5859/Dollhouse: Welcome, Agent Sansang

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Dollhouse: Welcome, Agent Sansang
Date of Scene: 05 April 2021
Location: Director's Office - Playground
Synopsis: Lance and Bobbi apologise to each other and then realise the fallout of their spat left a security hole in Talbot's operation.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Lance Hunter

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Even though it's night and the hours are stretching the base is alive with people working. Setting up equipment, moving stuff in, rearranging stuff, debating next steps in the operations they're involved in. Bobbi would dearly love to find time to sleep but she's been left with a huge amount of work by Fury... especially after he said "If you've got questions, ask Morse".. Thanks for that Fury, thanks so much.

    She finally decided to take the seat at the big man's desk and use it to get through her work. Three tablets in full operations as well as the phone for a while. Now the phone has stopped ringing at least and it's more a matter of working through the logistics numbers. There were still many agents to relocate.

    Despite all this the door is open and the sounds of construction still clatter through. She's been trying to block it out but at the same time is drinking caffeine to stay wired enough to get the work done. Being a commander is exactly the kind of hell she though it'd be.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter was a night owl, so him roaming the base at this time of night wasn't unusual but him willingly seeking out Bobbi while doing so was unprecedented, more than that he's doing so with a pair of coffees, one how he likes it, black as the devil's soul, and one how she likes it. Coming to the door, he knocks lightly with an elbow as not to spill the coffee. "Bobs, got a second?" he calls inside.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi looks up and awkwardly adjusts her hair when she realises she has company. Not that Lance hasn't seen her at her messiest.. often.. but she is on duty and is trying to be the commander that she always looked up to in Gonzales. "Lance," she replies and motions for him to come in.

    Only one of the tablets is locked shut. Whatever was on it was actually high enough clearance that she couldn't share it with him. She smiles just a touch, even if he does infuriate her sometimes and their relationship keeps rocking back and forth, even despite all that he is still her best friend.

    "You brought me coffee?," she says and then takes a sip of the fresh brew. "Thank you," she adds and blows across its surface to cool it. "Do you like the new base?," she asks - there's tiredness in her voice. How Coulson has done this for years she'll never know.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter nods, "Figured they'd have buried in work by now and you'd need a little pick me up," he says of the coffee before he blows on his and leans against the door frame taking in the office, before smiling about the base, "Will once we've properly moved in, right now it's a base deconstructed," he remarks with a grin. "Spent most of the day moving crates and dodging work crews."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    She smirks a moment as he calls it deconstructed. "At least this time we're not being sabotaged by HYDRA," she says and wiggles her phone in her hand and places it back down on the desk. "Dodging work crews. Yeah. It might look like I have things under control - but our agents are autonomous. I vaguely point them in a direction and then cross my fingers what needs to be done gets done."

    She lifts an eyebrow, "You didn't come here looking for more did you? I have a work queue a mile long if you did..." she really doubts it. It's not like Lance shirks the hard work but he is quite good at managing his time. Better than she is. The coffee is sipped now it's a decent temperature and she relaxes in to the chair a bit. "I wonder who Fury is going to put in this chair. It had better _not_ be me."

Lance Hunter has posed:
Shh, his abilities at time management were a closely guarded secret, people might start thinking he was a professional who cared about his job or something ridiculous like that. "Well, asking for more work when mine's already done is strictly against my religion but if you need someone to ride herd on any of your groups of independent agents and make sure they do their jobs, I suppose I could see myself doing that, in an unofficial capacity," he offers with a grin over his coffee.

"Dunno, Director Morse has a good ring to it don't you think?" he says then holds up a hand so it's blocking out one of her eyes. "Probably look good in an eyepatch too, now that I think about it," his tone and the way he smirks at her reads clearly he's teasing. Just like old times.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    She smirks, "Uh huh. Done all your work. This from the guy who signed up for Operation Teacup." Oh yes Lance, she knows. Level 8 security clearance. She knows that when he quit SHIELD he didn't _really_ quit. He kept on digging and finding leads and feeding them back to Hill.

    She smirks a bit at him and says, "Eye patch has been done. Fury owns that. I'd need something cooler - may be two eye patches. For the one eye. A double eye patch." She leans back in the chair with the coffee in hand and backs away from the desk just a little bit to separate herself from the work.

Lance Hunter has posed:
There's a bit of a cough into his coffee. Bloody hell he forgot she'd have access to those files when they bumped her up. "Don't know what you're talking about, the stress of all that work must be making you mental," he offers lifting his cup a bit to hide behind it.

"And they've got a name for that Bobs, a blind fold, though if they really do make you director one of those and cigarette might be preferable." as in a firing squad.,

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Not on both eyes, both on one eye," she explains with an eye roll. Another sip of her coffee. She knows what this conversation is - he doesn't want to be angry any more; and neither does she. It inevitable. The talk they've had every time they've agreed to walk away from each other because it wasn't working out. Her stomach is sinking.

    "So.. you're sticking with SHIELD this time?," she asks wondering just what their future holds this time. It's never easy saying good bye to the man she loves. She doesn't want to do it and is never sure how he could do it either.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter nods. "Wellll, when you put it that way that makes much more sense," he says with a faint smirk. He takes a sip of his own coffee letting that silence draw out.

