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Everyone Relax, I'm with SHIELD
Date of Scene: 30 March 2021
Location: Police Precinct 112, Queens, NYC
Synopsis: Daniel and Abcde fight for their lives against HYDRA as Abcde discovers the Djinn is hiding within a shard of mirror in her arm and it sacrifices a police officer to rewind time **wrrrrp rewind** Daniel and Abcde get a mysterious warning that HYDRA is in the police station. Also.. beware D.. Daniel? Daniel and Abcde discover SHIELD is wanted by law enforcement and are now illegal.
Cast of Characters: Abcde Prescelta, Daniel Sousa

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    Sure hope Daniel isn't allergic to cats because Mittens decided that he wasn't a demon after all and had deposited himself upon Daniel's person during sleep hours. Abcde wanders out in a t-shirt that's three sizes too big and covers her mouth as she yawns. She goes straight to the kitchen to turn on the coffee machine because she has guests and it's just going to be one of those days.

    "Rise and shine Calvin Klein," she says playfully as she yawns again and then rubs her eyes. It's not ever day you have a time traveller sleep over on your couch. "Alexa, Curtains." The curtains in the living room slowly open up revealing her balcony and the view of the street below.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Nope definitely not allergic to cats. Actually having Mittens sleep on his chest and face was a lot easier to sleep through than Michael crying in his crib. So as recent nights have gone, that one wasn't bad. But what a wake up though.

"Whoa," he says holding a hand up when he sees what she's wearing. "This another of those future customs I'm not aware of?" he asks about her clothing. What was he wearing, basically what he came in minus the shoes, jacket and tie, he even left his leg on despite how much that irritated what was left of his leg, his pistol had the safety on but still rode under one arm on his shoulder rig.

He still has his hand up, though the whole voice command thing doesn't go unnoticed. "So does everyone talk to machines in the future?"

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    "Whoa what?," she asks oblivious to what he's suddenly uncomfortable about. "Are you telling me people didn't start the day with coffee back in the 50s?" It hasn't dawned on her that wearing an oversized shirt was somehow a faux pas.

    She walks back in to the kitchen and Mittens jumps off of Daniel and rushes after her for food. She puts some in his bowl and gets two mugs out for the coffee.

    "No, these home automation devices with voice control are pretty new. Last few years. I mean, they're spying on us for product placement but really who cares," she says echoing the sentiment of her entire generation about privacy. She pours out the coffee and brings them out, placing one on the coffee table in front of Daniel, then walks over to the now open window and sips hers looking out at the weather. It's a nice enough day.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"Oookay" Daniel says about the shirt not pushing the subject but also not averting his eyes. "Definitely not talking about the coffee, but nevermind, not in my element, sure everything's just peachy."

He takes the coffee with a nod, "Thanks," he says before he frowns a bit about the voice control things. "Wait, your robot drapes are spying on you?" he asks before frowning with evident concern looking at Abcde's head closely "Did you hit your head when we were getting out of there yesterday?" he asks, not needling but actually genuinely concerned. That's how little sense the concept of drapes you talk to and spy on you makes right now. Welcome to 2021 Daniel.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    "Well.. would you prefer voice activated drapes that tell you advertisements whenever they want, or voice activated drapes that listen for products you like and suggest them when you browse the internet? .. you know, never mind. It's not that important," she says and sips her coffee.

    "We're going to the police station today so you can find your friends right?," she asks and then turns around and heads back to her bedroom. "I'll get dressed. Showers free if you want one. I left a towel and some clothes out for you," she says as her voice disappears behind her shutting bedroom door.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel lets out a breath as he sits back against the sofa and rubs at his face, "Okay I'll ask about the Internet later, but why not just have regular drapes that don't spy on you or do advertisements?" he frowns looking at Abcde closely. "And seriously they play ads? I can barely stand them on the radio, I don't why anyone would want to put up with them for something they can do in ten seconds."

Another long breath, "Just find Peggy and May, just find Peggy and May," he tells himself before he gets to his feet and heads towards the shower, he gets as far as the bathroom door before he stops. "Wait, the shower doesn't talk does it?/" he asks. ""And it better not be spying on ^me!" he calls after her.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    She calls back loudly, "NOPE THAT'D BE WEIRD!"

