5597/Dollhouse: The Special Priority Operations Team

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Dollhouse: The Special Priority Operations Team
Date of Scene: 15 March 2021
Location: Director's Office: Triskelion
Synopsis: Morse is promoted to Commander of SPOT, Level 8, after the untimely demise of Commander Gonzales.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Nick Fury, Maria Hill

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    It was a meeting that had to happen. With Gonzales dead - what was the future of the Special Priority Operations Team? The smaller wing of SHIELD had achieved a lot over the years with Gonzales at its head and Bobbi was brought on early in to its founding to act as his level seven. But now Dr. List had taken Commander Gonzales away from them and with the passage of a week to mourn his loss, it hasn't gotten any easier.

    Bobbi had an appointment with the big boss, fully expecting the end of her team and her reassignment, probably, back in to the pool of operations. Not that she wouldn't mind that. Working for Coulson seems nice. She'd get to work side by side with May more often. Though SPOT still had plenty of ongoing missions that needed to stay quarantined from SHIELD.

    The secretary lets Bobbi through the door in to Fury's office. Her eyes sweep around the room - nothing has changed, it's almost like Fury only ever comes in here when he needs to. She says, "Good morning Director, Deputy Director." She settles herself down in to the chair across from him and folds her hands across her lap.

Nick Fury has posed:
Fury and Hill are chatting in Fury's office when Agent Morse arrives, the Director, checks the cameras on the outside of his office before hitting the button to let Morse inside. "We'll continue this discussion later," he says to Hill before taking a sip of coffee before nodding a greeting to Bobbi. "Take a seat Agent Morse, we've got a lot to talk about."

A man of few words is Nick Fury.

Maria Hill has posed:
"Of course, Sir." Is Hill's smooth reply to Fury, a glance given to the cameras and the newcomer. Ah, yes. It would be *that* meeting.

Hill, as per usual, is standing next to Fury's chair when Bobbi walks in. One arm crossed over her waist, the other holding a report file and her eyes scanning over it, contemplating the various reports from various sources. The latest missions, Jemma's assessment on Bobbi, the various reports from May. Yes, Fury had the right idea for this. As per usual.

"Good evening, Morse." She tells the Agent, looking at her from over the report. "Been keeping yourself busy, haven't you?" her tone is impeccably neutral. Is she chiding her? Or perhaps congratulating her? Who knows?! If anything the deputy director is often mysterious in her ways.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    A lot to talk about, now that's an understatement that has Bobbi raising her eyebrows and nodding her head. "SPOT still has several ongoing missions but no one at the helm. So, I suppose you'd want to fold SPOT back in to Operations?" Though, she suspects, this might be more about how she is apparently part of a small section of humanity uplifted by an alien species called the Kree.

    She clears her throat, "Or am I being forced to take more vacation time after what happened in Tibet?" Forced vacation.. while Lance is off doing weird things at odd hours of the morning. He's such a hypocrite sometimes - but she did ask him to come back to SHIELD so that's the cost.

Nick Fury has posed:
Fury takes another sip from his coffee while Bobbi talks. "Actually, we're not looking to do any of those things Agent Morse," he says, setting down the cup and standing up to pace a little as he talks. "We recognize the value of SPOT operating with a degree of freedom from the rest of SHIELD, it allows us to do things that might otherwise be trickier if they were handled through the main channels, that mission to Russia for example," he says. "As for you, Agent Morse, we've read May and Simmons reports, and we agree a combat role would be less than optimal for you right now in your current stage of recovery," he says before looking to Hill. "Wouldn't you agree?"

Maria Hill has posed:
"A mission to Russia, acting on information that we are still validating as to it's veracity." Hill points out, always one to be stern where it comes to following proper procedure, "Besides the whole question about the Widow's allegiance. But for you to be acting on such I am sure you must have information to share with us already?" the tone apparently implying they should had been informed by now!

Hill closes the folder she was going through, placing it on the desk. She looks to Fury and nods, "We believe we got just the perfect spot for you." is it a desk job? Or perhaps buried in the lowest level guarding all the artifacts gathered by SHIELD and WAND over the years? Who knows!

