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Room Descriptions for dummies
Date of Scene: 06 May 2021
Location: Ellie's Room
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Negasonic, Gabby Kinney, Talia Wagner

Negasonic has posed:
It's a clash of personalities in here.

One side is decorated very Spartan, by teenage standards. A row of vinyl records ontop of a bookshelf, a bed with black comforters, and a what probably amounts to an alter in some new aged hookie witchcraft. Everything is controlled chaos: clothes is unfolded, clean or otherwise, and hanging on the back of chairs with exactly two pairs of shoes. One pair black boots and one pair dragon slippers.

The dividing line between these two halves is a poster of an Oversized kitten shooting eyelasers down upon unwitting human pedestrians ala some space invader.

Then the other half of the room is far more lively. Colorful even.

But that's a story for another description...

Ellie is sitting on her bed finishing homework. T-shirt cut to hang off her shoulders, sweat pants, and socks, she's not wearing any makeup but has recently reshaved her head. Earbuds run up either side of her face, into which music is piped at probably too loud volumes because she's young and doesn't realize that this actually will make you go deaf.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Surprisingly the other side is very, very tidy given who the resident there is. There's no clothes strewn around: Everything has it's place. Boots rest at the foot of the bed ontop of an old munitions box that holds who-knows-what, as well as a pair of high top sneakers that were once a solid color. Now it is a travesty of different color shoe laces, and paint making it an odd clash of yellow, hot pink, and baby blue. What clothes are seen are neatly hung up on rows of hangers lining one wall. The bed is neatly folded if a bit wrinkled from someone sitting on it often. The bed spread is a rather cheery blue with bright yellow daisies all over it, while the pillow and sheets are bright yellow and white stripes. Even beneath the bed can be seen various boxes and containers neatly arranged and tucked to store items. It's the walls that scream 'OMG KAWAII' as a few posters adorn that corner wall. The best being a fluffy kitten with paws spread high laser-beaming a beach full of terrified tourists. Less exciting is a cowboy kitten riding the back of a unicorn t-rex. Gabby is sitting on her own bed with homework set to the side. Instead she has out a small rubbermaid container full of nail polish she was playing with to adorn her rather short nails while humming quietly to herself.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Okay to be fair this wasn't at all what Talia was expecting when she poked her head into this room of contrasts.

TJ peers at Ellie listening to her music too loud, but then who can blame her. I mean mutant healers means you never have to worry about hearing loss or scars or shit right. It is amazing anyone looks rough and tumble around any super hero team or school full of mutants as it were. Cheaters all of them.

The glance over towards Gabby's side of the room gets a similar appraisal. So different. If there was a Nickelodian Sitcom or Disney show with two odd couple sort of roomies forced to live together at a whacky school full of hijinks.... this would be the room.

TJ, who is a bit of a ninja to be honest, makes a purposefully loud HMMMmmmmMm noise as she adopts a post leaning against the doorway. "Okay... those are either mega disturbing or adorable.." she jabs her tail at the dragon slippers.

Then TJ's attention shifts back to Gabby's side. "And .. that is ... a whole lot of kittens..." the one riding a unicorn T-Rex is studied thoughtfully.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie is a lot of things, but she is not overly observant when sitting in her own room. Or at all, honestly. Unless someone fucks up and it needs to be recorded for making fun of them later, she very likely misses it (or just ignores it, that too is a possibility). Which is why she doesn't initially react to TJ being a ninja.

Not to take anything away from Ninja TJ, she's super ninjitsu, just that there's contributatory factors at play here. The point of which is, Ellie doesn't glance up at the fuzzy intruder to her spiders lair.

Not until she's right there pointing her tail at the adorably dangerous slippers.

One earbud is yanked out with a jerk of her wrist, blue eyes upon the demon with a withering glare. Venom about to spew forth from her mouth ala Mount Vesuvius. "... what?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney glances up from her own task of dabbing nailpolish on a finger with a look of mild surprise. Sure, she was kind of a ninja herself in some ways, but she was off duty. Also she hadn't needed to sneak in ages... And she was distracted with the smell of nailpolish as well as the faint bit of music she could hear coming from Ellie's earbuds even over where she sat. There's no jump or jolt of surprise though when Ellie reacts causing her to look up as well with a grin. "They're super cute, right? You'd never guess whose they were." Except for the obvious fact that they were on THAT side of the room and not hers. "Long time no see, Talia. How's it going?"