    It doesn't take her too long to get ready. It's a lazy day for her. hoodie and jeans. Her wand tucked behind her back and hidden underneath her hoodie. Phone slips in to her pocket. Back to the living room she sits down and Mittens jumps up on her lap. She gives him scritches and turns on the tv to watch the Japanese show Ninja Warrior while Daniel showers.

    The shower, though, is digital. No knobs to turn, no switches to flick.. just a digital display with button for up and down, on and off. Space age bathrooms even if they aren't voice controlled and full of spying equipment.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"And the spying robot drapes aren't?" Daniel calls after her when she declares a spying shower weird. Which it was but so was just about everything else in the 21st century so far.

Daniel brings his cane with him into the shower using it to stand precariously without his leg, wet straps would make his day hell, and he only fall twice. Once he's done he pulls on the clothes, a black t-shirt with an image of someone in a black helmet that sort of looked like an old gasmask design, and titled STAR WARS in yellow lettering and a pair of jeans.

I'It's a little while but he comes out looking as put together as he can without at least a brush to his name, somehow managing to make the slightly rumbled modern clothing feel retro, by how uncomfortably he wears them. Coming out of the bathroom he looks down at his jeans pinching the fabric, "Guess that whole James Dean look really caught on, huh?" he asks, craning his head to look at TV. "Heh, whoever designed that PT course is a sadist," he says with a shake of his head. "Glad they weren't around when I was in basic."

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    "Who?," she asks about James Dean. "Oh. This is special. This is Ninja Warrior. The course is so hard there's only a few seasons where the final obstacles are even over come." She smiles and hits the office button on the remote and the tv turns off. She's finished her coffee and grabs her back.

    "Alright, short walk a few streets away is Police Precinct 112. Hopefully we can explain what we saw and your friends will get the memo and everybody is happy," she says with a frown though since that man lost his life and there's a djinn on the loose.


Daniel Sousa has posed:
"Sort of glad you said that," he says when she claims she doesn't know James Dean. "Saw, Rebel Without a Cause, not a fan," he remarks before looking at the screen. "Helluva TV, it feels like it's a movie it's so big," he says before nodding. "I bet I could have done okay back before-" he taps his can to his left leg to the sound of wood on wood.

The mention of what they saw has him remember something, "Just one sec," he says if she asks him if he was ready to go, both to get his badge and regular wallet from his suit jacket, and to ask. "I'm sorry I didn't think of it sooner, but going to guess that's the first guy you saw get killed like that?"

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    She nods her head a touch sadly, "Yeah. I've only really seen killing on tv or in games." She shrugs her shoulders, "It's not like there was anything we could have done about it. But I'm sure the police will be able to hunt them down. Oh don't forget to leave your gun here," she reminds.

    The walk is not too onerous to the police precinct. The entry room isn't even that busy this time of the morning in Queens. The staff officer behind the desk gives a friendly smile to the two people entering and says, "What can New Yorks finest do for you Sir, Ma'am?"

    Abcde isn't entirely sure how to go about this, but she says, "We both witnessed the murder of the shop keeper at Petra's Curiosities yesterday. We think we could help by providing a statement?"

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"Games?" Daniel mouths about seeing people die, but he doesn't ask the question, he'd pestered her enough this morning with the wonders of robot window dressing. "And I'm no chaplain, but when we get this done, SHIELD will have people you can talk to if you want, about the killing."

Then it's time to go and he keeps pace easily despite how much his leg was hurting him right now.

Still after he wipes a bit of sweat from his brow he puts on his best 'agent face' with the staff officer at the desk, and pulls out his wallet with his ID and badge. "And I'd like you to also put us in touch with SHIELD," he says. "Ideally Agent May, or" what was Peggy's rank in this time. He doubted she could ever relinquish control of SHIELD not fully, so he guesses, "Director Carter. Tell them it's Field Director Daniel Sousa, they'll know who I am."

