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King Rogers, Ruler of Midgard!
Date of Scene: 18 March 2020
Location: Palace - Asgard
Synopsis: In the aftermath of Steve's day in Asgardian court, Thor reveals startling and troubling news: Steve is not just Midgard's Ambassador; but the ruler of the realm!
Cast of Characters: Thor, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers

Thor has posed:
    After the appointment of the good Captain Rogers to the role of Lord of Midgard, the All-Father had called for festivities, for a feast, for celebration. And the Court took to it with the aplomb Asgardians are known for. The rest of the matters before the Court were postponed, with Odin retiring, leaving the task of organizing to his son which separated the small band of Avengers. It left Natasha and Cap on their own for a good bit of time, though they likely realized that as those fine worthies who were being celebrated the nobility embraced them as one of their own.
    "Now ware, Lady Romanoff," Hrafn Huntsmaster said to her, "For much of what is consumed is entirely safe for those from Midgard though less is more regarding our drink, and for the foodstuffs steer away from anything you might observe as being on fire."
    Strong advice as the court conducted itself. Congratulations were made, and poor Steve was person of the hour. Toasts were made, and with Asgardians one can actually /feel/ the sincerity in their manner. For they as a people do often wear their hearts on their sleeves.
    But several hours passed, the brightest star drifted down below the horizon casting the land of Asgard in shadow. Glowing lanterns were brought forth by servants who took to their duty with solemnity. Yet the entertainment, grew more quiet, the music was lower, and people split into smaller groups.
    It was perhaps then, that Natasha might have noticed Thor's return to the party as he had taken a place in an alcove near the main dais. Leaning forward and smiling a little as he offered conversation with several of the guards before they returned to their duties. It was a brief window that left him there, clear of others, far enough away from possible eavesdroppers... and with him looking a touch introspective.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    It was a rare thing indeed for Natasha to be surrounded by such unambiguous and enthusiastic merry-making. No pomp and circumstance, no angle of making a statement of wealth and prestige, just a lot of people having a good time to celebrate good news.
    It makes her feel out of her element, honestly, but it's also kind of refreshing.
    "Greatly appreciated, sir; thank you!" Natasha replied with more energy and mirth than usual put into her voice, giving a little courtsey in appreciation. With the casual raw power of everyone around her, Natasha has technnically never been this vulnerable in her adult life, but she feels...
    It's nice.
    She may have gotten pulled into a dance or two - the drinks are still pretty strong, and she's no party pooper when she doesn't have to be - and Natasha dancing in full costume was a rare and peculiar sight.
    But now things have calmed down, and Natasha wanders away from the festivities with a mug of ale nursed in both hands and a very slight unsteadyness to her step. Sooner or later she spots Thor and wanders into his orbit with a bit of a smile. "There you are~" She greets, speaking slower than normal.

Thor has posed:
    The room is still alive, vibrant in color and movement with the remaining courtiers. Though subdued from the raucous wild of the beginning of the party. Occasionally a loud laugh goes up and it's carried by those nearby. All in all the party seemed a success. There was even a duel of sorts, two men hurling such staggering yet polite insults at each other and taking sword to sword, only to end with them both drinking and laughing together. Though one did lose a finger.
    At her approach, "Natasha," She can see it now, where Thor gets it. Where his wide smile and open manner comes from. Though even amongst the Asgardians he is friendly even for them. "Come, join me." He scoots to the side a little, taking someone's large horned helmet and setting it aside so the bench seat near is cleared off sufficiently for her. The helm? It's set down upon the ground for now, as he takes up his flagon and then asks, "Do you need more to drink?" He asks, playing the host with his father absent.
    But she can see him as he sweeps the room with his eyes, gaze flitting from face to face to face. His smile widens a touch, reaching those bright blue eyes of his as he murmurs to her sidelong, "I saw you dancing. Lovely."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha puts on a warm smile and draws near, eyeing the helmet and idly wondering if anyone's going to fight Thor over it after what she saw. She was tempted to be horrified when fingers were lost, but everyone was so... jolly about it? Maybe Asgardians are really good at reattachment. It's like the opposite of the world she's used to: Even 'enemies' seem to be such good friends. It's a little baffling to think Loki could have come from this environment.
    She takes a seat and shakes her head at the offer of more to drink, giving her nearly-full mug a demonstrative swish and saying, "Oh nono, I'm good for now. I'm trying to be careful at this point, I don't want anyone having to carry me home."
    At Thor's compliment, Natasha's smile tightens and she lowers her head, closing her eyes a little, looking almost bashful. "Thank you." She says after a moment with a soft chuckle. "I've had a lot of practice. It doesn't come up much these days, but..." she smiles wistfully and admits, "... it's been fun. Your people seem really wonderful."
    Natasha's in good enough spirits that her words are actually totally sincere! Sneaky spy brains are always thinking about angles and consequences of these things of course, but she can still mean it!

