7145/Fireworks Gone Missing

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Fireworks Gone Missing
Date of Scene: 30 July 2021
Location: Horse Stables
Synopsis: Noriko freaks out after Jubilation doesn't come home after a shift at the Burger Joint and after a non-stop search, tells Rogue that the mutant is missing.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Noriko Ashida

Rogue has posed:
It's late afternoon at Xavier's on a Friday.

Rogue just got back froma ride on her favorite horse Buttercup and has put the horse back in to the stall where she's been fixing her up since the ride ended. She's feeding and watering the horse, picking up around its stall and now stepping out the open door to close it back behind her. The Southern Belle is wearing a pair of denim jeans with a white tanktop on beneath a red flannel that is tied around her stomach and sleeves pushed up to her elbows. She has a straw cowgirl hat on, the sides of its brim rolled up for easier grabbin'. She's got her phone on the stall door playing some classic rock tunes.%

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Last night, Noriko was crossing her fingers that Jubilation would come back with extra burgers from her shift at Burger Joint, but the burgers never arrived, and neither did Jubes.  Nori's mind shot straight to all of the anti-mutant sentiment and rage they'd endured around Salem Center and she took off to see if Jubes was just held up or maybe she got deterred by some kind of something.  Anything but the horrors racing through her brain.


Noriko appears, eyes with actual bags under them, leaning over with her hands on her knees as she catches her breath.  She's in what must have been her pjs plus her kicks.  Just some short pink shorts and a purple tank.  Even at speed, the girl does not stop to say hello to her Pony.  "I can't find her.  I can't?"  Tears shoot down the speedster's cheeks, but not even, because they keep just welling up too quickly in her eyes before gravity can draw them down.  Little blurs across her face swipe the tears away but it's a lost cause.  "Jubes never came home last night.  Last night," she mumbles as if in a fugue state.  She blinks blankly and then her head twitches toward the nearest splash of sunlight.  "What time is it?!"  Swipe swipe.

"How long has she been missing?!"  Why Nori has been holding her own wrist becomes clear as she starts to vibrate with her own shaking.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is looking up at the sound of the girl running her way before she even arrives. But when she DOES and she explains whats up, the Belle closes the stall door ot the horse pen and puts her left on the top of it, her right going to he rhip.

"She didn't come home?" She asks again. But doesn't really need it answered again.

"She's been kinda peeved about the Brotherhood bein' around, maybe she's hangin' out with some friends off campus?" Rogue instantly starts thinking of who Jubes known friends are off campus and all she can picture at the pimple parade she works with at the Burger Joint....

"It's like 3 o'clock." Rogue answers about the time as she grabs her phone out of her jeans pocket and starts to dial Jubes' cell number....

Ring ring ring.....

Noriko Ashida has posed:
But see waiting through the pause at the end of Rogue's practically rhetorical question is just too long to fool Noriko into answering again, thinking she'd gone too fast, "Noo, she didn't.  She was supposed to come home after her shift at the Burger Joint and-3?!"  The speedster starts breathing like a hummingbird.  She's been running since...Noriko can't even remember, hopped up on whatever backflips her body is doing right now.

Noriko chews her thumbnail as the phone rings, quietly watching as the tears continue to flow.  "What if she was kidnapped?!"  Yes, Noriko jumps to this conclusion, but it's not like her own experiences would teach her differently.  The last time she didn't show up after a shift at work, she was kidnapped.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has her phone up to her ear waiting for it to be picked up, but nobody does. She lowers the phone down again and starts to shoot off some texts to the other faculty members. "You came t'me first about this?" She asks, becuas eits a bit surprising... but she figures there's a trust level there, or a pre-faculty-trouble element maybe.

"Lets just... try and be calm about it, Jubes could be at Mel's Diner, they got a new Donut Icing fountain. She maybe just staring at it, or somthin'. You know how she is about their donut counter..."

In truth, Rogue is worried too now, but she doesn't want to make it harder on Nori. "Okay, well. I'm gonna have to go to Scott, Jean and the Professah about this, but I figure you should just relax a bit now and knwo that the wheels are turnin' and we'll figure out where she is. Its not that terribly hard for the big guns around here t'do it."

She smiles at Nori to help her some, hopefully.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Yeah," but Noriko doesn't shed any light on why Rogue is the first one Noriko came to.  She doesn't even seem to register Rogue's surprise.  There are more pressing matters though.

"I've been calm all night!"  Not true.  Not true in the slightest.  Noriko's tears probably aren't even salty anymore.  It's probably only due to mutant levels of hydration that they haven't run out.  So what if she maybe has checked a few places multiple...multiple times.  It was hard to keep her locations straight.  So sue her.  Calm all night...and morning.

"I'm going with you," Noriko insists with vibrating fists that she trains by crossing her arms, popping her hip to sell it.

Rogue has posed:
A text beeps on the Belle's phone and she looks down at it while Nori replies to her. She nods softly to what is said as she taps her thumbs on the screen to fire one back.

"Okay, that's fair." She says of coming with her. "The Professah is in his office. Jean is in a meeting with some new student parents...." She exhales and makes sure the horse stall door is closed before grabbing her hat off her head and hanging it on the hook in front of Buttercup's stall.

"Lets go then." She tells Nori, offering her a pat on the shoulder with an ungloved hand, her power supression skills getting a little more trust worthy so it seems!

"We'll find her. We'll get them burgers yet, you'll see." She says on their way out of the stables back toward the garage.