8853/The Actual Best Thanksgiving Meal

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The Actual Best Thanksgiving Meal
Date of Scene: 28 November 2021
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: Ororo and Rogue raid the kitchen for leftovers. They definitely do not plan any hijinx nor shenanigans.
Cast of Characters: Ororo Munroe, Rogue

Ororo Munroe has posed:
    Ororo's doing what former thieves do best. Well, okay, one of the things they do best, even if she knows she's not _actually_ stealing the leftovers from the fridge. It's really more satisfying to think she is. The stolen sandwich is the tastier sandwich.

    And so she brazenly rummages around in the fridge, leftover turkey breast already sliced and laid out on a plate, bowl of stuffing alongside, microwave quietly humming away as it reheats gravy, and her voice echoes out from the fridge as she mumbles to herself, "Craaaaanberry sauce... you must be in here... I'm going to find you... you're just making me want to add more!"

    It is entirely possible the resident weather goddess has spent the holiday and ensuing weekend really, truly relaxing. She may in fact be too relaxed. But honestly she can't bring herself to care. Because she's going to find the ingredients for her ultimate sandwich. Even if she gets caught doing it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had gotten home about five minutes ago, but was out in the garage talking to some of the older students that were hanging out in there. She is now coming down the hallway with a canvas tote-bag at her side held in her dark green gloved left hand. The Southern Belle is wearing slim-fit blue jeans, a leather belt around her waist and some boots of brown leather that go up to mid-shin level and give her a couple inches more height. She has on a light brown jacket with soft fuzzy white lining around the neck and down around the waistline and cuffs of the sleeves, a slim-fit dark green sweater is worn under that.

Rogue steps in to the kitchen and raises her aviators up to her hairline as she walks toward the center counter and sets her bag down. She spies Storm in the fridge and catches some of what she's saying.

"Surely there's still some left. We made a boat load of it!" Rogue says in her familiar husky toned voice.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
    Ororo freezes at the sound of that familiar voice, but she doesn't _quite_ jump out of her sensible sneakers, but there's a jolt before her richly accented voice calls out with a bit of a tinny echo from the fridge, "Oh yes, I'm sure it's in here somewhere!" There's brief rummaging and clanking sounds of glass containers before she's pulling back, a dark pair of loose sweatpants with a drawstring waist around her hips, and one of her countless plain black tanktops, because she is dressing down for maximum comfort. Or at least maximum comfort while still allowing she's had to leave the covers of her bed.
    She triumphantly holds up the container of cranberry sauce as she spins about proudly, letting the fridge door gently swing shut with a nudge of her hips, "Aha! See? I was entirely confident I would find it." Her lips curve into a crooked grin, her eyebrows lift a little as she just takes in the sight of her friend's outfit, "Oh! My. You're looking positively lovely today, Anna. Having a good holiday?" Her eyebrows pop, not so much suggestively as curiously, while she works to begin assembling her sandwich... going slow, so she can clearly spend far more attention on her friend than her meal.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue adjusts her sunglasses on the top of her forehead as she watches Storm spin around with the cranberry container. She grins at seeing it. "Ya done it." She says softly back before she glances down at herself . "Why thank ya." She tells the other then as she moves to take off the jacket. She walks it over to a coat rack on the far side of the kitchen, then sweeps her loose white and dark brown hair back over her shoulders with her hands as she walks back.

"And yes, I've been out fightin' the shoppin' crowds, so t'speak." She says with a grin of her own.

Back at the center counter now, Rogue takes her phone out and sets it down on the polished granite surface as she leans down on to her forearms on it. "You been hidin' up in your room, haven't ya?" She asks now just grinning at Ororo.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo lifts one eyebrow very precisely as she eyes her friend, arms crossing, hips cocking as she murmurs dryly, "...Only so to speak, yes? I know those holiday sales can get rowdy. Do you need an alibi, dear?" Eyebrows downright -waggle- at that before she snorts out and shakes her head.

She spends a few more moments layering turkey just so, eying it like this sandwich is by far the most delicate, precise operation she has ever undertaken.