Thor has posed:
    A small chuckle comes from him, perhaps it would be more if he spared it some more breath. But he remains there, leaning forward, forearms on his knees and his drink in his hands.
    "You both fit in here," A pause as he smiles, looking sidelong toward her, then he says. "I mean it." He gestures with his flagon, motioning off to the distance but likely signifying Asgard as a whole. "Those who are welcomed to the Court, those who serve their people and treat honestly with Asgard? They are often honored. Given land, and allowed to live out their days here." His eyes lift a little and she can see a hint of a cloud touch his features.
    But he does not voice the why of it, instead he takes a breath and renews the conversation, shifting the angles as he looks to her. "And there is a likelihood you may be courted after this." He uncurls a hand, "Perhaps even a marriage proposal for you have turned heads." All of this just seems to be normal conversation for Thor.
    He turns and looks to her and says levelly, "If you do not wish to entertain their propositions, simply tell them you await the return of a loved one. They will understand." He nods slowly and the way his eyes distance she might imagine him mentally going down a checklist of what he should mention to his companions.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha listens quietly, tilting her head curiously and then looking out over their beautiful surroundings and what can be seen in the distance. She allows herself a thoughtful little smile and softly says "... I can think of worse retirement plans." The the mention of courtship earns an amused look. "That fast, huh?" She says, though her smile weakens a little when advice is given on how to deflect them.
    Waiting for another man, huh?
    Natasha takes a drink and closes her eyes. "Well..." she starts to say and looks at Thor sidelong, "... unless someone *completely* sweeps me off my feet..." she says, a joking tone in her voice for that bit, "... I think I'll keep my guard up. Thanks." She rocks a bit thoughtfully, looking out at the various people around them. "Probably doing them a favor. Marrying a mortal girl is... probably a little short sighted."

Thor has posed:
    Another small chuff of breath comes from him that might be a laugh but he tilts his head. Off in the distance she may well see the floating glowing lanterns coming to life across the city, little lights flickering hither and yon, sharing some visual kinship with the stars appearing in the sky. Though it does nothing to distract from the majesty of the view beyond, that long ridgeline of mountains and their myriad waterfalls seeming entirely too picturesque to be real.
    "We Asgardians tend to give our hearts freely, and with great fervor. Courtly love," He looks across the room, then back to her with a small crooked smile. "On Midgard may be a lost art form, but here it is alive and well." He takes a drink from his flagon and he says. "For us, we view our lives in the terms of tales that will be told after we are gone. We are not truly immortal after all."
    He pauses then, eyes distancing, then he exhales a slight breath before he adds, "So we view our lives through that lens, and when we come across the unique. The wondrous. The beautiful. We value it, hold it close." His smile slips a little more gentle, "So yes we do fall in love with those who may not live as long of us. But that does not diminish our feelings. Does not lessen the wonder of the story of our lives."
    He straightens and perhaps it may be the drink, or the moment, or a hint of melancholy as he ponders the future, but then he says. "It is why I love you, and Steven, and yes even Tony. You are all my dear friends. And if you pass before I do, then I will mourn. And I hope when I pass you will remember me with warmth and charitable judgment."
    That having been said he nods and looks away, taking another drink from his mug.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha gives Thor her full attention as he speaks; genuinely interested. She had always presumed these powerful, long-lived beings as being aloof to anything lesser than them; arrogant without an equal race to truly challenge them at all times. That perhaps Thor had simply taken a fancy to Humans as a passing interest in a very long life. But now? She almost envies the way they live. Even just the view that lights up before them. She'd been all over the Earth in her life. She had thought she'd seen everything.
    "The stories they'll tell..." Natasha murmurs, looking a little introspective herself. Her heart nearly leaps into her throat when Thor speaks of his feelings, until Steve and the Avengers are included in that net as well - she is NOT sober enough to deal with a love confession from a co-worker - but by the end she smiles at him warmly and reaches a slender hand out to Thor's shoulder; the hand bare since she removed her gloves a fair while ago and stashed them away; and squeezes gently.
    "... I don't see any of us forgetting you any time soon, Thor." she says gently. "You've been..." she hesitates, she's not used to saying things like this to someone and meaning it, and not luring them to their doom or anything. "... an irreplaceable friend to us all. We're all grateful to know you."
    This is, frankly, the most openly Natasha has, perhaps, ever spoken that you've heard. Partly she is just making sure Thor's feelings aren't dismissed, otherwise she likely wouldn't reach out with it. Partly she has had a few drinks, which is rare in itself. Still, it's a rare side of Natasha. She doesn't even usually bust out much *fake* sentiment or expression, almost as a courtesy to her allies.

