6744/Harley and Aimee's Cross-Country Cavalcade: Part 3 - Meeting the Parents

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Harley and Aimee's Cross-Country Cavalcade: Part 3 - Meeting the Parents
Date of Scene: 29 June 2021
Location: Beverley Hills 90210
Synopsis: Harley meets Aimee's parents, and Aimee drops a (figurative) bomb.
Cast of Characters: Aimee Alexander, Harley Quinn

Aimee Alexander has posed:
It had been a surprisingly wild few days of road tripping. Or, perhaps not so surprising given one Harley Quinn was both driver and navigator. Still, Aimee had had to admit the view of the Grand Canyon had been worth it, as had the necessity of taking lactase pills so her lactose intolerent body could enjoy a stop at a Dairy Queen. The dinner at Hooters was however a little awkward, and the teen still wasn't sure whether Harley had been joking about robbing the Luxor after losing a little money there during their stopover in Vegas. The nights were no less interesting, varied, and exhausting; her girlfriend apparently having new things planned for each of *them* too.

Despite the overall fun and excitement of the road trip adventure, Aimee is about ready for it to be over. She's already considering the idea of just buying plane tickets and paying for someone else to drive the Jaguar back to NY for them. And, even in the not-unlikely event that Harley will insist on not letting a stranger drive her vehicle, the teen has been seriously giving thought to just leaving her girlfriend to make the journey back solo while taking a flight by herself. Guilt gnaws at her chest a little for even thinking of it, but with Harley's willful nature and eye for adventure there's no telling how long the return trip would take by car. Or how sleep deprived she'd be at the end of it.

At least they'd finally reached LA; now only a few minutes away from her home in-fact. Her *parents'* home; she grimaces, mentally reminding herself of her hard-won independence. The teen is privately thankful that it's late enough in the evening that they've missed dinner; the stiff silence at the Alexander dinner table would probably not be something Harley would enjoy, and when Harley didn't enjoy something...

"Harls? If my Mom starts giving me a hard time, or... or they say anything you don't think is fair to me... you don't need to defend me okay? Even if I don't defend myself. No point in defending yourself when the bullets are bouncing right off, right?" Aimee throws a nervous glance towards the clownette, eyes wide and silently pleading. "I just... I want this to go well. But, even if it doesn't, I at least want *you* to be able to make the best impression possible, y'know?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Last night before arriving on LA more properly Harley had suggested they stopped on a off-road motel so they'd be fresh and ready to meet the parents in the morning. Of course that it had devolved into Harley hearing sounds outside during the night and making comments about it turning into a murder slasher movie. But at least she had been stopped before wandering off to look for the source. Ah, well! Of course that it does great for anyone wanting to actually sleep it up for tomorrow!

And now that they were on their way to meet Aimee's parents Harley smiles faintly at the young woman, "Don't worry! I always make an impression!" see the play with words there?

She seems to understand well what Aimee means about those bullets bouncing right off though, lips quirking to the side, "I see that's how you trained your powers so well.." she comments, expression turning a bit more sober. But she offers a nod.

At least she seemed committed about not taking this in a jokingly manner. Was she nervous though? Outside there was nothing, she appearing as her usual perky clownette.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee doesn't seem particularly reassured by Harley's words, but there's not much more she can do than ask and hope for the best. The clownette was the type to do what she wanted and follow her heart's desires, and Aimee has long since given up trying to change that about her.

"I mean... hopefully they'll be so busy choking on the fact I'm a mutant they'll be too busy to pry too much into the attractive woman named Harleen who I'm dating." She teen tries to inject her voice with positive she doesn't feel, and fails miserably. Chewing her lip she reaches for Harley's closest hand to clutch at it for reassurance, more than willing to let the rather reckless driver drive one-handed if it means comfort.

She visibly tenses when she spots her parents house further down the road, a hissed intake of breath through her teeth accompanying the sight.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Aimee was most likely growing wise in the ways of Harley by not being too reassured! There was an element of chaos that seemed to always follow after Harley, turning ordinary and mundane things to wild adventures. This trip had been proof of it.

