7196/A Temporary Reprieve

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A Temporary Reprieve
Date of Scene: 02 August 2021
Location: Mootant Town Milkshakes
Synopsis: Clarice and Remy meet over shakes. Clarice tells him about the alien invasion, and Rahne's injury. And Remy agrees to join the Watch.
Cast of Characters: Clarice Ferguson, Remy LeBeau

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Things are hectic on the asteroid - but with Rahne awake, and her powers returning, Clarice has decided to take a much needed respite from the chaos and turmoil her life has been the last several weeks. At the moment, she's seated at the counter in the shop, her personal favorite milkshake in front of her: chocolate peanut butter with brownie bits. She digs in with satisfaction - taking an overly large bite and regreting it almost immediately
    Brian freeze. BRAIN FREEZE.
    But it was worth it. Mmmm.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
     The door opens with a jingle and then slowly closes with a patient click as the newest entrant helps the door close softly. A tall man with a pink t-shirt tucked into a pair of black slacks that appear to have been worn at least all night.

    "Mornin' 'Lores." The cajun man says as he takes a seat at the bar area and flips the placemat menu over as he does so, craving a bite of breakfast.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Are you stalking me?" Clarice remarks - without any bite of malice behind it - as she flashes Remy a brief smile.
    The last few weeks have left their mark on Clarice. She's tired - and it's reflected in her eyes - even after the relieved nap she'd managed to catch earlier. But there's also something relaxed, and happy in her expression, and posture before she takes another bite of her smoothie. Her gaze goes past Remy - towards the door - then back to the man once more before asking, "No Rogue, huh? I guess she's busy at the Mansion, though."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Nah, if Ah was stalkin-." Remy stops mid sentence and stares at Clarice with a deadpan look. "Har har." The cajun notes before looking to the waitress behund the counter. "Four eggs ovah easy please mizz DeLores." Remy smirks.

    Turning back towards Clarice, "No, no Rogue today, Ah haven't seen her for a few days. Ah need to though... what's up with the brothahhood? Why ya down here steada..." Remy pauses to look up towards the ceiling as if he could see the asteroid.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Oh, us? Not much. You know, defending the Earth from possible alien invasion. You know how it goes," Clarice remarks lightly. After all - news of the alien fleet was all over the networks and internet. She takes another scoop of her shake before adding, "I actually just finished a meeting with my squad leaders in the Neighborhood Watch - briefing them on some changes for the time being. They're going to have to operate on their own, without as much help from the Brotherhood or the X-Men for a while. But I think they can do it." She hopes so anyways.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Aliens, you're too funny." Remy says dismissing the idea comically with his iwn humor. "Y'all do alotta stand up too?" The cajun inqures with a wink but a shrug and a grin. "What kinda help does your watch need?" Remy asks curious what he can do help, actually wanting to make a difference. "Ah assume it's in Bushwick yeah?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "...okay, are you being serious? Watch the news sometime," Clarice remarks, giving the man a puzzled look. Has he missed the fact that there's an alient fleet in orbit? Hell.
    After another spoonful of smoothie she adds, "Oh, yeah, it's the Bushwick Neighborhood Watch. We started it with the X-Men, and the locals. You know, patroling to try to keep crime in check. To stop the distribution of Kick, and theft, and the like. We respond to local emergencies, and detains suspects until the authorities arrive... that sort of thing. We didn't want things to fall back into crime and disorder around here while the Brotherhood and the X-Men have their attention otherwhere, but I've had to ask my people do pick up extra patrols, and decreased the size of the patrols, just so we can maintain some presence in the meantime. Your help would //definitely// be appreciated," she says sincerely.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "News, Ah was nevah one t'watch the evenin' news." Remy explains as he looks away from Clarice back to DeLores on the other side of the counter and holds up his finger to get her attention. "Ah'd like a chocolate shake too love." The man with black and red eyes notes, winking one towards the older woman with that rakish charm of his before he slowly turns back to Blink.