Thor has posed:
    The Crown Prince rests his hand on hers, squeezes a little and smiles, "Nor will I forget you, any of you." He offers with a nod as that smile slips a little towards the crooked. "But, in any case." He takes a deep breath as he lifts a hand, swirling his drink a little and crinkling his nose at how little liquid is in there to slosh about.
    "This is a day to be marked in history. And I fear that our comrade the good Captain does not realize the significance of this." His brow furrows as he takes a deep breath and then looks back over his shoulder to Natasha. "He is no mere ambassador, with the pronouncement from mine father." He rises to his feet, and then, of course in that moment he tells her. "If you will excuse me, I will return directly."
    And with that he starts to walk towards the large central table where the foodstuffs remain, likely in search of another skin of mead.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha gives Thor's shoulder another brief squeeze, touched by his honest feelings - perhaps the sincerity of these people is infectious - before returning both hands to her flagon, which was likely intended for bigger hands than hers. When Thor worries that Steve may not understand his role, she tilts her head and asks "Oh?" as she brings the flagon to her lips.
    The ale is already in her mouth when her eyes snap wide open with worry, a certain anxiety clutching her heart at the note Thor leaves open. She swallows hard and starts to say, "What- what do you mean?" but Thor is already out of earshot, and Natasha is left to lean back against the wall, wide eyes casting about as she tries to work through what he could mean. Could be a hundred things! Could be harmless! She really wishes he'd come back and confirm, because she really doesn't like not knowing what she just helped bring about.

Thor has posed:
    Thor's not gone long, to be fair, and perhaps he needed that time to gather his thoughts. For when he returns he has a fresh flagon in hand as well as a pale apple of some golden/yellow color. A small bite is taken of it as he settles back into his seat and he murmurs, "I fear that we may have set matters into motion beyond what I had initially thought."
    The Asgardian returns to his initial posture, looking pensive and his gaze turning to be leveled upon Natasha, peering at her directly. "The Lord of Midgard is no empty title granted simply to be worn during public events. He is the Lord of Midgard." The way he says that emphasis on each word in that rank given. "There are no others. There will likely be no others while he is alive."
    A breath is taken as Thor frowns a little and tells her, "He is, in the eyes of Asgard who consider Midgard one of its protectorates, the ruler of all Midgard."
    And with that he nods solemnly, taking a drink and then looking away.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "... What do you mean?" Natasha asks with disguised worry when Thor begins to speak. Her blue eyes slowly widen as he explains, and then just as slowly close as she begins to turn away and lean her head back against the wall, her lips pressing very very tightly together. She takes deliberate, calming breaths through her nose and finally throatily whispers - practically croaks - "They're not going to like that." in undisguised dismay.
    Suffice to say, Natasha is probably fired.