"I sorta realize ya haven't told me about 'em yet." She then finally says as they are driving down the road towards her parents place. Give it to Harley to leave those questions to the END of the trip! "Anythin' I should know?"

She turns her hand around, fingers lacing around Aimee's while she drives one-handed indeed. "Many parents have trouble acceptin' who we are." She then finally says in a more quiet, sober tone, "Just because we are different, or don't follow their perfect view of how we should be." a shrug. "But for what it's worth I am proud of you, Aimee."

Blue eyes turn to look at Aimee more directly, offering her a more open smile before she comes to a stop in front of Aimee's place.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"My Mom'll be the problem..." It's not an ideal way for Aimee to start telling Harley about what to expect, but given how little time they have now it gets the point across. "My Dad... he's strict, but... he has more trust in me. To make smart decisions I mean. Even when we disagree, he'll accept the disagreement if I can make a good case for my point of view. But my Mom? She's... not used to hearing 'no'."

The empath squeezes Harley's hand, clutching it maybe just a little too tightly. The clownette's words of comfort wash over her, and though she tries her best to take them to heart she doesn't really manage it. Though Harley's declaration of pride does get a slight scoff and eyeroll, Aimee offering a half-hearted grin in return. "You're my girlfriend, not my Mom." A sigh is heaved, and the grin becomes a slightly forced smile "But, thanks."

The car pulls up, and Aimee stares out the window at the house she grew up in for a few awkward moments. Finally, disentangling her fingers from Harley's, she undoes her seatbelt and gets out of the car. And then, perhaps to put off having to approach the house a little longer, pushes her arms up and arches her back in a hard stretch; rising up onto her tiptoes and closing her eyes.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The brief explanation about Aimee's parents seems to be enough for Harley as she makes no further questions about them. Maybe it's enough for her picture of the two! Or at least Aimee's point of view on them. Regardless as the car stops as they start getting ready to go out Harley just eyes Aimee about her comment. "Ya really need ta learn ta take a compliment, Aims!" the woman reaching to tap her shoulder and then also gets out of the car.

Having taken a detour from her usual shorty-shorts or crazily colored clothing Harley chose to favor a more travel-conscious manner. Or maybe it's a parent-conscious manner. But at least she appears to be making an effort with being dressed in jeans, sneakers (of the same color) and a cropped top of black and pink. The hair is still blue and red but hey, that's a trademark!

And she either doesn't realize Aimee has lingered behind or simply doesn't want her to hesitate in coming forward. So when Aimee looks after the stretching? Harley is already walking up the porch to the front of the house, looking here and there curiously. "I s'ppose I should had asked if theah's a murderous dog in the yard but ...." she grins.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee jerks, feeling self-conscious as she realises she's been left standing next to the car by herself. Jogging slightly to catch up to the clownette, the teen gently elbows her and shakes her head "As if *you* of all people need to be worried about murderous dogs. You have Bud and Lou wrapped around your little finger." She grabs Harley's hand before her girlfriend can do something like wander off exploring the yard and pulls her along to the doorway, muttering a wry "...and everyone else" under her breath.

Her free hand presses the doorbell, which makes an audible chime, after which nothing. For her part Aimee doesn't seem inclined to press it again, waiting patiently and doing her best to make sure her girlfriend doesn't get impatient. Just as it seems like there may be no response coming the door opens to reveal Aimee's mother.

The woman is expensively dressed, and the picture of elegance. In fact, from the neck down one could even say she was beautiful. Unfortunately, above the neck are primly pursed lips, a tilted up jaw, narrowed eyes and hair pulled back into a severe bun. "Aimée." Her daughter's name is said more like a statement than a greeting, a slight French lilt to the word. Her eyes move to Harley for a moment, take her in, and immediately dismiss her, before moving back to the teen in front of her. "You and your friend may join us in the living room. Your father will be with us in a moment."

