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Really How Hard Could It Be
Date of Scene: 19 November 2021
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: Rogue stops by the kitchen and finds Kitty practicing cooking Thanksgiving fare.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Rogue

Kitty Pryde has posed:
There are all sorts of groceries set out around the kitchen. Cans of this and that, flour, cornstarch, sugar, vegetables, butter, milk and eggs. Onions. Bread. A whole turkey.

And standing before the counters is one Katherine Anne Pryde. Rather than paying attention to the ingredients, Kitty is holding a book up and has her head buried in it. The title: Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for Dummies.

Lockheed is lounging on the kitchen table nearby, lying on his back with his belly in the air as he watches his favorite girl scratching her head. "Huh, so they call it stuffing because you actually stuff it in the turkey," she can be heard to mumble.

Kitty lifts her head from the book and looks around at everything needed to cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. "Really, how hard could this be?" she says, looking to the little dragon.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has been going through the motions of late. Just focused on her college work and her duties around the school. She's coming down the hallway when she spots Kitty in the kitchen and stops. She diverts her course and walks in the room, dressed in a green zipp-hoodie and a pair of jeans with a black belt around her waist, and some leather boots going up to mid shin, a pair of black leather half-gloves with green wool fingers cover her hands. "Well hey there, Sugah." She says to Kitty in her naturally smoky voice. "And Lil Sugah." She adds when seeing Lockheed.

Approaching the granite counter top, the southern girl places her leather covered palms and gloved fingers on its edge.

"What we doin?" She asks. "Already startin' on the food work? I thought we had a few more days before this crap started!" She notes as her eyes look around the supplies.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty looks up from her cookbook and flashes a warm smile to Anna-Marie. Kitty moves over to give Rogue a side-hug, even as her eyes go back to the cookbook for the cooking inept. "I'm practicing. I want to make Thanksgiving dinner for Warren, rather than ordering it from somewhere. But..." Kitty says, and looking back up and over to Rogue, "And this is the important thing. I don't want to poison him. Or force him to choke down bites of burnt food to make me feel good."

Lockheed nuzzles against Rogue's hand when it's in range. Kitty adds, "And I don't want to do it at the penthouse. Because... well, this place gets rebuilt enough if I burn it down no one will even notice it as anything other than 'a Friday', I figure."

She looks around at everything. All the ingredients, all together, it's a LOT. "I mean, I can fly a jet and navigate a Shi'ar spaceship between the stars. I should be able to handle a turkey, right?" Kitty asks.

Her eyes turn a bit puppy-dog. "Please tell me I can handle a turkey." Her issues with cooking are quite well known.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue leans forward against the counter on her waistline as she returns the side hug and then looks down to Lockheed pushing at her hand. She smiles at him and pets him with her soft wool covered fingers. A laugh escapes the Belle as she hears this from Kitty and once more sends her eyes over what all is laid out.

"Of course you can handle this, and I think getting away from the posh Manhattan penthouse lifestyle is good t'do sometimes. Gotta get your feet back down near the earth." She says with a grin.

She reaches out then to pick up some of the stuff purchased and lifts it up to read the label. "You're usin' a book recipe?" She asks as she looks over at Kitty again. "There's all kinda bangin' recipes on Youtube that probably explain it way better. It's where I've learned how t'do most'a my cookin'. The food kind anyhow." She says that last part with the grin as she sets the box back down on the counter.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"The videos have their place," Kitty agrees, "But I hate having to rewind and jump around trying to find something. I kind of like having text for some things so it's easy to find them," she says. "I thought about asking Jean if she knows how to cook and just uploading the knowledge into my head like the Professor did speaking Japanese. But... ah, that'd be cheating," she says with a sigh. "I want to have earned this for him."

She grins over at Rogue. "And here I thought I was keeping my head pretty grounded despite the whole... billionaire boyfriend thing," she says. Kitty moves over and starts working on the stuffing, getting the bread and then cutting up onions and other things that go into it.

"So are you planning anything special for the holidays?" she asks. "I thought I'd come by each night to celebrate Hanukah with the Jewish students. I wonder if Lorna might make an appearance."