And then she's oh so quickly shaking her head, "What? Me? Hiding?! Nonsense!! ...I've been _relaxing_ and it's just happened to be in the vicinity of my room. I mean, I can't precisely tell everyone to drop by regularly because I'm binge watching TV and letting my mind wander and would welcome the company. All the people going up and down the stairs? Imagine the _rumors_!!"

She does her best to hold that stoic, serious 'Ms. Munroe means business' face she deploys during lessons to the students so successfully. But it cracks almost instantly as she struggles to hold back an actual no fooling giggle.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue glances at her phone's screen and the messages she'd gotten since the last time she looked. She hears Storm's words and it makes her look back up at the other woman. "No jail time expected this time. Though I did wanna flip some cars in the parkin' lot... People act like Mad Max in those f'ing places." She grumbles out as she glances at the food being prepped so carefully. "Mm... maybe I should eat somethin' too." She mumbles in thought before what Ororo says next has Rogue's green eyes going back up to the white haired woman. She smiles at her restrained giggle too.

"Shoot, not like everybody doesn't know ya got the best room in Westchester County." Rogue shoots back, as she stands up straight again and starts to walk on heeled boots toward the fridge herself, while pulling her dark green gloves off.

"I should come watch with ya. I heard some Squid show is really good and worth watchin'."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo snorts out softly and shakes her head, "Well, as long as you didn't actually flip any cars, I suppose you're likely to get away without any trouble. But yes, I imagine braving the crowds _and_ resisting the urge to do just that works up an appetite."

She snickers and huffs out softly, "And it's not the view or decor of my room I think people would be gossiping about being the reason for me having frequent guests! That's certainly not the sort of gossip I'd be having fun spreading if I was on the other end of it!"

She sways her way to the side so she's not crowding Rogue on her way to the fridge, even if she does dart in for a brazen hug, and a firm little extra squeeze around the shoulders, "And yes! You should get something together to snack on and join me. We'll watch the Squid show, or perhaps something more light hearted. Make you forget all about crazed shoppers and packed parking lots."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gives back the hug to the other woman before she reaches for the fridge door to open it up and peer inside herself. "Oh. Pie." She says at the sight of the pie tins still with contents inside them. "Mm, maybe later..." She says of that before she looks over at Storm and grins at her. "Now that sounds like a plan." She says as she reaches in to grab some of the basics before closing the door again.

"So what are you doin' for the Holidays?" Rogue asks as she walks around Ororo to stand on the other side of her where the clean plates are. She grabs one and starts putting some stuff on it from the containers.

"Plus, what do ya want for Christmas?" She asks with a grin. "You're one'a those ones here whose kinda hard t'shop for! And scarves and hats are what I did last year..."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo hums softly, leaning back against the counter, arms stretching above her head, back arching as she ponders that question, "Oh! ...Well, I'm not sure, really. Probably just keeping an eye on things around here. Maybe a little long weekend vacation somewhere sunny if I can convince some friends to go along, you know, get away from the chill."

She grins lopsidedly and shrugs, "Just because I can stand the cold doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good trip to a beach in the middle of winter." Lips quirk as she hums softly under her breath, "And that _is_ a tricky question! Maybe you can just make me something adorable and handmade? Pet rock with googly eyes? A sock monkey?"

She chews her lower lip and murmurs out softly, "Oh my! And now I need to think of what I'm going to get you. Truly, picking good gifts is the most stressful part of the holiday!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gets her plate in order and then turns to put the tupperware back in the fridge. She turns back then and grins at Ororo. "Ya know me. Always need new gloves. Gloves are borin' for the average person, but for me they're a way'a life..." She holds her grin as she gathers up her plate of food and takes it over to the microwave. A cover is placed over it as she sets it in and gets it running.

She turns around then and places her hands on the counter top as she leans back against the corner space behind her back, her eyes on Storm.

"Does this mean you don't wanna come with us to our ski trip this year?" She asks while eying the other woman. "Jean got us the nicest cabins last year... Fireplace and cocoa with a winter wondaland outside the big windows.... Mmmh. It was heavenly."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo's eyebrows pop up and she hums softly, "Well now, that's an idea... gloves, sensible, but with plenty of options for fashion and surprise..." She snickers softly and tilts her head as she sighs out, "Oh! Well, I certainly can't skip the ski trip. Hanging out with you two? Hot cocoa? Big fireplace?"

