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Cutting off a List of Heads
Date of Scene: 24 March 2021
Location: West Coast, the Pacifica
Synopsis: A trio of teams goes to the Pacifica, Dr. List's medical facility running human (and inhuman) experiments for HYDRA. When they arrive, the Doctor is already missing, but May, Deschain, and Hunter managed to clear out a below ground facility of HYDRA soldiers and techs. They rescue several patients in the process. Meanwhile, an above ground team grabs as much intel as possible.
Cast of Characters: Peggy Carter, Melinda May, Carson Deschain, Lance Hunter

Peggy Carter has posed:
While most of these HYDRA hunting missions that Peggy's done have been so undercover they didn't even make it to SHIELD's books, the information about the Pacifica was already on a few records. Publicly, SHIELD is an enemy of HYDRA. This is their job to take the Pacifica down. Privately, they needed a QuinJet and better weaponry to face a facility that could be filled with inhumans, or at least highly trained guards, so Peggy didn't know that she COULD do this off the books. It gave them a unique opportunity to test a few people and some information holes.

Therefore, Peggy's got Daisy tracing anyone who accesses the reports on this mission, or tracks where they are going and their plans. She's also got the highly trusted, tiny team she has on the ground there with some private orders to keep an eye on any other agents they bring. If someone starts turning towards HYDRA, or sabotagues them on such an important mission, it will be a way of catching some traitors. It's a dangerous gamble, but one Peggy has deemed worth taking. She's currently flying the Quinjet fairly close to the territory where they will be landing. "May, while I get us ready for landing, do you care to give everyone one last overview of what's going on here?"

Melinda May has posed:
That May is *not* behind the controls and, more, that she's not *fussing* about it speaks volumes about two things: One, she trusts Peggy's skills, for all that they're still developing. (She should. She trained her.) And two... she's still not feeling anything very much at all -- or very strongly, anyway. Which means people have definitely been able to take advantage of her when it comes to such things like getting time behind the stick or the wheel.

As for bringing people up to speed on this op... "Pacifica is owned by Kirk Vogel, one of HYDRA's top facilitators. One of its heads, we believe. It is also the primary research facility for Dr. Helmut List, who is a known associate of Daniel Whitehall, whom SHIELD took down several months ago." Her tone is crisp and businesslike. There's no hint of the tight anger that usually sits beneath any discussion of HYDRA, only a simple matter-of-fact conveyance of information. "At the time, List and Whitehall were experimenting on Inhumans, trying to collect and emulate their powers in order to transfer them to HYDRA personnel. What List is working on at Pacifica, we don't know. We do know, however, that whatever it is, is big enough to cause a certain level of in-fighting among senior HYDRA leadership."

She glances briefly to the consoles behind her, checking on just how close they are to landing. "The facility is experimental. It's a fairly sprawling campus, but none of the buildings are exceptionaly tall. Three to five storeys at most. We don't know if their lower levels are more extensive. We also don't know exactly how much resistance we'll encounter. However, given the likely nature of the experiments, we believe it will be substantial. It may also include enhanced individuals with various abilities." She considers just what that could mean and purses her lips slightly. "Expect heavy resistance and deploy accordingly. While I doubt we'll face Avenger level opponents, I do expect we'll see our share of opponents equal to Quake or Commander Morse. Go in pairs, watch each other's backs. Subdue, if you can. Use lethal force if you must. Try to keep the science personnel alive; we'll want to question them."

She glances back to Peggy. "Any special instructions?"

Carson Deschain has posed:
Perhaps a little something non-standard taken from the quartermaster, a long set of questions headed off not by his agent status and more via the 'special' notes appended to his files. Beneath his suit jacket was a stab vest. Not bulky like ballistic plates, but enough to turn aside most blades if needed... and really he just need to have something there if he needed to begin absorbing.

Like the periodic jostles of turbulence or other air-traffic motion that was making him just a little more 'jazzed' by the minute.

Pairing up. Enhanced individuals. Avengers level threats... Lips pursed... Small miracles perhaps. But who'll end up paired with the mutant? And will they be a 'normal'? Or will they be a freak like him? Carson shrugs some, but keeps quiet until spoken to.

