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A Scarlet In Study
Date of Scene: 23 March 2021
Location: Avengers Mansion - Study
Synopsis: Peggy stops by Avengers Mansion and gets introduced to Wanda. There's a bottle of wine, and WHAT was Wanda reading!?
Cast of Characters: Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Wanda Maximoff

Steve Rogers has posed:
After the call from Peggy Carter that she was in the area near the Mansion, Steve Rogers had left his room and headed down to the front door to meet her. JARVIS let her in the gate when she arrived, and Steve had greeted her with a smile that is reserved for his oldest group of friends, like Peggy, Bucky and Logan. Well, Logan probably gets a slightly different one.

Steve walks Peggy upstairs after the greeting, just making chitchat as he leads her to one of the studies along the residential hallway. "So I don't know that I should ask how things turned out," Steve says. "If it's going to be one of those things I'm better off not knowing..." he says to Peggy, and then pauses. If it's one of those things he's going to ask about it, isn't he?

Peggy Carter has posed:
"Is it really one of those things you can just let lie, thought, Steve?" Peggy asks flatly, not fully volunteering the information yet but also not looking down, guilty or sheepish about it. Just her forever frank, unashamed self who has no fear in getting the job done. She's carrying a bottle of wine and a bag of some of his favourite penny store candy that she picked up god-knows-where. But she found it. She's still of a generation who never goes to someone else's house empty handed, even if they are just 'dropping by'.

Peggy's dressed for business, not for work tonight. A 1950s cut of an elegant, dark green swing dress with lattice work over the sleeves and collar bones. It's paired with smart T-strap heels in black and her usual soft vintage waves. She still looks like she's cut out of some retro magazine. But the way she carries herself is stern and tired. Experienced eyes will be able to find at least three places where weapons are hidden in the lines of her dress. She's ready for a fight. "...I did notice you've been avoiding follow ups. I figured I should come and thank you for the help." Her British accent clips out quietly.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Upstairs in one of the residential studies sits a slight, lithe redhead dressed down, wearing a sweater as proof against the oncoming evening's seasonal chill, jeans, and flat canvas tennis shoes. Her hair has lost its way, as it were, the pony tail keeping less hair in its tie than hangs around her face, framing it. She's tucked up, her legs pulled up and under her, a book in hand, and a couple of candles lit around her. The floor lamps are on, the ceiling lamps off, which causes shadows to dance depending upon were the object is to be framed in shadow.

As she reads, Wanda Maximoff has a slightly troubled expression on her brow, and those words on the page of that paperback seem to be so very, very important, the way she's focussed upon them.

Voices, however.. she catches voices as they ascend the grand staircase, and one in particular she recognizes. There's a breath released in relief, and as she catches his form without, the book is set down in anticipation of his, of their entrance.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve eyes the candies that Peggy is carrying. "You know I love those," he says with a sigh. True blue eyes lift back up to Peggy and he lets out another sigh and a shake of his head as they step into the study. "Of course I was glad to help. I suppose I could be content just to know-" Steve says, when he realizes that someone is already in the study.

His eyes go over to Wanda Maximoff and he flashes her a quick smile. "Wanda. Sorry if we're interrupting. I didn't know that anyone was in here already," he says. He pauses and looks to Peggy and then back to Wanda. "I don't know if you two have met yet? Peggy Carter, this is Wanda Maximoff," he offers, just in case.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Something in Peggy's face softens in a way that almost no one else gets. She's still exhausted, still very much on the clock, but his comment about the candy makes her smile. "I know. There's two places in the city that still sell it. I figured your taste didn't get any better for a few decades on ice. I know mine didn't." She gives him a wink, the sort that says their friendship will be okay. Even if he is unhappy about whatever may have happened after the last mission.