With that said, the woman turns on her heel and stalks deeper into the house without so much as beckoning to follow. Aimee's expression already possesses the coldness that indicates the use of her powers, though her own narrowed eyes perhaps indicate a limited success.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Perhaps not realizing that Aimee is actually getting Harley's hand so she doesn't wander off she appears to take it as an invitation, which means the clownette brings that arm up and around Aimee's shoulder to bring her close to her while they walk those last few meters separating them from the door. The proximity makes it so some of her feelings are more visible to the empath. The nervousness that somewhat mirrors Aimee's and even a little bit of self-consciousness about how wrong this can all go. Still, she speaks up as if she hadn't a care in the world, "I doooo..." this about the hyenas, "I have been sendin' them photos o' our adventures! They are enjoyin' them." she reveals. Most likely meaning it's April showing them the photos. But hey, no need to go into details!

Ringing the doorbell, and then the wait, gets Harley thinking. "Ah crap, I forgot the mints back in the car..." she is just about to turn to go get them when the door opens and she puts in her best smile. For once she doesn't barge in and talk or introduces herself, instead letting Aimee do the honors. Maybe she is just too used to her own experiences with her own parents to get up to many shenanigans.

The cold greeting between them has her mmm thoughtfully but she starts making her way in alongside Aimee. Leaning in she whispers. "How long ya said ya hadn't seen them?" the hand has gone back to holding Aimee's, perhaps to give her support in this as they walk further in.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee walks slowly so she can properly respond to Harley without her mother overhearing. "Maybe a month before I met you?" Looking at Harley now, and having felt the clownette's own surprising nervousness, Aimee takes a deep breath before putting her arm around her girlfriend's waist with the intend to pull them close together as they walk. As much a supportive gesture for Harley as it is a message to her parents about the importance of the woman with her.

"Don't worry. My father is *far* more polite." The words are said loud enough to carry along the hallway, and the coldness has already fallen away from Aimee's face to be replaced with anger. Her mother doesn't visibly respond, simply stepping through an open doorway into what is presumably the living room and leaving the pair to follow.

The living room is large, and though it looks obviously expensive it somehow manages to also look... 'homey'. Aimee's mother sits straight backed in an arm chair in front of a coffee table, another empty armchair next to her and a loveseat across from the table where the pair are probably expected to sit.

"Maman, this is my girlfriend Harleen." Aimee finally makes the overdue introduction, only to get a dismissve snort from the other woman. "Save your introductions for when your father gets here, dear. There's little point in saying them twice."

Aimee's fingers clench, the hand around the clownette's waist clasping possessively on the skin, and though she tries to keep it bottled up the faintest wisps of her bubbling fury on Harley's behalf slip through.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The arm around her seems welcome, Harley smiling across to Aimee while they make their way in, taking solace in their proximity and letting her own nervousness slowly abate. She does take the hint that Aimee isn't wanting to hide anything so her own arm goes up and around the young woman's shoulders, keeping close. Yet she does comment in a low tone to Aimee as they are still walking.

"Thought ya said about bullets bouncin' right off..?" clearly not what the vibe she is getting after the snarky comment back to her mother! And that anger? That's palpable enough.

The expensive look on the house has Harley let out a quick whistle, grinning. "Great house you got here...." and then as the woman doesn't really introduce herself she adds, " .... Maman." that's what you get for not sharing your name! She smiles all innocently though.

"Ooh, mahogany.." she comments about some rather expensive furniture she spots. "Love the choice." Harley is quite the connoisseur where it comes to knowing expensive stuff! Back from when she was a criminal princess... Go figure!

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee's mother makes no attempt to respond to Harley's efforts to be polite, all-but-ignoring the clownette's presence. And as a result Aimee's anger only grows, narrowed eyes fixed on her mother and lips curling into a snarl. She inhales sharply, and everything about her body language screams that she's about to start something. And then "Aimee! I apologise, I was just finishing up an important call. And this is the... friend? You said was driving you?"

Whatever Aimee might have been going to say or do, the arrival of her father provides ample distraction. While it seems he already suspects, the teen is quick to correct her father "Dad! No, this... this is my girlfriend. Harleen, this is my father, Richard. And as you might have guessed the woman who has been ignoring you this entire time is my mother, Genevieve."

Richard, for his part, throws a long suffering glance at his wife at the mention of her behaviour, while Genevieve appears completely unaffected. "Show some class, Aimée. I raised you better than to talk to your mother like that in front of a guest." "Oh, so *now* she's a guest? Until 5 seconds ago I wasn't even sure you knew she existed!" "Don't you-" "Genevieve!" Richard's voice cuts through the building argument, his eyes closed as he pinches the bridge of his nose.