Lance Hunter has posed:
'And a horrible houseguest,' Hunter adds mentally to the details about Kurt Vogel, though he doesn't say it out loud the thought is readily visible in his expression for Peggy and May. He's kitted out in the usual SHIELD tactical gear, complete with ICER and an M4 rifle slung across his chest."So huge facility, powered people and who knows what else? That about the size of it?" he asks. "Also, under normal circumstances I'd point out you suggesting that Bobbi isn't 'Avengers' level is deeply hurtful, but given the current circumstances.."he claps. "Bravo."

Peggy Carter has posed:
In the back of the bus are two other tac teams, including at least one highly vetted agent on each one. Someone to keep eyes out, who'd be taking the side facilities while the main team goes into what appears to be the main building. Other reasons Peggy had to cave and get SHIELD in on this one. It was too important to risk losing out of pride and paranoia. The other units look at each other before giving a slight shake of their head. A woman named Sarah Collingworth speaks up quietly. "We'll take the perimeter. Make certain no one is getting away and clean them up as you do. The rest of you can enjoy the fireworks inside. Just bring us some back so we get the good intel, and stories, later." She flashes a tired smile that is both professional and a little worried, but she's ready.

Peggy starts the quiet descent into the nearest, flat landing plane -- a parking lot one building over owned by a boring warehouse company. She's keeping the jet completely cloaked, and trusts the cloaks updates that have been made since they realied Vogel was a part of HYDRA. She just hopes they stick. "We'll be landing in less than five minutes. Hunter. Play nice. I want at least one heavy hitter on each team, so that means Bobbi, you're with me up top. We'll try to get into the place and shut down video, power... Anything that gives them an advantage. May, Hunter, Deschain, you go underneath. Take out scientists, guards, free prisoners who might be capable of fighting on our side. I'd like to do this subtle but I think they're onto us already after a few other... incidents. It's late enough at night, regular building personnel *shouldn't* be present. This is their lowest numbers of any time of the day, from what long distance intel we could get."

Melinda May has posed:
Collingwood, and her partner McLaren, are good agents, May knows. Vets of the mission that helped bring her back from 1949, among others. She trusts them. If they're on the perimeter, the main team is in good hands. Thus, she gives Collingwood a simple nod in acknowledgement. She acknowledges Peggy's instructions with a second nod and thrusts out of her seat to gather the last few pieces of equipment she wants. Notably, she is taking more ranged weapons than is her usual wont. Perhaps she's learned something from the attack on Burch's ship the other day.

Namely, sometimes fists *aren't* the best option.

Yes, she's got the usual ICER array, but she's packing a couple more lethal options, this time, including AP rounds for her pistols and rifle. Because, screw it. She doesn't want another headache like the one she got last time.

Maybe she *is* starting to feel something again.

"Got it," she says to Peggy, glancing to Hunter and Deschain. "With me, gents." Then, weapon in hand, she's lowering the ramp and beginning to move toward the main building.

Carson Deschain has posed:
A few deep breaths, a nod and a long look at his shoes with a twist of his lips before he looks to May and Hunter, "Feel free to give me a few smacks at my shoulders on our way it." standing when May says its time to move, bouncing along at the rear of the pack and then clearing the ramp to hit asphalt and smack his hands against the sides of his face with a noted, maybe disturbing, lack of impact sound and even his skin is failing to move against the strikes.

"I'll let you know when you can start using me for cover if they use conventional firearms." more deep breaths taken and his pace attempting to put himself between May and Lance, if a little to one side. "A few punches and I'll be good for knives for sure." letting himself slam into a pole while they walk, looking invigorated by it.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"I'll be on my best behaviour," Hunter insists with a salute for Peggy. "Scout's honour."