    Lowering his chin beside his shoulder so that he can whisper, in a much more hushed tone and volume. "Ah was helpin' Emma, but she's always changin her mind, dat woman is wishy washy like a dish washer." Remy says with a shrug, "But Ah think whatcha doin is something good, and Ah'd like t'help..." Remy then furrows his eyes over his forehead and shakes his face back and forth quickly, "Wait wait wait... what's this news Ah need to be followin'?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Well, I'm glad you admire what we're going, but there's an actual, honest to goodness alien invasion," Clarice answers in a dry tone, meeting Remy's gaze with her own, and offering a slight shake of her head. She looks down to her shake - stirring it with her spoon, as she gathers her thoughts, trying to decide just how much she can safely say here.
    Which... isn't much, to be honest.
    "The aliens are looking for something they believe is here on Earth. We're trying to keep it from them, and see if we can't convince them we're more trouble than we're worth. But Xavier has a friend who thinks we'll be hard-pressed to achieve that. She thinks we're out-gunned. Anyways, it's a mess. All the news'll really tell you is the fact that we're surrounded by alien ships, but... Rogue could probably tell you more." In private, instead of in the middle of a ice cream shop.
    "Are you a friend of Rahne's?" she asks abruptly.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy doesn't say anything but drops open his mouth as he listens to Clarice talk. He looks away with his mouth still drooping open like a confused fish. He leans towards Clarice with his shoulder as his face looks down as he's fishing for something out of his pocket.

    The man holds his phone and is quickly texting away at Rogue as her name is at the top of his screen.

    A moment passes and he's looking back at Clarice and frowns. "Wait- ... What's wrong with Rahne?" The cajun asks, sounding honestly more concerned about the wolf child than the aliens.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Some idiots thought she was an alien because she came out of a portal," Clarice mutters. "They attacked her - tried to kill her. Thought they had." A dark, angry expression grows on her features, reflected in the tight set of her jaw, tension in the corner of her eyes - and the way she grips at her spoon and tenses her shoulders. "But... we managed to find her. Mystique found some footage of the attack. We tracked the guys down. The authorities are handling them, and we brought Rahne up to the Asteroid for medical care. She was in a coma for... for a while." She takes a deep breath in, letting it out slowly as she tries to force the tension away again.
    "She woke up today. Finally. She should recover, though. Folks are welcome up to the Asteroid to see her. We wouldn't want to, you know, keep her people away from her. But we don't want to move her just yet. She's still too sore."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah'd like to come visit her... For sure." Remy says, putting his phone upside down on the counter next to his side, between him and Blink and it keeps buzzing over and over. Seems the couple was having quite the conversation, but he doesn't respond right away every time. That would be rude. He's sitting here talking with an actual individual. "Well, Ah'm glad to hear she's recoverin'."

    The cajun then leans back as a milkshake and a plate of eggs with a hint of brown on the edges and the yellows have been flipped over. "Ah love ya DeLores." He says with a sultry whisper, before pulling his fork out of the paper napkin wrapped silverware.

    Turning back to Blink after taking a bite of the eggs and shuddering his shoulders briefly, "So, do we need to beat up Rahne's attackers? O' is dere any other crap Ah need t'be worryin' about?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Well," Clarice mutters quietly, "One of them's still in the hospital... because of me. He- He told me they'd killed her, and I sorta... lost it, you know?" She glances aside at Remy, and down at her drink. "Part of me still want to teleport over there-" And finish the job. She takes another spoonful of the shake before saying instead, "Rahne wouldn't want me to. We're letting the law handle them, for now. There should be enough evidence. There was film of the attack, so..." She lets out a heavy sigh.
    "Anyways. If you want a ride up to the Asteroid, I'm happy to provide. I'm sure visitors will help lift her spirits. You got my number?" she asks, glancing aside at Remy one more.
    "Don't know that we really have much else to worry about right now, though. Mostly I'm fretting about Rahne, the invasion, and keeping the Watch running smoothly. I mean, that's enough for anyone."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's phone keeps buzzing. Rogue's VERY talkative tonight. "Ya know she'd be very upset about dat... but yeah, Ah'd be right dere witcha." The cajun frowns with a nod, "She'd be feelin' bad for a bunch of people being hurt on her account. Ah'd hope and figure." The cardshark notes. Clinking his fork on the plate again, the cajun takes another heavy bite of eggs and follows up with the milkshake and seems to be loading his diet on the front end of 'his day'. It's not hard to guess that he JUST woke up, or has been awake for a day and is about to keep going.