She shakes her head and points a finger with a bright smile, "Oh no, I'm not missing that. You can't escape me! ...Hm, note to self though, pack an exceptionally cozy blanket as well. I have a feeling like it's going to be one of those winters where constant comfort is the name of the game."

She sighs out and murmurs dryly, "Oh! And fuzzy antler headband of course. Definitely need to bring along one of those, yes? Definitely important."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just stands there leaning back against the corner spot of the kitchen counter space. She grins at what Storm says. "Fuzzy antlers are ready t'go this year. I gotta go get that sleigh some time from the neighbors too. Gotta make'em a pie or somethin' for the exchange though..." She says as the bell goes off on the microwave. This of course gets the Belle to turn around and get her plate out. She shuts the door with a click and walks back over to where Storm is, taking out one of the tall chairs that are tucked under the center counter's barspace.

"And yeah, its gonna be a cold winter, can feel it. Especially come late January, right around my damn birthday." She settles in to the chair and forks at some of the food she laid out.

She shoots another grin up at Ororo then. "Ya gotta see my bright shiny red nose too though." She says before popping some food in her mouth.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo laughs softly and bobs her head, sighing out. "Oh, you certainly do! ...Maybe I'll help you make it! You know, just so you've got added challenge? It'll make it even more heartfelt!"

She smirks and slides her own chair out to settle down next to her friend, humming a cheery little tune. "Oh, of course! ...I might steal that nose, just so I can let you see me wear it, and then see if anyone believes you about it." She nods solemnly and snorts softly.

"And of course now I've got to remember to team up with Jean to do something special for your birthday. Maybe a big cake."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue reaches up to pull her hair back and around to her right side so she can look over at Storm on her left. She grins at her and nods her head. "If you put that nose on, there ain't no way I'm not takin' a pic of it. Get a nice caption on it 'Merry Christmas from Ororodolph'." Rogue says before taking another little bite of her food. She beams a smile over at the other then before looking down at her plate again.

The mention of her birthday colab has her snickering quietly. "Twenty two is a borin' year. So I don't expect t'do much this time around... Though a big cake sounds kinda nice. Whose gonna be jumpin' outta it though?" She then asks, as she smirks at Storm once more.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo sighs out and almost winces, eyes rolling as she reaches out to -tap- the tip of Rogue's ever so un-reddened natural nose, murmuring dryly in a playfully dour tone, "You, my dearest and most wonderful friend, could _actually_ get away with that."

And then she's perking her eyebrows up and leaning back, "Why, darling! If it's a boring year, clearly it will need to be both of us. Have to make up for the lack of excitement at the number by knocking you off your feet." She tilts her head and furrows her brow, "We'll have to do it on a weekend. Can't have both me and Jean occupied waiting to jump out at you on a work day of course. Responsibility, yes?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's safety switch for her power is on when she sees that finger coming in to dab at her nose. She smiles big at this before she looks over at the other again. The bit about the both of her and Jean has Rogue laughing. "If I shared /that/ on social media, it'd break the damn internet." She says back with a held grin while moving some of the green beans on her plate around, then stabbing a couple with her fork.

"I do like t'make my birthdays memorable for everyone who wants t'celebrate it though. But you know me, I like t'leave impressions." She says with another look over to Storm, and another little smile given.

"But yeah, around here? My birthday usually ushers in the coldest part'a the year... Buuuuut, that's why we do fun stuff like ski trips t'help make the cold at least fun while its here ruinin' all our lives." She reaches her left hand out and gathers up two of the white chocolate pretzels out of the glass dish on the counter, offering one to Storm then.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo laughs out softly and nods her head with a bright smile, "Oh, it certainly would. After all, no one jumps out of a cake in costume. Well, not in the sort of costume we're more typically known for wearing. Break the internet indeed." She tilts her head thoughtfully and perks her eyebrows, "My my, well we'll just need to keep up a steady supply of cocoa and mocha and maybe that thing where you boil maple syrup and pour it on snow..."