She's about to ask more, then the discussion of things so secret even most of SHIELD doesn't know, it abruptly cuts away as Peggy realizes they aren't alone. Her expression and stance entirely resets. Of course, she knows *of* Wanda, but that's different than knowing her as a person. Now Peggy is full on in ex-director mode. Professional, lightly guarded, shoulders open and confident while the rest of her just screams that yes, she's nearly 100 years old and has been a spy most of that time. It's an odd look in a swing dress. "Ms. Maximoff. I don't believe I've had the pleasure, no..." She's also studying Wanda closer now. Starting the profile in the back of her head.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda uncurls her legs to have feet set upon the floor. She stands, pulling her book to her and holding it in her left hand. The candles' flames that are settled near her dance and flicker before going out, and the light in the room from the floor lamps grows a little brighter. She shakes her head quickly in response, "No, I was hoping to see you this evening, actually." Her words are deliberate, the light lilt of accented words are softly spoken. "Just to talk."

Turning to Peggy, Wanda's, of course, heard the name before, so the ladies are in the same boat. Hand isn't extended, so Wanda holds the paperback with two hands, almost obscuring the title. It's a bodice ripper.. more fluff than anything else. (She doesn't always read magical tomes!)

"Ms Carter. No," and Wanda's head cants, a touch of a smile hinting on her face. Friendly. "we have not. A pleasure."

Wanda pauses after the niceties, and looking between the pair, her head ducks slightly, her words coming slowly, "Perhaps I should go. Leave you to," conversation, "catching up."

Steve Rogers has posed:
A soft chuckle is given by Steve as Peggy admits she also still has a taste for the old-fashioned candy. He stays quiet as the two women greet each other for the first time. "Peggy... well I don't know even think I can start to describe how good it is, seeing her in the here and now," Steve says towards Wanda, eyes swinging to Peggy mid-sentence. "It's like I was blessed by her and Bucky's presence. While they were cursed with mine," he kids.

Steve looks back over to Peggy as Wanda offers to leave. Not sure if she came to talk about serious matters or not. Though if so it would end up being somewhere else. "No no, we're the ones interrupting you," he says.

His eyes go to the bottle of wine that Peggy brought with her. "Peggy did you need to talk about SHIELD business?" he asks, giving a pretense for her visit if so. "Or if not, did we want to open that up and get three glasses?" he asks.

It's Tony Stark's mansion. Of course the study has wine glasses.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"No, I...absolutely didn't come to talk about SHIELD business." Peggy's comment has a little, almost wry laugh behind it but is said in utter honesty. She also gives Wanda a smile that is a little softer than before, not entirely work. The woman who once knew how to make friends. "As long as I'm not interrupting *you* both." And there is that look she gave him in the car so many years ago. The implication that maybe he's found a good partner again?

Either way, she walks over to the requisite Stark Liquor Cabinet and pulls down a few glasses, making fairly quick work of opening the wine bottle. "And we were NOT stuck with him. Steve's saved our lives and our sanity more than once. We just need to get Bucky and Lili up here for a proper reunion some day."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda smiles at the pair as Steve finds that sentimental journey; she is aware of some of the Captain's past, though just the basics. And now, she's got a little more idea regarding Ms Carter's. "I do not think 'cursed' is right word," the redhead adds, seconding Peggy's words. "See?" The word strikes just brightly enough to help dispell shadows in her own mind.

Though, SHIELD business? Wanda's brows rise, and it looks as if she wants to say something; her mouth opens, closes again.. once, twice.. and instead, she shakes her head at the offer of wine. Her hand rises to wave it off, "No, no thank you. I do not drink. I have tea, is fine."

Wanda finds her seat once more, and as she does, moves the candles out of the way, or rather, they move on their own. "You are not interrupting me. Just a book I can read any time." With those words, she sets it back on the table, before tucking her feet up and under her, listening to the tennis-style story telling. "We should throw party then? Something? Dinner, maybe?"

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve waves off the possibility of Peggy interrupting them, or at least himself. "No, I was just doing a little light reading. History and other things on my list of things I missed out on," he tells Peggy. "Janet is," Steve says, and pauses, glancing around though not actually looking for her, just thinking. "I'm not quite sure where Janet is actually," Steve says. Probably out causing an international incident or something.

When the wine is poured, Steve picks up one of the glasses and delivers it to Wanda before returning. "Anything good?" Steve asks of Wanda's book, and that's the first time that he gets a glance at the cover. His eyes lift to the Transian woman and he flashes her a small smile. "I'll have to ask if it's worth borrowing when you've finished," he says in a lighthearted tone.