    "Ah don't t'ink Ah have ya number." Remy explains with a frown and flips his over to show her a screen with the key pad after some taps. "Just in case it might be nice to have, y'know?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "They're not good people," Clarice remarks quietly. "They were having a bonfire - a //party// to celebrate what they'd done to her." She wouldn't grieve them - no matter what became of them. ...still.
    "Alright, well - you might as well have it. Especially if you're going to join the Watch." She rattles off her number so he can input it into his phone before asking simply, "You don't honestly think I was following you for Mystique, do you? Like you said before? That was just the heat of the moment, yeah?" There's a wrinkle to her forehead as she asks this - concern and curiosity reflected in her gaze.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah never thought they would have been good people, but ... killin' em wouldn't make the world a better place." Remy says, looking down at his own hands, and a shudder rolls up his back and a frown crosses his lips at the blood he's spilled. Something he knows with certainty. No one deserves death. A long breath is taken in and then slowly released. "Ah'll join ya watch, sure." He says, shaking himself out of his stupor.

    With a pause, the Cajun fiddles at the two remaining eggs on his plate, and holds up a finger towards DeLores. "Can Ah get a box, and another shake t'go?" He nods with a smile and then points to Clarice, "Ah got 'er tab too." He nods sharply.

    Remy's gaze shifts onto Clarice and he lowers his tone again, "Ah honestly did, but not on account a'me. Y'see Mysti an' Rogue, dey got history. Lots. Libraries o' past. And it's all very shifty and creepy, so, forgive us, but dats where de mind goes firs' mon ami."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "I plan on leaving them alone," Clarice remarks. Though she might not agree with Remy's beliefs entirely - in her mind, there's many that deserve death in this world. And many whose deaths would make the world a better place. She's not convinced these idiots rise to that level, however, no matter how much she may hate them.
    They're idiots, not hardened criminals.
    "Thanks," she adds as he offers to pick up her tab. "And- look. I know there is. I don't know all the details, but I know some of the broad strokes. And... well. Whether you believe it or not, I think Mystique genuinely regrets how everything went. I think she'd give almost anything for another chance, but she doesn't think she'll ever get one." She lets out a sigh before adding, "I know Rogue, and maybe you too, think I'm just being manipulated by her. Another fly in her web. I honestly don't think that's true, though."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy doesn't go back to the discussion about Rahne's assaulters. That's not a happy topic, though neither is Mystique. So he's picking his poison on this one.

    "Regrets are one thing Clarice, but to have abused Rogue de way she did, and brain wash her and use her to do some REALLY awful thin's... It's not my place t'decide for the two of them, but Ah wouldn't be surprised if Rogue never believed a word Mysti said again." Remy says with a shrug of his shoulders before he takes the to-go box from DeLores and pulls out his wallet and passes off a $50 to the waitress, "Dat'll cover it all, yeah?" He asks as he starts to shovel the eggs into the box and grabs the two milkshakes. "See ya round kid." He says towards Clarice as he starts towards the door.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Regrets don't undo it, I know," Clarice agrees. "I've got plenty of my own regrets, but there's no taking back the past." She lets out a sigh, then adds, "I'll send you the info for the Watch. So you can let us know your availability and everything, and then I'll get you onto the schedule. Thanks, Remy," she calls after him, before turning back towards her shake.
    She stabs at her shake, a wry smile at the corner of her lips. Her good moods never last long enough. But whose fault is that?