5784/One small step

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One small step
Date of Scene: 29 March 2021
Location: Dining Hall
Synopsis: Logan shares a sandwich with Ellie. It is not wack. They get into their feels. It was macabre.
Cast of Characters: Negasonic, Logan Howlett

Negasonic has posed:
Most students are with their friends after classes have ended. Either in the rec room playing video games or out in the yard, they've got places to be and things to do, but not Ellie. Ellie is in the dining hall hiding away from these people. A wire running to her ears, up beneath her hood worn up over her head, she has her cellphone gripped in both hands with her full attention focused down on it as if the secret to life is held within.

She doesn't even have the good sense to use one of the chairs.

Instead sitting cross-leg on the floor in one of the corners beside one of the tall standing shelves of fine china. Just as far back into seclusion as she can get without being in her actual closet in her room.

Logan Howlett has posed:
The sound of grumbling and a deep voice talking under his breath was currently coming from the open fridge in the kitchen at the mansion. This was followed quickly by the sounds of dishes, and then the sound of a bottle opening.

Next, the sounds of footfalls, followed by the visage of Logan walks through the doors into the dining room.

Finding himself a place to toss his plate, Logan sits down, and takes a large drink of the beer in his right hand. Eyeing the sandwich on his plate, Logan looks deep in thought. To eat, or not to eat.

That was when Logan sniffs, looks over to see Negasonic, and frowns. "Huh. Hey kid." Logan looks at her Once more and notices that she was inside her "place" - headphones, hoody and all. Raising his voice, Logan says, "HEY KID."

Negasonic has posed:
Distant, but not oblivious, Ellie glances up at Logan when he greets her... the second time anyways. That still counts right? She looks side to side to see if there's some other kid around he could be talking to before lifting her hand up to give him a wave. The music is turned off and the earphones removed. "Hey." Quiet.

She's a woman of many words!

Her posture straightens, shoulders rounding back, and eyes turn towards the plate Logan is considering Shakesperian... Then immediately hunker back down like a little black clad goblin over her treasure of a phone.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan sits back in the chair after moving it to face her. His eyes look at her as he munches on the sandwich, which had a fair amount of crunch! Next, a swig of the beer, "Hey." Logan almost, ALMOST, smiles.

Logan follows her gaze, and then grabs the plate. Putting the beer down, Logan turns back to face Negasonic, and offers the other half of the sandwich to her. "Hungry?"

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie's bottom lip worries between her teeth, glancing around almost constantly. Clearly not use to people paying her much attention when she's not roasting them on the schools intranet or twitter. The fact that Logan's turned his whole chair to face her... it's a lot.

"I could eat." She murmurs under her breath and rolls herself forward to climb out of the corner. A shellshocked puppy coming out from beneath a car. "What kind of sandwich is it? It's not that vegan bullshit is it? You know they make vegan cheese? That's so fucking nasty."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Holding the plate, Logan waits, almost patiently like a samurai in a painting. His eyes find hers, and he studies her, non-threateningly. Well, that word was what he thought up in his head. Maybe not a real word, but yeah.

"That's good." Logan nods at her words. Then, a hint of a smile. "Who would make a sandwich with just vegetables? And WTF is vegan cheese?" A pause.

"Unless you are askin' if'n the sandwich is made of Vegans, and then I would say, no. They tend to be too tough."

Logan hands her the plate, and says, "Leftover chick'n from tha' other night. Mayo. Lettuce. I sliced the tomato myself."

Negasonic has posed:
It's not that long a distance between where she was hiding and the table where Logan is sitting, but Ellie takes it at a snails pace. Glancing around, possibly to make sure nobody sees her and think this is the moment to attack while her guard is down. The teeth continuously work the corner of her bottom lip. "I don't know what's in Vegan cheese, but I know it's where people's dreams go to die."

Reaching out to take the half sandwich, she pulls out a chair and slides into it to eat. Not necessarily like a prisoner on deathrow, even if she does lean over the food as if someone might take it from her. "A vegan being cannibalized is kind of funny." She doesn't even smile. Nor sound like she finds it funny.

Then again, she's not the most expressive person anyways.

"You're Logan." Just incase he wasn't aware.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan snorts. "That is dark kid. I like it." Where people's dreams go to die. "It is okay. It won't bite." Logan leans back as Nega takes the sandwich. "A little gun shy huh? I get it." Logan picks up his half of the sandwich, and takes a crunchy bite.

Munch, munch, munch.

"Yeah. I kind of like dark humour. Gets me in the feels." Logan looks at her. "Kids still say that?" It was kind of a question.

"I am. Yer Ellie." Bite. Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie shrugs and glances down at the sandwich when Logan asks if she's gun shy, "Not really, maybe a little. Not use to people giving me sandwiches, anyways. Mostly they give me shit... or headaches." When she takes a bite, it's a tiny one. At least the first one. And she chews it like that small morsel of food might get caught in her throat and kill her.

The ultimate assassination.

Kids still say that?

"No. Not for like twenty years." Zero punches pulled. "You're old as fuck, dude."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan nods. One nod. "I get it. People give me a hard time as well. I have a laundry list of peeps that give me headaches. Hell, most of them teach here." Logan pauses as though he said too much. "Anyway. I'm here if you need to talk. Not many are like us."


"Huh. 20 years? Seems like yesterday ta' me kid. Hurumph." Logan finishes his sandwich, deep in thought. "Old doesn't begin to describe it. Seen a lot. Forgot a lot. There is a lot."

Picking up the beer, Logan takes a drink. "You ok?"

Negasonic has posed:
"Like us?" Ellie glances over at him, hood twisting around her head to give her that weird profile of someone with a future in terrorism. "Lowkey sociopaths with twisted senses of humor that slant towards the macabre?" If there were even a ghost of a grin, where a dead grin that died years ago was now haunting her face, it would be too much.

"Most of the teachers are... uh... cool..." Squinting as she says it, is he a spy?!

Sent by faculty?!

"Twenty whole ass years, yup. Like calling lame shit wack." Pause, "I bet you've got a pretty dope record collection, huh?"

She takes another tenative bite. At least this one is bigger than the last. "I'm good, yeah. I met a vampire and killed a werewolf."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Leaving the plate on the table, Logan stands slowly, holding the beer in his right hand. Looking at Nega, Logan nods in understanding. "Yep. Exactly. Heh. Macabre. Ah like it." Pause. "Naw, I am not a spy." It was like he read her mind.

"I get it. Things are...well, the way they are. I understand kid. We all got our issues."

Logan pauses, looking at Nega. "I won't pry, but if'n ya' ever need to unload, feel free to point it in my direction. You'd be surprised. I can be a good listener. I also have a "wicked" vinyl collection."

Logan grins. "A vampire and a werewolf. Nice kid." Logan shakes his head. "Next time, you get to make the sandwich." Logan taps his forehead, and turns to leave, letting Nega have the place to herself.