Then he's pulling the last of his gear out from under his seat before giving it a final once over, pointedly not looking at Bobbi as he does so. When May and Deschain speaks, he turns their way, "Sure thing," he says getting up and then nodding to Deschain. "Handy that," he says of his abilities. Then tightens the strap on his rifle taking a glance towards Bobbi murmuring "Don't die out there," to her though with the sound of the jet and the people around them getting ready it's easy for it to go unheard. That done he moves to the tail of the plane and follows May down the ramp.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Peggy and team spill out into the night shortly after May's team, disappearing into shadows and moving to enter the upper levels of the building as quickly and quietly as possible. Peggy's armed with a few of those lock breakers and computer hard drive copiers from Daisy, having seen just how well the woman's tools work. It's not as good as having Daisy there, but she appreciates the well wishes in the form of useful gifts. The Quinjet's presence is just a momentary flicker of people exiting the ramp, and then goes back to being as unseen as ever, waiting in proximity for when they are hopefully ready to fly home, victorious.

There's a patrol outside. Six guards on a fairly regular time, two with dogs. Suddenly, one of those dogs is alerting in the direction of the other team looking for a way into the basement facilities. Two guards start calling for back up immediately, a few other dark figures pouring out into the night. There's some back doors, a few emergency exits that go into stairwells that are probably up and down, and at least one big garage ramp that goes directly under ground. HYDRA looks ready to fight, however, and the moment SHIELD uniforms are spotted, weapons open fire on them.

Melinda May has posed:
May *starts* with ICER rounds. She crouches behind cover and fires off several shots, aiming for heads and necks because body armor makes it clear the HYDRA agents won't be affected by ICER rounds to the usual center of mass. Of course, she starts with the dogs. They don't have body armor. And it's not their fault they're being put to use by a bunch of squidheads. Best they just sleep it off.

But if/when it becomes evident the ICER rounds just won't do the job? May has no problem swapping ICER pistols for a more robust, lethal round rifle. The important thing is that they keep moving forward. And, if they're lucky, that they take List in. She trusts both Deschain and Hunter to do their jobs, keeping an eye on the mutant. She doesn't *know* him. She has the word of people she trusts about him, but she's never worked with him. So... she's playing babysitter as much as anything else. He's on her team. She'd like him to come back alive... powers or not.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Fantastic. Barely a hundred yards in and gunfire has begun. The mutant runs, shoes scraping as he bounds in short hops, slamming into the wall of a building before he begins running up it, reaching for hand holds to pull himself up, higher, closer to the shooting figures and if he can find even a narrow place to run along he takes it. Need to build up charge, still have to avoid bullets.

Speaking into comms, Carson makes one note, "Deschain, going airborne..." and he leaps, wasting a little juice for distance and reserving as much as he can, to absorb this impact... aiming to slam shoulder first into one of the Hydra goons from above like some well dressed lucha libre in a three piece suit and a stab vest.

"Don't shoot me yet." This is all so much more different without his old 'super hero' rig...

Lance Hunter has posed:
"That's different," Hunter says as Deschain does his thing, but he doesn't have long to boggle at it, before the fire from the HYDRA goons get his head into the game. He flanks right of May's position grabbing some cover and putting the oncoming goons in a crossfire, ICER snapping off shots aimed for the head and neck. Like May, if those don't do the trick he's not above going for the M4 slung across his chest.

Peggy Carter has posed:
While the HYDRA guards are good, they were expecting a slow patrol, there's only six of them in this first wave, and they simply aren't that good. The two dogs go down first, with a little yelp of surprise, but then they are sleeping it off fairly quickly. May takes down another two of the guards before they even get shots back at her. They are mainly center mass shots, and May's good at taking cover, but she might be bruised from a slug or two to her armor tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Carson's making an even BIGGER target of himself, so three of them are full fire opening up into his body, clueless that the impacts against armor might be helping and not hurting. The one he slams into goes down hard with a splatter of blood from a broken nose and jaw on the concrete. Another swings up to shoot him, but Carson can dispatch quickly.

The last two guards are firing on Lance the moment he starts to flank, seeing his slender form in the shadows and determined to get one of them down, at least. They're a bit sharper, having been the last to get on scene so they are the most prepared, but it's a few rounds of fire exchanged before Lance's marksmanship skills win the day and they both drop. There's some shouting in the distance, an alarm dimly going off, but that garage ramp down is still open on this side, and the black fire door from the main complex is currently unguarded.