She sighs good naturedly and shakes her head slowly, "My darling friend, you never need worry about _not_ leaving an impression on any of us. I promise you that."

Ororo leans in, heedless of her friend's power, because while Rogue might not entirely trust her own growing control, Ororo does! ...Although it's not as though reaching out to pluck at her pretzel is _that_ risky.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue raises her own pretzel up then to bite a little nibble out of the side as she smiles while chewing on it, eyes still on Storm. Once she's cleared her palette, the Belle speaks up again. "You're a Goddess'a kindness." She tells the other as she moves to stand up then and take her plate to the sink where she starts to rinse it off.

"I suppose we could all try'an convince you t'make it warmer around here if it does get overly arctic." She says as she looks over her shoulder at Storm. "But I imagine you'd shoot those requests down, huh?" She asks as she then walks her plate over to the dishwasher and slips it in to a spot inside.

When she straightens up again she pulls her dark green sweater sleeves up to her elbows and walks back to the counter where the pretzels are to lean over it facing Ororo again, and reaching for another one of those sugary treats.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo shrugs and hums out softly with an impish little smile, "Perhaps a day or two of unseasonable warmth. Nothing too dramatic of course, no... lounging by the pool in scant swimsuits of course, but a touch above freezing as a treat to us all? Maaaaaaybe."

Her eyebrows pop playfully as she nibbles her pretzel and huffs out softly, head tilting thoughtfully as her eyebrows perk and she leans in to practically meet Rogue over the pretzels as she murmurs dryly, "I mean, really, if anything I'll just start pestering Jean that the school _really_ needs a sauna or two for winter use. It's traditional in northern Europe after all, good for the health to get hot and then go out in the cold... if we just forget that second part, I'm sure 'Incredibly warm' is still beneficial enough!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is being picky about which pretzel she wants to take from the ornate glass bowl as Storm replies to her. She's smiling happily while looking down at the treats, and finally chooses one. Leaning on her elbows on the counter, she raises it up then in her right hand. "A saunna... Now /that/ is an idea for an addition around here!" She says with vigor before biting at the pretzel and chewing on it some. She nods twice and then shakes her head. "Gotta be completely devoid'a student use though. They'll ruin it, with their grubby hands'n hijinx." She responds, showing a sly grin toward the other then.

"Now ya got me thinkin' about this, Stormy... Jean is definitely gonna hear this idea." She laughs softly then as she leans there and looks down at the pretzels, and then back up at the other. "Ready t'binge watch some stuff?" She asks then.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo snickers and nods solemnly, biting back a wide grin, "Yes! ...Strictly to be ruined by _our_ hijinx and such. That _was_ why I was going to recommend two. One that's easily supervised so the kids don't cause trouble... since the _best_ outcome for trouble I can see is them trying to cram as many student bodies in as they can like it's a phone booth and then we find a pile of steamed, unconscious students."

She grabs herself another pretzel, far less discerning in her choice than Rogue as she nods and grins, "Of course! Any time with you, dear. Let's go relax and watch. And maybe flesh out our sauna plans."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs at this thought about the steamed students. "What do they call that, aldente?" She asks then as she straightens up again, heading for the fridge once more. She moves aside a jug of tomato juice and pulls out a couple bottles of her sweet tea, then shuts the door and offers one to Storm while grabbing for her phone off the counter.

"Jean has that fancy bathtub. Bout time the rest'a us got somethin' too. Nevermind the rest'a this place bein' a storybook kinda castle filled with luxuries." She says with a clear grin.

"Okay. I'm ready for some relaxin'."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo takes the offered bottle and scoffs audibly, eyes rolling, "Yes, well, luxuries are the best when schemed for or stolen!" She frowns thoughtfully and murmurs out, "...Remind me to steal the use of that bathtub sometime."

Ororo is clearly, totally the best role model in the school. Because she doesn't let the students see her scheming like this.

She leans in to almost bump against Rogue and points with her free hand, "Now, off to relaxing, my dear friend! And to decidedly _not_ worry about any future cold snaps. And maybe to scheme about convincing Jean about our sauna idea."

She snickers again and practically skips out of the kitchen, trusting her friend to follow.