5629/And home again. Investigation time.

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And home again. Investigation time.
Date of Scene: 18 March 2021
Location: Angelo's Carriage House
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Sara Pezzini, Achilles

Sara Pezzini has posed:
The night after the trip to the Triskelion was a fitful one. Yes everyone needs their beauty sleep to function correctly, but Sara's night was plagued with a hundred 'what ifs'. She was up and down numerous times, collecting small note pads from storage boxes, pacing the living room as she looked through them, and finally fell asleep on the couch wrapped in a fuzzy blanket.

The coffee table was left with those tiny note pads all over it, a half cup of coffee with them, her phone on the charger in the middle of it all. It looks unorganized, but she likely has a method... maybe?

Achilles has posed:
    As someone quite familiar with her method, Angelo woke in the morning. He didn't try to wake her.. he just peered at one notepad, and then another. Nodding, he figured he had better not touch any of it. Instead.. that same coffee he welcomed her home with starts seeping its distinctive scent out in the living room. His own private stock of a gourmet Turkish blend that he kinda got her hooked on. Let's be honest, it wasn't hard, it is strong as hell, black as night, and richly flavored.
    And so it's not long before the only open spot on the coffee table is serving its named purpose, as a cup of coffee rests there, steaming in the morning as Angelo sits in a nearby chair to just... watch her sleep. It hurts to know she is sleeping across the hall, and not beside him. He can't sleep well without her warm presence in the bed... but it is what it is.