Rogue has posed:
When Kitty moves away, Rogue picks up the recipe book and holds it out in front of her as she leans down on to her elbows on the counter top. She eyes the recipe over while Kitty makes her prep work. "Jean knows how t'do all'a this kinda stuff, without even lookin' at a book." She quietly replies as she keeps scanning the text over while leaning there.

"But there's no way she'd give you a Matrix-esque cheat code like that. Unless you tell her you'll help her this week with this stuff, then maybe." Rogue looks over at Kitty and lets a grin show on her smoky hued lips. "Gotta bribe Miss Grey t'get what you want outta her." She says as she looks back at the book and flips a page. "Mashed Potatoes... Oh. Cornbread. Mmm...."

She starts to shake her head side to side then. "No plans for me that are any different. I am workin' on the ski trip stuff though, but I think we're doin' mostly the same thing we did last year. And I think Lorna is mostly off doin' her Queen stuff now, or Princess, or whatever the heck she is these days."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Yeah, I miss her," Kitty says of the green-haired mutant, as she begins mixing the stuffing up in a bowl. "Might have to go pay a visit. I wonder how far they've gotten on rebuilding. I haven't been since the new infrastructure got ripped out. I imagine they've made good progress though." With mutant powers to help, and all.

Kitty moves over to check the book, then goes to turn on the oven to preheat. Then back to the counter for more preparations. "Well count us in on the ski trip," she says. "Last year was a lot of fun. We going back to Sugarloaf, or trying somewhere else?" Kitty asks with a glance over towards the Mississippian.

Lockheed extends his legs and wings in all directions and stretches. Afterwards he tucks them back in and flops there on his back again. "Your life is so hard," Kitty tells the space dragon, giving his belly a pat on the way past.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sets the cook book down and reaches for the glass jar that has some trail mix in it. She picks out a pretzel for herself and a M&M for Lockheed. She smirks at him as he gets a belly rub and tosses the M&M up so it'll drop down on his face!

"I think Jean wanted t'go back to the same place, yeah. I need t'confirm that with her though... We gotta get a list'a who is goin' and who isn't though. I doubt Jubilee is comin' this time..." She says with a bit of remorse on her tone for her friend's new life style.

"But yeah. Havin' you an' Warren with us will help. I wanna explore more'a that creepy little town myself. Skiin' is fun an' all but when ya can fly, ya lose some of the thrill, I think." She states that with a grin as she takes a bite out of the pretzel and then walks to toward the fridge. "Didn't your parents visit some time recently? Are they comin' for any of the holidays?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Lockheed snatches the M&M out of the air and munches on it. Kitty gets the turkey into a pan, then goes back to the book, then begins searching for where she put the baking bags for the turkey.

"I suppose it would lose a bit of the thrill. Not like you have to worry about falling or probably get the same rush from going fast," Kitty agrees. "We should do another sledding trip too, sometime. Was great seeing Jean out away from being all responsible," she says, breaking out in a grin at the memory.

The bags are located and the turkey goes in one. Then Kitty begins adding the stuffing to it. "Mom might come out in December, will have to see. Dad skipped town, I'm not quite sure where he's at. He didn't say much, just that he was going," she says, shaking her head. "Figured he's probably worried about the Yakuza. Which, is wise."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue reaches for the handle on the refrigerator, pulling it open she reaches inside to grab a bottle of tea before she hip checks the door closed again with a 'thwap' of air. The bottle cap is twisted off and she steps back to the counter to roll it in to Lockheed's side to mess with him a bit. "Jean is easy t'get outta the school. If ya go and whine at her until she pulls herself away." She says with a grin.

"But yeah... your dad has some weird stuff t'worry about. I mean, he should come here if he is worried about... I dunno. Danger like whatever the hell that must bring with it." She says before sipping her bottle of tea. When she sets it down again, a pause is taken before she asks. "So he's just out there hidin' or somethin'?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Probably trying to figure out where he wants to go," Kitty says. "To settle in I mean. He liked Genosha, but I don't know that he's dying to go back after what happened there. As traumatic goes, it ranks pretty high I figure," Kitty adds with a soft sigh.