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    The officer behind the desk looks at the ID, takes it from Daniel and looks at it more closely, then looks at the picture and then back to Daniel, "Well.. SHIELD you say." His colleagues take notice in the bull pen behind the front desk. "Well then," he says and looks at Abcde too, "Let's get you two in to interview rooms A and B and we will get your statements."

    He motions to another police officer, "Officer Gates please get these two wonderful people comfortable."

    The officer in question approaches and motions for them both to head down the hallway. In Interview room A he has Daniel take a seat and in Interview room B he has Abcde take a seat. To each he says "A detective will be with you shortly to take your statement, thank you." The doors, however, are locked.

    Not that Abcde checks that. It's not the first thing that crosses her mind as she finds herself sitting in a police station interview room. Just that she'd rather not be here. She did send an email to the family lawyer last night in case things get.. weird.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"Yeah," Daniel confirms finger resting over the issue and expiry date on his ID which were both six decades in the past. "Great," he says about being moved to the interview rooms. Standard procedure take statements separately so they didn't influence each other, so far nothing to worry about.

When officer Gates puts them in the rooms, Daniel calls to Abcde. "Just tell them what you saw and things'll be okay," he says before saying to Gates. "Get the detective to go easy on her, ^okay? Kid's been through a lot," he cautions, before being shown into his own room where he gladly takes a seat on the uncomfortable plastic chair. He takes a moment to look around, finding it familiar ground of a sort, apparently one thing that hadn't changed drastically since the 1950's was interrogation rooms. He rubs at where his leg meets his prosthetic while he waits, trying to sooth the hurt of the thing.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    The duty officer puts in the call to Colonel Talbot's unit. After the news release every cop in New York knows about SHIELD and how they set off nuclear weapons and tried to topple senators. It's a big deal. They also know Talbot's name as he's the guy hunting them down.

    "Ah yes this is Police Precinct 112, Duty Officer Young. I have a man in my interview room who says he's a SHIELD agent and he's looking for other SHIELD agents named May and Carter. ---- Yes sir, we will keep them here."

    Officer Hauser and Officer North were also on the lookout for SHIELD. Not to capture them, but to kill them. But then there's also Abcde, a curiosity - one that Malick had put a bounty on. A potential asset that they didn't want to lose.

    Officer Hauser enters the room with Daniel and Officer North enters the room with Abcde.

    Abcde looks up and smiles. Trying to create a good rapport. "Miss Prescelta. My name is Officer North and I'm.. really really glad to see you today," he says and takes a seat down opposite Abcde. "Because my employer really wants to meet you.. and thank you.. for saving his life the other day," he says with a winning smile that has graced Queens communities for years. "He'd like you to come work for him.. in HYDRA."

    Abcde feels a shiver go down her spine when she hears that name and remembers the gun shots. She gulps and her mouth goes dry and oddly her right fore arm starts to get real itchy. She scratches at it hard. With a squeak she replies, "Did you say HYDRA?"

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"Field Director Daniel Sousa of SHIELD," Hauser says as he enters the room. "Got any proof of that?" he asks, as he steps inside the door and closes it.

Daniel puts his ID on the table, badge gleaming in the flourecent light of the interogation room. "I'm happy to tell you everything I know about the murders at the antique store, but I'm going need you to make that call I asked for pronto, once you do SHIELD will be happy to explain everything." It beat the hell out of him having to explain his ancient ID with a very real picture of him on it.

Hauser doesn't speak, he just rubs the place where a scar splits his brow, waiting for ^something. He glances back, the light on the video camera in the room winks out.

Wild and incoherent shouting can be heard through the door, and answering shouts of hey, the guy just jumped the gate, get him!"

A distraction, to get attention elsewhere in the critical moment. Hauser smiles and reaches for his gun, "Hail HYDRA."

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    Officer North smiles and says, "We're not all bad.. and you have some unique talents that HYDRA would like to utilise. Not to mention... you saw his face."

    Abcde's eyes widen a touch, "Is that.. a threat? Look... I'm sorry but there's no way in any universe that I would ever work for ...HYDRA."