Aimee's mother glares, rising to her feet swiftly and turning her back on the room "*This* is who my Grandfather wants to inherit. You deal with her Richard, I'm about done with her foolish antics." The woman stalks out of the room, while her husband heaves a sigh. Aimee seems too stunned by her mother's abrupt departure to react, so her father approaches Harley and offers a hand "Richard Alexander. I apologise for the reception. Things have been... tense recently."

Harley Quinn has posed:
There is no surprise on Harley's expression as the family drama goes on. Is she too used to it? Maybe she has suffered the same kind of stigma? Or perhaps she saw much of it as a psychologist. One would be surprised how much trouble with their parents supervillains can have. So what does she do? Remain stoically next to Aimee, projecting out a sense of calmness, and one of reassurance.

That she isn't in this alone.

"Oooh, Genevieve. The patron saint of Paris." Yes, Harley knows. Smart that she is! And it's even devised as a compliment to try and cool things down. Not that it works because soon enough Genevieve is walking away. Ah, well..

The father's approach has her gaze shift to rest on the man and she reaches up to exchange an handshake. "It is good to meet you, Mr. Alexander. And it's all quite fine. I am used ta woirse!" she is!

"Aimee here looks like she really could use a water or somethin'. We've been travellin' for a few days now." she explains.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Richard pauses for a moment, narrowing his eyes at Harley before asking "Brooklyn?" A grin follows, the man obviously trying to put his guest at ease especially in light of what she just bore witness to.

"Gosh, where *are* my manners. Of course you're thirsty after a long drive. Anything in particular you'd prefer? We have sparkling water, pulp free orange juice, and some craft beers in the fridge. Also some white wine." He finally turns his attention to his daughter, "A Riesling, sweety?" Aimee finally nods "Thanks Dad. Umm... why was Maman so-" She cuts herself off at her father's raised hand. "I'll explain once I've got you two your drinks. Now please, sit. Make yourselves comfortable. I'll not be long."

With those words, Richard leaves the room, closing the door behind him to perhaps give the two girls a bit of privacy to collect themselves. Aimee takes the opportunity to lean heavily against Harley, her voice sounding a little lost now that the confrontation is over. "I was expecting... but... she's never been like *that*... Was she really so pissed about be moving to NYC?" Even as she asks the question she doesn't seem to believe that's the reasoning. "God, I haven't even told them the *big* news yet..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Yup, that's me!" Brooklyn. A beamy smile when the man is able to place her accent. Harley then explains. "Brooklyn, then Gotham, then Brooklyn again..." hands moving up in the air as if it helps in the explaining, "So it's a mishmash of both accents."

The choices do leave her wondering a moment and then she decides to be fancy, "I will have some white wine." hey, it's good to indulge!

As Richard then walks out to go get those drinks Harley looks down to Aimee, turning so she is fully facing the other, hands on both the girl's shoulders. "Mmm, I don't know. Sounds like something different." her hands squeezing the young woman's shoulders, "Just wait and your father will explain. Speculatin' will just make ya moouh angry." but then she leans in to whisper in a lower tone. "Though if we don't like the explanation I have oggled the silvahwaeh. We could sell it and get a night out in Vegas!" a wink following mostly showing she is joking.


Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee can't help the reluctant smile that tugs at her lips in response to Harley's 'mostly' joke. Shaking her head she mumbles a soft, appreciative "I love you..." before making her way the short distance to the loveseat and flopping down into it.

"At least Dad doesn't seem to have a problem with you. I was worried he'd recognize you the moment you mentioned Gotham and freak out or somethin. But..." She frowns thoughtfully "I guess that doesn't mean he *hasn't* recognized you, I mean... you *are* pretty unforgettable." And gosh, hasn't it been a while since Harley has gotten to hear any of Aimee's embarrassingly over-the-top flirting. "Thanks for bein here with me, Harls..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Walking along with Aimee towards the couch Harley settles down next to her before speaking up in a quiet manner, leaning over to rest her forehead to the young woma's. "I love ya too." she shares, lips touching Aimee's before she relaxes more fully on the seat. Not flopping. Because Harley doesn't flop! She normally lounges. But right now she mostly sits upright!