She gets the turkey into the oven, then starts cutting the ends off of some green beans. "He turned state's witness against some who were using our family bank for money laundering. He'd gotten into business with them and then they turned up the pressure on him and... yeah. That ended up with Logan and I going to Tokyo to save him."

Kitty washes the green beans then and gets the into a pot. "Huh. Just butter and bacon. Not that we're doing the bacon," she says, adding butter onto the green beans then setting them aside as they don't need to go in the oven yet.

The Jewish girl goes to the fridge, getting herself a bottle of juice. She leans back against a counter, opening it and taking a sip, and a break from the meal preparations. "So how is Jubilee doing, by the way?" Kitty asks. "I haven't gotten to talk to her in awhile."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue keeps grabbing the tea bottle lid and rolling it at Lockheed's side as Kitty responds to her question. "And my dad just laid in hammocks and listened t'baseball games." The Belle comments rarely about her real parents, but does there with a smirk on her lips. "You got a complicated father, t'be sure. Your poor mom."

Another sip of her drink is taken before she looks over at Kitty with her bottle of juice. "Jubilee is good. I mean... I think she's happy with where she is now. I think she's fallen in with a different kinda crowd. Off campus at nights. I dunno though. It's hard t'keep up with the people who are here all day every day, let alone the ones who sneak in and out all the damn time." Rogue says with another smirk for Kitty as she grabs the lid again to roll it at the lounging dragon.

"I miss her though. Goofin' around with her was always one'a my favorite things t'do t'waste time. But... gotta grow up, right? Get borin' and stop the silly hijinx. Become Vampires. Ya know, the normal thing ya do when you become an adult..."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Lockheed suddenly snaps out with his jaws, catching the lid and clamping down on it for a few seconds. He spits it back out, it clattering across the table and doing one of those slow rolls in a circle that gets progressive faster until finally it comes to a stop. There's a pair of teeth marks through the top of the lid where he bit down on it.

He flops back and closes his eyes again like it never happened. Kitty just chuckles. "So has there been any progress in finding her a cure?" Kitty asks. "I don't even know if Illyana has been around very much. She might be someone good to talk to though, if she hasn't. I still am amazed at what all she knows of... well, such things," Kitty says.

Kitty grabs two carrots from a bag, and begins cleaning them in the sink. When done, she offers one to Rogue, and keeps the other for herself. "Yeah, kind of weird growing up. I went through that when I went off to England. I suppose it was kind of normal college kid stuff in a way. Well, apart from Excalibur and having people trying to kill me," she says, laughing at the last part. That's their lives.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches the dragon murder the little tin lid and it makes her smirk as it settles down and dies on the counter. "Killah." Rogue says to Lockheed before she looks over at Kitty.

The carrot is accepted and she raises it up to bite at the tip before chewing for a few seconds and washing it down with the tea. She shakes her head then and glances down again. "She doesn't want to be cured now." The southern gal says in response. Her eyes go back up and over at Kitty. "She likes this new life of hers, apparently. I talked t'her a bit about it recently down in the Danger Room. She's been really layin' inta the physical trainin' she can do now. Advanced Vampire abilities, ya know? Apparently the pros are out weighin' the cons for her. I think Noriko... has just been there t'encourage her too. Which is great, but I dunno if they see the pitfalls in it all." She shakes her head then and shrugs her shoulders inside her dark green hoodie.

"How can you argue with it though? Is Vampire really that different from Mutant? Ups and downs, goods and bads, ya know? Not like we don't all have those. Some more than others, but yeah..."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde nibbles on the end of her carrot, looking thoughtful as she listens to Rogue. One of the students hurries in, going to a cabinet and grabbing a Hostess Ding Dong from it. "Are you cooking Miss Pryde?" he asks, glancing around at everything that's set out.

A nod of Kitty's head is given to him. "Yep, practicing for Thanksgiving," she replies to the student. He looks about one more time. "Oh, wow. Great." He turns and heads for the door, throwing over his shoulder, "I'll make sure the fire extinguishers are charged!" as he darts out.

Kitty picks up a package of radish and runs after him, but over to the wall which she leans through and can be seen making a throwing motion, followed by a quiet, "Ow!"

