some takeout..?" she asks.

There's the sound of the tape rewinding, watching again, then rewinding, as if Daisy was making sure of what she was seeing.

Eyes turn to Matt and she sounds rather perplexed. "The man going in, he looks similar to you. The quality isn't great, but it's the same walk, a cane..."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt turns in his pacing. "Wait, what?" he asks shaking his head. "I was there the whole time, so some guy went for takeout pretending to be me?" he asks. That wasn't good news, especially if the guy was doing the same thing in his Daredevil suit. "Can we steal the tape maybe get a better image of this guy somehow?" he asks, counting on that SHIELD magic to see them through.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
There was a lawyer joke ready for it, involving breaking the law buuuut, sensing how Matt is disturbed with this she nods slowly. "Yea, I can bring it to SHIELD, work on it with an enhancement program.." which SHIELD had a few, "We might be able to get a better picture." she stops the tape, pulling it out and getting it into her pack.

"So, a copycat. Who knows who you are and walks as if he was blind?" It's not making a lot of sense to her, but then an idea. "Could it be Stick?" she still had to meet Matt's old master afterall.

One hand reaches to squeeze Matt's. "We will find who it is."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Did the guy have grey hair, a little shorter than me?" Matt asks. "Or look like he was wearing a wig." Stick made sense, almost, but if it was him how come he couldn't smell him, though he didn't put it past him to have tricks Matt hadn't heard about yet. "It could be him, I can think of reasons why he'd want to mess with my life..."

He squeezes her hand back. "Thanks," he tells her. "I know we will."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"No, didn't seem like it. Perhaps a bit longer hair than you do. But the posture is similar, and the walk." Daisy murmurs, "But I will get more details once I review the tape at SHIELD." she replies to Matt.

"Now let's get out of here." She suggests, "Before we need to answer to cops. Those guys that ran off could had alerted someone." low chance but .., always good to be careful.