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Abcde Prescelta (Scenesys ID: 2560)
Name: Abcde Prescelta
Superalias: Praestigiatrix
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Fantasy Author
Citizenship: USA
Residence: New York City
Education: Bachelors Degree in Literature
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Mystic Arts, Street Level
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 6 March 2000 Played By Vanessa Hessler
Height: 5'6" Weight: 135 lb
Hair Color: Light Brown Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: Bewitched Theme Song

Character Info


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A Fantasy Author and Warrior Witch who grew up in Huntington West Virginia and now lives in New York City. She's bound to be hunting down magical weirdness, or getting a coffee with friends to talk about writing or their lives which she totally isn't going to adapt in to a character in her next novel.. oh no never.


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* 2000: Born and Raised in Huntington, West Virginia, to parents Alex and Hannah.
* 2011: Introduced to the extended family secret, the coven of the chosen. Learnt that she will grow up to be a Witch.
* 2014: Succeeds in doing her first solo piece of magic, graduating her from 'child' to 'young adult' in the coven.
* 2016: Started writing online fiction about teenage witches fighting evil, based partly off of the stories her aunties were telling her, updated to the modern era.
* 2018: Went to university to pursue an arts degree in literature.
* 2019: Scouted to turn her online stories which had gathered a small following in to an actual published book.
* 2020: Book published and amongst certain circles is quite popular.
* 2021: Graduated with a bachelors degree in Literature, moved to New York City to start on her second book. Discovers New York City is in a supernatural state of ill repair and recognises her magical talents are needed.

IC Journal

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Writing is her main output of her creativity, but it takes a flair for the artistic to make magic that works. You are playing to the biggest audience there is, reality, so your solution better be palatable and internally consistent, even if it is a work of fiction.

Abcde is nothing if not caring. When you have glimpsed at the inner workings of nature you get an appreciation for how beautiful and unique everyone and everything is. It's hard to become calloused to the world when you know what you're fighting for.

Like the cats that are witches familiars, Abcde can't help but stick her nose in where it doesn't belong. She follows her gut and that often leads her right to the wrong place to be.

Abcde has a somewhat dark humour given the world she lives in. Fatalistic perhaps, inappropriate often, but it is a coping mechanism. When a ghost is tearing up a house trying to steal the souls of its occupants you need a bit of an outlet and cracking wise about the situation is how she manages. It's no surprise that the main character in her stories is similarly dark in those moments.

Warrior Spirit:
Abcde comes from a long line of witches who put themselves on the line to fight corruption and evil. Sometimes that is from outside influences - ghosts, wraiths, ghouls, demons.. sometimes that is from inside influences - hatred, corruption, chaos. What is true of this is Abcde is not afraid to leap in to action if she can help someone in need.

Character Sheet


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Divina Magicae:
Creation magic, the divine powers. These are the forces that construct the very rules by which we understand magic and reality. Reality itself. The concept space, where thoughts intersect to create a network of ideas that form existence. This is not a safe place for humans to play and very few witches have ever walked away from it unscarred. Most of this kind of magic has been felt or done with the aid of magical artefacts, or by those who are corrupted by greater powers. Most stories about this kind of magic involve heroic sacrifice to save the world. Usually the sacrifice of the practitioners own life.

Industria Magicae:
The forces of the world. Light, Heat, Sound. They are far better understood by science now than they were when witches started to experiment with them. Summoning up lightning and flinging it from ones hands; heating the air in to a burning lance and casting it off in a ball, constructing a frozen barricade of ice, bending the light around a person or objects to conceal them. There is no such thing as a straight line in the world of magic, a straight line is merely an infinitely long curved line.. this is what the witches understand about energy. Pushing the curves just a little this way or that can accumulate in to great affect.

Spatium Magicae:
They say the universe is expanding in all directions at once. The distance between things is malleable, whether that means compressing something tightly, or loosening its molecules back up.. or making France just through that door in your kitchen in New York City. This is not easy magic. There are certain things reality is very set on and usually that's the distance between things. Strangely, not even time magic is enough to bend spacial magic. It is its own special class of strangeness and it has been known by the witches for eons that gravity is somehow part of it all. Teleportation has been known to exist, usually with the help of artefacts. Though, one tends not to mess around with a magic that could embed you accidentally in the side of a mountain.