Meanwhile, the farthest back building in the complex does have a little helipad on it. The helicopter above is starting to go quickly and two small figures dash out into the night...

Melinda May has posed:
The slugs to her armor cause May to grunt with the impact. She starts moving forward, however, as the guards start going down. She heads for the ramp, because it gives them the widest range of play and she can see what's coming up it. The door... is a mystery. Still as she advances, her head cants faintly. Something tickles the edge of her senses. Crouching near a wall, she raises a rifle and takes aim. Then, she fires. There's a yelp of pain as her bullet rips past a fairly flimsy barrier. Apparently, there was someone hiding there. Who knew?

May certainly looks... a little puzzled about it.

But she also doesn't dwell on it, continuing to advance down the ramp.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Ohhh... He can feel the goose eggs and bruises forming from the impacts against his ballistics. Groaning and wheezing as he stands up, the hard slam into man and ground along with those smaller but more forceful impacts doing their thing. He hurts, he's sore, he's going to be worse later - but for now he feels like he's had -all- the caffeine.

All of it.

Every blessed drop in the world.

When he stands the bullets impacting deform and flatten against cloth that stops rippling, then they stop deforming as the kinetic energy is sucked out of them the moment they touch him. "Sir."


"Sir!" Dirt explodes from beneath his feet as Carson lurches forward angling a punch aimed for the man's teeth. "Stop!" already turning to move in a bounding sort of jog, sighing as he feels the damned shoes already blowing apart and falling in chunks behind him. "Told them so..." angling to to actually put himself slightly in front of May if he can. "Tell me where you wanna go, ma'am."

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter takes a hit to the vest, grunting with pain and letting out a hiss of a breath between his teeth. "Bloody hell," he curses before firing off some shots in return with his ICER before he moves down the ramp with May. "Nice shot," he says to the woman having caught that shot through the door. His ICER is slipped away and he grips the M4 instead it seems like some heavy fire power is in order tonight. As Deschain moves in front of May, Hunter is more than happy to turn his focus behind them, since from what he's seen of the man's powers the front is well covered.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Collingwood's voice comes across the comms, <<We've got two leaving on a helicopter. The quin jet MIGHT be able to catch it but they're already airborne...>> A faint echoing curse from Peggy can be heard, but nothing else to admit that's gum in the works. <<Our mission is to secure this facility. We stay on mission. We're encoutering some night guards here, but the offices are quiet. Grabbing what intel we can.>> And then the top side team goes comms dark again. Anything else outside will be handled by the others.

Inside the garage, there are two other guards, one immediately in his booth and another farther down. The booth guard has been relaying something to others over a comm, but is hit by Melinda's bullet before he even knows what's happening. He goes down hard. There's a second to handle in the garage but, more interestingly, are the two heavy vehicles starting to come up out of the deep earth. They're armored, they're dangerous, and they are going fast as possible. Who knows what is in the back, but it's something they are trying to evacuate quickly. They might not have the 'front' as well as they hope, but Lance does manage to pop off two guards trying to come around into the garage. So, best he was there.

Melinda May has posed:
"We've got to take those out," May says to Deschain as the heavy vehicles appear. She reaches into a pouch and pulls a couple of small EMP charges and a six inch pneumatic launcher rod. It increases her range. Attaching the first charge, she aims it for the hood of the first vehicle, setting it to detonate on impact. The second charge is fitted as soon as the first *poots* off down the ramp. Then she raise her hand and fires it at the second vehicle before retrieving her rifle and taking aim at their windshields.

Chances are that glass is bullet proof. But chances are also that the engines are not hardened against EMP attack. Nevertheless, one way or another, they need to stop those vehicles -- if only to keep from becoming roadkill themselves.

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Crap." large vehicles... judging speed. Bachelor of science... but a physicist none the less. Just the lowest rung of graduates in the field. Lips moving as he tries to math on the run, "Hunter, May. Shoot me, one of you. Please. Run 'em dry and reload if you can." bare feet pressing into the ground before concrete is left with small spiderweb cracks and he is moving in bounds again.