The phasing mutant straightens, back in the kitchen fully. "Yeah," she says, going back to the topic of Jubilee. "It does kind of make it tough to say she shouldn't embrace how she is just now, doesn't it?"

Rogue has posed:
When the student comes in to get a ding dong, Rogue just grins at him as he makes his jab at Kitty's cooking. "You're in for it now." She says as the Ghostly Gal makes her charge. She hears the boy voice his 'Ow' out in the hallway and just shakes her head as she laughs a little. "He'll think twice about that next time..." Rogue mutters with a bit of carrot in her mouth.

Another drink of tea is had and the Belle looks back up over at Kitty as she walks back. "But seriously, don't burn the house down." She says with a grin. "You either." She then says to the Dragon who gets a poke to the ribs.

"Well, if Jubilee is happy, then I'm happy for her. That's what I've told myself anyhow. So yeah, another picturesque holiday here at Crazy Town."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
A soft breath is exhaled by Kitty. "Now we'll probably have vampire hunters to add to the Friends of Humanity and all the other nutjob groups after us," she says. "Well, she's family. If that's what she wants, we'll be there for her, either way."

The food is still waiting for her, and Kitty returns to preparing other dishes. "I never really cared for radishes anyway," she says with a glance towards the hall, and then a grin towards Rogue. "I'll try not to. I just want to do something nice for Warren. I mean, ok I do. But it's so easy to just order out when with him. And... you know, I've known him since I was 13. I've seen the women chase him for his money. I just... I never want him to ever think that has anything to do with why I love him. I don't want him to think I'm not the girl who started dating him," she says. "I know, I'm probably being stupid. But... it's me."

Rogue has posed:
This bit of personal thoughts leaking out of Kitty's head about she and Warren has Rogue looking up from her phone she'd pulled out of her pocket to look at the back of the girl's head. "Oh stop." Rogue says back at her. "I know you're like one'a those super brainy types, who has a billion and one thoughts always bouncin' around in your head, but take that kinda stuff right outta the lineup. There ain't no way Warren thinks you're one'a those kinda gals. They're... the ones that barely even have ONE thought inside'a their heads. He has chosen you cause you're not one'a those girls."

Her eyes drop back down to her phone as she finishes off the carrot and takes another sip of the tea. Her fingers push the screen down on her posting timeline and she glances at the comments that her pictures are getting. Vanity!

"He's gonna tell ya how much he loves your cookin' no matter if it's good or not either. So be ready for that." She says with a grin as she looks back over at the other. "They don't start complainin' about your cookin' until after the weddin'. But by then you can just remind him that you're gonna take half his stuff if he runs ya off."

With a grin on her lips, Rogue looks back at her phone, but the grin fades as she reads a dirty comment. "Blocked." Rogue mutters while tapping the button to do just that.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde motions with both of her hands towards the counter and the food being prepared. "See, that's exactly why it needs to be good," she replies to the comment that Warren will say he likes it either way. "Plus, he's a really good cook. So I do want to return the favor with something better than a bowl of Fruity Pebbles with really cold milk on it," Kitty adds with a warm laugh.

She glances up at Rogue's comment. "Not all attention is good attention I guess," she says with a teasing grin. She doesn't really post too much on social media, at least outside of the school's server.

Lockheed gives a yawn and stretches again, before rolling over and climbing to his feet. Kitty glances about the kitchen and then goes to the fridge. She pulls out a hot dog and tosses over to the dragon, who catches it out of the air and starts in on it. "Weird how things turn out, isn't it? I mean, I always thought I'd end up with... someone else. And that... never really ever got off the ground. But probably for the best in the long run, as, well. Happy," Kitty says, hand going to the Star of David that Warren got her for Christmas before they got together. "Hey, you know, we should have a big New Year's shindig. Something away from the school. For adults and all so we don't have to be on good behavior."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes are on the comments of her photos when the hotdog flies past her toward Lockheed. She looks up to see him devouring the meat stick and it makes her smirk. "Spoiled lil fella." She mutters as she drops her eyes back down to the phone and listens to Kitty. Multi-tasking like only a modern young person can!