Spiritus Magicae:
What is a soul? what is cognition and thought? neither energy in the traditional sense, nor transmutable matter in the reality sense, spirits live are said to entangle all things, connecting them, and in some cases weighting them down like anchors. Why are somethings in nature easier to change than others? usually, the answer is the spirit of the thing. For people that's quite clear and straight forward, but for a beloved broom that has been passed down from generation to generation, it is a statement. Reality is what it believes it to be and spirit creates belief. A spirit is a hard thing to bend, the older and bigger a spirit, the harder it is to right its course through the multi-universe. Some spirits are so heavy they span the multi-verse itself, so called 'Nexus' beings. It's not not to get tangled up with such creatures. Spirit magic is used to enchant objects with a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is short lived.. and the shorter the better because such magic fades away. Greater magic creates artefacts, enchanted items that stand the test of time and impose themselves unnaturally upon reality. For good or ill, they are tools. It is said that the only way to sympathise with greater spirits is to know their true name.

Stulti Magicae:
Fools magic. The conjuration of spirits, demons. The ritual sacrifices, blood letting. Asking another creature more powerful than yourself to do something on your behalf, or granting you the power to do it yourself. Never, ever, EVER, do this kind of magic. It is better to be a lesser dot, insignificant now, that ripples out like an echo through time.. than to be crushed under the weight of a greater power doing its bidding or fooling yourself in to believing it is benevolent. Those in the coven who have accepted demonic or supernatural benefactors in the past have been warped and corrupted and have been put to death for the unnatural damage they brought to the world.

Transformatio Magicae:
Alchemists believed they had cracked the code. Chemists did. But before them both the witches of the world learnt that all things are made up of the same great star dusts. One thing can be another, if it wants to be. The trick is convincing it so. A change of identity, or the transformation of simple matter in to complex things - dirt in to clothing, lead in to gold, these are expensive demands and some of the hardest magics to make work. For what something is, is the corner stone of what is real. To change what something is, is to demand the acceptance of the unreal in reality.

Tunc Magica:
Time is a matter of perception. If you're not paying attention to the world it slips by. If you're paying too much attention it drags on. This understanding has allowed witches to learn how to speed up and slow down objects in motion. Just a little, sometimes enough, to help one dodge out of the way of a weapon. Just enough to help a tree grow in to its roots, just enough to steal away moments when trying to understand.. and in one of the sadder stories told to her by her aunties, a young witch boy who sped his life away because he could not bare to live anymore.


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Abcde has been writing fantasy novels about witchcraft since she was a teenager. At first she wrote terrible trashy novels about coming of age and doing bad magic that caused unwanted consequences and side effects. But the longer she did it, the better she got. Her fictional universe is a warped reflection of what magic is really like. Her work gathered enough interest online that she was approached by a publishing company and she published her first book; now working on her second.


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Ahab Publishing House:
Abcde is technically a free lance author, but her publisher is Ahab and they like to try and keep their writers on task and happy. Books being published is what they care most about. If an author is gaining in popularity, they want to keep that momentum going. They pay instalments per chapter completed which is Abcde's only incoming at present.

Magic Broom:
Abcde could potentially fly. Using magic to manipulate the winds, her weight, perhaps perception of others. That's a lot of magic, and a lot of effort. An art form developed long ago allowed the coven to construct objects to enable flight. These artefacts were then passed down from generation to generation. Abcde's Nana passed down her magic broom of flight so that she might travel upon the winds and know freedom.

Magic Wand:
While Abcde is able to project her will upon reality, reality pushes back extremely hard. She might be able to cup her hands, summon magical blue light, and force a kettle to boil without fire or electricity.. but the water will cool down just as quickly as it heated.

This practice of magic has been enough for most members of the coven for generations, but some branches of the family tree covet magical artefacts, their origins unknown. One such artefact is a wand that amplifies the magical effects produced by its wielder. It was passed down from her Nana, Sasha Prescelta, to her on her 13th birthday.

Abcde has a familiar, a black cat, whom she utterly adores. What does the familiar do for her? why, it sits on her lap, purrs, and then demands food. But really, it is an anchor for her. When magic gets weird -- and magic sure does get weird sometimes -- Mittens is there as a way for her to guide herself back home, back to normal. Without Mittens, she could quite literally be lost forever.

The Coven of the Chosen:
The family coven stretching its roots back to before the Roman Republic. Italian heritage, every second generation the first born is gifted the ability to conduct magic; the projection of intent in to the world contrary to how reality would otherwise behave. Sometimes a daughter, sometimes a son, the coven has grown over the generations and remains a wealth of practical knowledge when dealing with supernatural threats.


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As a low level magic user, in touch with the ability to influence reality, Abcde is a prize worth obtaining and corrupting by greater powers that need humans to alter the world for them. Their proxy wars can only be fought and won by people like Abcde. She has been warned to stay away from such evils and if she can stick to her morals that is what she intends to do.

Abcde's familiar, Mittens, is both a necessity but also a weakness. Without Mittens, Abcde's magic could take her anyway in the multiverse and she might never find her way back home. It's a cliche to have a pet cat as a witch, but most magic users have some kind of anchor. Finding it allows you to exploit their safety net. At least a cat can run away from danger.