    Officer North lifts his chin a touch and says, "Ah. That's too bad. Our incentives scheme is the best bar none." Then from out through the door the shouts can be heard, "the guy just jumped the gate, get him!"

    North draws his service weapon and points it at Abcde. Surprised that this is the second time she's had a gun facing her this week, she had thought about what to do and she ducks down under the table. She scratches at her itchy arm some more and it begins to bleed over the floor, "Damn."

    North dips down and points his gun, "nunc redo!" she says as she holds up her hands, blue swirling magical energies between them. The moment slows down to nothing and a dark laughter fills Abcde's mind.

    WikiAdmin (talk) Stupid little witch. Who do you think you are.. the scarlet witch? the sorcerer supreme? you don't have the power to turn back time - even with your wand WikiAdmin (talk)

    Abcde shudders even though she cannot move. She can see the bullet slowly exiting the gun from Officer North's pistol. The djinn, he's here?! But how? why?!

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Officer Gates had made him leave his cane at the door, even so Daniel is out of the chair before Hauser's finished speaking those horribly familiar words. He grabs the man's gun when it's halfway out of his holster, and tries his best to keep it there, throwing punches and elbows until it all starts to slow, until he's frozen in place as Hauser's weapon slowly leaves its holster, bringing with it the promise of an inevitable end.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    It's like time is inching forward ever so slowly. The gun rising from Hauser's holster - the bullet firing from North's gun. Inching ever so slowly toward the demise of Daniel and Abcde.

    WikiAdmin (talk) I have to decided I will grant your wish, but even I Hajhutara need power to grant such a favor WikiAdmin (talk)

    Suddenly time resumes and the bullet coming out of North's gun pauses in mid-air, impossibly. Abcde dances back and away and groans as her arm aches intensely and lifts up toward the surprised North who raises his gun again. Her hand races in to her pocket and begins to tap tap wildly, blindly, on her phone.

    Time slows down once more.. everyone in the precinct can feel things coming to a stop. The bullet is fired from Hauser's gun and it is start to move through the air toward Sousa. North, however, suddenly starts to shake and his bones crack. Fissures in the joints burst with blood that flows from his body through the air to Abcde's outstretched arm.

    WikiAdmin (talk) Yesss delicious blood. And now MAGIC WikiAdmin (talk)


    Abcde and Daniel are walking toward the police Precinct when suddenly Abcde's forearm starts to bleed intensely. There's a buzzing from her phone as she grabs at her arm, "AAHhh what the hell!" She hugs her arm to her chest. The last several minutes - their time in the police station, the revelations about HYDRA and the djinn... gone. Only the alarm buzzing in her pocket holds any clues.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Having no clue what was happening Daniel jumps away from the slow moving bullet, good leg kicking at the slowed Hauser like he was trying to move it through gelatin, before connecting as Daniel continues to fall.

Out on the steps Daniel looks to Abcde. "Hey your phone is ringing," he tells her, before catching sight of the blood. "You're bleeding, thought we got all your wounds takn care of," he says with a look of concern.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    She grimaces and says, "We did.." she hugs her arm to her chest and pulls her phone out. Whoever is calling, this is a bad time. But.. it's an alarm scheduled that she didn't remember scheduling. "There's.. hangon."

    She awkwardly controls her phone in one hand and brings up a message that says "STP HYDRA @ POLICSTATN (bee emoji)ware D". She deciphers the message, "Stop, hydra at police station. Beware D... D?" She frowns, "I set this alarm. I don't remember setting this alarm."

    She checks her arm.. the bleeding has stopped and no wound is obvious. "Okay i'm getting a little freaked out here Daniel."

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel looks at the phone with a furrowed brow. "Well, just that the supercomputer in your pocket is sending you messages at all is weird to me, so don't know what to suggest," he says though the meaning of the message is clear enough. "But let's just take it at its word right now and give this a pass, there's other precincts plus a couple of other places I can try."

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    "Right," she replies, feeling shaky and confused. Magic is weird but the point of understanding it is to avoid being stumped by it. But, she is stumped by whatever is going on right now. She wipes at her arm, not a scratch on it. "I've got a bad feeling about this," she adds.