Thor has posed:
    A nod is given as Thor looks to Natasha, "You see my reason for trepidation." For the Thunderer, despite his manner, is not entirely dense with certain matters. He chews his lower lip thoughtfully and then raises his eyebrows as he says with a smile, "On the positive side, my father clearly liked him."
    So there's that.
    But then Thor says, "However, I do think I have a path for us forward. Though it is fraught with peril, and perhaps we should best see where matters fall once we grant it some time."
    That said he nods again and he takes a deep breath before he looks to Natasha, "I know you have great ill will for my brother, Natasha. But in a situation like this he would excel. If we could only trust him."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha slowly straightens up, and then sort of slouches forward, touching the side of her head with narrowed eyes. When Thor mentions a way forward, her eyes move over to him, barely turning her head at first, before she straightens up and looks at him properly. A way forward sounds nice. Peril doesn't, right now. The mention of Loki makes her shut her eyes again, a rueful smile coming to her face.
    "... That's... a *lot*... to ask..." she says very slowly. "I'd... I'd really need to know the plan before I trust him with... *information* of all things." Honestly she'd rather Loki not know about this until after he finally leaves Earth for good.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Toasted and toasted and...toasted again: Steve lifts his goblet to another rousing, heartfelt, and kind accolade aimed in his direction and sips gingerly at the volume of mead in his hand. He's not buzzed...yet, though that possibility looms. He's currently in a clump of well-meaning conversationalists and explaining about the importance of cell phones -- yes, they are breakable, but you can access so much information at your fingertips -- no, the information isn't correct all of the time, but a wise mind thinks to double-check -- yes, libraries and libraries' worth of information.

At one point, the main instigator of conversation is hollered away by a cohort in the fete and the Captain excuses himself as politely as he can manage. He makes his way through the throng of party-goers, takes a moment to bow to a small coterie in confections of gowns (they giggle in his wake and how those ears pink), and he finally, FINALLY spots Thor and Natasha tucked into the alcove by the dais. There is a lingering look of concern for the fighter who lost a finger (poor bastard), but once he's sure there's nothing to be concerned about further, he completely separates himself to approach the two Avengers.

"Your father knows how to throw a shindig," comments the super-soldier light-heartedly. His smile falls into something more attentive though as he spots Natasha's general demeanor. "Did I walk into something I should walk away from?" A mild question in mild tone. His attention flicks to Thor as well.

Thor has posed:
    "Oh no, I don't intend to." Thor adjusts Natasha's perception as he answers, "He cannot be trusted now. I wish I could." He shakes his head and frowns. "It is just he would understand the angles of attack from which we might be assaulted. He was e'er best at perceiving the ways our enemies would strike."
    "But when we are back on Midgard we shall speak at length. Not here." That said he straightens up and then his smile broadens as the good Captain approaches. "Rogers." He says in that roiling rolling 'r' sort of way he does.
    Then the Asgardian Prince turns and asks of Natasha, "Should we tell him now or wait until we are on our way home?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods slowly, looking as if the hangover is starting to come early until Steve approaches. "Captain." She greets, a friendly expression briefly flickering onto her face before she loses it again in favor of acting natural. She seems to considering Thor's question for a long moment; ale and a whole new scale of problem slowing her thoughts; and says, "I don't... nnf... Steve, if you had to experience existential dread, would you rather do it here or at home?"

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve pauses in lifting his goblet of mead to his lips. Literally, it pauses at his lips. He frowns at Thor from beyond the tipped vessel and brings it down to reveal mouth parted in dubious curiosity, still silent of tongue. The question has an undercurrent of jest to it, after all, and it brings his keener attention to Natasha now.

Her query has his golden brows lifting up in plainly-exposed shock before they immediately furrow. "That's...a helluva question to ask, Nat, um..." Lips are rolled shut and he lifts his free hand to rub at the back of his neck along to the front beneath his ear, above the high collar-line of the stealth-suit. "Figure you might as well tell me now so I can at least try 'nd come up with a solution to this existential dread before we get back to home," the man decides, uninterested further now in his drink and feeling his stomach begin to twist.

Thor has posed:
    "Captain," Thor says in the way of beginnings, lowering his flagon but still holding it in both hands. "The good news is it is clear my father likes you." He nods to Natasha as if there, this is good, offer the good news first. "And he does not often call for celebrations, so this is meant as a momentous occasion."
    There, good news delivered.
    "However," He looks again at Natasha, likely for back up and help in winning the emotional battle. "You understand that Asgard views the nine realms as protectorates, yes?" He continues along, building this chain with the links available. "He wished for an ambassador. But being designated Lord of Midgard is a station above that. It places you on the same level as the Princes of Alfheim or Vanaheim."
    He then nods and murmurs, "In essence, in the eyes of the Asgardian court, you are the ruler of Midgard, responsible for it and the sole voice in matters regarding its welfare."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha meets Thor's nod with a stiff smile and tips her flagon towards her face. She doesn't lower it for several seconds.
    Natasha puts it down and sighs heavily. "... You're the ruler of Earth now."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Good news is good. By the way Steve's perplexed frown lifts into more of a concerned quirk, he's on-board with this particular observation: indeed, being on positive terms with the All-Father is something he hoped would happen, perhaps a bonus to the offer of Ambassadorship being accepted.