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Oh no.. possibly not a desk job but likely back to the labs. Not that she _hates_ that, but she manages to annoy Jemma and Fitz just by putting things outside of their system. It's a hostile work environment, especially when Fitz tries to sleep in a cot in the lab.

    Bobbi's lips press together and nods to Maria, "The report is almost finished being written up. But to summarise.. it could be a trap, so I'm breaking it up in to two phases. Agent Barton is going to go after those girls one way or another anyway, so I at least need to make sure he's not doing it alone. If Natasha is telling the truth... she's doing some long game big brain plotting here to get at the head of the Red Room. I.. want to believe her, but I am taking precautions."

    She takes a deep breath and then nods her head, "Okay. So.. where am I reporting tomorrow?"

Nick Fury has posed:
Fury listens as Hill then Morse speaks taking another sip of coffee while he does. "That would be the approach I'd take as well, Agent Morse," he says. "Like Director Hill said, we had little intel on the situation and you still made calls and put some sort of plan in motion," he says taking the same info and twisting it in a new direction, making it praise rather than a reprimand. "And Romanoff and Barton do tend to do what they want anyway, so it's good to see they're at least getting some back up this time."

A smile, a small one appears then as Fury regards Bobbi with his good eye. "You'll be reporting to Deputy Director Hill, staff meeting for the level eights is at nine," he says. "I hear it's Levine from R&D's turn to bring the danish this time, so I recommend bringing food from home."

Maria Hill has posed:
Of course Barton would be going one way or the other. In fact Hill half-expected the man to be already aboard a quinjet and on the way there. She lets out a brief sigh, reaching for her own coffee to take a sip. But like two balanced parts of the same Nick was going with the praise. Because he was the good cop. Someone had to keep the whole fort from turning into cowboys though, and that's why Hill was here.

At Fury's reveal about the promotion to level 8 she reaches inside a drawer on the table she is close to, taking out a lanyard. "Welcome to level 8, Morse." no saying Agent for Hill. "Head of SPOT."

She extends it towards the blonde, across the table. "I am only responsible for the coffee." this about the meetings. Because noone messed with Hill's need for coffee and it being just /right/.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi's eyes widen and she tugs back in surprise. This time, she wasn't asked. She's being told. So many times she said she wasn't interested in a command position and now.. she realises her medical status has factored majorly in to this. Now she's the baby commander. She has a lot to learn from everyone else, meanwhile everyone will be looking to her for answers.

    "Well... I guess that solves the question of whether or not I had the authority to create a mission on Russian soil against the Red Room." She frowns a moment and then unclips her Level 7 lanyard and places it on Fury's desk, then picks up the Level 8 lanyard and stares at it a while. "I really hope none of us regret this Sir, Ma'am."

    The sheer volume of information she's going to need to go through to replace Gonzales boggles the mind. "This is going to take a lot of adjusting. Hunter will be delighted though." She clips the lanyard on to her belt. "I.. I hope I can live up to Gonzales. Grumpy old man with a big heart." She strokes a finger over the layard wondering if the ink will smudge off.. Commander Morse. She is going to be second guessing herself a lot.

Nick Fury has posed:
"Yep, that's why we did this Morse, to make Agent Hunter happy," Fury says with ample sarcasm. "Truth is there's nobody else better suited for the job, you know SPOT, you know the missions, you know the people," or well most of the missions as Bobbi said she'd have a lot of catching up to do. "And you definitely have the big heart handled," a beat. "And the grumpy part too if Hunter is to be believed," he adds that ghost of a smile appearing again. "But while you're adjusting Maria is there to help like she is for all of our level eights, feel free to come to her or myself with any questions you have a long the way."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi smirks back at Fury and then stands up offering her hand to Nick first then Maria. "I guess I'll need to move my things from my old office to my new.. and find someone to act as my Level 7." She nibbles on her lower lip for just a moment and then looks over to Maria, "I'm going to have a lot of questions. Please bare with me Maria." At the very least, questions about operations are going to be necessary.

Nick Fury has posed:
Fury stands shaking Bobbi's hand. "Congratulations Commander Morse," he says. "We'll be looking forward to seeing what you can do with SPOT. In the meantime celebrate, and don't hesitate to ask us anything you need to know."