This is a poor idea. But it might work to stop one of the vehicles. He'll live, he knows that much. If they do as he asks and shoots him maybe just deep bone bruising and he'll be back on his feet in a few weeks. Maybe he'll have to remember how itchy it is in one of those torso casts.

If he's -really- lucky the trucks will start shooting at him too.

If he's super duper lucky, he misjudged the weight of the vehicles with their forward motion, the inertia they'll be carrying and the force he'll be struck with on impact. It's still a lot of newtons he's about to try and suck down and they're not the fig flavored delights he would prefer.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter turns as he hears Deschain's request. "What are you mad?" he asks the man, even with what he's seen the man do he's not quite ready to empty the clip on a fellow agent. "May, your call," he shouts to their leader before some rounds stitch the concrete by his head and he ducks around a pillar to fire back from cover. "However, those blokes up there might be willing to oblige," he says nodding to the three HYDRA goons making their way down the ramp towards them weapons raised.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Sure enough, HYDRA isn't messing around about this base. The others coming down the ramp do open fire, obliging Deschain's wishes as he's got some bullets raining on him from both sides now. May's EMP blast was also not expected, and the driver of that car seems far more worried about the two men who are in his way and not the slender woman slipping past into the shadows. So, a moment later, that car's entire engine seizes up and starts sputtering out. From inside, two guards swing out, now turning their fire on the sabotuer.

The second vehicle is still coming. It has no cares that it might run someone over. Hell, that seems to be the POINT. It rushes forward at the top speed it can go on that ramp with that weight and slams into a seemingly immovable force. It's like the vehicle hit a mac truck, it's hood crumpling and engine starting to make rattling, unhappy sounds. Niether vehicle seems capable of going anywhere now and they are nicely blocking the whole ramp from any others coming up.

Inside the back, darkened glass of the vehicle, Lance might see a little fist coming up. Something desperately pounding against glass to get free. But there's four HYDRA guards from inside the cars and another four dashing out of the doors below. It seems HYDRA thinks this is a small enough force to maybe just take down with weapons. Meanwhile, someone's tossed a grenade from the back to just behind the SHIELD people. The guards are holding slightly back to see how that goes.

Melinda May has posed:
May knows Dechain's file. She made sure to know it when his name came up on the mission roster. And, oddly, she can feel the strength of his desire even from the few feet away she stands. "Do it," she tells Hunter, making a snap decision. "It's how his power works." Weird, she knows, but true.

So, she looses a magazine on him before, after a refil, she tucks into a roll to get out of the way of the sudden fire coming at her from the guards in the vehicles. She regains her feet, firing her rifle smartly as she does, and charges forward to engage the guards directly. It seems smarter to get out of optimal firing range and inside their guard as quickly as possible. Between her fists, feet, and the butt of her rifle, she's perfectly happy to respond to the aggression she senses around her in kind.

Indeed, for anyone familiar enough with her to tell when she's off and when she's on... the addition of the extra aggression as definitely brought her back more to her usual fighting form -- channelling all the emotions into her fight agains the bastards in the HYDRA uniforms.

It feels... good.

Carson Deschain has posed:
His back and side are going look like he was in a paintball crossfire, at least for the first half dozen until everything is raindrops on denim and then the truck. Nose bleeding from where the crumpling hood sprung up just a bit too fast, bones threatened to bend and thankfully didn't break, but the wind is still out of him and Carson isn't sure when he ended up on the ground. But he's seeing things, so he's not dead... Bonus... But he's also making the gasps of a person trying to get their diaphragm to remember how to breathe in. "Uchk!" there's a letter missing there. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe so?

Mission accomplished, car is stopped. So laying on the ground, practically vibrating with all of the stored up power, Carson laughs first then it gives in to a 'hoo-ooh-hooooooo..." but he's breathing again, hand coming up to give a thumbs up.

"Gonna... Need... Second." pushing himself up on his elbows to a sitting position. "Winded me." says the man sitting in front of the APC with it's front crushed in like it hit a dragons tooth barricade. That is now sitting on the ground and looking at the little bits of the shoes still on his feet.