Reality Rules Supreme:
Reality refuses to bend or break to the will of a mere human mortal. Not without significant cajoling and reason. To force her will upon the world Abcde uses a magical artefact, a wand. Without it, her magic is extremely limited. Subtly altering of probabilities, temperatures, the passage of time or the shape of light. Nothing that would be noticed by the average person walking down the street. One might simply call her 'lucky' if they didn't know she was a witch. To conduct magic, even with the wand, she must always find a way to limit the impact of her magic upon the world. To over extend herself is to invite severe backlash from the universe. Whether that means bad luck, injury, or fates conspiring against her in other aspects of her life.. the universe truly takes note when a witch steps above their station and will utterly smite them. Sometimes, though, fate is on their side. How is a witch meant to know if what they are doing is right? they can but only follow their heart.



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Abcde Prescelta has 14 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Hunting the Cult: The Rage Spirit June 11th, 2021 Vin, Sif, Thea and Abcde join forces to liberate one of Thea's mutant friends that had been possessed. In the process they discover it's a rage spirit and a fight occurs! Teamwork prevails though and the spirit gets vanquished.
Thrust upon them May 4th, 2021 Abcde runs in to Harley at a whiskey bar and offers to give her a tattoo, shares life stories, and gets invited to watch a Roller Derby match!
Triple Chocolate Cake Repercussion April 21st, 2021 Daisy visits Abcde and is rewarded with chocolate cake and discussions about fictional characters and disembodied friendly spirits
Abcde has a Djinn problem. Abcde has a Djinn problem April 21st, 2021 SHIELD, Daytripper, and a mysterious Agent Argentina gather with Abcde for a ritual to remove the djinn from her arm. The ritual goes well.. twice.. as they discover they are trapped in a time loop caused by HYDRA messing with the magical mirror frame used to transport Daniel and Arturo to 2021.
Uneasy Reunions April 6th, 2021 The crew decides to try and settle Abcde into the old Brooklyn safehouse, when they discover a certain someone is watching from next door. That someone is a face Peggy never thought she'd see again. Dottie Underwood, out of prison. Again.
My blade is my shield April 3rd, 2021 Abcde and May go on a quest to a cross roads to beg Hecate for her favour so that Abcde can turn May's shoe dagger in to a protective talisman against the constant bombardment of emotions.
Hunting Daniel Sousa March 31st, 2021 Peggy and her team continue to hunt for Daniel, which leads them to the home of the young witch Abcde Prescelta and... eventually... the man himself. Emotions run very high.
Abcde and Daniel must beware D... March 31st, 2021 Abcde is wary that her future self warned her that Daniel is dangerous, but they soon discover it's the djinn, still haunting their lives and dangerous as ever. Abcde accidentally lets it known that Daniel was about to die before he arrived in 2021.. and also that Steve Rogers is alive. Daniel heads out to find his friends, even as they search for him too.
Everyone Relax, I'm with SHIELD March 30th, 2021 Daniel and Abcde fight for their lives against HYDRA as Abcde discovers the Djinn is hiding within a shard of mirror in her arm and it sacrifices a police officer to rewind time **wrrrrp rewind** Daniel and Abcde get a mysterious warning that HYDRA is in the police station. Also.. beware D.. Daniel? Daniel and Abcde discover SHIELD is wanted by law enforcement and are now illegal.
1000 Faces: I Just Want You For Your Body March 28th, 2021 In part I, trouble is afoot with the rusalka in Vermont.
The Mirror that Hungers March 23rd, 2021 An eventful day ensues when Abcde is tricked by a djinn trapped in a mirror which results in Daniel Sousa and Arturo Malevolo suddenly transported in to the present. Some how HYDRA knew he'd be arriving and turned up to collect Arturo. They also took the mirror but Daniel and Abcde got away. Abcde is letting Daniel sleep on her couch tonight before they head to the police to give statements and find help from SHIELD.
Revealing an Icon March 20th, 2021 Abcde, Harley, Irons, and Rhodes battle a rogue water elemental summoned by fire and water at the last day of shooting for a streaming BBQ competition show which has sadly just run out of money.
Disassembling an Icon March 9th, 2021 Someone is graffitiing elemental glyphs around Queens. Luckily they're getting them wrong. Unluckily, they might eventually get them right. Abcde meets a mage, Nessa, who makes ice, and invites Abcde to join the LBC.
Dismounting a Rider March 8th, 2021 Abcde finds a corrupted spirit riding a bartender. With the aid of Koga Miura and Harley Quinn, they save the bartender, but not the bar.


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Abcde Prescelta has 14 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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