"What?" he asks blinking. "What do you mean am I sticking with SHIELD, course I am, I just bloody defended it from HYDRA spie-" then he catches where she thinks this is going. "Bobs," he says gently, meeting her eyes with his if she'll let him. "I'm not leaving, I came to apologize for breaking our deal and making you out to seem like the badguy. It takes two of us to screw up a relationship as spectacularly as we did, so blame's at least fifty-fifty," he ventures with a tentative and boyish grin.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    This... is new. Bobbi looks surprised as Lance makes his claims and she looks inward for a moment, staring down at the coffee he brought her. "Holy shit," she eventually says. "You not only apologised but you apologised for the specific thing you did.. okay who are you and what have you done with Lance? I thought Lancelot was in ARMOR lockup," she says trying to make sense of this topsy turvy moment.

    "Yeah.. well.. it wasn't all about that. I was upset at myself for letting you frame our relationship like it was my fault we'd broken up previously because of my commitment to SHIELD. I was angry at myself - I'm not the problem. You're not the problem. SHIELD isn't the problem. It's this idiotic notion that this isn't a three way relationship Lance. Hell you quit SHIELD and kept working for us anyway. Admit it - you're a SHIELD lifer," she says and lifts her chin a touch. A challenging look past long dark lashes as she sips her coffee.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter can't help but smirk at Bobbi's response taking a sip of his coffee and leaning against the wall. "Nope really me, I just really missed you Bobs, and I love you like hell, so, figured it was time I acted like a grown up and apologized."

"Well, not then I wasn't," he says when she mentions him quitting and yet still working for SHIELD, "A SHIELD lifer, I was a /you/ lifer, and I figured the only way they'd let me walk and maybe comeback some day if we patched things up was if I kept working for SHIELD, so I struck a deal with Hill and that was that," he says. "Now though, you might be right about me and SHIELD. I keep acting like I've got one foot out the door, but where would I bloody go? Won't let me back into the army, I'm horrible at being a mercenary, and that business is full of low lifes like the guys at IF... but SHIELD, it's got good people who look out for each other and most of the time they're fighting on the right side of things, which is more than I can say for a lot of people in the business," he says before smiling and adding. "Besides one of the ^commanders is really hot and I sort of have a thing for them."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    She smiles a touch more and there's even a small blush on her cheeks. Not one that is embarrassed to be there, but one that is proud to be there. "I love you too Lance.. even though sometimes we're angry at each other or we've broken up. You are and always have been the guy I love," she shrugs her shoulders in a sort of 'welp what am I gunna do' motion.

    She nods her head listening to his explanation of SHIELD and says, "Huh. You finally figured it out. But I'm going to have to have a talk with Commander Coulson if that's really the way you feel about him. I'm not going to do well with competition so it may come down to pistols at dawn."

    She puts down the coffee and stands up, walking over to him and kissing him gently. "I'm really sorry I lost your fancy big tv to the US military institution," she says.. yep.. that's totally the apology he wanted.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Well you're always the girl I love Bobs, nobody else comes close," he says before smiling, "I mean where am I going to find another girl with wings and is as strong as Captain America?" he teases lightly before chuckling about Coulson. "You know I can't resist a bloke with a receding hairline," he says with a smile, before returning that kiss.

"Ugh, don't remind me that those bastards have my TV, Hill still owes me for Teacup, think she'd authorize a rescue mission?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    She grins a bit and says, "But more seriously. I'm sorry I took out my issues on you. I'm the one that felt those things and let it happen instead of speaking up and then when things turned south because of it I took it out on you. I'm sorry Lance."

    She's barely got the words out of her mouth when she suddenly freeze in place. Her eyes stare off at the brick wall and then she rushes over to the tablets again and begins to type.

    "The TV... normally when we bring stuff in to the Triskelion we get one of the techs to disable any potential spyware in them," she says touches a button and the big screen on the wall turns on, "But everything happened so fast - I never got the chance to do that with the TV. That means the Sansang spyware is still active."

    She touches a button triumphantly and suddenly audio and video of a military tent is visible. There is Colonel Tablot talking with a captain and he's discussing troop deployments in small towns near highways for rapid response.

    Bobbi's mouth drops open a bit, "Holy... that's Talbot"

    --- Three days ago...

    The two soldiers carrying the large TV are stopped by a sergeant in the hallways of the Triskelion. "Soldiers. Where did you get that TV?" he barks like a drill instructor.

    One of the soldiers says, "We found it in one of the rooms downstairs Sir."

    The sergeant paces around the TV and the soldiers for a moment, "That is one mighty fine TV soldiers. Too good for scum like you."

    "Yes sir!," they reply knowing this drill well.

    "Take it to the officers tent outside, on the double!," the sergeant says recognising an easy win to make his commanding offices very happy.

    "Sir yes Sir!," they reply and turn around and wander the other way to give up their beautiful prize for the officers. Typical.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter blinks as Bobbi turns on the spyware on his TV, "Really should get Daisy to disable that on my next one-" he's cut off by the image of Talbot on the screen. "Bloody hell, you mean the wanker took my TV and now we can bloody spy on him?" he asks looking over to Bobbi with a surprised expression that quickly turns to a big grin.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    She looks at the giant image of Tablot and his stupid moustache with absolute wonder. "Yeah.. that's exactly what's happening..," she says as she stands up and approaches the big screen. "It's like we just won the lottery...," she adds with a voice filled with breathy disbelief. "Davis!," she calls out as if the man were lurking. He was just passing by and she saw him out of the corner of her eye.

    Agent Davis turns on heels and moves to the Director's office, "Ma'am."

    "Get me two techs and two analysts in here right away. I don't care what they're currently doing - tell them Commander Morse said to drop it and get here immediately," she says to him.

    He nods his head, "Yes ma'am." He nods to Lance and gives him a small smile, then rushes off down the hall way, dancing on one foot as he dodges someone carrying a large box.

    "Lance.. we're going to have to continue this reconciliation later. List. I love you and I will see you later, okay?," she says because SHIELD work is never done.