"Like glitter..." head shaking. What is? The tops of his shoes and how they remain? Another breath spent and he is making to stumble to his feet.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Down!" Hunter shouts before the grenade thrown behind them goes off. He is slammed into the pillar by the force of the blast his ears ringing and bleeding, as he checks himself over for other signs of injury, he's battered and bloody but still alive, even if he might regret that at the moment. "EVERYONE OKAY?!" he shouts, overloud so he can hear himself over the ringing in his ears. "THERE'S SOMEONE IN THE BACK OF THE TRUCK" He starts in that direction, weapon up but his eyes and steps unfocused after the blast.

Peggy Carter has posed:
It's a bit messy. They've still got HYDRA agents coming up the ramp, but the trucks are stopped. Desperate fists are pounding against the sides of the windows and there's a faint gas that can be seen spilling into the front of the trucks too. If the drivers were killed, the plan was to make certain everyone inside died too. Now the trucks are locked, the drivers down, there's six HYDRA agents slow marching up the ramp, and people's ears are ringing. Over all, it's not the best moment for SHIELD. But they are still alive, and that's a start.

Meanwhile, from inside, Peggy and company have gotten through a floor and to some opposite sides. The bit of good news comes over the comm units with Peggy's calm, clipped voice. <<First two floors are clear. I think they poured most resistance into the basement. We're going down now and will flank from behind. Meet you downstairs.>>

Melinda May has posed:
May's voice isn't as calm over comms as it has been in recent days. It has a sharp edge to it Peggy will doubtlessly recognize as being far more 'her'. "<<They're trying to evacute their prisoners,>>" she says between brutal blows to the men facing her. "<<We're taking heavy fire. Encountering heavy resistance.>>" And, indeed, through comms, the sound of her putting down the last of the men immediately in her way can be heard.

Then, like Hunter, she's rounding on the rear of the vehicles, trying to yank open the doors or break the windows to get to the people inside. She can feel their desperation. It flickers like a song on a radio station that's not quite got the steady reception it needs. But it's enough to make her very, very determined to get those people out.

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Get the evacuees. I'll cover you. Keep shooting me if you can!" Guns. Haw. No guns for him. Carson just turns towards the oncoming HYDRA forces and begins running. No boost there, save the juice. Right... up... until.

He lashes out a 'Spartan Kick' for a sedan between him and the people that keep making it rain like some messed up version of Flashdance... or that scene Elvira intended to be like Flashdance, but glitter. Suppose this is glittery, all that jacketed lead plinging down around him.

Focusing, just enough of what he's absorbed to keep him 'bullet proof' while his foot connects and the car is introduced to immediate inertia. Skidding across the ground, but hopefully kicking up to scream along on a wake of sparks as metal grinds on stone - a wall aimed for some of those intent of asserting an uncomfortable 'no' policy on the rescue operation.

He's still jazzed, there's so much energy running through him right now that the Wisconsin Boy can't help but let out a "WOOOOOOO!" with arms thrust skyward in the wake of his big (mostly barefoot) boot.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter smashes one of the windows with the butt of his rifle before he levels it down the ramp to squeeze off a couple of shots. "Sit tight," he tells the small passengers inside. "And cover your ears," he tells them, firing more rounds at the advancing guards keeping their heads down. He reaches through the broken window and yanks open the door, "That way, go to the blue car and crouch down behind the wheels and stay there until someone comes and gets you." Then he's moving to find some cover to hold the guys on the ramp long enough for the reinforcements Carter ordered to flank them.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The heavy trucks are made to be bullet proof, but not for repeated, violent banging by the butt of a gun. May and Hunter know physics as well, where the weakest joints are -- at the seams of the window and vehicle. It'll take several violent hits while Carson is wildly distracting the HYDRA agents, but they both manages to get windows broken. They are going to have to claw out glass and help pull people free, but the gas inside is spilling out. It's vicious and burning just even for the little exposure pouring into the garage. They've shoved 8 people in the back of the vehicle, and left all of them to die. As people start spilling out, they're coughing violently. No one yet seems dead, but they aren't going anywhere. They wince at Lance's orders, but do cover ears. A few weak nods are given to him as they stumble down across concrete. Fortunately, it doesn't seem there's more HYDRA coming from the back.