It's when Aimee starts with her attempts at flirting that a devilishly little grin comes to Harley's expression. Not that she answers it. At least not with words. Instead? She starts humming a tune.

And yes, she is humming the song Unforgettable. Hey, it's a classic at the karaoke night-outs they often go to!

Is she trying to goad the girl into singing a bit while they wait? Or maybe simply trying to put the other at ease. She winks at her.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Oh my god, you are even cornier than I am. That song is so ooooold, you need new material!" Aimee grins and gives Harley a playful shove before ultimately leaning against her and using her shoulder as a pillow.

"Y'know, I think I get what you meant, now. About not saying it until I really meant it? I... I thought I meant it before, but... it just kinda slipped out without thinking this time." There's a faint flush to the teen's cheeks, and she seems a little shy about actually being specific about what she's talking about, but it's probably (hopefully) more than clear.

Richard returns a few minutes later, a glass of white wine in each hand and a closed beer bottle held under an armpit. "Sorry for the delay, ladies. Your drinks." The glasses are carefully handed to their recipients before a pricey looking pocketknife is used to open the bottle of beer. Drinks procured, Richard settles himself in his chair and spends a moment to take a sip and look between the two young women across from him.

"Your Grandfather contacted us shortly after he found out you had graduated early." The words immediately capture Aimee's attention, her head lifting from Harley's shoulder as she leans forward. "You're going to inherit from him directly. He's never liked the idea of your mother taking over his company and you've more than proven yourself a viable alternative. Your mother... well, she wasn't pleased."

Aimee seems dumbfounded for a moment, before shaking her head in disbelief "But... I mean... you always both made it seem like I was always going to inherit the companies of both you and Grandpapa. What... what *changed?*" "Well, yes, eventually, yes that was the plan. But your mother always expected ownership to go through her first. That your Grandfather saw fit to skip over her is something of an insult to her." Richard's response is calm, factual, but certainly hides what his own opinion on the matter might be.

"Oh this is ridi... so it's *my* fault?" "Aimee. Stop. I'm not saying I agree with your mother. I am simply giving you the facts." "So I can make my own decision, yeah... I know..." It seems like the start and finish of a commonly said saying or lesson, Aimee finishing it with a frustrated resignation in her voice. "And you rarely make the wrong ones, sweety. Which is why I'm not going to question why you're dating Harley Quinn. I trust that you've made the right decision." Richard reveals his knowledge of Harley's identity bluntly and glances speculatively towards the clownette, the charm he exhuded earlier having been replaced with the presence of a businessman. "And I trust you'll take care of my daughter, Miss Quinn? And that you won't get her into any trouble?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Nothin' wrong with my material!" So says Harley. Then winking, because Aimee knows what she means. But then she continues on humming quietly, rocking alongside Aimee slowly, arm around her. "There are things which are too important to be said without meaning." she agrees, and Aimee then perhaps saved 'by the bell' from getting to sing when the sound of her father walking back in is heard.

Harley looks up and accepts the glass of wine with quite the elegant gesture. She can be chic! "Thank you."

As the conversation starts going between them Harley leans back, one leg crossing over the other, glass being brought to lips for a sip. Such a clownette lady! Brows arch and she comments in a low tone, "Oh shit .." but it's clearly overheard by those there with her.

That Richard actually knows her makes Harley both proud but also grinning, "Oh, you are a devious man. I like that." this about the deception earlier.

That last question has her pause though, considering it, eyes then going to Aimee, "Aimee is proving ta be able ta take care o' herself a lot bettah than anyone gives her credit foouh." she tells the man. "And while I won't promise ta keep her outta trouble..." because really, she would break the promise in like ..., 10 minutes? "I can at least say I will take care o' her with the best o' my capacity."

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Richard stares at Harley, a neutral expression on his face, even as Aimee holds her girlfriend almost protectively and stares back at the man. The moment is allowed to go on just long enough to become uncomfortable before the man nods his agreement. "She *is*, isn't she?" Apparently he found... whatever it was he was looking for, since his scrutiny of the clownette ends and he takes another casual sip of his beer.