He waits for Peggy to get her own glass before he takes the remaining one. He gives a small nod and a thoughtful sigh. "That would be an excellent idea. Getting together. It's been too long since I've been able to spend much time with Bucky." He looks to Wanda and nods and says, "For that matter, I haven't seen Pietro in awhile either."

Peggy Carter has posed:
"Two glasses it is, then. If you want something without alcohol, I am certain I still remember how to mix a few drinks without liquor. Was always best for work and a few other times in life, despite what Howard would say." Peggy cannoy help but fall into some nostalgic patter, especially with Steve there. It's just the way they operated for so long -- even if so long was only a few years for them. Howard and others were decades.

She brings one decently full glass over to Steve, pouring one for herself as well, but she waits for Wanda's option before properly settling. If Wanda chooses to have something without the booze, Peggy will make her a lovely little spritz with cinnamon and orange. It'd be called a 'mocktail' nowadays, but Peggy doesn't know these modern internet trends. She just knows how to be polite.

The recollection of Janet hits Peggy with a bit of surprise. She had known they were dating, but it somehow left her mind, "Oh goodness! Yes... Janet. I haven't seen her in ages either. She'd be welcome with Bucky. I think I can talk him out again...we went to Coney Island the other week, with Lili. He's doing well." She pauses to catch Steve's eyes, so he can see quite how earnest she is, "Really well, actually. It's good to see. Though he keeps mentioning I should try this therapy thing and... " Peggy's nose wrinkles in distaste. "I'm...simply glad it's working for him." Part of her is still very much an old soldier. No one has sold the battle axe on how good therapy would be yet.

Then she's looking back to Wanda, studying the young woman a bit deeper. More curious and thoughtful, a hundred questions she's too polite to ask. "You're recovering from...Everything... well enough yourself, yes?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The 'mocktail' is more than acceptable, and as Peggy offers up the drink, Wanda hands over the wine glass that Steve had poured. No harm, no foul! Who wouldn't want wine on a pleasant night like tonight? Spring is in the air, and any fires in the fireplaces would just be there to dispell the evening's chill, to be put out come morning's sun.

Wanda smiles, the lightly humored expression reaching her eyes, "I do not only read magic books. They become very dry and boring. So..." and she is a little embarrassed about it. "Found it in library downstairs."

As for the reuinion, Wanda is more than happy to change that subject, and push on the social, particularly for the pair. Just to show that she is (mostly) harmless. "I would not mind cooking for reunion. It keeps me occupied. Pietro and I go to market, get perfect ingredients, come back." She smiles a touch mischieviously, adding, "As for my brother, he is around. Not getting into trouble is all." Or just not getting caught!

For the most part, Wanda is happy enough to listen to the stories, the explanations, the news of people known and un-. She really is!

When questioned by Peggy, however, Wanda sips her 'mocktail', rubbing her finger under her nose for the bubblies. Setting it down by the book, her hand reaches to pull her leg a little more 'in' and under her. "Recovering?" She nods her head, and there's a hint of wariness that tinges those green eyes. "Creature that came from ground is gone. Imps.. imps?" That's the word? "Imps are gone.. so can feel better. Church fire in Queens, though?" Wanda looks to Steve, her head shaking, and there's a touch of worry that creases her brow, "Is not good."

Peggy Carter has posed:
A frown crosses Peggy's features as the church fire is mentioned, "Yes, I heard about the fire but haven't had a chance to read the reports. I need about five more hours in the day to keep up with it all." Peggy admits with a little bit of a huff, happy to turn away from the gentle concerns about the woman. She doesn't want to make Wanda feel watched, but the quiet concern is there.

She's just about taking her third, deep sip of the wine and on the edge of relaxing when a phone goes off in her pocket. It's not a SHIELD issue phone, to those who pay attention to such things, but a blocky, small old flip phone burner. She sighs, closing her eyes for just a heartbeat and then looking down to the thing. As she sees the name, she gives them an apologetic smile. "And, of course, I need to go. Enjoy the candy. Wanda...we'll plan to meet proper some other night, I promise. And Steve... Don't be a stranger? Alright? Whatever happens... we'll get through it."

With that, Peggy's out of the room and jogging down the stairs. Whatever it is, it's pressing. Her car is heard a moment later as she speeds off into the night.