Carson, meanwhile, has been a one man WCW ring match and then some. The HYDRA agents were not ready to be 'rained' upon in such a way, for his strength, or for his invulnerability. "They have an INHUMAN!" One of the leaders calls, pointing to Carson. Which actually means he ends up drawing more fire, giving Lance and May time to get the people free, though Lance does take down the two on his end fairly effectively.

Then it's suddenly all over. The chaos crumbles into uncomfortable silence -- the hissing of dead car's broken engines, the leaking of gas into the place, the faint groan of a not quite dead HYDRA agent. But there are no more boots on the ground. No more attacks for now.

Inside, there's a smattering of guards left, but they are easy to take out. They pushed with that force in the garage. There are several techs left in labs, trying to destroy data and get files of their own research. Formulas are being poured down drains. Laptops fried. Someone has set a whole little room on fire. There's rows and rows of empty medical beds and, farther back, beds with bodies in them. They're unmoving.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Once the fighting stops Hunter moves from the vehicle to where the prisoners are kneeling in cover. "Everyone alright?" he asks them looking them over as he does. Once he has an assessment of their wellbeing he calls over comms << We've got eight freed detainees here, needing medical and an evac, where do you want them boss? >> he calls to Peggy over comms. As he waits for a reply he swaps out the magazine on his weapon and chambers a fresh round just in case there's more fight left in the squiddies.

Melinda May has posed:
May wraps her arms around a young captive, pulling them from the wreck of the car. She can feel their terror and pain -- but she knew she would. She's steeled against it, but it still colours the tone of her voice and fills her body with unrelenting tension. "I know," she whispers softly, pulling them free and getting them to cover. "I know... we're going to get you safe. I promise."

By the time the dust is settling and they've rescued all they can, she's breathing hard and has isolated herself several feet away from everyone, along one wall, near to the door that leads back into the facility. She has no doubt -- just through operational experience -- that they are losing precious intel throughout the building. But she also knows this is where she needs to be, right now.

And if her thoughts happen to stray momentarily to Jiaying and the others fled from Afterlife... well... maybe it's understandable. She doesn't say anything about it, however. She glances to Lance as he calls to Peggy for instructions, and then just leans back against the concrete wall to await her answer.

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Inhuman..." Carson grumbles. Sometimes... SOMETIMES... Lehnsherr's term for Mutants feels proper when words like Inhuman are slung about. Wearing only the ankles of his shoes, bruised all about, nose bleed finally halting. Definitely going to need a new suit. Or possibly a field suit based on his prior street wear before joining shield.

<<"I'm... really going to need a check-in with medical when we get back...">> patrolling the area, enjoying the field of invulnerability still about him while he walks otherwise barefoot through this small nightmare. <<"But I'm still good, tell me where you need me commander.">> he can already feel tightness settling in where the bruising is at its worst.

Gonna need an ice bath and a hot tub too.

<<"Nice spacing too.">> rubbing a hand at his back and side where 'friendly fire' came into play. Appreciative captives, tired captives, either way he keeps his distance unless called for, rubbing at his jaw before trying to catch Lance's eye to give a wink and another thumbs up.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The rest of clean up is relatively easy. Between Peggy's team and May's, they get 10 different techs, 5 HYDRA soldiers alive, and a dozen prisoners alive. There's another ten bodies dead -- either murdered by the techs as SHIELD was invading or already dead from experiments. They were simply left abandoned on beds, many of them still hooked up to wires and tubes. Tossed aside trash from HYDRA's experiments. A few of the captured techs try to use cyanide, but the team is savvy and uses ICERs to get most of them unconscious before they can use that way out. Hopefully between the techs and the info the upside team got, they'll have some actually useable intelligence from this facility.

<<We're going to need a second evac plane for patients and prisoners. Get as many prisoners as you can into the hold, but patients come first. We need to get them stable and back to medical. May, you up for flying? I'll wait for out back up and coordinate the rest of the evac on the ground.>> The facility seems to have been abandoned by HYDRA now. No more enemies pouring it. Also, no Dr. List. Chances are he wasn't here in the first place or got out on that first helo. But a place of evil has been cleared. It's a win, at the end of the day.