"Now, sweety, as much as I would *like* to believe you came all the way here to introduce your new girlfriend to us? You've always been the type to pick your battles, to deal with things only once they need to be dealt with and then do so as efficiently as possible. So I can only assume it is something *else* that brings you here, and us meeting Miss Quinn was merely something you felt was opportune to accomplish if you were coming here anyway."

Aimee winces, and looks down. Always a little disconcerted when her father so accurately reads her like that. Clearly there was a good reason Richard Alexander was a successful businessman. Looking to Harley momentarily, and giving her girlfriend's waist a squeeze to give herself some comfort, Aimee finally admits her reason for coming. "The... the anti-mutant bill. I think... I think you should publically announce that Alexander Biotech is against it. That regardless of whether the bill passes or not we'll continue to hire mutants."

Her father stares at her for a moment, before tilting his head slightly "Make the case." It seems like perhaps this is something of a tradition, or at least something Aimee expected, because she immediately begins doing just that.

"Beyond the obvious benefits to good will, many mutants have abilities that can make them more efficient workers or enable them to accomplish tasks that may prove more difficult or impossible for normal humans. Furthermore, even in cases where the abilities have no obvious benefit to our processes we may in time develop ways to take advantage of the unique abilities our workers possess, giving us an advantage over competitors with a strictly human employee base. Finally, the rate at which mutants are born seems to be increasing over time, and as such their proportion of the population is steadily increasing. Allying with a minority today will mean strong loyalty from tomorrow's majority." Aimee looks perhaps the faintest bit nervous, but otherwise unbothered by the rather unfeeling and callus way she just talked about mutants. Perhaps a side of her Harley has yet to see.

"You made some good points, but I think you overestimate the good-will we would get from such a decision and underestimate how damaging it could be amongst out clients with more... conservative inclinations. Setting aside how unlikely it is that the people most qualified to work for us would happen to have mutant abilities specifically useful for us, why should anyone believe we mean what we say when companies supporting the latest 'cause' are already all over social media?" Richard stares at Aimee, frowning slightly, as if he had expected more from her. More thought, more nuance. The teen flinches under the gaze, takes a deep breath, then breathes out "Because your daughter is a mutant."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Ooo, staredown contests. Harley can get behind those. So when Richard starts scrutinizing her? She is staring right back. Unblinkingly too! It's like a game to her. But maybe she is scrutinizing the man in the same manner. Eventually she does lean back with a bit of a grin, Harley draining the rest of her white wine. Though maybe she should had kept some for the revelations that are to come next!

She listens to Aimee expose the case over, not commenting until the end when she adds, "My best friends are mutants." she points out. Helpfully. Of course that considering who it is they may also be villains! Poison Ivy does come to mind...

Still, she listens and when Aimee reveals being a mutant she reaches to place a hand on the girl's. Showing she already knew about it. But that wouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee turns her hand to entwine her fingers with Harley's, clutching at the clownette's hand like a lifeline as she waits for her father's response. The man in question seems deep in thought, eyes raking over his daughter as if searching for some evidence of her claim. Eventually he places his beer on the coffee table and clears his throat. "I won't insult you by asking if you're certain." His eyes drift between his daughter and his daughter's girlfriend who seems completely unsurprised at the revelation, and perhaps that is what helps cement his belief.

"I can feel emotions. It's-" Aimee begins to explain, but is interrupted by her fathers hand being held up. "You don't need to tell me. Perhaps this is one of those things it's better not to, in fact. This is a powerful card you have in your hand-" "-and you don't reveal your hand until the betting's done. I know, I just..." Aimee trails off, looking like she can't quite explain why she felt it was important to give her father more information.

"Aimee. You're my daughter. That hasn't changed. Do you understand? Year after year you surpass my expectations. I am proud of you." Richard reaches out a hand hesitantly, making it halfway across the coffee table before second guessing the gesture and picking up his beer, just as Aimee's hand jerks in an aborted movement to go meet it. "I'll tell Garry to expect a call from you in the next couple weeks. You remember him? My head of Public Relations? I'll leave the two of you to figure out the details of the announcement. My only request is that *you* be the one doing it. It's your initiative. It's your secret to tell. And it will be your company one day. I think you've earned the right to start getting a feel for the ropes."