'However' ruins everything.

A nod of understanding follows at the protectorates, slowly, his lips thinning into a line of bone-deep disagreement beneath it all. Pop: up go those expressive eyebrows again and Steve's mouth opens in a momentary gape before he looks away and towards the ceiling, as if it to pray for some deitic wisdom in matters -- or for other aliens to beam him up now.

"See..." he begins with a tight clench to his voice before he pinches his lips shut again. "...y'know, I wouldn't've agreed to that if it'd been made clear to me beforehand that it wasn't a ceremonial title. That's..." A quick side-step and stoop puts aside the half-finished goblet of mead and Steve turns to begin walking away. His expression isn't...thunderous, persay, but it is deeply, deeply disquieted. "Thor, where can I find your father?"

Thor has posed:
    "My father is not available," Thor says as if it's clear that going and finding him and telling him he's wrong is a Bad Idea. "And you were, indeed, up for being an ambassador." The way Thor is speaking right now, it's amazing, they have /never/ heard him speak this way. It's the slow way that perhaps a manager of a China shop would speak to a bull standing in a box of firecrackers in the middle of his lobby.
    "However, my father in his wisdom... has felt you are the right man for this job. He has the gift of sight into the future, into the fates of the universe. I do not say this in a way to play this off as your mysticism. I say this as fact."
    He straightens up, "However, to attempt to speak to him now and to express... a wish to spurn this title and gift would have. Great. Grave. Repercussions." And after he says this he just looks at Steve steadily with his eyes wide, eyebrows high. "Now I ask you, Steve. To trust me. There is a way through this. It will take some doing. And we cannot speak of it here."
    A beat, then he adds, "Nor in front of any ravens."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha practically leaps out of her seat, quickly saying "Nonono! Steve!" as she moves towards him with surprising grace considering the day's lengthy festivities, getting in front of Steve and keeping him flanked as Thor tries to talk him down.
    Natasha nods her head, "Listen to him, Captain. Fighting this will only make things worse right now. For everyone. And we don't..." She glances to Thor hopefully, "... we don't know the full extent of what he expects from you. Maybe you can still get away with just an Ambassador's work... for the most part."
    Halfway through the sentence Nat realizes that finishing it is a lie, and goes through with it anyway. The first time Odin tells Steve to settle part of Earth down, this is all going to blow up in their faces, surely. But there's still time to think this through.
    GOD she hopes Thor has a real plan.
    "Earth still needs this. ... More than it needs the alternative."
    She believes that part, at least.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Brought up short by the quick movements of the Widow, Steve lets out a short huff and plants his feet, arms tightly crossed, lips thin. He turns in place, mostly over his shoulder to stare at the Asgardian prince. Thor gets a long and fairly intense look from his fellow Avenger as he speaks.

A pointer finger rises up most self-righteously. He speaks, voice still low and tight, at Thor. "I want it known, right now, that I agreed to be an Ambassador, NOT the ruler or Lord or what have you of Earth. You understand that." And the finger points at Natasha, his brows lifted high. "And //you// understand that."

Back goes the finger towards Thor. "I don't mean to disrespect your father, I also want that known -- nor do I want to fight him." A brief flat glance at Natasha before he looks back to Thor. "I like him, for what it's worth, even if this is a hinky way of setting some...prophesy for the future in action." God, to say that seems to make the man's shoulders drop in bemused rue.

Steve now rubs at one temple slowly. "Now, //you// have a way around this without me talking to your father as the Ambassador to Midgard? Great. We'll talk about it when there aren't any birds around."