    The walk back down the street the other way - several military jeeps drive past with purpose and speed. It is then that they see a screen on the wall of a shop displaying an info statement from NYPD - the log of SHEILD crossed out and the words "SEE SHIELD? REPORT SHIELD!" as well as a phone number.

    "Wait.. what?," Abcde asks Daniel, "I thought you were the good guys?" She types on to her phone and holds it up, playing the SecDef's speech for them both to watch.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Staring at the sign Daniel says, "What in the hell..." uncaring about swearing in public. "We are," Daniel says, his tone surprised and a little defensive. Though when her phone plays the speech he just stands there watching in abject horror. "What..." there was a lot to unpack, nukes in the Amazon, kidnapping ambassadors, a woman moving sand without touching it. And of course SHIELD being outlawed. By the end he feels faint and moves to a bench to sit for a second. "Where in the hell did I end up? None of this makes sense."

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    Abcde takes a seat down next to Daniel and shakes her head. She has blood smeared over her clothing and a mystery message from herself appeared on her phone. Now Daniel's whole world was ripped away from him and turned upside down. "I don't get it either... I'm really sorry Daniel," she says with concern for the look on his face.

    "There must be some.. explanation, right? may be... may be they had good reasons to .. uh .. nuke the amazon rainforest and even as I'm saying that I'm struggling to think of any good reason for a spy organisation to ever do that."

    She puts her phone away and frowns. This is terrible and she can't stop wondering who D is. Daniel? she should beware Daniel? ... may be SHIELD is dangerous, but she knows HYDRA definitely is. "May be we should go back to my place and think about our next steps," she says wondering if this is also a terrible idea.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"We definitely didn't have nukes and people who could do what that girl was doing in my time, and this has to be fake. I know the people who are with SHIELD right now, and they'd never go along with any of that crap," he says, before he nods about the next steps. "Yeah, that works," he says of retreating back to her apartment. "I've got some ideas and a few questions for your magic phone."

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    "The phone isn't magic, it's just technology," she says and gets up, walking with Daniel. Beware D. It doesn't add up....


    Back at the Police Precinct, Colonel Talbot berates the duty officer, "Son, I have you recorded saying had a man in your interview room who said he was an SHIELD Agent and he was looking for other SHIELD Agents named May and Carter." The police officer looks puzzled back at the colonel and shakes his head, "I'm sorry sir, but no such call has been made and we have no such man in interview rooms."

    An alarm is raised by an officer in interview room B when the crumpled and crushed body of Officer North, utterly devoid of all blood, is found, "LOCK DOWN THE STATION!"

    Amidst the horror, what no body notices is how the clocks at the precinct are 10 minutes slow today.


    The Crystal Ball, a roaming WAND truck filled with devices to measure mystical disturbances had picked up something strange yesterday in Queens. A machine in the truck begins to siren and Agent Caldwell pushes his rolling chair over to look at its readouts, "It's happened again. Another temporal magical event." Agent Cape looks up and types on his laptop, "Police Precinct 112. Downloading their security tapes." Agent Caldwell of WAND offers a fist to Agent Cape and says, "C&C on the case."

    Cape rolls his eyes but doesn't leave his partner hanging, he returns the fistbump. He plays through the security footage. Nothing of interest there. Caldwell says, "Run the filters."

    Cape plugs in a mystical USB stick in to the laptop and runs the security footage again. This time, the footage becomes wavey and every few frames it swaps back and forth between what happened before and what happened again. They catch a frame of Daniel Sousa holding out his ID. "Zoom and Enhance," Cape says and Caldwell slaps him on the back of the head, "Don't you start that again, this isn't CSI." They do zoom in on it, 'Field Director Daniel Sousa of SHIELD'

    More security footage is reviewed and they come to the most disturbing part of all... a young woman wielding blood magic, ripping the blood from the police officer in to her and then suddenly the overlapped footage abruptly ends. "That's our mark for the temporal event," says Caldwell. Agent Cape nods his head, "I think.. we had better inform the Directors about this one. This is.. big."