While Aimee initially seems terribly moved by the declaration of pride, it quickly becomes a look of panic when her father places the sole responsibility on her. "But..." Not seeming to notice (or perhaps care), Richard stands and takes another swig of his beer. "Stay the night. I'll get your mother out of the house, rent a nice hotel room somewhere, and pass along your news. There's no reason my daughter shouldn't be sleeping in her own bed tonight." His attention turns back to Harley "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Quinn. A shame it couldn't be under better circumstances. I trust when I return tomorrow nothing will be missing." "DAD!" "Relax, sweety, I'm only joking." There's a small smile on his lips, so he probably was.

Mostly, at least.

With that said, the patriarch of the Alexander family leaves the room, Aimee trembling slightly with a combination of relief and nervousness next to Harley.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Good that ya were only jokin'.." Is Harley's retort, "Cos I don't intend to leave the silverware in place!" see what she did there? Wordplay! But she winks back up at the patriarch, waving in farewell at the man. "Good ta meet ya."

And there's a lot that Harley could say at this moment, instead choosing to wrap one arm around the young woman, keeping her close, watching those footsteps start to leave. What she says next isn't exactly a 'well done', or a 'you were so brave!'. Nope. Instead she speaks up quietly.

"Life is made o' moments like these, Aimee. Ya shouldn't leave without hugging your father." she tells her, perhaps suggesting she should go and do that right now. "No matter how awkward it may feel. But it's a new Aimee, she should do new things too." a finger reaching up to press on her nose.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee hesitates at Harley's suggestion, looking uncertain. Or rather, perhaps, looking scared of being hurt. But after a deep breath (or maybe just the tap to her nose) for motivation, the teen stands and calls out "Dad!"

Richard stops in the doorway, turning with a raised eyebrow only to get an armfull of teenage daughter. However unusual such a thing is, the man at least knows how to give a hug; his arms wrapping warmly around his daughter while she stands on her tiptoes and presses her cheek against his.

"I love you, Dad." Aimee visibly trembles, her voice sounding just a little watery as her father awkwardly pats her on the back. "You're my daughter, sweety. I don't know what you expected, but I'll always have your back. No matter what." An awkward nod, and the hug is released. Richard stepping out of the room to go and find his wife, and Aimee almost dazedly making her way back towards Harley; eyes sparkling with unshed tears.

Flopping into Harley's lap, the empath is quiet for a moment before finally whispering "He really is proud of me..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
As Aimee goes to do what Harley said the clownette seems happy about it, watching the two of them in a close moment and for a change deciding to stay quiet. Sometimes it's good to not talk and just watch. So that's just what she does, legs extended forward and crossed at her ankles..., also reaching out to snatch Aimee's white wine to have a quick drink from it. She needed it!

When Aimee returns to settle down with Harley she wraps her arms around the other woman, comfortably loose and resting her chin on her shoulder, "He is." she confirms back to Aimee, baby blue eyes turning to watch her.

"How do you feel after this?" She then asks. "Was it how you'd hoped it went?"

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Things with Dad? Yeah... I guess how I hoped they would. Things with my Mother...?" Aimee makes a face, some of the tearful elation from her father's pride fading to be replaced by anger. "She's... such a self-absorbed... CUNT! She doesn't care about me! Hell, I doubt she cares about Dad either. All she cares is that she won't get her precious inheritance and that maybe Grandpapa doesn't love her. How the *fuck* does she think *I've* felt?!"

Aimee's chest heaves and her shoulders sag, the words seeming to have exhausted her. "But forget her. Who cares. Grandpapa is proud of me. My Dad is proud of me. I have a beautiful girlfriend who loves me. Aaaaand..." She glances towards the living room door "Soon as Dad gets the grumpy witch outta here, I can take you on a tour of the house! Tell you stories about growing up here. I can show you the neighbourhood, and my old school!" The teen's spirits apparently bouyed by the idea, she nestles in against Harley with a smile. "And until then? I've got the best seat in the house."