Thor has posed:
    "Well..." Thor says and poor Natasha, she can likely see him about to say something that might not be conducive to a peaceful Steve. But for once, Thor errs on the side of caution, especially where his father comes into play. So he rises to his full considerable height and says levelly to Steve, "There is a strong chance that this will never arise again. How many years was it that Asgard left Midgard unbothered?"
    A hand rests upon Cap's shoulder, as if steadying the man. "And we will speak further once we return home in the morning." That said he shoots a look towards Natasha, eyes meeting hers for an instant and asking for her support in that small way people have between each other.
    Then he says levelly, "And if it comes to it, Captain. I will tell my father of this and your refusal. I will endure the repercussions, for it was my suggestion. Very well?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha doesn't frown when Steve singles her out, though her face briefly goes perfectly, almost robotically neutral as it usually does when she is not specifically controlling her expression, the red haired spy briefly unwilling to fake an expression, and especially not show her genuine feelings.
    A moment later she wrangles her expression into one of empathy as she honestly says, "Steve *none* of us expect you to go through with this. Nobody, not me, the Avengers, *nobody* wanted this, we *just* wanted you as our ambassador. I promise, SHIELD is going to *hate* this." She says, and a thought is spared for the dire situation her employment may be in; and that's without knowing the order that came in after she left to *absolutely not let this happen*, which she'll be thrilled to discover on her return.
    "If we're able to, we'll all be happy to forget this ever happened. At *worst* Tony will be Tony about it. At worst."
    Natasha shares that look with Thor, allowing herself to frown slightly at the prospect of Thor taking the brunt of his father's wrath... and wondering if that'll even be enough to contain it.

Steve Rogers has posed:
"Oh god, SHIELD..."

The rubbing of the blond temple deepens. He gives Natasha a more resigned look now, definitely one of solidarity. "Let me come along if Fury wants a word. Don't want you to be alone for that, 's'not all on you," he tells the red-head, mouth pulled to one side. "I'll take my share of that chewing-out." He reaches out to offer the olive branch of a hand to her rather than tuck it to her elbow or pat her shoulder, aware of her penchant for personal space. This is left out and hovering even as he looks over at Thor.

"It's also not a refusal, not yet. Thing is, Earth still needs an Ambassador. What it doesn't need is a ruler. These are two separate things 'nd should be treated as such, in my opinion. Regardless..." One can see Steve deflate into a more settled stance as a whole by the way he sighs and forces tension from his frame. "Don't want you taking that brunt, Thor, okay? 'm still honored you asked me first. That isn't negated by any of this. Let me be present if you need to talk to your father in the end, alright? Don't go it alone."

A sigh and squint between his fellow Avengers. "There's still a plan to discuss first after all. I think we can make this work in our favor. I trust you both."

Thor has posed:
    "Mmmm," Thor says even as he looks between the others. Even as the party continues beyond them. He folds his arms over his chest and seems to mull matters over then he offers them the results of those thoughts as he says simply. "I recommend we get rest, and in the morning we leave early. We return and then address this further."
    A look is given between them and he murmurs, "I'll see to getting someone to showing you your rooms." That said the Asgardian prince nods and starts to step across that great hall, heading off into the remaining crowd of revelers.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha is a little taken aback by Steve's offer, though she doesn't show it. Every now and then she wonders if she'll stop being surprised at how selfless Steve is. She's so used to everyone having an angle that she never truly seems to learn that lesson, even as she admires him for it. She manages a small smile. She doesn't know if it will be possible to bring Steve in, but... she appreciates the offer.
    She looks down at his hand and hesitates. It's true that Natasha doesn't like a lot of contact when it's not required - in the same way a soldier can have... tics after their service is over - but... she was able to share a moment with Thor. Maybe it's the ale, maybe it's because it's been a surprisingly touchy-feely personal week among a few of her comrades, but she feels okay about taking Steve's hand in both of hers and giving it a grateful squeeze. "... Thank you, Steve."
    Natasha seems to deflate with relief when Steve relents, and crosses her arms over her chest, distractedly zipping her suit back up to the neck where she had pulled it down a bit over the course of letting her figurative hair down for the festivities. Optimism isn't really in Natasha's nature, but she still nods her outward agreement, saying "We can deal with this." She says with perfectly feigned confidance. She softly voices her agreement with Thor and thanks him as he goes to establish their lodgings, before she's left to soak all of this in, her chin dipping downward.
    She is... not looking forward to this report.