Talia Wagner has posed:
There is a be-fanged grin as Ellie pulls out an earbud and gives a withering glare. That was pretty much the rise she was hoping to get honestly. "I said your slippers are both disturbing and adorable. Which honestly is a pitch perfect reflection on their owner."

Shots fired.

"Also said there was a ...whole lot of kittens on that half of the room." tail point towards Gabby and the side of the room with the kittens.

"Doing pretty good Gabby, you up to no good or being a model student?" amusement in her tone.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie leans to the side to look off the edge of the bed at her slippers, "They're named Wednesday and Elvira." Never actually looking away from TJ for longer than a few seconds incase she tries to do something cheeky... she has her eyes on you.

As for the sideways compliment:


At least at first. Then it's an utterly deadpan, "Yes. I am the picture of adorable."

To Gabby, looking over at her with no expression whatsoever, "Do you hear that? Dangerous."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I like kittens. And other various animals," Gabby points out with a careless shrug. The open bottle of polish is carefully juggled to her opposite hand so she can put the top back on without accidentally smooshing her newly painted nail which was a pleasantly bright shade of neon green. Just on her middle finger. Got to make sure that's seen when she wants it to be. "I've been good. It's been kind of dull around here, lately. Well other than Alchemax trying to get me one last time the last time I was in New York, but some hero types were there to help me fight them off. Got a new Sig Saur out of it." With that she offers a bright grin and looks again to Ellie. "Would you rather a big marshmallow to dangerous?"

Talia Wagner has posed:
I mean. Maybe they aren't the Xaviers Sitcom Disney Channel Odd Couple Roomies situation.

Yes the bright colors and kittens are pretty stark compared to the other side of the room.

The Middle Finger only nail polish though is pretty on point for a Negasonic world as far as TJ can figure out.

All of this is taken in and there is a slow nod from the blue demon velvety furred mutant chick.

"I see... I see..." a thoughtful noise. "Personally I prefer deadly and dangerous to marshmellows." she snaps her fingers. "If things are boring.. we obviously need to take a field trip. Maybe go punch some anti-mutant protesting Nazi wannabe scumbags in the face... that sounds like a good extracurricular activity to me."

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic considers the question, looking down at her sheets where the answer obviously resides... "Dangerous." As if this is some how a genuine question rather than rhetorical. The other bud is pulled from her ear and the cord removed from the phone. "We're punching nazi's? Do we get extra credit per Nazi punched?" This, too, is a rhetorical question. She knows that is unlikely.

"Somehow I doubt that would be very welcomed around here. At least as far as I've seen. Battery of individuals, no matter how terrible and punchable they may be, is often frowned upon." This doesn't mean she hasn't punched and would not again punch, nazi's.

But she's so contrary she'll play devils advocate for something as universal as let's go punch a nazi.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"That all depends on who you're dealing with," Gabby points out while admiring her handiwork. The polish is tucked away back into the case meant to hold it nice and neat. Got to know where everything is to be able to find it quick. "My entire family are 'dangerous killers', doesn't mean I wanna be that way. Of course there's nothing against punching a jerk or even lightly maiming. Depends on the reason." There's a long pause as she seems to consider this. "I'm down for punching Nazis."

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ just leans on the doorway and watches how her suggested field trip is consumed, thought about to differing degrees, countered, or agreed to.

"I mean.. a very wise woman once said that every Nazi who remains alive will kill women, children, and old folks. Dead nazis are harmless. Therefore if you kill a nazi, you are saving lives...."

There is a pause. "Now.. I'm not talking about killing the mutant hating fascists... just punching them in their damn mouths. They should be so lucky that I am just recommending an ass whupping to be fair." her three fingered hands spread in a concilatory gesture.

"I would think this middle ground, compromise, and team activity ... should be encouraged and absolutely worth extra credit. Probably per fascist punched."