"Love is funny that way. Ya think ya got it all figured out, then it slams ya with a cold hard slap across the nose and ya realize ya don't undersztand a damn thing. Couldn't see it comin' even with the best mutation power at your disposal for it. Which is t'say even a telepath can't get their love life perfect."

A look is sent over to Kitty at her suggestion for a New Years party. "I like the sound'a that. But when am I evever on good behavior?" She asks with a sparkling grin.

Her phone dings as a new comment comes in and she looks down to read it. Her fingers start tapping out a response a moment later. "Message me. You're a keeper." She reads it out as she types it out!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde laughs and shakes her head. "You're incorrigible," Kitty tells her friend. "Is he cute? Or just witty?" she asks, craning her head though it's just for show as she can't see the phone from where she's at anyway.

The rest of the dishes are finished up, and go into the oven at the appropriate times. "Well, if this works out well, anyone who wants can dig in as part of dinner," she says. She didn't get the kind of ginormous turkeys that the school actually prepares for its meals. Instead opting for a smaller one that is hopefully easier for her to cook right.

Kitty starts clearing things away from the counter, washing what needs washing, and putting the rest in cupboards, or back in the fridge. When done, she hops up on a counter, legs dangling over the side as she reclaims her fruit juice and takes a sip. "Thinking I might watch a movie tonight. Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Always like that one. Brad is... well, Brad. And Angelina is... NEARLY as sexy as you," Kitty says, grinning as she feeds Rogue's southern belle mystique.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shrugs her shoulders at the question about the guy online. "Pic is all abs and pecs. So he's probably fat an' wearin' a Fortnite shirt right now in reality." She says with a smirk sent over to Kitty. "But ya can hope, right?"

She steps away from the phone then and exhales heavily as her mind shifts gears. Her eyes go to what the young Jewish girl has prepared so far. She starts judging it...

"This all looks great. You're gonna blow his mind. For real." She says then as she looks to Kitty. "Mistah and Misses what? Never heard'a it." She didn't grow up with television or movies! This is well known amongst her friends.

"You mean Bradley Cooper? He is smokin' hot." Yep, she's clueless!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty waves her hands dramatically. "Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie. Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They are married to each other, and don't realize that both of them are international assassins. It's very cute. They end up having to try to kill each other. Their fights are better than most people's love scenes," she says with a chuckle.

There's a pause, Kitty's head tilting. "I bet Logan loves that movie," she says thoughtfully. "I need to stop and see him, haven't talked in forever." She takes another sip of her fruit juice. "Well, good luck with Mr. Fortnight," she says with a grin. Kitty hops down off the counter. "And we'll have to watch that movie sometime. Oh, and Die Hard. You need to see that. Though I don't know it should be considered a Christmas movie, yet somehow it is."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just shakes her head gently at the explanation. "Logan only likes black'n white movies. Or like Clint Eastwood cowboy stuff." She says with a grin as she walks back to the counter to get her drink. She grabs the tooth marked cap and walks past Lockheed to poke his ribs on her way to the door.

"I'll watch that some time though, it sounds pretty fun. Though I question how two world class assassins wouldn't know about each other." She says from the doorway with a smirk. "Die Hard? That's the one with Harrison Ford and the fedora, right? I love fedoras. You should see the pic I posted online where that's all I was wearin'." She grins at Kitty. "Text me if ya need anything. I'm gonna swing inta town t'grab some stuff before the shelves are all emptied this week."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde opens her mouth to reply to Rogue's version of Die Hard. And then just closes it. Easier to just play it for her some night!

A gasp is given to Rogue's version of the picture though. "Rogue! You have students who look up to you now. Do you know what they are going to do with a picture like that?" she says in a voice made to sound far more scandalized than anything she feels about it.

Kitty grins and gives a wave. "Ok, when you get back you can feast on this too," she says, motioning towards the oven. Which is set at the wrong temperature. That poor turkey is going to have to cook for about 9 hours at the setting. Maybe she'll realize at some point.

But probably not.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shouts from the hallway. "It's tasteful! Nothin' nobody at the swimmin' pool hasn't seen!" And then she's gone on her way to the garage. She eyes a couple of the students on the way in the hall who look at her with a funny stare. "Hush it." She says at them on her way.